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Matthew Lee Knowles

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All alliterative fragments fished out of Marcus Chowns magnificent manuscript, Afterglow Of Creation.

Air around, tells the, big bang, all around, big bang before being big bang, involved in, big bang, the trigger, was when, reportedly received, big bang, it I, try that, was when, book before, coherent comprehensible chatty, are a, big bang, talked to than this the, it is, has happened, the two, is invisible it is, things that the, it is invisible, and astronomers addition and, big bang, could conceivably, to this the tenth, while what, today to, anniversary and, than to, out of of our on one occasion, about a, be brilliant, would win, to try, would win, Pulitzer prize, the thing, at and, to this, it I isnt it, which was, in itself, world war which, time the, away all, or on, were women, out of, teachers the, from five, at a an apprenticeship at, one of, the things thinking that the to the, expanding experience, throughout the, it is, throwing together, and all, utterly unheard, at a, far from, to taking, one of only of operators, as a, he had, the thirty, he had, the trenches, much more, he had, for Finchley fortunate few from, though the, first from, who while, had helped he had, been born, at a, have had have had he had, the time, delivery date, advice as an afternoons, dad died, arent any, what we well whens, fuck fuck fuck, said still, havent had, out of, to the, where we, the time, we were.

It is, crystal clear, the treetops, sky stars, through the, human history, to this, been built, greater glories, see simply, to tune them to, eyes eyes, that the, stars soon, out one, stars shine, black but, at a, flash from, and after another astronomers, through the to the, infrared its it is, stars so, that they, sky simpler space seems, it is, big bang, the titanic, incredibly it, than there, is in, big bang, the technology, world war, relic radiation, big bang, tortuous twists, accidents and, big bang big bang, after all, uniform universe, it is, far from, see signs, big bang, our own one of our, than two than the, one of, big bang, more matter, went wild, it is, true that, in itself, scientific story, book but before, to the, big bang, the twentieth, allowed astronomers, we were.

Equations Edwin, that the, in is, several scientists, blind bit, to think, he had, to the, it is into its, as a, ball bearing ball bearing, sheet since, ball bearing, that the, it is is indeed, to the, as a, the twentieth, ignored it, he had, that the, about a, throughout time there, no need, about answering, where was was was, to the that the, all a, that the, elegant equations, only over, not noticed, which was, if it, much more, Einsteins equations, the truth them the, one of, the theory to the that the, different design, Einsteins equations, one of, at a, to them the time that, size stretching, it imagine, wiggly wave, inflating it, after all, Einsteins equations, astronomer a, that they, big bang, that the, biggest blunder big bang, expanding ever, what was, big bang, in inventing, biggest blunder, to the that the, big bang big bang, as a, big bang big bang big bang big bang, one off, everyday experience, big bang, that the, big bang, to the, simply set, that they, are at, privileged position, as a, raisins representing, but by, directions driving, always appear, thinks they, are at at a, centred cosmos, that the, simply stated, is in, to the twenty, cosmos crowded, line lets, twice the, we would, three times, away as another, three times then that, and also, that this that the that there, at all, stars since, appear as, with what we, after also, it in, to think than the to the, away a, successive shell, are an, such shells, account a, sky should, bright but, our own, sun so, about a, million million million, than the that the, an apparently, therefore telling that the, big bang being bright, as a, to the than they, much more, big bang, that the, big bang, it it, to the, at a about a, took to, and America, but billions, we would, time their taken to, may march, which we, an analogous around a, it is it is, today the, an arbitrary, big bang, age and about a, big bang, that these two, relatively recently, big bang big bang, were wrong, out of, take the, star so, about an, thinking that to time, big bang, steady state, aesthetic appeal, universe unchanging, Hoyle Hermann, steady state, than the that the that the, at a, created continuously, out of, big bang, and a, big bang, steady state, but by big bang, that there, may more, that these than they, clear conflict, steady state.

Big bang, George Gamow, home Hubbles, anything about, big bang, deep down, to the tune through their, George Gamow, he had, the theory, about almost, big bang, split second, big bang big bang, stars so, astronomers already, them to, each element, that the, elements existed, Gamow guessed, basic building blocks, electrons every, an atom, in its, which was, in it, hydrogen had, that the, separated so, no neutrons, these the, it is, basic building blocks, are able, the twentieth that this, sometimes spit, cosmic cake, basic building blocks, origin of, Gamow guessed, one of, together to through the, way would, that they together to, Gamows great, that the, if it, we would, it is, that the, big bang big bang, as a, tiny tiny then triggered this, suddenly start, and as, first few, big bang, one of, that the this then, big bang, was what, trying to, at a, time the that the, at any at a, enormously energetic, brilliantly bright, any appreciable at absorbing, peculiar property, wave when, travelling through, it interacts, as a, than the to the to the than the to the this tendency time to, big bang, that the, involved in, out of, it is, them to, way which, only on, at a, it is, this time, energy escapes, that the the true, it is in its interior, through the, big bang, after all, or out, with wavelength, this thermal, only on, the temperature, at all, that the, absorbs all, black body, are after all, black bodies but, the term, black body black body black body, walls wavelengths, than the, it is, to the, and Alpher, black body, absorbed and, black body, that the, big bang, then the, and atomic, first few, big bang but, transparent to, physics photons, that the, big bang, to travel, flying freely, Alpher and above absolute, the temperature the temperature the, enormous expansion, Alpher and Alpher and, relic radiation, big bang, relic radiation, it impossible, the two, Alpher and, was wrong, that the, it instantly, telescope that, about Alpher and, scientific sight, Alpher and, remnant radiation, big bang, astronomers at and at about actually, relic radiation, told that the technology, relic radiation, was wrong, how heavy, was wrong, the theory, worked well, big bang, is in, with what, study stars, every element, helium has, the time, big bang.

Taking the temperature, George Gamow, big bang but, that the, hot he, to this trying to trying to, phenomenally prolific, he had, as an atomic an alternative, world war, one of, interested in, big bang, out of, big bang, scientists simply shrugged said science, thought this than the, big bang, oscillating or, that the, one of, being braked by, that the, and all, big bang, long line, through the, steady state, big bang big bang, to tie, big bang, that the been built, their theory, so successful, made more, had happened, big bang, temperature that they that the, brilliantly bright because both, wondered what would, above absolute appear as Alpher and, Herman had, that there, gravity group, day Dicke, relic radiation, big bang, relic radiation, sky secondly, black body, about a and a, telescope to to take the temperature telescope the, radio receivers, at around about a, been built, measuring microwaves, big bang, theorist thinking, as a, particle physics, if it, chance conversation, that the, working with, much more, that the that the, big bang big bang, he had, to the the time that this, abundance astronomers, he had helium he, figure for, big bang, with what we, solar system, he had, one of, big bang, to the that the, but because big bang big bang, together the temperature, above absolute Alpher and, Herman had, with which, have high hopes, big bang big bang, the telescope, big bang, at a added advantage, which water, the tenuous, which was, of our, surplus stores, throbbed through them, anything about, we would what wed, instrument I, advice and, the two, antenna an antenna an antenna, TV transmitter, antennas are an antenna, it is, as a, from four, which was, about a, Rolls receiver, was where, all antennas are, that they, everything else, the TV transmitter, it is, at and, TV transmitters, an antenna, it is, an antenna, sources such, atmospheres and above absolute, than those the transmitter, were wanting, up unwanted, big bang, above absolute, everything else, above absolute, the tiny, big bang, might make, through the than the trying to, with white, them they the trumpet to the, as a, if it, galaxy generate, in its, receiver rather, of other, similar static, atmosphere and, tell the, spurious static, antenna at, then they, antenna at a, same so, then the, at a, it is, an antenna at a, waves which, big bang, if it, big bang, Roll realised, an artificial antenna at, than their the temperature than they, big bang, waves would, an absolute, the true temperature to the, big bang, above absolute at about above absolute, waves was, available and, but back, the task, absorbed all above absolute, if it, at all, temperature they that the, after all, their temperature, say six, big bang, are attempting, dipped down, again and, turn their, above absolute, that their, same signal, at a, it is, be between, above absolute, that the, out of our, what we were, time to time thought that that this the time, steady state, big bang but, fifty fifty, the telescope, and an antenna, reject radio, world was, big bang, the two.

Cream cone, with which, to take the temperature, another antenna astronomers at as a, the two, northern new, at all, really rather, as an alpenhorn, cream cone, radio receiver, installed in, anywhere at all, beach ball, which was, beach ball brilliantly bright, radio receiver, of only, that the, sources such, an antenna, cream cone, at a, cream cone, instead it, perfect partnership, he had, Townes Townes, he had, an Australian, who was while working, Jakes Jakes, to talk, interested in, working with, antenna at, he had, experimental equipment, had helped, antenna at, the time, astronomy and and arrived astronomers at, to team, perfect partnership, well Wilson which would, thorough the, although Arno, he had his hands, the Telstar, Wilson were, an artificial, with which, any astronomical, began building, above absolute, the temperature that there that they, been built, who were, he had, gas glowing, he had he had, from faint, ideal instrument, at a at all, the two tough the, of one, antenna and, the Telstar to take try to, what was, to the trouble, and all antenna at, than they, expected even, what would, at a above absolute, was well, so screwed, themselves that the the two, wondered whether, man made, northern new, been built, man made, than the to the, persistent problem, horn had, that the, he had, that the, Wilson wondered whether, amplifiers are, radio receiver, an antenna are, tiny that, what was, antenna alone atmosphere and any astronomical, weakest when, definitely did, only other, that the, as a, that the, which were, cream cone, turned their tipping the, cream cone, whenever we, turned the, antenna around, static since, above absolute, Wilson were, antenna after, either end, tray the two them to to the them there turn them, antenna armed after an, thought they, were wrong who was we were which were, thinking that the, spurious signal, they that they that the the tape, long last, antenna at, to their that the, spurious static, an anomalous above absolute almost a also able, solar system source should, injected ionised, source should, Wilson were, at a this tiny.

Two telephone, it is, the twentieth, but by Bernie Burke but by, which was, talk the, friend from, as a, the talk, at a, big bang big bang, then todays than ten, above absolute, this tepid that the, big bang, an explanation any, week we, brown bag, what we, call came, which were, he heard, it involved, the team, was well, antenna around, that there that there to tell, mere mundane, words we Wilkinson well, the two to the, antenna and, them the, inquisitive it, already asked, the telephone, before before, we went we were, that theyd, big bang, it is, things that then the temperature that they to the, Wilkinson were, building back, particular Penzias, to the, Wilson were, that they, had hung, this thing that they, what worried Wilson were, cream cone, with what Wilson were, at a, wavelength where, at all, we were would would, stronger sources, Hubble had, the titanic the temperature the temperature the, had had, enormous expansion, at a about a, thousand times the temperature that today, above absolute, the temperature, above absolute, the temperature their temperatures, are averaged, to the temperature the time, form for, big bang, transparent to that the, big bang, after all, we were, big bang, all around, big bang, that the, big bang, it is, arriving at, big bang big bang, arriving at about a, originally only, it is, trying to track that thousand times that the, big bang, steady state, in its, Holmdel had, that they, at all, the time, scooped says, one of, things that, and asked Arno and, deeply disappointed, that this, big bang, Wilson were, origin of, took them the two that their, big bang, which we, that the, would Wilson, steady state, he had helped, Wilson were, big bang, troubling them, when we, at a against a, to the, one of, this thing the twentieth, who were wonder whether, at all, papers published, was Walter, the trail, he had happened, offices of, work with, antenna at, the time to the, he had, it in, world was, taking this thing, seriously says, George Gamow, name nor, it is intense interest, the title, away a antenna at, that the, big bang, was written, almost anything, out on, we were, microwave measurement, big bang, Wilson werent, at all, told them, we were writing, big bang, origin of, work we, the theory, we were, that the, one of, the two, he had, through the two, Alpher and, Herman had, big bang big bang, to the temperature, an article, Wilkinson when, through their, it is it is, he had, actually attended a, big bang, about a, big bang, that the, George Gamows, big bang, an attack amnesia as atmosphere as an aside, he had, wondered whether, as a, sources such, as a, way would, that there that the temperature, above absolute, he had, all about, everyone else, when we were, through the, often overlook, Alpher and, that the to the, astronomers at, one of, Wilkinson was, one of, the twentieth, he had, essential elements, tackling the, big bang, homework he, through the to this thing that this, Alpher and an article, putting pen, Alpher and, injustices in, big bang but, he had, Alpher and Alpher and Alpher and Alpher and, they thought that the that they, have had, in industry, cosmology came, age as a Alpher and, long last.

Through the, far from, George Gamow, big bang, through the, relic radiation, and an accident after, thinking they, why was, after all, wondered why, two together, instrument in, Gamows group, that there, it in, two things, and a, relic radiation, at any after Alpher and, with world war, radio receiver, been built, Alpher and, talk to, is impossible, Dicke did, of occasions, and after, the time, Alpher and alert astronomers Andrei, two together they, about Alpher and, it in, Russians read, thoroughly than the, Americans and, on Ohms, to the, he had, temperature to, antenna at and accounted, thought that the temperature, also about, the two temperature they they therefore that there, when we, thought there the two to their, one of, that the, big bang, was wrong, Hoyle had, that the to this theory that the that they they, big bang but by, that the, big bang, and also, should still, origin of, that they, it in, opportunities on, the theoretical the twentieth, accident and, systematic search, it is, big bang, out of, which was, big bang, George Gamow, had hoped, secondly says, the theorists, big bang big bang, Weinberg was, to take the temperature, first few, everyday experience ever existed, to take theories too to take them thermometers there twist to this tale, big bang, Alpher and, of Ophiuchus, holder he, stars spectrum, what would, called cyanogen, things they they tend the, space somewhere, like little, the temperature, standstill something, the tiny them to, an astronomer at, Canada calculated at a above absolute and at a, he had, than they, should so, the tiny their, Schlovski suddenly, Adams and, that the tiny, being buffeted by big bang, taking the temperature, at a, one observation, that the, big bang, slide showing, he had, black body big bang, with wavelength when, through the, of others, sudden shock, he had, complicated curve, and all, thinking this to think that this that turn, out on, big bang big bang, when Wilkinson, begun building, the temperature, above absolute, with what, only emotion, an anticlimax, that the, big bang, scooped says, observations of, black body, what would, big bang but big bang black body, that this, better be, apparatus and, gravity group, the two, which were, the time, the, ideas if, slightly squashed, electronics everywhere, says, so, thats the, working with, the temperature, what was, that the than that the trumpet, if it, complete circle, then the temperature the, sounded straightforward, the temperature this temperature, at an, Partridge periodically, metal mirror, at a, if it, stars slowly, it in, the temperature the temperature that the temperature the true temperature that the, big bang, the technology take the, us understand, what was, big bang, the temperature, even earlier, the temperature, particle physics particle physicists, time they thought then they, atoms are, particle physics, temperatures that, big bang, particle physicists, can create conditions, split second, big bang, and applied, to the, big bang, after all, big bang, of observational, say so so simple, at any, the temperature that temperature, particle physics particle physics, big bang, all around, that the, particle physics, George Gamow, Wilson were, Arno and, this time, one of, about Arno and, Wilson who, Schneider said, wont want, take that too, seriously says, he had heard, and Arno, that the the three, after all around and, to the than to those, deeply disappointed Dicke didnt, some sort, that theories the two the theory the towering, space says.

Turned their truck through the, big bang, air above, had headed, sunniest spot, any animals, only one, was where, sky surrounded, thought to the, we were, told to, on our out of, area as, metal mirror, Wilkinson worked, the taxpayers, at another, the temperature than that, with weather we were, big bang, invisibly in, black body, at a above absolute, in its, at a around a, that the, radiation really, big bang black body, at a about a, would water, brightly but, the tiny to take, altitude and above as atmosphere as as anyone, that the turns to turned their, black body, only ones, when we, arrived at, Bernie Burke, at a, world who, background by, the temperature to three, almost a, on only one, wavelengths with, their three, and at and a, this time they, as a, first filled, what was, he himself, technology the technology to, background bug, and announced, that the, been bitten by background bug, are a, tend to, who went, to the, again and again, itself is, black body, those two things that the to the theyre tough to think, interested in, thing that, always appealed and a, small scale, it is, times the, air at, thin that the, out of, an almost, operation of, an antenna, table top, one of, extreme environment, which would, only one of, work went which were, radio receivers radio receivers, scientists specialising, group got, important impact, observations of, with wavelength, black body, radio receiver, that to, at any, transparent to, absorbed all, make measurements, was white, that they threw, away a allowed all, pretty pointless, it is, the two to travel, different distances, by bouncing, changed continuously, one of, the two, different distances, then the, of one, the troughs then the, other out, wavelength which, as an, theory the, at a, mathematical manipulation, to this, can compare, the time, no need, instruments including, flasks full, them to themselves the, radiation remained, after all, everything else, there too trying to temperature then think, everything else, was why, see someones, to think, spurious source, astronomers accidentally, the temperature the temperature, at a, northern Norway, the temperature, we were, this turbulence, behaves because, the temperature to the team the, dropped down, so six, wed worried, time the, on our, after all, our only, work was.

Out over, those three, big bang, above absolute, the temperature, an artificial, black body, instrument including, the two that the, black body, at a above absolute, the theoretical, although at, wavelengths Woody, black body, in it it, we were, big bang balloon borne, the tip, big bang, glowing gases, of obscuring, together they, at a about a, intense interest, the theorists they, big bang black body big bang, at around a, that the the theorists thought, big bang, through their that the, big bang, the theorists, plausible physical process, an alternative, wondered whether, at a around a after all, countless collisions, to take than the throughout the, way would, could come, the theorists, an apparently, radiation reveals, the theorists the, entirely expected, that the through the, saw something, that the three thousandths the temperature through the, at a, we were, be blue, it in, temperature the, effect even, big bang, that the, way was, than the, if it, what was, as an, to the, big bang, that the that the, big bang, to this though todays together this, cubic centimetre, the total than the, matter matter, that the, big bang be blasted, transparent to the time, wavelength was, big bang, freed from, the tyranny, gravity gravity, this time they throughout the the theorist the temperature, big bang, away at, so slightly, out of, slightly stronger so slightly, big bang big bang, alarms an after admitting, seeing something, we were, than the two temperature, big bang, to the, big bang, that the that the therefore the, smoothly simultaneously, that the, charge coupled, to the, photographic plates, their telescopes to, photographic plates photographic plates, that the, which was, such simplicity, that their, we were, seeing some, were within, big bang, in it, the twin the thickness, what was what was.

Space science, together that, out of, he had, one of, astronomers at, board be, precious photons, would well, months Mathers, big bang, and another, sky searching, the tiniest the time thing the than the, big bang, winner who, he had, big bang, important it, Alvarez and, Mathers more, the three than the, he had, and at, he had, strong suspicion Smoot Smoot, take three the troublesome transmit their to the, direct descendant, big bang black body, out of, big bang, the third, slightest signs, for further, and a, outskirts of, to the, after a, the team the, out of, which would, and always, noundary between, if its, that the team, shuttle shenanigans, which was, space shuttle, the team, space shuttle, the time the, Cape Canaveral, the tip, Florida from, to take the team, space shuttle, at all, things the, now needed, into its, of only, to the, we were, its instruments, that they, above absolute, terrified the technology, built but, space shuttle, the television traumatic time that teams, satellites successfully, at alternative, talking to the then that, it is, bennett but, to their the trusty the team the team, we went, at all, chose COBE, science solid, that they, on one, that the, redesign rebuild, spacecraft says, was whether, to the time the, Wilkinson without, at a, stroke says, the three, spacecraft skeleton, that the, spacecraft structure shuttle some, the torrent, if it, activity at, we were what way, these things to the this that, black body, the team turn to the that the talked to, day decisions, that this to the, away and, thing that to the, Bennett by, to the, almost all, we were, to take that there things the the tiny, on one occasion, switch scuppered, entire experiment, through the, air after, complete control, involvement in, what we who were, time to test, accelerometers at, if it, real rocket, the team them to the test table they the table the table thing to, out of, them the their test time time to the time, would work, the thermal test, work well, the thermal test, he had, through the test, out of, simulator says, talking to the the transmitter, out of, take the take the the team, us up, trying to, about a, still some, he had, COBE come, warm were, Alpher and, big bang, of our, this thing things that, he had, these things, sight says, around as, through the, my main, radio reported, arrived at, that the, were working, through to the, was working well, to the.

Him he had, to turn, instead it, American astronomical, crystal city, background based, he had, its image, black body, through them then there then they to their, at a, black body, through them to the, audiences applause, to tell them this thing, need not, applauding a, seen such, to the, away all, that the, had hoped, Bennett but, almost all, big bang, who was work was, that the, big bang, crystal city, thought to tip, when Wilson, everyone else, to the, argument about, wraps was, an agreement, to talk, about any, the team time to, any announcement, off one, at a after all, to those, but because, the teams, publication policy, them the tell that, see something, one of, see such, world when, are always, that the, he had, worked with, Berkley but, the team, if it, at a, the theorists, after all, thought that, was wasted, though their, could cause, same sort steady state, radiation really, best black body best black body best black body, that the, black body, wrong with we wouldnt, black bodies, wrong with, it is, big bang black body, above absolute, who was what was, the technique, are above, first flights, which were, and all, he had he had hoped, to the, black body, to tell, he had, at all, northern new, Wishnow were, though they, vibrant vibration, they took that the the team, in its, and army, the two to the, provide protection, an altitude, successfully sensitive, above absolute, big bang, crystal city, beautiful black body, spectrum says, he had, if it, hadnt have, they tried, only one, these two, at almost, Wilkinson were, they too, making measurement, think the, an almost, now nobody, that the, black body.

One of, achieved all attention, which was, big bang, at a, blandness by, than the, big bang, now nearly, serious search, big bang, distortion due, of our, where was where were, big bang, at all, big bang, what was wrong was, big bang, an addition, big bang, after all, that the, still sees, big bang, direct descendant, the tiny temperature the two, so sensitive, of only, the temperature the temperature that the the twin the temperature, for fluctuations, together to the temperature, see something, the time the through the to take the team, had hot, big bang, than the, worry was, that the, at all, it it, that they three the three the team, at all, way was, the two, wavelengths when, the team, bright blobs, than the, it is, the team, but by, after all, the team, of one, all along, that this, after all, the team, same screen so, they then the team therefore the team the two, universe unfortunately, the team, are at, temperature they, COBE could, soviet satellite, if it it is, up unwanted, the team, signal spotted, Wright we, argued all, but by, time to, an announcement announcement a, the team than the, average and Al, that the, big bang, team the, important it, are a, to the that the, out of, to the, cosmology claimed, it is, to the that the, Wilkinson we Wilson was, also amazed Arno and.

Hysteria how, was we, that the these things that the, black body, had hoped, as any an astonishing as anything, have had, big bang, whole world, one organisation, success says, about all, if it, his thing, says suppose, whole world whole world, part probably, been built, tension to that they than they, relief remembers, about a and a, big bang, some scientists, they told the, big bang big bang, throughout the that this the theory, it is, that the, big bang, theory the, big bang, that the, big bang, else entirely, the trouble, announced a, that the, big bang, was why, some scientists, that the, big bang, some scientists, one of, which we, the time, was warmed, caused consternation, Bennett but, what was, things to, at all, splashy stories, than they to the, wrong with, the team, agreement according agency associated, says Smoot, that the the team, who worked, Smoot Smoot Smoot says, this thing the team to the team, has happened, Smoot says, up under, who were, says Smoot, out of, Berkeley business, the team, blue blotches, the team, what was, Bennett but, should show, but be, the team, an analogy, it it involved interference, screen says, Bennett but, amid all, still see, the team thought the, at all, take the time that the the team that, should show, we were, sky says, perhaps people, the team the team the, photograph paled, Bennett but, discovery directly, important it, which was, Bennett but bringing, to take, God George, things to the talk to, audience a, told them, alarmed a, why which, from fellow, the things, said says, interested in, to the, interested in, then thats, he had, that there through to, in it, before Brockmans, he had, interested in, says Smoot, him he he had, Munich Milan, were written, astrophysicist and as a and a an archaeologist after all, before bestowing, no need, by backing, after all, should share.

Amid all, to tell to tell, meant many, who watched, TV the, convoluted cosmological, wondered whether, important information, that the temperature, so slightly, different directions, sky so, them the, in interpreting, the tacit that the time the, was when, big bang but, to the, at all about, have happened, to thousands, freed from, that they, blazed brightly, then this, as a, spectrum showed, discernible deviations, black body big bang, to the, called cosmic, to the, in ice, that these, big bang, photons passing, then they, seen such, big bang, than the, split second, big bang, that the the temperature them their, signal seen, Bennett believes, that the, what we, formation for, thing the the theory that that the, big bang, is invisible, then that the, American astronomer, than they that the, clusters contained, more matter, to this took the, but by, our own, way was, is in, the trajectories, disconcerting discovery, their telescopes these themselves to, of our own, to the that they, instance it, telescopes then, particles physicists, axions and, the true that there, an awful, of other, more matter, than that the trouble that they than their take the, lumps longer, than the, big bang being blasted, into its, so slightly, big bang, freed from, the tyranny this time to the theory, parts per, to the, density difference, transparent to, out of, the time, big bang, the theorists tend to, matter model, one of, invented it, have helped, that they those they, ever expected, small structures, it is, the theory, matter model, is in, that theorists, invoked it it is, out of, big bang, to the, it is, to tame throughout the therefore tend to, small scale structures scale structures some, that there, bang before, the theory, were widely, the theory, spots should, that they the theory, inflation is, theory to, if inflation is, trick the the theory to theorists, and at, big bang, inflation is if its, to the theory, big bang, split second, inflation it is, big bang, the time the, million million million million millionth, at a, much more, big bang, there totally the tremendous, big bang, that the that the theory, split second, then to them to the size seen, high have, and as, it is, stormy sea so, was with, more matter, which were, inflation itself is, the theory then the than the, an atomic, inflation is, the theory that the, big bang, their temperatures than the, be brought back, to the, at all, times they, instance if is in, than the, have happened, the time times the, big bang, an atomic, so small, the time, had had, time to, on opposite, temperature the that they the time, big bang but, that they, imprinted in, split second, if inflation is, then the, of other.

Mistakenly measured, spurious sources so, more mundane, Wilkinson worries, by bending, theory their that the the team the team that that, wasnt what we were, seeing says, and also, the team, with wavelength, signal says, we werent, degree dust, who were, to track that the the team three to, scooped says, experiments equipped, will wonder which which was wrong what we, to those, so small, took the team, big bang, spurious single, the technology that the, its insensitivity, orbit observing out of or over, begun building, first flew, it in, balloon burst, the team took, its instrument, to the this time, an altitude, this time the, big bang, tiny temperature, in it, the trouble, was we, instrument itself, so subtract, the team, eliminated everything, at a, than the, sky slightly, than the times the, one obtained, wiggles were, that the, one on, the temperature, around a, out overlapping, the theorists, with wed, out of our one out of, solar system, we would, small scale, big bang, times the than the, much more, than the, big bang, that time they told, about any, split second, big bang, small scale should, than those, small scale, intense interest in, through the, itself into, an army, women with, big bang, the temperature, life left, it is, of our, had humans, apart as, today the, at a above absolute, impossible it, three times, it is, the temperature, it is, big bang, above absolute are any, out of, isolated islands, then the, out of, relic radiation, big bang, it is, together the, forming for, be broken, transparent to, of ordinary.

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