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November 3, 2016

Mrs. Fedelina Entero

School Principal
Carmen National High School
Cogon, West Carmen, Cebu


A pleasant day!

Our team strongly believe in the great potential of the youth in creating positive change to his own
community. It is innate to lead yet it can still be maximized if they will be given the right tools and trainings
to bring out their inner greatness. Facing the challenges in reality due to modern technology and cultural
shifts, the youth should be guided while embracing the right qualities a leader should have to effectively
influence their fellows towards nation building.

In lieu with this, the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu – Community Based launched the third year of its
flagship project which is entitled Tangram Plus: Youth in Nation Building with its theme: “Youth
C.O.L.O.U.R.S.: Creating Opportunities, Leading Organizations, Unveiling and Realizing Strengths”. This
project aims to train seven youth organizations in Cebu Province to complete the Tangram at the end of
the Rotary Year.

The following are the enabling and terminal objectives of every Tangram Plus:

 To conduct seven leadership games which will emphasize the indispensable qualities of a leader
 To provide ways in improving these leadership qualities
 To emphasize the role of each participant in the organization and in the community
 To foster teamwork behind diversities in each member and group
 To promote self-awareness and getting the utmost of each participants
 To teach the participants on how to become proactive towards challenges
 To help the participants put into action the things they have learned

To realize the goal of this project, we would like to propose for a partnership to your school, the Carmen
National High School. Our team will handle the whole day leadership training session including the
materials needed. We can handle 40 – 50 participants from the different year level. Assessment will be
done before and after the project implementation. As their project output, participants are encourage to
organize another leadership training activity to their fellow students with our guidance.

Attached in this letter is the complete details of the project.

We are hoping for your favorable response in this letter.

More power!

Yours in service,

Engr. Elcasmer G. Acedo

Project Head
Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu - Community Based
Mobile Number: 09336197586
Email Address:
District 3860, Philippines