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4092 Highway 6 S
Mount Hope, Ontario
L0R 1W0

OBJECTIVE: To secure a position as a Math Facilitator, where I can continue to achieve my

professional goals by delivering a strong academic program and supporting
others in their Mathematics programming.


♦ Fourteen years of experience teaching in multicultural schools with a variety of

academic needs at the primary level
♦ Experienced, well-organized combined grade teacher
♦ Leader and team player who takes initiative to collaborate with others
♦ Strength in developing and implementing a balanced literacy and math program
♦ Work in collaboration with many Special Education team members to meet the
needs of exceptional students



♦ Presented at RewirED conference with a focus on embedding technology in the classroom

practice to enhance math and literacy programs.
♦ Attend many in-services with a focus on both Mathematics and Literacy, and implement
strategies acquired within the classroom
♦ Prepare and implement a balanced literacy and mathematics program, including guided,
shared, modeled and independent practice
♦ Taught combined grade classes with a high degree of success


♦ Collaborated with other educators and consultants in the Teacher Learning and Leadership
Program (TLLP) process
♦ Worked in grade and divisional teams to plan and implement a Literacy and Numeracy
program based upon the focus determined by our schools needs
♦ Mentor and collaborate with a first year teachers through the Teacher Induction Program
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2010 - Present Grade 1, 1/2, 2, 2/3 Teacher James MacDonald

Hamilton, Ontario
2008 - 2010 Grade 2/3 Teacher/ITC James MacDonald
Hamilton, Ontario
2006 - 2007 Gr. 7/8 Literacy & Numeracy Camp Instructor CCE RedHill Learning Centre
Hamilton, Ontario
2004 - 2007 Grade 1, 1/2, Teacher/ITC Elizabeth Bagshaw
Hamilton, Ontario
2004 Primary LRT (0.2) Lisgar
Hamilton, Ontario
2004 LTO -- Grade 2 (0.5) Janet Lee
Hamilton, Ontario
2003 – 2004 Occasional Teacher HWDSB
Hamilton, Ontario


2017 Mathematics Specialist ETFO

2009 Reading Specialist Brock University
2008 Special Education Specialist Brock University
2003 Bachelor of Arts Brock University
2003 Bachelor of Education (P/J) Brock University


2018 Elementary ReWired Presenters

2017 Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP)
2017 Executive Functioning
2017 Creating an Effective Math Environment
2017 Creating a Positive Math Classroom through Effective Teaching and Learning
2017 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions Book Club
2016 Exploring the Experimental and Early Reader within Comprehensive Literacy
2016 Welcoming Newcomers
2016 Summer Institute Teaching in the 21st Century
2016 The Hub
2016 21st Century Learning, Creating Inquiry based Learning Opportunities
2016 Thinking About Thinking Series
2014 Inquiry-Based Learning - Social Studies, History & Geography
2013 Prodigy by SMARTeacher