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NOMBRES Y APELLIDOS: _________________________________________________

FECHA: ________________________________________________________________

I. Read and complete the sentences

1. Lorena …….. aunt. A. is my . B. Are my . C. Am my.

2. He ……….detective. A. is B. Are C. Am

3.They ……… A. is B. Are C. Am

4. We ………..girls. A. is B. Are C. Am

5 Carlos ……….. teacher. A. is B. Are C. Am

6. Felipe and Laura……….. astronaut. A. is B. Are C. Am.

II. Seleccione la oración que esta bien escrita

A. MY mother have a black cat. 9.
B. my mother is have a black cat. A. We hasn´t a good friend.
C. my mother haven’t a cat . B. We have a good friend.
D. My mother has a black cat. C. We has a are good friend

8. 10.
A. Peter and Jenny has a big house. A. This cat has big Eyes.
B. Peter and Jenny hasn´t a big house. B. These cat has a big eyes.
C. Peter and Jenny have a big house. C. Those cats has big eyes.

My name is Annie and this is what I normally do. I love to walk on the mountain. During the week I
wake up early and go for a small walk on the mountain. I usually go with my father or my brother.
We like to get some fresh air before we start our day. We live in the country far away from the
city. We think that our country life is wonderful because we are away from the noise and pollution
of the city. We often walk for about one-half hour and then return to our home. I always take my
bus after our walk and at about 8:30 a.m. and arrive at school at 9:00 a.m. My father takes his
car and goes to town to work. He works at a veterinary clinic. He is a vet and loves to help
animals. We have 3 dogs and two cats. On the weekend we wake up early and go for a hike on the
mountain. It is so nice to smell the fresh air and see the wild animals. We stay there for about three
hours and bring our lunch with us. As you can see my family loves nature.

III. Answer the questions according to the text

11. What does Annie love to do? a. She walks with his brother

A. she goes to the mountain b. She walks with her father

B. she walks on the mountain C. She walks with her father or brother
C. she wakes up on the mountain

12. Who does she walk with?

13. How long does she walk? B. she arrives to school at eight

A. She walks for one hour C. she arrives to school at nine

B. She walks for two hours 15. What do they do on the weekend?

C. She walks for one –half an hour A. They wake up early and go for a hike on the
14. What time does she arrive at school?
B. They stay at home
A. she arrives to school at eight-thirty
C. They walk around the city

VI. according to the future tense complete the following sentences

16.I _______ _______ to Cartagena ______ Saturday

a. Will live next

b. Will travel last

c. Will travel next

17.She ______ _____ ________ ________ month

A. She won´t get married last

B. She will get married last

C. She won´t get married next

18.Cesar and Fabiola ________ _________ at the university _______ year

a. They will studies next

b. They will study next

c. They will studied next

19.She ______ _____ ________ ________ _____ ______ _____month

D. She are going get married next

E. She going married next

F. She is going to get married next

20. Cesar and Fabiola ________ _________ ______ __________ at the university _______ year

d. They is going to studies next

e. They are going to study last

f. They are going to study next