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NOMBRES Y APELLIDOS: _________________________________________________

FECHA: ________________________________________________________________

1. Did you study yesterday? B. We were at school.

A. Yes, I did. C. We are at school.
B. Yes, I does. 3. When was Andres born?
C. Yes, I do. A. He was born on July 21.
B. He were born on July 21.
2. Where were we on Saturday? C. He is born in July 21.
A. We was in the school.

Part II select the correct order of the sentence :

Where did Camila study ? A. I swim in the river with my

A. She studied three years. B. I did swim in the river with my
B. She studyed last year. siblings.
C. She studied in Cartagena. C. I swam in the river with my
4. When you were a child, what
did you do?

7. she/ was/ denetist/a /good.

a. she was a dentist good. B. she was a good dentist. C. she dentist was a good.

8. Petter/ and /Lauren/ got/ up/ always/ at/ 7:00. a. Petter and Lauren got always up at 7:00

B. Petter and Lauren always got up at 7:00

C. Petter and Lauren got up always at 7:00

9. dog/ always/cereal/ at /ate/my/ 6:30. A. My dog always ate cereal at 6:30

B. always ate my dog cereal at 6:30

10. I/ went//my/Friends/with/sometimes/out. A. I sometimes went out with my Friends

B. With my Friends went always out.

11. my / sister/ listened to/ music/ pop/ in/mornngs /the A. My sister listened to pop music in
the morning. B. My sister in the morning listened to pop music.
Seleccione la opción correcta para completar 19. My sister ________a new car last month.
las oraciones en pasado simple
A. Buy . B. Buyed C. bougth.
17. yesterday a snake ___________me.
20. The black dog and my cat _______a big
a. bite b. bit. C. bitten. mouse yesterday in the morning .

18. Juan and Andrés ________a house last A. cathes B. catched C. caugth.
Selecciona la opción que corresponde de los
A. builded . B. built . C. build. verbos en pasado

12. Be 15. cut

a. was a. cutted

b. were b. cut

c. am c. cuted

13. sing

A. sang

B. Singed. 16. sleep

c. sung a. slepted

14. make B. sleeped

a. made C. slept.

B. maked

C. maken.