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Street Art to be taken

No Description Location
1. Boat Chew Jetty
2. Old Man Junction between lebuh Armenian and lebuh
3. Broken Heart Junction between lebuh chulia and love lane
4. Kungfu Girl Mid of lebuh muntri
5. Trishaw Man Junction between jln penang and lebuh muntri
6. Hang clothes Lor lumut
7. Little boy with pet dinosaur 12 lebuh ah Quee
8. Jimmy choo Lebuh leith / lebuh muntri
9. Win win situation Lebuh muntri
10. My five foot way Jln transfer
11. One leg kicks all Lebuh muntri
12. Bullock cart wheel Jln masjid kapitan keling
13. Tok tok mee Jln masjid kapitan keeling / lebuh china
14. Wrong tree Lor pasar
15. Too hot Pengkalan weld
16. Ting ting thong Lor seck chuan
17. Labourer to trader Jln kuala kangsar
18. Kopi O Lor kimberley
19. Untrained parakeet Lebuh king
20. 3 generations Lebuh Kimberley /jln sungai ujong
21. Too narrow Lor soo hong
22. The lady of flowers Street of Magazine rd ghaut
23. Fishbone graffiti mural Kuala kangsar rd
24. Thirst for life Mouth of a small alley that connects both
kampong kolam area and kapitan keling
mosque street
25. Looking Up (a woman look up fr hp) 1st ave shopping mall along magazine rd
26. The alley retro girl Small alleys in ah quee st
27. Mr bean, Marilyn Monroe & mona lisa In front of grand swiss hotel on lebuh chulia
(chulia st)
28. Old lady n colorful work in carpark Turn left at lebuh pantai jn. Walk past Gat
Lebuh chulia jn. B4 lebuh pasar, carpark on ur
29. Ahmah and ahsoon Entrance to chew jetty
30. 3d cats n hang clothes Near jln pantai
31. I wan bao Lebuh Armenian….b4 lebuh Victoria jn, on the
right side of the rd, next to ming xiang tai pastry
32. Speak hokkien Lor soo hong
33. Screaming girl on old store shutters B4 lebuh cannon jn
34. Magnificent white tiger Small alley along lor stewart
35. Harmony – 3 girls purple red n green Lebuh armenian
36, Skippy the cat Armenian st ghaut
37. Wall arts on shophouses Small back alley at Armenian st
38. Msian icons Wall of the shell petrol station along tun dr lim
chong eu expressway
39. Girl in white Near eastern oriental hotel
40. White tiger in a narrow alley off stewart lane, Hin bus depot
2 black swans
Girl in yellow bending over
Faded little rabbit creature
Face of a lady
41. A boy in blue shirt Walk down jln gurdwara and turn left onto
lebuh tye sin. Walk past lebuh macnair jn n
reach jln cy choy jn
42. Girl jus a few metres down from the little boy Jn of lebuh tye sin n jln cy choy
43. Colorful birds Jn of lebuh maccullum n jln cy choy
44. Jln nagor / nagore square