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1.1 Back Ground Overview

Employees tend to accomplish and do tasks. They handle the organization goals and

objectives because they know the nature of work that occurs in it, (Robbins, 2005) Leadership,

negotiations, decision making and communication compose the main key components of a

manager’s work. Usually, the organizational units are divided into many categories which

include the following: interpersonal, informational and decision roles. These units and divisions

are authorized by the managers (Thomas, 2002).

1.2 Need for the Study

Nowadays, most of the companies and organization among the world are suffering from high Commented [RB2]: Mind the English language rules please

employee turnover in the workplace, the thing which is leading to the loss of potential

employees in the workplace. Nowadays, most of the Lebanese organizations, especially the

Lebanese Banking Sector, are facing high employee turnover which is resulting in loss of

potential employees, incurring high overhead costs, training costs and time (Abedigal. 2010).

This is considered a major problem nowadays, because it is affecting the productivity of the
Lebanese Banking Sector in a negative way according to a research done by Abdul Kareem


1.3 Significance of the study Commented [RB3]: Significance of the study is not stated.

Motivation is considered one of the most important key features of human resources in order to

have effective and efficient productivity in the workplace. Thus, human resources nowadays

should focus on motivating employees in the workplace in order to maximize their productivity

and performance in the workplace (Litschka, 2006).

The aim of the research is to focus on implementing motivation in organization in order to Commented [RB4]: This cannot be aim for a research paper.
Reconsider aim and objective

maximize performance and retain potential employees in the banking sector .In addition to that,

the research will state the factors needed in the workplace in order to increase motivation in the

workplace and by that maximizing performance (Okilo, 2009). Commented [RB5]: This needs a separate title.

1.4 Research Question

Based on the precursory discussion, the aim of the research is to come up with a better Commented [RB6]: ?? what does this mean? Does it the
previous discussion? There is none. Does it mean something like
secondary data ? your reader has missed on it.
understanding about motivating employees in the banking sector. In order to serve the above
Commented [RB7]: Better understanding has nothing to do
with focus on implementation mentioned above.
purpose, the following two research questions will be addressed:

RQ1: What is the impact of motivation on the performance of the Lebanese Banks?

RQ2: What is the relation between motivation and employee turnover in the Lebanese Banks? Commented [RB8]: Clear questions with clear already stated
answers. Please change the questions and make them more specific
to a named organization.

1.5 Research Design

In the following section of the research, the research design will be explained briefly to specify

the sample and population of the study, the methodology implemented, dependent and

independent variables and the instruments which will be practiced to collect the data.

1.5.1 Selected Variables

1.5.2 Dependent variable

The dependent variable of this research is motivation. Since the aim of the research is to

know the importance of motivation on the organizational performance.

1.5.3 Independent Variable

The independent variable can be defined as follows: employee satisfaction, performance

appraisals, employee turnover, organizational values, employee’s ethics and recruitment

strategies. Commented [RB9]: T

Commented [RB10]: We’ve already established the err in this
argument. Please revivse

It is measured through the Likert scale: strongly disagree, disagree, agree, and strongly

agree. This helps us understand how participants from different companies respond to the

questionnaire regarding the relation between employee’s values and its effect on the performance

of the organization as a whole. Commented [RB11]: What is measured here? Please don’t use
concepts we haven’t covered in class yet, and use the information
that we have. Finish your research design according to what we
have discussed, no new ideas yet…

1.5.4 Instrumentation

This study is conducted to identify the importance of motivation in achieving job satisfaction for Commented [RB12]: Retail or
employees in the Lebanese Retail Sector. Questionnaires and surveys were distributed over employees in Commented [RB13]: What
different retail shops in Lebanon. The research addresses 100 employees working in this sector in order to
Commented [RB14]: What
get their feedback and to be able to analyze the statistics to come up to a reasonable solution. ????????????????????????????????????
1.5.5 Conclusion Commented [RB15]: What conclusion? What is this for?
You’ve missed on important sections for the introduction !!!!!!!!!!

Questionnaires and surveys will be distributed among the employees from different

managerial levels. In the following chapter the research will analyze this data to locate the

weaknesses and to be able to come up with a solution that should be suggested for banks to

achieve positive outcomes.