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The Luciferian Theory

Anthony Rauda

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I would first like to explain why i would write on this subject but first i must define it, upon my many readings and studies I
grasped a lot of ideas, concepts and yes daydreams. But I must honestly say after reading the Bible and The Holy Quran I
started to wonder on the battle of good vs evil, on heaven and hell in which many believe is a spiritual battle within one self
and not an actual physical presence. Some believe that evil resides in all people, the yin and yang for example. For some, the
species of man and woman on earth have a human nature and to others a survival instinct existing in all man, the fight or
flight theory is one example and may be considered disreputable evidence , or the cause and effect theory these are applied
sciences, ideas tested by trial and error. But as to my theory its stands not only as a statement of facts , but also opinions so
as to establish a truth and then to unveiling a reality , "a what is" or a what is really Truth doctrine . What I'm trying to get
across is that the ideals can be grasped by the mind and proven . In that I developed a theory since hell and evil are spiritual
concepts, why do ancient doctrines refer to lucifer or evil as beings, demons, monsters etc.. So
to provide further background I was raised with Catholic beliefs that is to believe in evil, in the Devil, also in Angels, sins, of
hell and of course a Judgement Day. And if the devil is real and we do evil, would we all be going to hell, but on the other
hand this is not a religious book. Certain things happened to me in life that I considered evil yet they were perpetrated by
those who were supposed to be the good guys and role models , the things they did are considered wrong to their own way
of thinking.So why did these things happen did I do anything to these people .. No! But I am crucified while they are accepted
and this is taken as a consequence of life. So I looked at life and the ruling class and the so called powers that be, I began to
read books and studied them, keeping thoughts to myself until I could no longer keep it in. I came across what many would
find such as conspiracies theories and secret societies but this again crucified me as a paranoid or even worse. Shouldn't
these people be suffering a state of hell and not me. So again if what we do is evil yet none are suffering and yet we judge
and punish those who offend us or do wrong, then what is evil I must then have to look upon the face of evil "Lucifer" (the
light bearer) or everything around me is a lie. The Luciferian Theory was born upon that question. Let us not argue over
whether there are religions cause there are, to name a few there are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists , Hindu and so on
with many off shoots such as Baptists , Sikhs, Prostestants, Orthodox and to continue on. But during this book I will focus on
the psychological aspects the physical properties of what I learned not to say that evil does not exist or that there is not an
emotion such as hate but just to refer on the evidence as I stated the cause and effect. Because in order for their to be an
effect there must be a cause so if hate leads to murder let's focus on the murder and work are way back such as any
investigator in his scientific methods would do, like Sherlock Holmes would because this is not a book based on what ifs,
but what is and the answer no matter how improbable must be the answer . And in truth many concepts and ideas will be
considered Narcissistic and Sadistic so in a sense where delving into science or the study of the mind so to speak. So when
speaking upon evil and it's existence , thinking oneself God or wanting to be God which is Lucifers greatest crime.
Narcissism and Sadism are the foundation of my theory they are the devils marks, his targets, the sheep he wishes to have.
They are the clear indication of a person most susceptible to him.

I would like an opportunity to set it straight, my theory is based simply that evil does not exist solely for demonic
possession of the body and soul (Luke Chp.22 verse 3 ; Satan enters Judas)but that Satan is a species his own creature even
if his being is spiritual, somewhere along the line he discovered in order to have a kingdom he must have people. (Genesis
3:1 the serpent was more subtle than any beast on the earth; "notice the use of beast and not animal or creature and also of
earth not garden or paradise") possession of a animal or person wouldn't do he would not only get exorcised but then people
would get familiar with the tactics thus disabling his effectiveness in modern times there has been very little exorcisms . Not
too far in the past they were burning witches yet we celebrate holloween every year, so there really is very little evidence of
demonic possession anyhow it does not fit my theory.

So how did Satan who was cast out to be lower then the creatures he detests, be able to not only survive but win and
establish his own kingdom . If there's is a so called battle for souls it started with Adam and Eve not in the spiritual sense but
in the "Mind". Because in the mind ( there was no physical possession of either Eve or Adam noted in the Bible remember
this is called the tempting or the fall ) but in the mind evil is but an aspect meaning it can exist or not exist , whether true or
not thus producing thoughts in the mind which are a grey area meaning not truth nor fact or lie or myth. Just as there is a
choice of good and evil a person must decide between a nightmare or a vision in their way of thinking.This is where Lucifer
dwells where there is a hole ,a space ,a crack however you want to see it exists in your
mental makeup, this is where he chooses to set up house with the "Mind" and so called knowledge (know the ledge) that alone
is "The Luciferian Theory" the devils attempt at masterminding an individual not demonic possession of the soul but a willing
being through knowledge. There is popular saying you have probably heard it " the Devils greatest trick was proving he did not
exist " something like that, what I am stating is different not that he can seem to not exist like some kind of magician but that
the Master of Illusions indeed he is also the Master of lies has made himself to be a normal sane human being, a
community,then a nation, then a species, then a way of existing, he is the common man smiling in your face yet at the same
time hating you or judging you and his followers either consider you blind and dumb or are dupes themselves meaning they live
life believing what they will with no master , yet they are pawns in the game of death where often times a persons soul is at
stake. Its the zealots he craves though ,those who achieve the greatest success with his beliefs that provide his motivation(a rat
race). These zealots have been led to believe they possess the holy grail or are the seekers and keepers of the greatest mystery,
that they are Gods chosen on earth to bring on the enlightened age. And in a sense they are the chosen but they think the path
to the holy grail is some object they attain by their rituals, but what they do have is money and power, which they obtained by
their secret knowledge and yet they believe that perfection of duties leads to the ultimate power which is Immortality as Gods
once again close to the truth but they have been given a secret to keep( Knowledge)this is the Holy Grail and do not know it. It is
" the Luciferian theory" this knowledge is older than time it's ancient, it goes back to the Garden(1 Corinthians Chp. 15;34, do
not have the knowledge of God) I can't admit to knowing the knowledge of God I can't say I know anybody who does but there is
an upper and ruling class who say they have the knowledge , the ethics the privelege to lead the way.


And then there was light, as the story of creation begins as depicted in the Bible, so it is interesting that Lucifer who was
known as the light bearer would play such a major role in coming events. Of course what happens is man is made in Gods
image and all of Gods creations pay obeisance except Lucifer who refuses and is cast out onto what is called paradise where
the man and woman reside. For the record ancient stories and the book of Revelations give hints that what really happened was
Lucifer and many angels decided to betray God and kill him, (before or after human beings were created I'm not sure)God
seeing the betrayal sends the archangel Michael and his angels to stop the betrayal , well gods side wins and defeats the
renegade angels casting them out of heaven( Revelations Chp 12:4 his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to
the earth to verse 7; and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought the dragon to verse 8and they did not prevail
then to verse 9 dragon was cast out the serpent of old called the devil and Satan then the dragon went to persecute the woman
who gave birth to the male child) Then God faced with a dilemma that some of his angels are unhappy and many more may
betray him in the future must judge Lucifer , so in turn God gives Satan the power to tempt all Angels in Paradise, God wipes the
memories of these angels and Satan then tempts them to sin against God those who sin" eat the apple" are cast on to earth in
human form to live out their punishment ( many verses in the the bible relate to people coming into a realization of their bodies
or flesh and even their mind as in the story of Genesis where Eve sees her shame and both Gods creation notice they are
naked??)But back to the point ; the creation of Adam and Eve ( take note of the use of Eves name, the Bible states because she
was the first mother but she was also named right before the temptation and fall??) now it is only safe to assume that Lucifer
was present at the forming of man and must have seen how they were formed the bones , muscles and also the brain. Lucifer
may know more about the first man and woman than they do about themselves. Now if I told you not to go past a ledge
because you would die you would take my advice because you knew you would probably die not when you fell over but most
likely when you hit the ground right? God tells Adam and Eve that everything is permissible to them except for a certain tree
if you eat of its fruit you will die(there was also a tree of life but Satan chose the tree of knowledge" also take note on the use of
life but Satan chose knowledge and that led to death which sin leads to death, Satan is referred to as the bringer of death or to
the taker of ones soul") Soon thereafter Eve approaches the tree of Knowledge ?? of good and evil and Satan is there to tempt
her thus marking the Origin of the Luciferian Theory, why?

Let us take a closer look at what really happens as I hinted previously some believe the story of the garden as a
metaphor for the fall of man ( rebellious Angels? evolution) which in turn is a metaphor for the mistakes of human beings or
doing what is good (this is being what they call " Awake" as compared to being "Enlightened", one mental state starts within, the
other from an outside source)making the eating of the apple a representation of the tempting of each man to sin starting a
separation from God this is the opening that Lucifer needs it the spark he wishes to create in the mind the light he sheds on the
situation so to speak, now let me prove my point by first giving you some evidence now we have been told that Lucifer is the
light bearer, the deceiver and the adversary. Now in the New Testament; the book of Romans chapter 8 verse 6 for to be carnally
minded is death then verse 7 proceeds with; the carnal mind is enmity against God. The important words here are (carnal
)meaning relating to body or flesh, and (enmity) meaning a state of deep seated Ill will , now the writer goes on to say a person
like this will always be opposed to God and the spirit. Also in the New Testament the epistle of James chapter 3 verse 13 and
14 talk of wisdom from above and the wisdom that is earthly , to meekness as to self seeking and not to lie against the truth
which continues onto verse 15: saying this type of wisdom is earthly, sensual, and "demonic", why this word is used is worth
noting.?(demonic meaning extremely evil or cruel, cruel meaning wicked and inhuman person or person who is


I feel it necessary to preview the next analysis in that you need to keep in mind that when speaking to Eve, Satan is using I am
the way, the life, the truth that Jesus preaches during his ministry in different words obviously, he attempts by his
subtlety and words to put in Eve's mind a false image of his self that he is her only salvation that he possesses the power and
Godhood. This is can also be seen as the first act in " The Art of War" keep your enemies close and another is know your enemy
and know yourself, then onto what Jesus says in Revelations Chp.2:23 ( all the churches shall know I am he who searches the
minds and hearts).

Before we proceed, there are two minor points to address, the first is why did Satan pick a snake, well whether this is
symbolic, a metaphor or an actual statement it is most likely the serpents attributes are what counts in that Satan was like a
snake in the grass that he could still move quickly and strike with one lethal move and that he was cunning and beautiful also
plays into the story. The second point is whether the eating of the fruit really means that Satan and Eve had sexual intercourse,
well to speak on this is irrelevant and its weak! Because I'm only dealing with the Mind that's my theory that was Satans real
objective, that he developed a mental science that has been passed along ever since and is quite obvious (this is what I call the
Luciferian Theory)if not why have sex with Eve? what did Satan accomplish but only to defile Gods creation and hurt Adam, but
the act! if it did occur didn't hurt anyone but Eve and the Serpent as I'll explain later, people who bring this up are ignoring the
facts and changing the subject it's an attempt for losers to save face, basically what they are saying is Satan came to kill Adam
and Eve but instead has sexual intercourse with Eve who he gets to kill Adam( not only did they lose paradise but they die after
living and suffering) Eve who instead of keeping the act a secret has everyone find out and all are worse for it. That should
clarify those who think the garden was a set up or the questions of sexual intercourse will only be getting off the main subject.
The Holy Quran states in the Al A Raf:27; (children of Adam do not let Satan put you in trouble, he stripped Adam and Eve of
their innocence it then proceeds with; Satan sees you , he and his tribe??).

Now with a Gods eye which means using facts and truth we look into the Paradise where what they call the stage is set
and Lucifer is about to set a scene in how to commit murder( really Satan annihilates Eve's mental state " focus" which is the
first move in developing a strategy to attack a persons mind, all minds have natural walls and defenses and a persons mind
filters all information coming in through their senses then through these mental defenses. The minds filters are in actuality
ones own beliefs, likes, prejudices etc...but Satan accomplishes this easily with just a few verses, with his light!)

In Genesis Chp.2:9; the Lord God brought forth...all manner of trees...the tree of life... And the tree of knowledge of good
and evil then onto verse 3:1; Satans first words to Eve are a question (Eve is put on the defensive without seeing any threat so
she opens up freely) he asks; you should not eat of every tree, then onto verse 3:3; she responds; God commanded Eve not to
eat the tree of knowledge or they would die, the tree Satan is asking of, now he attempts to plant doubt( he's turning her away
from God) in verse 3:4; you shall not die the death ( this death is most likely the death spoken of throughout the bible and by
Jesus himself is the changing of the mind away from God which is my theory understand that Lucifer developed his mind
warfare and Jesus is verifying he has his own mind warfare which leads back to Revelation Chp.2 verse 23; I will kill her with
death also notice that Jesus is mirroring Satans actions the same Satan did to Eve, Jesus is planning to do to a female enemy
but which is most likely a metaphor for a church of believers in Satan, they have been told to stop worshipping other gods, idols
and so forth, many Pagans of that time believed in homosexuality, pedophilia and sex with animals and ofcourse blood
sacrifice) in the next verse he provides knowledge using his (light) science and targeting Eve's conscious mind and/ or ego with
the doubt he sowed in verse 3:5; God knows... So ever you shall eat, your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as Gods, this
hits Eve's vanity (conscious /ego)but as previously noted he just swore to give Eve a truth, eternal life and the way to obtain it,
then onto verse 3:6; she eats and is pleased and offers Adam to eat in which he does, then onto verse 3:9; the Lord God called
Adam who was hiding after hearing Gods voice, verse 3:10; Adam responds I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself,
onto verse 3:11; he asks who told them he was naked and did you eat from the tree I commanded you not, they both admit to
eating of the tree in 3:13; Eve says the serpent deceived me, so God curses the serpent among all cattle and beasts of the
earth, and then in verse 3:15 he puts enmity(ill will) between the serpent and the woman, between thy seed and her seed??
What seed he is talking about and to Eve he gave sorrow in bringing forth children, and then verse 3:22; it says Adam is become
like one of us knowing good and evil , and to stop him from eating of the tree of life he was sent out of paradise...To note this is
still the main message of all major religions becoming a God and having eternal life but the fall has robbed Adam and Eve of
this and obviously all of mankind.

Today and back through history many organizations claim they have the way, you then adopt their views on right and
wrong, but Luciferians do not worship Satan or boast on the evil they do, but on the contrary they also claim to have the way to
Godhood and eternal life by the knowledge they possess by their connection to God this is Luciferian theory it was most likely
given to the religious men of the past times and past down with science, mathematics, even the Arts to get within the Mind,
manipulate or destroy it, imagine becoming a pedophile for your beliefs a rapist or even a murderer. This knowledge was given
to Gurus , Shamans, Gypsys, Witch Doctors ,High Preists and also through the church(cursed, on) (Revelations Chp.
3:9; Jesus says I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not... Worship before your feet, this
I feel is the major turning point in the Luciferian theory where Satan infiltrates the church and is able to pass this knowledge on
through time by initiates and secrecy) this was the power over people they have ,the secret they keep.

Please note that in the early 1900's a Dr. Rudolph Steiner founded an organization called Anthroposophy, which is a
"knowledge produced by the higher man whose inner senses have been awakened", according to his spiritual science the
ancient wisdom teachings emanate from initiates he goes on to say " through my own ego God speaks to
me"Anthroposophy still exists today he also was claimed to have said " all the forces seem to be concentrated at one point in
the forehead where divine wisdom shines " this is where the pineal gland is located, it is hormonal. These ideals are called
Gnostic and Manicheanism which supposes duality in Deity. It also resembles the kundalini energy of Hinduism that the
spiritual fire of the cosmic serpents once unleashed in a human being travels up the spine to the place of the minds connection
to the spirit realm by this process we move from primitive to being enlightened( it travels similar to a snake). Gnosticism is a
modern name for some ancient religious ideas and systems in the first and second century AD. That believed the material world
is created by emanation of the highest God, trapping the Divine spark within the human body. This beliefs gives credence to the
triangle of Manifestation ( the symbol is the triangle with the eye in the middle which represents the God spirit within a person)
the basic principle is rooted in the number three according to metaphysics the three components are time, space, and energy,
directing the energy creates a manifestation some groups are known to have rituals with this. Also in the late 1800's Albert Pike
a 33rd Degree Freemason and Sovereign Commander of the Scottish rite said; "Lucifer the Son of the Morning! Is it he who
bears the light, and with its splendours intolerable blinds feeble sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!" Is he talking about Adam
and Eve or the Fall of any man, Freemasons are known to put the sun and the Zodiac in symbols in their lodges and perform
rituals. Furthermore in Revelation once again Jesus says " these things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the
Beginning of the creation of God", speaking of himself he states in a previous chapter 2:25 to 27, he talks to those who
overcome and keep his works till the end , he will give power over the I also received from My Father then to verse
28 and I will give him the morning star... And in the last chapter of Revelations verse 16 he proclaims he is the Root and the
Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star. Once again it seems Jesus is mirroring Satan, this also leads to some beliefs in
the duality of God, good and evil are one. Another 33rd Degree Freemason and master Rosicrucian Manly P. Hall author of the
All Seeing Eye says; "Lucifer represents the individual intellect and will, which rebels against the domination of Nature and
attempts to maintain itself contrary to natural impulse. Lucifer, in the form of Venus, is the morning star spoken of in
Revelation". Coincidentally the word Amen goes back to the Egyptians , Amen was one of the primeval gods of the Vth Dynasty
the word Amen is most commonly defined as "what is hidden"" what is not seen"" what cannot be seen" and might be referred to
as the setting of the sun every evening so also does the God Amen disappear from the sight of men. I also found some more
quotes by Manly P Hall, who also wrote the Secret Teachings of All Ages: who stated" the pineal gland is a link between the
consciousness of man and the invisible works of nature... The pituitary body contacts this gland there are flashes of temporary
clairvoyance...this third eye is the cyclopean eye of the ancients..mental faculties -reflects the light of his threefold
divinity...mans three bodies are symbolized by upright triangle his spiritual body an inverted triangle ,these triangles symbolize
the material and spiritual universes linked to the constitution of the human nature...though the modern world may know a
million secrets, the ancient world knew one..and that was greater than the million...but the one secret confers life, light, and
truth( this last statement reflects Lucifer, Jesus, and religious messages once again).

As you can see various groups have similar beliefs and I can go on with even more , Thomas Paine wrote in his book The
Origins of Freemasonry; that freemasonry derived from the Druids who shared similar Egyptian beliefs as in the worship of the
sun , the Druids date hundred of years before Christ and were known to be one of only two powerful groups at the time of Julius
Caesar. The Khlysty were a religious sect who believed the possibility of direct communication with the Holy Spirit and
practiced rituals that turned into sexual orgies. The Freemasons celebrate themselves on St Johns day which happens to be
midsummers day, the day the sun at its strongest.


To stay on the subject my Theory of an ancient secret knowledge being passed down through history by Lucifer ( the name
lucifer literally means the morning star; the planet Venus or as light bringing)onto the highest of initiates although this
knowledge claims to deliver immortality and divinity( which is tapping into this divine energy within that initiates, who by rituals
and sexual practices giving the initiate control over their astral spirit into the sphere where the Gods preside) but all it really
does is give a science for mental warfare to destroy believers of a One God ( the numbers1, 3, and 7 being used in the Bible
many times but the number 1 is unique and significant as in One God, be of One Mind and One person, One heart, One life and
so on, this is the central power and a person must maintain themselves even in darkness) while keeping it secret so they can
have all the money and power, how is that spiritual , this is ILLUMINISM , the "Awakening" was our consciousness developing
upon the breath of life which is the giving of are true spirit now aware of our physical bodies becoming humanity, upon this
spark Satan diverts us to the flesh by using our lusts, desires, selfishness as the way to Divine Immortality that God has
withheld from us this I refer to as the "Enlightenment" for we have now been given free will, this is the triangle of manifestation:
time, space and energy, and has been given over to Lucifer ( the fall of man) remember Adam and Eve were cast out of
Paradise so they wouldn't eat of the tree of life, instead God says "Adam has become like one of us". But do they reveal this
knowledge or Gods plan, no!! What they do is find a way to input the acquired knowledge into the Arts; music , writing and such
so they can control and manipulate minds, explain for example the last three times an American president has claimed there
was an Antichrist, the nation went to war to dethrone this Antichrist in which the government of that Antichrist was toppled and
the Antichrist was killed, but the world is not a better place and that country which was liberated is worse off, who needs
initiates when there's dupes who kill for these types of ideals and we as the people make these people richer and die in their
wars , actually we help fund the wars and when the war is won certain corporations suddenly have fatter pockets and we clean
up the pieces, they don't share their money and they don't share their Secret!! It's bad enough when Satan tempted Eve or an
individual against another individual, but when are own leaders and government are using this philosophy to engineer with force
what happens in
the World it is corrupt and an injustice. I firmly believe the Game is rigged, fixed and a racket however best to put it I find it
Luciferian. And the house always wins!!


Through my own experience from my family life, community, my short time in the Army and the legal system, I have seen
firsthand what mind games can accomplish or destroy. Imagine someone skilled in this warfare, one of the most common
tactics is to plant doubt in the individual either by sexual inadequacy such as thinking of homosexuality when their not, bring
out the individuals feelings of insecurity, shame, guilt, and by some force or threat cause feelings of loneliness, then once
alienated they hope to wear the mind down, paranoia develops and the mark begins to become suspicious of those close to
them, the person can feel betrayed or what is true and who to trust. They want to have a person become mentally dead. As it
has been said dumb, deaf and blind. In actuality they want someone who does not question or think for ones self, theses types
of people make easy victims, they are nothing more than dupes, fools or suckers.

Now the strategy behind this is simple he gives a science or knowledge to his followers this enables them to see or get
into the enemies mind, in a sense this is power, thats why it is kept secret they in turn infiltrate as many arts or industries, this
makes people accept theses ideals and those who don't accept them are targeted with the tactics discussed previously,
remember its a grey area good and evil so if you see something that is accepted and is successful you may begin to do the
same, you accept their behavior the way they think as normal. If someone is broke and homeless and someone offers them ten
dollars to wash their car they would probably do it, in turn if someone successful offers someone a chance at a bigger salary if
that person starts discriminating on groups that don't patronize that business the employee would most likely do that because
it would help business in turn helping themselves earn a greater living. This type of behavior is seen everyday in our lives; such
as what is cool and what isn't, trends and so forth, don't get me wrong theres nothing wrong with being a consumer or working
hard, but in turn why let others influence whats acceptable and what isn't, I want you to take note on the way people look at
Priests, Nuns and those who don't practice sex, most of us think this is extreme to not have sex, what about people who don't
lie or steal ,some would call them suckers right! Shouldn't people not harming anyone be allowed to live as they choose
without being ridiculed. In our Society it is common to see criminals or minorities get discriminated, some are judged and
hated because they are prostitutes or pimps, but those same people hating ignore it when a single or married person has sex
with someone who is a whore but is not a prostitute this is just blatant stupidity, what i am to do but wonder on the truth,
seriously ask yourself whats the difference, who's the weaker person, who's the guilty one, who is the one that wants the sex
and what are they willing to do for it. These type of people don't like criminals, drug addicts, or the homeless or crime in
general, but they believe in sin, by sin I mean any negative thing that harms another; such as starting wars, abusing
people(treating them harshly), slavery , running unfair business deals and lying, theses are some just off the top of my head. So
in closing whether you choose to clear your mind, free your mind, exercise your mind or expand it , take this document into
account because even though you may not believe in a soul or in morals, this science of illuminism is real, so please respect
yourself, love yourself or just stand up for your rights because you are being fooled into being used, love and war are
intermingling like two snakes locked into each other, knowledge has been twisted into truth and happiness, when its just
knowledge or information. Lets get rid of this unneeded info turn the corner and move on.


DATE : APRIL 9 2018 / Krazy Horse da one