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With data in 11 of the 22 blocks available in the 13th bid round, and thousands
of kilometers more in adjoining blocks, Global’s industry-leading library presents
the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over legacy data in the region.
Strategically located, this data illuminates the proven, but underexplored Parnaiba
basin, and provides deep insights into its immense hydrocarbon potential.
Spearheaded by Global’s revolutionary AutoSeis® HDR, Global’s Parnaiba data is
acquired using the Company’s advanced vibroseis methods executed by some of the
most experienced land seismic crews in Brazil.

Global delivers data, products and services that enable high resolution insight
into hydrocarbon potential, which includes structure, faults, fracture potential,
stratigraphy and rock properties. Our objective is to help oil and gas companies Global Geophysical’s Parnaiba InSight 2D Program offers the region’s highest
reduce exploration risk by gaining access to high quality, reliable subsurface data. quality data where it’s needed most.

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