Screenplay by D. David Morin

Based on the novel NEPHILIM by L.A. Marzulli

(Part One of a Trilogy)

Lunchbox Entertainment V (310) 200-5252

WGA: # 931080

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days --and also afterward -when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4




A full moon tries to penetrate an eerie high desert fog. Flashlights pierce the darkness. PRIVATE NATHAN (O.S.) CAPTAIN MACKENZIE, OVER HERE SIR! CAPTAIN MATT MACKENZIE, thirties, in uniform, runs through the mist to the voice up ahead. His flashlight scans the ground. Shiny metallic foil-like pieces lay everywhere. MATT Will ya look at all this debris! His flashlight shines on one. closer look. He bends a corner. He stops. Picks it up for a No crease.

It pops back.

No wrinkle.

MATT What the... PRIVATE NATHAN (O.S.) OVER HERE, SIR, HURRY! He looks up, then back at the piece. EXT. CRASH SITE - CONTINUOUS The remains of a flying saucer cradle against a berm. Winded. MATT Whaddaya got? PRIVATE NATHAN Right there, sir. Matt shines his flashlight on something. An injured SMALL GRAY ALIEN with an elongated head and slanted oval eyes. He moves his oversized head slowly from side to side. A spindly arm raises a hand with SIX FINGERS. eyes from the light. His lids weigh heavy. MATT Shine your flashlight on me. him focus on something. Let He shields his Stuffs it in a pocket.

CONTINUOUS Ugly shag rug. His eyes lock in with Matt. grabs a towel.BATHROOM . And . Major.) Doesn’t look too good. APARTMENT . Both Matt and the alien have faces lit. He picks him up and cradles him.PRESENT DAY . sir. fifty-something. MAJOR MacKenzie.) Captain. PRIVATE NATHAN (O. Steam rises over a tired shower curtain. what are you doing.S. PRIVATE NATHAN But. RING. pulls the curtain open. Matt is drawn to the alien. ART MACKENZIE. I think he’s a goner. MAC I’m coming. A telepathic connection. Messy coffee table.S. MAC’S APARTMENT . INT. PRIVATE NATHAN Nothing. sir? The alien burrows his body right through Matt’s chest.. Worn curtains.. MATT Nothing. The alien responds to Matt. A winded MAJOR arrives on the scene. INT. Tilts his head. is gone.MORNING A PHONE RINGS. Sir.2. PRIVATE NATHAN (O. The new Matt stares him down. find anything? Slightly altered voice.

EXT. He picks up some fish food. phone. Sets the watch down. Sees an old picture of his ex and three children in a crusty frame. VOICE (O. No loonies or fanatics. Email it tonight. Dripping everywhere. MAGGIE.MORNING Mac pulls up the emergency brake on his banged-up Jeep. Hello. MAC Yeah Runs to the . Mac punches off speaker mode. old school preppy newspaper guy. right? CRANSTON I’m on the Board.3. You’re up.INTERCUT JIM CRANSTON. Mac goes to his desk.THE TIMES ..) HEY! Turning around. ARTIE JR. CRANSTON’S OFFICE . yeah. Hits the speaker MAC CRANSTON You got the assignment? MAC Yeah. sixties. WESTWOOD MEDICAL CENTER . the hospital. Checks his watch. TWO GOLDFISH. JEREMY. INT. MAC Shoot. He jumps out the Jeep with his note pad in hand. SARAH. hospital. MAC You got it. That new wing cost millions. MAC Crap. Sprinkles it in a fishbowl with Lifts a watch on the desk.C.

Handing it over. The new wing. Tall windows on the left. A BLACK SECURITY GUARD. EVELYN KENNEDY. She and Mac walk down a long hall. Lots of glass. Harry reads it. Blunt cut. INT.4. huh? MAC Yeah. HARRY If it’s just a hospital.MORNING Fourth floor. MAC Thanks. A protection against SARS. Mac arrives. WESTWOOD MEDICAL CENTER . HARRY With The Times. . MAC Can we visit the sixth floor? Caught off guard. EVELYN Every floor has the latest equipment. Mac runs off. More Pepperdine than Harvard. why the military? MAC Military? HARRY Sixth floor. HARRY. Late twenties. HARRY You dropped something. By rote. Even the air conditioning has full filtration. picks up THE TIMES photo credential with Mac’s picture on it from the pavement. White floors. administrator. Calling out.

5. DIVINA I pray for them. MacKenzie. it’s a prison. name tag DIVINA. She’s gone. . FEMALE CARIBBEAN ACCENT (O. Mac looks over. Smelling a story. Her high heels echo down the corridor. Curt.) You ask me. is squeezing her mop out into a bucket. Shrugs. MAC A prison? Si. Good-day. MAC Why? She stops walking. MAC I’ll pay you.S. EVELYN It doesn’t concern you. EVELYN The sixth floor is off limits. A tiny cross on her necklace. MAC Maybe the sixth floor is a special feature. A cleaning woman. MAC Can you show me these “screamers”? DIVINA Too dangerous. Mr. Cranston said your story was on the overall construction cost and the special features of this wing. Turns the corner. MAC Pray for who? DIVINA The screamers. Muy peligrosa. EVELYN Mr.

DIVINA I am from Costa Rica. Looks down the hall again. Getting dressed. EXT. DIVINA I have two shifts. With pride. She hands Mac a maintenance uniform and hat.THAT NIGHT Mac heads through the double doors. MAC You don’t need God when you’re doing the right thing. DIVINA The Lord is telling me no. WESTWOOD MEDICAL CENTER . They are . Anxious. Meet me here before ten. Fidgets with her cross on the chain. DIVINA I could lose my job for this. Pray God is with us.MOMENTS LATER DIVINA Put this on.10PM . Scans the lobby. MAC I don’t kiss and tell. Flippant. DIVINA You must believe them.6. A skeptical sigh. not loco. ELEVATOR . INT. Where’s that accent from? Head up. MAC My story could help them. A moment. Bites her bottom lip.

He lowers his cap. DIVINA Keep your hat low. MAC What’s wrong with her? DIVINA Same as the others. Mac glances at it. She grabs her hospital smock with both hands. Mac reaches into his shirt pocket. the city. . Convulsive stammer. Elevator doors open. She glances at a camera in the corner. Opens it. Mac looks through the wire-mesh window. Disheveled hair. MAC Yeah. INT. Nervous twitch at the corner of her mouth. SIXTH FLOOR CORRIDOR . is lit with dull. Key in the door. LUCY’S ROOM . towards him. Pushes her cart to the next room. MAC One of those.CONTINUOUS LUCY turns. The entire corridor Divina points to a camera attached to the ceiling.7. Walks slowly Tape recorder on.MOMENTS LATER The sixth floor. Gazes out at LUCY stands listlessly by the barred windows. huh? Divina unlocks the door. INT. amber lighting. right. Chewed fingernails. Looks at Mac. DIVINA You have when the bathroom is clean. Dark rings around her eyes. She was abducted by the aliens.

8. They come to my room and take me. Words come faster. LUCY Ou-outer space. Reaches into his pocket. Sobbing. withdrawing within. something sesexual. LUCY I struggle but I can’t m-move. MAC Who took you? LUCY They’re not from here. . MAC Who’s horrible? A tear. and I cry out to him but he doesn’t hear. Recorder off. Voice trails off. My husband’s asleep. Takes a step closer. LUCY Then I’m on a table and they do something to me. She starts to tremble. Mac rolls his eyes. LUCY They took my baby. Her voice dwindles. and I can’t stop them. They’re horrible. MAC Where are they from? Whispers. and they carry me out of the h-house. MAC Tell me what happened. LUCY Can you h-help me? I’ll try. LUCY They come at night.

. Two MP’s head down the hall. DIVINA I pray your story will save her. INT. LUCY The Pl-pleiades. She’s another whacko. DIVINA Ahora! Lucy grabs his hand.CONTINUOUS Walking down the hallway. . A hand in Mac’s chest. MAC You got all the help you need right here. Whispering. LUCY Then I’m on the bathroom floor and it’s night and I’m bleeding and my baby. Then they trick your memory so you think everything is normal. Just a little freakier than most. He flinches..and it’s not baby’s g-gone! She stares through Mac.. Haunted. there is no story. LUCY Help me! Her bloodshot eyes look insane. A hand grabs Mac’s arm. Eyes unblinking. LUCY Then they have my baby and show it to me.9. CORRIDOR . Eyes wide. MP #1 You got ID? Sidearms on their hip.. look. We go. MAC Divina.

Opens the door. No one.O. Looks. And a plane Grabs an old cordless. MAC What? CALLER (V. Mac heads for it. Latin charm. He plops two Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water on the coffee table. DIVINA He is with me. The third photo: Divina lies on the floor of a janitor closet in a pool of blood. Her throat slit open. ticket. He is training. Mac recoils. Mac and Divina in the elevator. Bed head.O. A manila envelope slides under it. He drinks down the bubbles. Mac looks at them blindly. Into the phone.O. The second photo: Mac talking to Lucy. MAC Who is this? .LATE MORNING Mac’s on his couch in a pair of boxers. RING. Jumping in.) There’s a packet under your door.) You visited the sixth floor.10. MAC’S APARTMENT . Mac looks at the front door. Fizzzzzzzzzzz. MAC Who is this? CALLER (V. He opens the envelope.) They found you. MAC Yeah. He reads an open newspaper on the table. INT. The first photo: Pulls out some photos. CALLER (V.

) You’re phone could be tapped.DUSK.11. Opens the plane ticket: TEL AVIV. . washes pots at the kitchen sink.) You have something they want but you’re not to give it to them. He lifts a square of the hardwood floor and exposes a little chamber.INTERCUT International terminal. The concourse buzzes with foreign travellers. Mac’s ex. He pulls something out. plays with a GameBoy. On his cell. He puts it INT. Jeremy.O. Dial tone. 6. Don’t miss that flight. back in the sack. MAC WHO IS THIS? CALLER (V.CROWDED AIRPORT BAR . The UFO debris piece his father found. MAC’S BEDROOM .FARMHOUSE KICTHEN . Wrinkles it. MAC I don’t know what you’re talking about. clears dirty dishes off a counter. back in the floor. LAX . Finishing up.) The plane ticket is for tonight. It pops back.O. Holds a drink.CONTINUOUS Mac enters the bedroom. CALLER (V. a natural beauty. 8. Their son. Tosses it.O. He stares at it. INT. DORIS. Maggie’s mom. He reaches in and takes out an old potato sack. INT. Looks at Divina dead in her own blood. talks on an old-school phone hanging on the wall. CREEK WALK VINEYARD .SUNSET MAGGIE. Mac looks at the phone. Mac sits at a barstool. SARAH And that’s how David killed the giant Goliath. CALLER (V. Daughter Sarah. sharply pulls the bed away and peels back the old shag. You’re not safe here.

Pumpkin. Kitchen adjacent. What’s come up? MAC I have to go to Israel. MAC I can’t make it this weekend. Something’s come up. MAGGIE I care that you’re lying to them. SARAH But Gramma says its true. MAGGIE’S FARMHOUSE . Tan legs. MAC It’s just a story. MAC I love you. MAGGIE Well.12. MAC Can’t we ever get past that? INT.DEN . MAC Like you honestly care. Yelling out. It’s make believe. there’s no such things as giants. the phone.CONTINUOUS . maybe you’ll meet another flight attendant. Comes to . Maggie wipes her hands on her cutoffs.INTERCUT Cranston looks at a computer. SARAH MOM! As she drops the phone. MAGGIE You haven’t seen the kids for six weeks. MAC The Bible is a storybook. sweetheart. it isn’t true. Lemme talk to your mother.

Slicked-over hair covers a bald spot. To Mac. M. MAC For eighteen holes? MAGGIE Very funny. MAGGIE Then make your alimony and child support. Mac. cell into his coat. Mac squeezes the mobile off. He checks in on me. WE GOT OUR TEE TIME. when Artie died I lost it. Don’t act jealous. I want to make it right. It was wrong. Mac. Goodbye. MAC Are you dating him? MAGGIE He’s sweet. MAC Look. Gulps his drink. THE BARTENDER throws down a coaster. Dial tone. . Beads of sweat. Slips the SIX A- AN IMPECCABLY DRESSED FAT MAN takes the stool next to Mac. Don’t get killed. A PINKIE RING fits snugly on the fat little finger of each hand. I cheated on you. PINKIE RINGS Gimme a Heineken. CRANSTON MAGGIE. MAC Is that Cranston? MAGGIE What if it was? MAC My boss is cutting my own grass? MAGGIE You didn’t want your own grass. you’re were never good at it.13.

Either way’s all right with me. please. Just hovering. Turning to Mac. At a Boy Scout camp. Mac pulls out his wallet. MAC Israel. Not a cloud in the sky then off to my right is this silver disk. Points at Mac’s glass. Kills his drink. Pointing toward the television tucked up near the ceiling. just great. PINKIE RINGS All of a sudden this thing takes off.14. PINKIE RINGS Hey. PINKIE RINGS We ran back to camp and told everyone what we’d seen. MAC Check. BARTENDER You good? MAC Yeah. PINKIE RINGS Blow ‘em all to kingdom come. PINKIE RINGS I saw one once. MAC One what? PINKIE RINGS A UFO. Without a sound. PINKIE RINGS Where you headed? Stewing over the phone call. The bartender plops down his beer. . straight up into the air. it’s War of the Worlds! TV: AN ALIEN SHIP FIRES A DEATH RAY AT FLEEING CIVILIANS. Home of the suicide bombers.

MacKenzie. Thirties. MEN’S ROOM . Choking. Mac grabs his briefcase. He slams Mac against himself. EXT. Could be a wig.CONTINUOUS Mac stands at an empty row of urinals relieving himself. He sees Mac approaching.15. Mac enters.CONTINUOUS An orange safety cone blocks the entrance. James Bond sexy. High cheekbones. and we’re going to get it whether you’re here or not. PINKIE RINGS WHERE IS IT? THWAP! The toe of a shoe kicks Pinkie Rings in the head. Intense GREEN EYES. throws down a twenty. green. MEN’S ROOM . backhand judo chop sends him to the ground out cold. Turns around. She removes her dark sunglasses. Too . and leaves. INT. Could be contacts. PINKIE RINGS You’ve got we want. Carefully painted red lips. Six hours later everybody but me denied we’d seen anything. A chubby hand with a pinkie ring covers his eyes and presses a box-cutter razor against his throat. An ASIAN MAINTENANCE MAN mops behind it. Mac zips up his fly. She takes Mac by the arm and hurries him out of the men’s room. MAC There’s chat rooms for guys like you. Mac gets up. Bows and moves the cone. Platinum bobbed hair. A A TALL FEMALE. MAC I don’t know what you’re talking about. GREEN EYES We haven’t much time.

Overhead. Keep to yourself on the flight. EXT. his wind knocked out. They want it back. Piped in over the airport commotion.CONTINUOUS She takes him to the boarding agent. FOREIGN FEMALE VOICE Final call for El Al Flight Number 783 for Tel Aviv now boarding at Gate 68. INT.CONTINUOUS They rush out of the bathroom. MAC Who was that guy? GREEN EYES Your father left you something when he died.16. She turns and goes. MAC Who are you? GREEN EYES I’m here to make sure you make your flight. CONCOURSE . Sees the maintenance man crouched against the wall. . INT. Mac looks back. GATE 68 . GREEN EYES Someone will meet you in Tel Aviv. MAC Who called me? GREEN EYES His alias is Roswell. MAC As in New Mexico? Who is he? GREEN EYES He’s on the inside. Mac watches her vanish in the mob. It’s not safe for you to be here. MEN’S ROOM .CONTINUOUS She races Mac through the crowd to his gate.

) Your ticket and passport. please. BENHASSEN. running for cover.S. SMOKE. INT. EXT. Uri takes I am BenHassen. A crude cardboard sign held above the masses. He extends a thick calloused hand. EXT. MAC Who? URI Call me Uri. Slight accent.17. Armed soldiers everywhere. TEL AVIV AIRPORT . artifacts .ISRAEL COUNTRYSIDE . SCREAMS. URI Welcome to Israel. “MAKKENZIE”. FEMALE FLIGHT AGENT (O. KABOOM! A suicide bomber. He rolls his eyes. Hands it to her. Mac shakes it. The crowd scatters.MIDDAY A haggard Mac pulls his suitcase into the bright sunshine. MAC Where are we going? URI The Valley of Raphaim. Tools. his bag. Massive crowd. URI She A rugged-looking Israeli man holds it.AFTERNOON A dusty Hummer H2 speeds along a remote two-lane highway. She’s gorgeous. Uzi’s run in all directions. Uri takes evasive action.CONTINUOUS The back is crammed with food and supplies. MAC I’m MacKenzie. HIGHWAY . Uzi’s. DUSTY HUMMER H2 . Grabbing Mac’s arm. Mac pulls out his passport and ticket. smiles. bounce in the back.INT’L TERMINAL . Mac spies it. Identifying himself.

Uri’s grandfather. ELISHA Shalom. gentlemen. Same accent as Uri. Finds ELISHA Good. making sure you are safe. See you on arrival. Mac looks around to see where his feed is coming from. get there? We have Believing is How long to URI Everything here is three hours. Shalom. Everything flies. I’m quite good. Time for my nap. ELISHA BENHASSEN. MAC I assume you’re on the good side? ELISHA Yes. MacKenzie. Welcome to Israel. Just checking in. and Mac is screen right. The screen divides into three vertical panels. seeing? MAC Seeing is believing. Uri screen left. center panel. The H2 hits a large bump in the road. GPS screen. MAC Raphaim? URI The Valley of Death. thank you. yes. On screen. MAC I guess we’re safe. . Bouncing around violently. late seventies. I am Doctor Elisha BenHassen. a small webcam reset above the screen. URI Shalom. We are clear.18. Elisha. Center dashboard. uncovered something.

INT.CONTINUOUS Pointing. EXT. Workers with shoulder-sling canteens and hand shovels wave at Uri as they drive by. generators.MOMENTS LATER Uri stops at the top of the large open pit. Beneath them lies the ancient temple ruins of a pagan fertility god. . The H2 weaves its way through the camp. Tents. URI The excavation is over there. DIRTY H2 . Yellow caution tape outlines a large twenty-foot circle off to the right. A semi-circle of phallic monoliths surround an altar. Taking it all in. Chickens and a few goats scurry out of the way.AFTERNOON Dirt and dust.A DIG SITE . At the heart of the pit is a small room with workers surrounding a large sarcophagus. The ground starting collapsing the day we found the tomb. MAC What’s that? URI A sinkhole. EXCAVATION PIT . EXT. and port-o-potties litter the area. MAC Did the excavation cause it? No. Exposed catacombs stretch out below them. Mac stops alongside. Like quicksand. Worklights stand strategically. VALLEY OF RAPHAIM . DIG SITE . EXT.19. Mac gets a visual. An ATV with two people on it drive past them.MOMENTS LATER Uri walks Mac to the massive open pit. More dust. URI It’s bizarre.

There’s an ANCIENT URI This is Art MacKenzie. Mac steps forward. They turn. MAC My God. White hair creeps over and out of his ears. The heavy lid lays next to it on a thick block of rocks. . Mac migrates over. EXPOSED SMALL ROOM . heavy. MacKenzie. Elisha BenHassen. URI Here. Grasps his hand. A GIANT SKELETON. URI This is my grandfather. six toes on each hand and foot. DR. Wire-rim trifocals. STONE SARCOPHAGUS.) Anakim. A wizened elderly man. MAC Holy cow. The workers step back as Uri enters with Mac. Tall walls. White beard. URI Go look. MAC What is it? Nephilim. Rephaim. OLD VOICE (O.MOMENTS LATER A small inner room. A faded cotton shirt hangs loosely around his thin body. Enormous size. Stoop shoulders. In the center. Welcome. Completely intact. Peers into it. He extends a twisted arthritic hand. CROSS tied loosely around his neck. INT. Six fingers. Stained khaki pants. a large. it’s a giant.S. Over twelve feet in length. Dr.20. the American. ELISHA Shalom. Stupefied. ELISHA BENHASSEN. Stepping next to Mac.

and we looked the same to them.” A FEMALE WORKER blasts an air-horn from the top of the pit. All different words uttered by my ancestors thousands of years ago to describe the same creature. ELISHA Nephilim. An OLD BIBLE on the heavy lid. The old man gingerly sits down. Uri pulls up a wooden crate.and also afterwardwhen the sons of God went into the daughters of men and had children by them. ELISHA Meet Goliath’s bloodline. MAC What is it? ELISHA Have you ever heard of David and Goliath? MAC Of course. He motions for it. Crooked fingers trace the letters etched in the stone lid. Rephaim. Anakim. Tender accent. . right? ELISHA When my people first entered the Promised Land they reported giants living there.’ MAC “Nephilim”? Elisha turns to Genesis. Mac jumps. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes.21. ELISHA ‘We saw Nephilim there. ELISHA “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days . MAC You’re kidding.

MAC Fallen angels? ELISHA They came to earth and resided here. ELISHA Let us eat. Stops MAC Lucifer and his disgruntled lot? ELISHA Semjaza. The human race became essentially non-human. Elisha offers Mac a sandwich.22. ELISHA The fallen angels. Not tracking. FEMALE WORKER FOOD IS READY! Come. the fallen angels had altered human DNA. cheeses. They all head out. Mac notices a toe missing on the skeleton’s left foot. Mac can’t resist touching the giant bony foot. MAC Who were the “sons of God”? Leaning back. Points. EXT. The result. By corrupting the human offspring.MOMENTS LATER Elisha. Nephilim. Mac and Uri sit around a folding table with grapes. CAMPSITE . MAC The toe? URI DNA testing. Uri. . and sandwiches. A lab in Jerusalem. one of his leaders.DUSK . He takes it. resulting in unholy union between themselves and earthly women.

ELISHA Now present day. Perplexed. and have come only to renew themselves with fresh genetic material? ELISHA Certainly plausible. It says Noah was perfect in all his generations. URI That is your theory.23. What if they are from a dying race. Uri reaches for more grapes. These aliens are again offering technology and are abducting women for intercourse. a distant planet. Cleans his glasses on his gauzy-soft shirt. The rest of the imperfect inhabitants he destroyed with The Great Flood. Not convinced. MAC A bit harsh. ELISHA But God saved those who had not been corrupted. the original gene pool of mankind was polluted beyond recognition. Noah? MAC As in Noah’s Ark? ELISHA Precisely. Lucy? . MAC What does that have to with me? ELISHA That woman you talked to at the hospital. MAC How so? ELISHA He had little choice! With Semjaza’s demonic fornicators. if it’s true. ELISHA It is harsh! And definitely true.

DR.. A WORKER runs up to the table.MOMENTS LATER JARED. WORKER Jared has Dr. stands nearby next to a lightbox. stands up and offers his chair to Elisha. part of an elaborate deception. COMPUTER SCREEN . a young techie. ELISHA Ahhhh. Jared stands Let . His senior assistant. by. COMMUNICATIONS TENT . URI The DNA results from the giant. MAC What about her? ELISHA She’s telling the truth. God’s spiraling signature of human creation. Once again they are impregnating our women and creating a superrace of hybrids.WEBFEED Computers line the walls atop benches and tables.24. MAC How do you know? ELISHA These aliens are the fallen angels. DNA. FINEBERG’S LAB . MAC You’re saying that these supposed aliens are actually demons? ELISHA Yes.. MOISHE. Technicians task away. INT. Sophisticated equipment everywhere. FINEBERG stands by a bench.Nephilim. Elisha sits as Mac and Uri stand close behind. On a work table a 17” Powerbook with a webcam attached. us go. Trying to connect some far-fetched dots. Fineberg online.DR.

DR. It is something we have never seen before. There is a foreign nucleotide which creates an exotic pair. FINEBERG It is fragmented. We’ve never seen anything like it. MOISHE The tests show that it is not entirely human. Moishe slips a large piece of film over the lightbox. ELISHA Shalom. but I am afraid Moishe’s English is better. FOUR MASKED GUNMEN dressed in black rush the lab. BenHassen. We have the DNA results. FINEBERG Shalom. my DNA. FINEBERG Simply put. Intrigued. FINEBERG The control sample. MOISHE We ran it three times with a sequencing gel. sequenced. Fineberg. .25. Jumping back in. Rapid gunfire strafes the place. MOISHE The skeleton DNA is not complete. In the background. this is a different life-form. FINEBERG It doesn’t match up with any of the four known nucleotides. MOISHE Nothing on this planet has a fifth nucleotide. MAC What’s so different? DR. Difficult accent. But the sarcophagus sample did not. Dr. DR. DR. DR.

A fifth nucleotide. Fineberg and Moishe killed. General Roswell is on the webcam. CAMPSITE .NIGHT . MAC What do you mean? Our ELISHA Roswell did secret DNA testing on amniotic fluid from Lucy. TELL HIM WHAT YOU SAW. URI MACKENZIE. EXT. enemy is not happy. .26. KA-BOOM! Elisha’s laptop screen goes blank. station. MAC And? ELISHA The results were the same as Fineberg’s. JARED Doctor.LATER Elisha sleeps in an armchair in a corner of the large tent. ELISHA We go. Very good. ELISHA Jahweh be with us. JARED. Jared nudges him. gunmen place charges. WITH ME. Evacuate.ELISHA’S TENT . Elisha shakes off his nap. Jared jumps to another work The ELISHA We are uncovering the truth. GET ROSWELL. Uri races out of the tent. URI I’M GOING TO THE LAB. Uri pulls up the H2 a short distance away. Waving. Technicians mowed down.

RIPPED. POINTY EYETEETH. Then video is gone. The twenty-foot sinkhole is now a twenty-foot bottomless pit. CAMPSITE . God is sovereign even over the internet.CONTINUOUS He sees a TWELVE-FOOT GIANT. Something He reaches into the sarcophagus and picks up the skeleton. Heads towards the port-o-pottie for a middle of the night pee. Things are heating up. EXT. Elisha leaves his tent with his lantern. EXCAVATION SITE .LATER The camp is asleep. Sorry about Fineberg. Holds his lantern out for a better look. EXT. We are Interference overtakes the image. INT. Does MacKenzie have the piece? ELISHA We haven’t gotten that far. ROSWELL Shalom. Looks down at the inner room.CONTINUOUS Elisha arrives at the rim. At the outhouse door he notices the sinkhole.MOMENTS LATER Computer screen.CONTINUOUS Elisha stops at the yellow tape. Webcam feed. Elisha. SINKHOLE . Roswell. INT. . LARGE ALMOND EYES. different.NIGHT . ELISHA Shalom. still earning his trust. WORK STATION TENT . EXT. JARED Should I try him again. sir? ELISHA No. Roswell is speaking but there is no audio. He hears something. Heads for the site.27. Digital delay. INNER ROOM .

ELISHA Holy God. our DNA is annihilated. the Nephilim are back. EXT. Elisha.NIGHT . They stare at their tea. MAC That’s just too fantastic. MAC You really saw a giant? ELISHA As real as you. All our proof has disappeared. BRIGHT AURORA LIGHT PARTICLES flash around him.MUCH LATER A lantern sits on a folding picnic table. I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE. Sees Elisha at the rim. An old pot of tea sits center. Lifts the skeleton over high over his head. Slamming the table. Elisha holds up the ancient Jerusalem cross from around his neck.CONTINUOUS The giant faces off with Elisha. Mac and Uri face . Leaps twenty feet over Elisha and into the sinkhole. ELISHA IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH EMMANUEL. URI And our skeleton is gone. URI The skeleton is gone. ELISHA STOP IN THE NAME OF YESHUA! The giant freezes. EXCAVATION SITE RIM .28. Is about to throw it at him. Superhuman speed. ELISHA’S TENT . The giant bounds up the ramp. The sinkhole closes back into quicksand. INT. He turns. He’s gone. The giant squats.

29. too. MAC Probably got him murdered. ELISHA Did he talk about an alien? Mac looks at Uri. or whatever it was. He MAC Is that what this is all about? ELISHA Do you still have it? MAC What does it matter? ELISHA Roswell believes that piece has information encoded in it that’s linked to the alien base. MAC How so? ELISHA Your father saw the UFO in New Mexico. God has brought MacKenzie here for a reason. ELISHA Yes. wrote a letter saying as much. ELISHA Not all our proof. yes? Unsure what’s next. ELISHA What did he write you? MAC About handling sections of the saucer. Mac looks up. Looks back. Did he leave a piece of the debris with you? Mac looks at Uri. MAC No. MAC What alien base? .

lantern. ELISHA Do you have the piece? Mac notices a faded number tattooed on Elisha’s wrist. We believe there is a harvest colony there of cross-breeds. 5-6-0Closer to the .30. As a boy I was interned at Bergen Belsen. ELISHA A Jew that receives Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. ELISHA Your military has a base in Nevada. Mac looks at Uri for verification. We need to get that piece before they do. MAC The U. The aging Elisha leans onto the table. MAC I thought you were a Jew. Military is working with aliens? ELISHA They have been since 1947. A Messianic Jew. MAC Yeshua A Meshiac? ELISHA Yeshua the Messiah. 2-4-2 MAC What’s that? ELISHA The Holocaust. MAC You survived? ELISHA Yeshua A Meshiac was with me.S. It’s our only chance of destroying the base. MAC I see.

MAC When? URI Daybreak. ELISHA Where is it now? Some hesitation. and Yeshua is his son whether you believe it or not. Yes. Uri and Mac head out of the tent. MAC Hidden under a floor board in my apartment. Drawing in. Uri will diagnose it. ELISHA There is important data stored on the piece. ELISHA I am strong in the Lord. . You cannot serve two masters. There are spiritual principalities. Now you must choose. MAC Yes. Goodnight. Do you still have the piece? A breath.31. Mac shifts uncomfortably. Looks back at Elisha. Standing feebly. MacKenzie. ELISHA There is a God. Mac stops. MacKenzie. Confiding for the first time with anyone. URI I’m going back with you. MAC Who exactly are you? ELISHA I have chosen God’s side. But now I am tired. I do.

Shaking his head. ELISHA He delights in using the weakest of us to carry out his will. MAC I’m no saint. He embraces Mac. must pray as well. MAC Why? ELISHA To accomplish His purpose. I saw you were coming here. MAC Dr. BenHassen. MAC I’ll try. He sings a prayer in Hebrew over Mac. Tears well up in the corners of his eyes. CAMPSITE . He finishes and slowly takes his arthritic hands off his head. Wistful smile. be with you. Uri honks the horn of the H2.32. You ELISHA I will pray for your safety. EXT. God will Points at his watch. that He was sending you. . MAC For what purpose? ELISHA He will show you in time.DAWN Elisha wears a worn prayer shawl and a faded yarmulke. ELISHA A month ago I had a dream. For the first time I am sorry God promised to never send another flood. you really saw a modern day Nephilim? ELISHA Yes. MacKenzie.

ELISHA You will need this. Heads to the bedroom. INT. INT. stuffing everywhere.33. believe. Tampered door knob. MAC It’s in here. Elisha takes the ancient Jerusalem cross from around his neck. MAC It’s gone.DUSK Signs of trouble. Uri motions to answer it. The old hardwood floor pulled up. The goldfish bowl lies shattered on the desk. Shalom. MAC’S APARTMENT . smoke. The bed frame is mangled.FRONT DOOR . ELISHA God has the final word. . Torn upside down. EXT. Puts it over Mac’s head. MacKenzie. Mac jumps through the mess. BEDROOM . The crusty picture frame is missing. You must Nods slowly. His TWO FISH bloat from death. RING. The phone. revealing an empty secret space. His sofa has been slit end to end. LAX RUNWAY .CONTINUOUS It’s ravaged. The ugly shag rug under the bed has been pulled up. EXT.LATE AFTERNOON An El Al 747 touches down on the runway. Mac’s queen-sized bed stands on end.CONTINUOUS Clothes strewn everywhere. Mac holds his gaze. Wheels puffing out Sawed out dead bolt. MAC’S APARTMENT . Uri follows. Both men freeze. Stealth-like. Mayhem.

INTERCUT Dial tone. MAC They got the piece.34. ten.) It’s Roswell. MAC Hello? CALLER (V. EXT. Dark tinted glass. ABANDONED FACTORY .) Get a hotel. Uri nods to leave. STREET . Someone’s . He opens the rear door. Meet me there tomorrow at ten a-m. Large. Another right. A quick left into an alley. hops out. Muscular. late seventies. Mac downshifts and punches it. tailing them. There’s an old warehouse across from the train station. Whoever is gone.LATER Mac and Uri sit in the dark shade of a loading dock.O. See you at INT. EXT. MAC’S APARTMENT . Mac and Uri get in. A hard right onto a side street.MORNING Mac and Uri cruise in the Jeep. STREET . the driver. He motions them over. A BLACK LIMOUSINE pulls up.O. I know. More bodyguard than chauffeur.BLACK LIMOUSINE . MAC HOLD ON. More speed. ROSWELL (V. EXT. Mac looks at Uri. Rearview mirror. The rear window rolls down silently.CONTINUOUS They’re rolling. DIEBOL. ROSWELL. wears a military uniform.

You have quite a decorated past in the Israeli Special Forces. MAC You knew my father? ROSWELL I was with him in New Mexico. URI The alien base. INT. Uri instinctively salutes. MAC General. Extends his hand. ROSWELL I’ve been involved with the alien presence since ’47.CONTINUOUS ROSWELL Uri BenHassen. MAC What happened? Looks out the tinted glass. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . ROSWELL And you’re Art MacKenzie. They became a rogue element accountable to no one. ROSWELL Your father was a good man.35. Shocked. Back at Mac and Uri.DRIVING . He waves him off. . You’re bigger than I pictured. Roswell takes a long look. Mac shoots him a look. His eyes gaze impassively. One shake. ROSWELL President Truman formed a group of men to study the alien problem. He never knew.

36. ROSWELL The piece your father left you was from the mothership. It’s alien technology. But I believe they are cultivating embryos from alien abductions. MAC Who’s in charge? ROSWELL A man called Abaris. ROSWELL The outer coating of the saucer is a carbon fiber alloy with elastic memory. It turns sunshine into plutonium. ROSWELL The White House knows it only as an extraterrestrial research center. ROSWELL More than that. . Pulling out aerial photos of the base. URI Nuclear power. I believe the blueprints for the base are encoded in its memory. MAC That’s why it won’t wrinkle. Puts it together. MAC Why is the debris piece such a threat? He opens his briefcase. He now interprets his supernatural powers. A dying alien convinced him to host his spirit. URI Security threat. URI A harvest colony. The base is solar powered by inorganic plasma.

MAC Can’t we just let them keep it? ROSWELL The aliens’ agenda is evil. . If the core is contaminated the reaction would obliterate the base. MAC But they know who I am. URI And destroy the harvest colony. ROSWELL Tomorrow morning at zero-fourhundred you’ll meet me here. Points on the map.37. You’ll pose as new technicians. URI So we blow up the base. ROSWELL The power core is highly secured. MAC Where do we come in? A pregnant pause. but I need you to identify it. They offer technology but they are out to destroy us. He opens a map. ROSWELL Only you can identify the piece. You’ll travel incognito. ROSWELL But we need the piece to get the blueprints. ROSWELL From here we’ll fly to the base. We’re going in tomorrow. Uri’s military mind. At the risk of sounding stupid. Outside Palmdale. ROSWELL I know where the piece is.

They change into their silver jumpsuits without a word. Flashes its high Climb in. SERVICE ROAD . check their car. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE .LATER The Jeep pulls off the highway onto a dirt service road. pulls out a telescopic pole with a mirror attached at the end.3 AM Mac and Uri walk out of the hotel. ROSWELL Tracking device. Change rooms. Sharp. 4 AM. Be on time. HOTEL . Run to the limo. INT. sporty and sexy. MAC’S JEEP . beams. EXT.CONTINUOUS A VERY ATTRACTIVE WOMAN. ROSWELL Zero four-hundred. Reaches in. No phone calls. Uri looks around. He looks under Mac’s Jeep.LATER Uri holds a mini-flashlight in his mouth. The back tires spin. PALMDALE 20 MILES. Go back to the hotel. Tumbleweeds. Through the window they see a sign: EXT. They’re gone.MOMENTS LATER Back at Mac’s Jeep. Roswell pulls two shiny silver tote bags from the trunk. sits next to Roswell. Stops. INT. Diebol goes to the trunk. Diebol sticks it under an abandoned car in the parking lot.WESTWOOD . EXT. Reads a map. . Another car pulls onto the road. thirties. ROSWELL Diebol. ABANDONED FACTORY . Gives one to each.38. Stands up with a quarter-sized object.HIGHWAY . They finish dressing quickly.

She opens a tackle box. She massages Mac’s entire face with the liquid. Then his Faces Mac. She extends her hand. It’s a make-up kit. hands. Blond wig? Smiles. She pats the seat next to her for Mac to come. her beauty. LAURA LAURA It’s time for your makeover. ROSWELL MacKenzie. LAURA At the airport. I made sure you got to the plane. LAURA Let it dry. She squirts some liquid in her hands. She looks back at Mac. this is my daughter. URI Same for me. ROSWELL And this is Uri BenHassen. Mac sits there. He studies . To Mac. WOMAN I see you made your flight.39. Pleasure. Smiles. LAURA Close your eyes. Shakes Uri’s. MAC I don’t follow. MAC I could get used to this. MAC “Green eyes”. Laura.

Sees an old man. It prints out TWO LAMINATED PHOTO ID’S complete with names. LAURA Put this on. Mac lowers it. and thumbprints. She Laura faces him with a special digital She connects the camera to an external palm device. It quickly turns to an oily grayish white. Uri looks over. Another bottle. FLASH. She presses another button. camera. FLASH. She pulls a tube out. Uri leans across and presses his thumb on it. Clear adhesive. LAURA Lower it. LAURA Uri. Puts them on him. The lotion on his face dries into wrinkled skin. Then takes his thumb. . He holds it up. opens the lid revealing a scanner surface. She slips it snugly onto his thumb. She hands him a small mirror. Squeezes it in her hands. Massages his hair thoroughly. LAURA Take a look. She grabs a comb.40. Affixes the goatee. Then offers it to Uri. MAC Unbelievable. parts his hair on the other side. Uri watches her work quickly. Hits a button on the side. LAURA Thumbprints. She hands Mac a synthetic thimble. She pulls out a ziplock baggie containing a matching color goatee. presses it on the glass. She applies it around his lips and chin. photos. She centers him. She pulls out some wire-rim spectacles.

anyone. Don’t look for me. Handing them over. Reads it upside down.41. do not least bit surprised. Irving Liebowitz? She smiles at him. You will see aliens. Is that clear? Mac makes eye contact with Laura. Mac clips it on. She smiles back. You are NOT to make eye contact. circumstances. MAC Who’s Dr. Roswell shifts in his seat. LAURA You’re from New Jersey. ROSWELL The piece is in a special area. Mac shoots her another look. under any look the Laura hands them each a small flip phone. If defer to me. ROSWELL You are going to want to ask a lot of questions. Back to Roswell. She attaches a clip. And don’t talk to anyone. . LAURA It goes on your left pocket. You are not to do so. ROSWELL You’re not to address you are spoken to you And whatever you see. Is that clear? MAC Is Laura coming with us? ROSWELL No. Mac notices him wince. you can text message. Back to business. ROSWELL If we are separated. I’ll find you.

TWO MP’S. ROSWELL (O.CONTINUOUS MP’S everywhere. EXT. GIANT HANGAR . Uri looks back up the stairs. WalkieThe They get out. Automatic . Mac watches them go by. talkies.C. A LARGE MP stops Mac. Roswell passes the guards. Mac stares ahead. EXT. Sidearms.CONTINUOUS Mac hurries up to Roswell and Uri as they enter the huge. METAL STAIRCASE AGAINST THE PLANE . Adjusts his glasses. ROSWELL Stay close. Uri close behind. high hangar doors. at Mac.) We’re here. Then Looks closely at the credential. TARMAC .GIANT HANGAR . People load by a Then Mac.CONTINUOUS Top of the staircase.DAWN The limo pulls up outside a fenced area. Checking ID'S. Catches himself. Deployed in twos. ALIEN BASE . Walkies. EXT. staircase. Time to focus. weapons. Yellow helmets.EARLY MORNING The jet pulls up to a ten acre. four-story hangar. GIANT HANGAR . EXT. INT. towering doors are slightly open. Dobermans on harnesses. LARGE MP NEXT. MAC A FedEx jet? ROSWELL Part of the deception.42. A FedEx Cargo jet is parked on the tarmac.

shoots Mac a look. Eleventh floor. They face the crowd. wide doors whoosh shut. Certain areas of the hangar are sectioned off with tall black partitions. everyone closely. Scientists and other plane passengers avoid the MP’s looks. Inspects He inserts a KEY attached to his belt.CONTINUOUS The floor numbers descend 1 to 12. A TALL BLACK MP. The Elevator doors whoosh open. Uri and Mac get off. THE OPERATOR. The large. the letters MAJ. ROSWELL This is us. In place of floor 12 are Next to the letters MAJ is a horizontal slot in the panel for a specially constructed key card. Rifles up and ready. INT.43. CLOSE-UP CONTROL PANEL . MPs salute and get back in. All head toward a large elevator. Four more MP’s rush into the huge lift as the AIRLOCK DOORS hiss shut. Roswell catches Mac’s eye. Nods toward the control panel. Uri and Mac rub shoulders with the rest. Stand guard. MPs exit. Under his breath. Roswell. INT. into the control panel. next to a sidearm. LARGE ELEVATOR CHAMBER . Roswell. . MAC Excuse me. Mac studies the panel.CONTINUOUS A hundred scientists and technicians load in.

BEEEEEEP! SCREEEEECH! A fast moving electric cart carrying more MP’s swerves to avoid Mac. INT. Two tall MP’s frame the door. Slows down. Roswell’s hand behind his back. ELEVENTH FLOOR CORRIDOR . He passes. Motions to look inside. Light emanates from above. It closes. Mac and Uri behind. Mac whips around. He passes through.CONTINUOUS Walls. Mac looks ahead. Roswell looks away. A GIANT. Mac falls behind Uri.CONTINUOUS A SCIENTIST stands next to A SMALL GRAY BEING. ADJACENT LAB . MAC You go. Panic. Mac looks up. Blank faces swoosh by. They’re examining someone. Eerie looking. Mac smiles at an academic blonde.44. It opens. Mac quickly backs away. A HUGE FOOT. . The MP stares down. He walks through. Credentials. Zombies. ELEVENTH FLOOR LOBBY . Bony arms.CONTINUOUS A small group of men and women with ID credentials pass the other direction. It’s rampant. INT. HALLWAY . ceiling and floor are monochromatic. No acknowledgement. It slides open quietly to the left. Another lab up ahead. Mac approaches. Roswell stops in front of a panel. A somber military gray. She looks down and away. Hate. Gone. Clipboards.CONTINUOUS Mac plows into the far MP standing guard at the door. Roswell approaches a blank wall. Uri steps up to the panel. INT. It opens. SIX TOES. A deadness. Whoosh. Looks inside. A very low frequency oscillates from below. Faint outlines of panels appear every four feet. Elongated head. ANOTHER POD OF SCIENTISTS march quickly in his direction. Mac looks to Roswell. WHAM! INT. Roswell ahead.

TWO MORE MP’S talk to those at the door. ROSWELL There have an entire network of tunnels that crisscross under the planet. Mac does the same. Peers down the Their tags Inside the tunnel other tunnels bore through the concrete overhead and to the side. An empty train glides out of the dark tunnel from the left. URI The sinkholes. . They go everywhere.45. did you see it? URI Yes. The door slides open. Nauseous. Six seats each. A conductor sits in a glass-domed car at the front.CONTINUOUS They enter the platform of a small station. Uri approaches. Roswell returns the gesture. Mac looks around. They get waved through. Disoriented. Four others cars behind. Whispering. They go through. Mac shoots him a look. Sets the palm of his hand on a scanning device near the door. SMALL DETAINING ROOM . Mac approaches. Roswell reaches out. Mac turns back to the lab where the alien was examining the giant. ROSWELL Later. two abreast. Uri. SMALL SUBWAY STATION . Quiet. ROSWELL Not good. are checked. but did not believe it. Benches constructed of a seamless material never seen before. Roswell and Uri MAC My God.CONTINUOUS TWO MP’S salute. Overwhelmed. A large cylindrical ceiling reaches twenty feet high. A moment. INT. Roswell walks to the edge by the tracks. are up ahead. They walk slowly towards another set of doors. Ice. INT. tunnel.

Then follows his gaze. BUILT-OUT CAVERN . Mac sees he has fallen a dozen paces behind.46. A portal is open. He holds a small palm device. . Used to be an underground reservoir. MAC Yessir. Mac freezes in awe. They’re gone.CONTINUOUS They enter an enormous space. Mac glances at Uri. covered with steel-girded catwalks supporting a maze of powerful lights. Quietly. Roswell continues the same pace. He quickly rejoins them. Mac and Uri finally catch up. UNIFORMED TECHNICIANS are stationed everywhere. INT. Twenty feet off the ground. Roswell clears his throat. A glass command post nestles in the center of the catwalks like the body on a daddy-longlegs. They diverted the water. Walking forward. closing the distance to the saucer. Pay attention. thick cables. Two men stand inside. Roswell. A short distance away A DISK-SHAPED FLYING SAUCER HOVERS silently above the floor of the cavern. ROSWELL It’s a natural cavern. and overhead cranes. Some MP’s load in the car behind. Large luminous orbs imbedded in the ceiling cast a peculiar greenish light. The ceiling is a hundred feet high. Sternly. URI Un-be-liev-able. The train accelerates quickly. The doors open. Still rubbernecking. Mac is agog. A metal scissor-lift ascends next to the craft with a TECHNICIAN in another silver jumpsuit. Mac and Uri get in the first car. exposing the interior. Motionless. ROSWELL Stay close.

They’re alone. ROSWELL I said no eye contact. Spindly arms. MAC Sorry. Immobilizing. He reveals another ALIEN. Inches from his face. The creature jerks his head. On the bottom are round indentations that appear to conceal lights. ROSWELL MOVE. Now. ANGLED BLACK EYES dominate the alien’s face. ROSWELL MacKenzie. TWO LARGE. Mac is blanking. . Bothered by Mac’s very presence. Facing him. Roswell stops twenty feet from the disk. They reach a partition. MACKENZIE. An invisible force hits Mac in his solar plexus. Mac can only stare back. MAC My God. Looks right at him. Horrible images flash through his mind. A disproportionately large head. The sleek exterior is of a dull gray metal-like material similar to the debris piece. A row of windows circles the craft near the top. It floats noiselessly. an area for equipment. him up. Taller. Roswell and Uri shore Find themselves in Mac turns around and begins to weave. One of the men standing in front of the portal moves from the interior onto the lift. next to him. Walk behind it. An AMERICAN FLAG is painted near the hatch door. Blurry. SIX FINGERS on each hand. A one-piece jumpsuit matches the color of his skin exactly. keep him moving. Distracted. Mac and Uri stop The disk is seamless. NOW. Thin torso.47. Turn around and walk away. Blocking his line of sight.

TWO MP’s The heavy door at the room’s entrance slides open.48. Mac circles up the pile. Mac dives around the back of the pile. MAC We’ll never find it. Looking up at the mountain of scrap. The MP’s approach Roswell who is pointing at the pile and improvs a briefing with Uri. He walks off briskly. What did you do? MAC A force came at me. INT. Uri coughs loudly. Each step silently crushes the foil beneath him. ROSWELL Let’s move. ROSWELL You know what it looks like. piece? How about any ROSWELL It has to be from that mothership! MAC It’s impossible. Uri and Mac follow. Time is of the essence. Uri nods. We may have been compromised. arms crossed. Like he wanted me dead.CONTINUOUS They enter a large storage area. LIKE DEBRIS thirty feet high. STORAGE AREA . only to bounce back in perfect shape after his foot lifts off it. it. with automatic weapons enter the room. There’s A MOUNTAIN OF FOIL- ROSWELL My sources tell me the piece was brought back here. . Find Mac clumsily climbs up the debris heap looking for the one. A total sense of evil. ROSWELL You drew attention to yourself. Inspecting random pieces.

INT. Tall curtains drape from the high ceiling. URI What shape is it? Guessing.MOMENTS LATER A large room. the bedding. A little bigger They both sift through the arduous task. Opens his palms. the wall covering.MAJ 12 . The decor is exquisite. He crunches them in both hands. than my hand. LOBBY . The doors whoosh open. squares. MAC It’s a trapezoid. INT. circles. The carpet. hexagrams. Uri looks down at the scraps in the heap. the sofa.MOMENTS LATER Roswell stands next to the MP’s. The door closes behind them.49. OLD VOICE FROM THE BED Come. Mac peers around and sees the MP’s talking to Roswell. Rhomboids. ellipses. Is distracted by the resilient foil pieces. They head A circuitlike key card is . in the slot for level MAJ 12. They’re all geometric shapes. Spellbound.CONTINUOUS Roswell exits the elevator with his MP escort. triangles. A KNOCK at the door. down a long hall. ELEVATOR . Uri scurries up the debris pile. INT. everything a shade of gray. Roswell nods to Uri and leaves with the MP’s. MAC Where’d they take him? URI Some emergency meeting. A shaky voice. they spring back. BEDROOM SUITE . Gets to Mac. pentagrams.

early eighties. Roswell enters. His jumpsuit is zipped open. no two of which are parallel. MAC YOU FIND IT. . come in Nathan. sits in bed in darkness from his chest up. Then goes and picks up the debris piece under it. Exploding. it’s a trapezium. OLD VOICE FROM THE BED (O. ROSWELL What can I do for you? ABARIS This body is getting weaker.50. STORAGE AREA . The MP’s close the door behind him. Uri scrambles over. Sweat on his brow. Takes it from Mac.CONTINUOUS Mac plows furiously on his hands and knees. Inspects it. Sees the cross a few feet away. Freezes. We will soon be in need of a new host. blocking his vision. URI That’s not a trapezoid. It has four sides.) Yes. Abaris. Throwing the cross off his neck. The cross keeps swinging out around his neck. we got it. Off Mac’s look. Looking heavenly.C. ABARIS Hello old friend. He lets out a sigh. MAC Uri. INT. ABARIS. He walks to the foot of the bed. The door opens revealing Roswell and the MPs. ROSWELL Hello.

stand by the tracks. INT. The workers start to load the train. The door unlocks itself. Mac finds his phone. No one is talking.AFTERNOON Lucy lays asleep on a bed. stainless steel guards. stands. Her eyes open. Mac shrugs. Sees Roswell in an empty car. and walks to the door. Hair matted in clumps next to her face. Mac’s cell phone. Other technicians INT. They join him in the car.51. Roswell. Lids have a peculiar red color to them. The restraints spring open magically. Uri looks back. No one is there. She sits up. SUBWAY PLATFORM . Mac and Uri both check the platform entrance.CONTINUOUS Lucy walks down the hall towards the orderly’s desk. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . Hello? Roswell gives a slow nod. She picks up the phone receiver. The train whooshs off. CAMARILLO STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL . A train pulls into the station. Her eyes are swollen shut. INT. RING. Uri and Laura all give Mac a look. BRIGHT AURORA LIGHT PARTICLES fill the air.LATER Mac and Uri sit restlessly on the bench. Low tones to Mac. URI He’s in the train.CONTINUOUS RING.LOCKDOWN WING . MAC . No Roswell. Her hands bound at the wrists to She’s noticeably thinner. HALLWAY . Slides open. She walks into the hall. INT. Closes her eyes and touches the top of the cradle.

two gold front teeth.’re the waone. skinhead. Phone time is over. hangs up the phone.CONTINUOUS Convulsive stammer. tatoos. BUDDY Let’s go.LOCKDOWN WING . Lucy. HALLWAY . INT. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . How did you get out anyway? INT.INTERCUT MAC The one what? Dial tone. HALLWAY .LOCKDOWN WING . ROSWELL Where was she calling from? URI Check your call log.INTERCUT ROSWELL No one has that number. INT. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . Trance-like. INT. A hand takes the phone away from her. . LUCY You’re the wa-one.52. URI Who was it? MAC It was Lucy.. LAURA The one what? MAC I don’t know. Taking her away. Gentle spirit..INTERCUT A HEAVY-SET NATIVE-AMERICAN ORDERLY. She said “I’m the one”.

Dial tone. Buddy looks at the receiver.GOLF CART . MAC It’s 8-0-5. Roswell nods. Pinkie Rings is next to Jim Cranston. INT. Buddy slides Lucy’s door closed. Lockdown. Two birds. 9999. BUDDY Camarillo Care Center. threat. HALLWAY .AFTERNOON A pinkie ring on a chubby finger holds a score card. It self locks. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . runs back to the phone. 805-876- Mac hits dial.INTERCUT MAC Camarillo Care Center. LAURA They’ve transferred her. He reaches for a can of Heineken out of the cup holder. CRANSTON I want out.53. Takes a swig. He INT. Mac shuttles through his phone. PINKIE RINGS It’s too late. Winded. A short pencil writes down two “4’s”. She’s a EXT. Call her back. Finds the number.CONTINUOUS RING. PINKIE RINGS Not bad.LOCKDOWN WING . LAURA Ventura County. PINKIE RINGS Where’s MacKenzie? . GOLF COURSE . lockdown.

S. CRANSTON Maggie hasn’t heard from him. She finishes. Are you part of the Conservatorship? ROSWELL I have orders. scratches his neck. General Black. PATRICE Yessir. PATRICE BURROSS. Roswell Looks PATRICE How can I help you gentlemen? ROSWELL I have orders to see a patient from the military psych ward in Westwood. is on the phone at the counter. Pinkie Rings swigs again on the Heinie. She stops tapping the pen. nods. An easy smile. INT. U. and you are? ROSWELL General Black. Say you have work for him. Do it now. Cranston reluctantly opens his cell phone. . led by an ORDERLY. Just a minute. PATRICE Are you related to the patient? ROSWELL No. around. A small fan blows behind her. Taps her pen. She lifts a long purple fingernail. PATRICE Yessir. Mac. CAMARILLO CARE CENTER HOSPITAL . pass Mac and Roswell at the admittance desk. Beautifully braided hair.LATER FOUR SEVERELY MENTALLY RETARDED ADULTS. in civilian clothes.54. Air Force. A BLACK WOMAN IN A WHITE UNIFORM. PINKIE RINGS Call her again.

Holds a chart. down the hall. DR. Veers to the He’s coming I can’t help . DR. SHERMAN Is he related to the woman? Jumping in. SHERMAN? Over his glasses. PATRICE Then I’m sorry. DR. SHERMAN Is he part of the Conservatorship? PATRICE No. Impersonal. SHERMAN Yes? PATRICE General Black is requesting to see a patient admitted from the military psych ward in Westwood. station. but it’s important that I see her. PATRICE Well you’re in luck. PATRICE DR. DR. ROSWELL No.55. Over Roswell. sir. Is she still sedated? DR. I’m not. PATRICE Would you like to speak to her doctor? ROSWELL Yes. you. SHERMAN That’s private information. Reads Roswell. MAC Then she is here? She glances down the hallway. SHERMAN looks over.

He stops in the lobby. LAURA Don’t touch it. Carrys on. Mac follows. Catching up. ROSWELL Fine. Doctor.CONTINUOUS Laura and Mac exchange a glance. MAC What’s he doing? LAURA Finding a link between the executive director and one of our contacts. Tooth wireless does the rest. Thank you for you time. DR. the executive director here. Laura stands next to them. ROSWELL The military needs to know. BLACK LIMOUSINE . also in civilian clothes. EXT. SHERMAN I’m not at liberty to discuss the case. . He’s Blue Mac still in disguise.CONTINUOUS Mac sees Uri. All climb into the limousine.56. next to Diebol. CAMARILLO CARE CENTER . He turns and leaves. ROSWELL Diebol.PARKING LOT . call Edward Higgins. INT. MAC What next? ROSWELL A phone call. Hits return. Diebol types the name into a laptop. Notes the name of the executive director of the hospital. MAC Man this stuff itches.

URI Lockup? HIGGINS It’s usually reserved for the criminally insane. ROSWELL It’s imperative we see her now. HIGGINS Well. They’re old personal friends. sir.57. HIGGIN’S OFFICE . HIGGINS Lewis and I go back a long way. I came as quickly as I could. Even to use the toilet. Every room has a keyed entry. A tall lanky man with stringy gray hair.LATER EDWARD HIGGINS. . Well. it’s not exactly clear why she’s being held in lockup. MAC Contacts? DIEBOL Got it.high school wrestling team. Roswell. A Major Lewis. no matter. ROSWELL Thank you for your cooperation. Mac.. LAURA How is she a threat? Reading on. HIGGINS No particular reason. INT. It was requested by the psych unit for security purposes. The Major informed me of the situation. Higgins thumbs through a file.. MR. Laura and Uri sit attentively. ROSWELL Make it happen. Pressing.

INT.58. Higgins looks to Roswell. A HIGH. HIGGINS Well then. They all go. heads down the hall. A slow smile. The woman lays asleep on the bed. BUDDY That’s the Screamer. HIGGINS We’re here to see the woman we received this morning. BUDDY Oh. Buddy opens the door. He sees Crooked smile. Mac . WOMAN’S DOOR . Like a crazed animal. Those teeth. WILD WAIL. Nods towards Lucy. Turning to Higgins. Disturbingly amused. nods back “yes”. Buddy turns to Mac and Laura. Opens it.MOMENTS LATER Buddy fits his special key into a lock. follow me. ANOTHER WILD WAIL. things we don’t. INT. she’s still sleeping. Mac and Laura exchange a heavy duty look. Finally gives in. Bad dentistry.MOMENTS LATER A thick fire door. Roswell discreetly looks at Mac. Feeling the pressure. Her hands bound at the wrists to the stainless steel guards. LOCKUP WING ENTRANCE . ROSWELL I need a visual. A heavy wire-meshed window in it. HIGGINS Some of them do that when they get excited.

ROSWELL How soon before we can have her moved? Confused. Stay with her until we transport her. . but her chart indicates. ROSWELL This is a matter of national security. here. Now I want her cleaned up and given a change of clothes. Incredulous. HIGGINS Here? ROSWELL Yes. the Major said to do whatever you asked. ROSWELL When she wakes up see that she gets some real food to eat. HIGGINS Well. LAURA Yessir.. ROSWELL Thank you for your assistance. HIGGINS Well. Shifting uneasily.59. and I need your cooperation on this to the fullest. To Laura.. Her life may be in danger. I’ll have to contact the Conservatorship and have it cleared. Cutting him off. HIGGINS Major Lewis didn’t say anything about having the patient moved. ROSWELL Let me assure you it’s important we move this woman to a safe location.

S. will do fine. Turns to Higgins. ROSWELL Thanks again for your cooperation.60. ROSWELL We have work to do. MAC I can stay. make a call for a special transpo unit. INT. sir. Speaking into his high-tech wristwatch. HIGGINS The orderly can stay with her in case she needs assistance. A few cards short. you go. Roswell pulls a laptop out of his case. Mac shoots Uri a look. Laura will accompany them when they move the patient. DIEBOL (O.) Got it. Handing it to Uri. ROSWELL Diebol. Roswell sizes up Buddy. Laura ROSWELL That won’t be necessary. LAURA I got it. ROSWELL The debris piece is hyper dataintensive and the scan could take four hours to decipher it. . A scanner built into the screen of this laptop will read the piece.THE 101 SOUTH .DUSK Uri plays with the debris piece. he nods in agreement with Laura. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . ROSWELL The software application is called MAJESTIC. Mac. We’ll take it from here.

MAC What does that have to do with the aliens? ROSWELL The harvest colony incubating at the base. video. We contaminate the core. So is the web-feed in the laptop. ROSWELL They’re have been cattle mutilations. Cows are drained of their blood and parts of their anatomy are cut away by a laser. I want photos. Uri opens it. the base will self-destruct. MAC Tomorrow? ROSWELL Laura will fly you out. ROSWELL There’s a fresh carcass in Arizona with an unusual twist. I don’t how Lucy got you.61. You’ll go out there tomorrow. MAC Hopefully with us not in it. ROSWELL Use your cell phone for everything. It’s signal is scrambled. everything you can find. Mac looks through the file. ROSWELL Exactly. Roswell reaches into his briefcase. Inspects the screen. ROSWELL A memory cell from your piece should contain a blueprint of the base. URI To locate the power core. back now. I’m due Pulls out a file. . Hands it to Mac. Blood is a vital element.

time is of the essence. Mac’s still not cut out for this. To Uri. Diebol pulls the limousine over to a stop. A look to Mac. ROSWELL You won’t need it. Use cash for everything. Here’s five thousand dollars in small bills. ROSWELL I’m dropping you near the hotel. Keep to Uri shakes his head. sir. then back at the debris piece. We need those blueprints to activate the core. Uri looks at the General. We must preempt that. yourselves. I’m not sure our visit to the base was unnoticed. The power door locks give Mac a scare. . ROSWELL That’s it. A large wad of fifties. Abaris is in weak health. ROSWELL One more thing. He is looking for a new host to sustain his existence. ROSWELL The software is highly intuitive. gentlemen. sir? It’s not much but it’s all I have. Navigation should come quickly. ROSWELL Gentlemen. They could come after the piece again.62. Back into the briefcase. MAC What about my Jeep. URI Yes. URI We’ll do our best.

combed hair.63. CRANSTON What about Abaris? PINKIE RINGS The genetic engineers are still searching for a compatible match.NIGHT Pinkie Rings and Cranston are being served their main course. BUDDY Everythin’ all right? . COUNTRY CLUB DINING ROOM . Both are hanging up from cell phone calls.LATER At a stop light. and is still sleeping. now out of the restraints. the car. They committed a security breach. INT. Reaching for his Heineken. INT. Looks at the door to the hall. THUMP on the glass. Roswell passes out. ROSWELL’S LIMOUSINE . Coughing.SEDATED WOMAN’S ROOM .CONTINUOUS A basin and sponge lie next to the bed. INT. Folds her arms. Still no transport. The door opens. ROSWELL Diebol. They’ve taken the piece. 9:00pm. The woman has clean clothes. Laura finishes rubbing lotion on her wrists. He’s pulled from Some kind of gas. HISSING. LOCKUP WING . Bends over hungry and tired. Roswell is nodding off in the back. She checks her watch. His door flies open. Buddy enters. what’s going on? Diebol slumps over. A A key into the lock. She yawns. PINKIE RINGS General Nathan took those two out to the base.

He see Unlocking the bathroom door. BUDDY I bought you a sodie-pop but regulations say I can’t bring anything down into lockup. LAURA Okay. HALLWAY . so you’ll have to knock or call when you’re done. she ain’t going nowhere.. He rocks ever so slightly. You gotta come up to my station. More gold teeth.that we don’t. his chin resting on them. I have to use the bathroom and I could use something to drink. I know. BUDDY That’s the Screamer. Cutting him off.. Yellowed walls. . BUDDY Oh heck. They finally reach then end of the hall. Laura follows him up the corridor. quick-like.CONTINUOUS The iron door slides shut. Motions Laura to look inside. Self-locks. Bladder bursting. just let me in the bathroom first. BUDDY It locks from the outside. I know. LAURA She’s still out cold. LAURA She’ll be fine. Faded linoleum floor.. things. We’ll make it INT.. Buddy peeks through a patient’s wire-meshed window. A YOUNG THIN man with sunken eyes sits with his knees tucked into his chest.64. Look. I really gotta go. Buddy looks at the sleeping patient.LOCKDOWN WING . LAURA .

INT. turns around. BLACKOUT. Opens them. breath. Laura closes her eyes.CONTINUOUS THE WAIL. INT. LADIES’ ROOM . INT. HELLO??? LAURA BUDDY???? . LAURA Got it. Toilet flush. Rocks faster. Pitch dark. INT. Great. Laura freezes. He presses his bony body as far as he can against the wall. Laura stumbling in the blackness. The Screamer uses his hands and feet and propels himself across the floor. INT.CONTINUOUS Laura rushes in the stall. He whips his head back.65. Yells like a wounded wolf.CONTINUOUS ANOTHER WOUNDED WAIL. Pant zipper. Practically hopping. Laura looks down. BUDDY I’ll be right here so you go’head. Finds the main door. Sounds in the dark. Listens. Jaw locked open. Toilet paper. Bangs on it. LAURA HELLO???????? Commotion. Takes a A power failure. THE SCREAM. LAURA Gotcha. THE SCREAMER’S ROOM .CONTINUOUS The Screamer scans the room frantically. The corner of the cell. Eyes bulging. Unzips her pants. Stall door unlatches. THE SCREAMER’S ROOM . LADIES’ ROOM .CONTINUOUS It’s getting closer. LADIES’ ROOM . Something bad is in there.

SHRILLS AND SHRIEKS. Backs away down the hall. She walks past Buddy timidly into the dark hall. No key. He finds it. The whole wing. The lock’s here somewheres.CONTINUOUS Buddy fumbles in the dark trying to get the key in the door. LAURA (O. He opens the door. LOW NOTE CRESCENDOES IN A HIGH SHRILL IN THE DARKNESS. A LONG. Toward the light. .S. Then runs. Then it starts. LUCY’S ROOM .66. she has no choice. SCREAMS. Laura regains her composure. Freaked. WILD. EXT. BUDDY IT’S LUCY. GOT’EM ALL RILED UP. Laura walks toward her room. He reaches for Laura’s hand. INSANE LAUGHTER. Contact. Tear trails on her cheeks. LADIES’ ROOM . The sound of bodies hurling against the doors. I’LL GET YOU OUT OF HERE. Reluctant. More screams in the darkness. LAURA WHAT’S GOING ON? BUDDY ELECTRIC’S OFF. Locked. CHAOTIC CONFUSION. BUDDY I’m tryin’.) HURRY! PLEASE! BUDDY I can’t see it. He lets go of Laura’s hand. GROANS AND BLINDING LIGHT explodes out of the sedated woman’s room. The key turns the lock. EXT.CONTINUOUS Laura pulls on the door. Hands to her ears. ANOTHER SCREAM. LET ME HAVE YOUR HAND.

And it’s gone.67. Blinding light and wind pour through the opening. They will know we are here. MAC’S HOTEL ROOM . Mac reluctantly complies. Mouthing to Laura. A small steel-reinforced window placed high in the wall is gone. The rush of a freight train. A helpless. terrified stare.DEAD OF NIGHT . MAC How long’s that thing gonna take? Suddenly a huge hologram of the alien base engulfs the room. INT. LUCY HELP ME! Another noise. She peers through the wire-mesh glass. She’s sucked out the window. Her body rotates in mid-air so her head faces the opening. Lucy floats above the bed. Lucy’s body In the darkness. Mac turns the TV on with the remote. quivers. Anxious. Laura pounds on the little square window and screams. . wide-eyed. Has disappeared back into the laptop. Lucy looks her way. URI That is monitored by the hotel. She’s awake. She looks to the door.LATER Uri stares blankly at the laptop lid scanning the debris piece. She can’t be heard. She screams. Laura screams through the wire-mesh glass. URI What are you doing? MAC Finding SportsCenter. Mac and Uri stand in the middle of it in awe. The 3-d blueprint spins slowly on an axis.

68. Uri stares at the laptop. MAC How you gonna print that? RING! The hotel phone. They freeze.

URI Don’t answer it. MAC Maybe it’s Laura. URI Roswell said use only the cell. RING. MAC Maybe she doesn’t have it. URI Don’t answer it. RING. Mac moves to the phone. MAC Maybe she’s in trouble. Uri thinks on it. RING. Mac picks it up. MAC Hello? INT. EXTREME CLOSE-UP OF A MOUTH TO A PHONE - INTERCUT METALLIC VOICE We have Roswell. INT. HOTEL ROOM - INTERCUT MAC Who is this? INT. EXTREME CLOSE-UP OF A MOUTH INTO A PHONE - INTERCUT METALLIC VOICE Give us back the piece and we’ll make sure nothing happens to your wife and kids in Paso Robles.

69. INT. HOTEL ROOM - INTERCUT MAC I don’t know what you’re talking about. INT. EXTREME CLOSE-UP OF A MOUTH INTO A PHONE - INTERCUT Cuts him off. Pissed.

METALLIC VOICE You know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re watching you. INT. HOTEL ROOM - INTERCUT MAC Who are you? Dial tone. Mac stares at the phone. URI What did he say? Slowly putting the phone in the cradle. MAC They want the piece. They got Roswell. They’re going after Maggie and the kids next. URI They’re bluffing. Mac finds the small flip phone. Dials frantically.

INT. CREEK WALK VINEYARD - MAGGIE’S ROOM - INTERCUT RING. A deep sleep. Hello? Cellular break up. Extremely choppy. YOUR LIVES COULD Maggie fumbles for the phone. MAGGIE


MAGGIE Who is this? Mac, is that you?

70. Every other syllable. MAC TAKE THE KIDS. LEAVE. Mac?

MAGGIE You’re breaking up.

INT. HOTEL ROOM - DEAD OF NIGHT - INTERCUT KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK. The hotel room door. kill the cell phone. Uri motions Mac to

INT. CREEK WALK VINEYARD - MAGGIE’S ROOM - INTERCUT Dial tone. Maggie looks at the phone confused.

INT. HOTEL ROOM - CONTINUOUS KNOCK-KNOCK. More urgent this time. Moves quickly to the side of Mac follows the

Uri grabs his gun off the bed. the door. Delta Force.

He waves his barrel towards the bathroom. directive. Backs up. KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK. Uri motions at Mac to talk. MAC Who is it?

WOMAN’S MUFFLED VOICE (O.S.) It’s Laura. Uri gives Mac the universal “shhhh” sign. WOMAN’S MUFFLED VOICE (O.S.) MacKenzie, are you there? Let me in. It’s me! Loud whisper to Uri. MAC It’s Laura. Uri shakes his head “no”. KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK. WOMAN’S MUFFLED VOICE (O.S.) C’mon, open up!

Then nods. Mac heads for the door. Mac lies in his bed. MAC You said they we’re bluffing. Uri snores loudly in his bed. Mac opens the door. It’s Laura. She runs into Mac’s arms. URI Open from the side then stand clear. URI It’s a trap. Instructing in whisper tones. I’m Aims his gun at Uri motions “halt”. Sharp whisper. Laura lies on some makeshift bedding on the floor. Checks the hall. calling hotel security. He nervously wipes his chin. MAC I know it. open up! Anxious. Pissed. Closes the door. the door. Alone. Uri waits.MUCH LATER Light spills out the partially open bathroom door. WOMAN’S MUFFLED VOICE Mac. somebody is going to start shooting. INT. Angry whisper. stares at the wall. . If it’s a trick.71. MAC’S HOTEL ROOM . Head high. A long hug. It’s her. MAC You can’t just start shooting people. listen to me! It’s Green Eyes. MAC There’s no MacKenzie here. Frazzled. Uri swings around to the middle of the room. Mac heads for the door. Listens. Uri pulls them both in.

LAURA Okay. Softly. Spoons behind him. in Biloxi. Laura pilots. They stare a while longer. No need to talk. Mac pokes his head up. MAC A week ago a rancher in Billings. Uri chokes on a snore. a farmer sees his prize cow do the same thing. Referencing the file.AIRBORNE . Laura slowly rises. She goes Laura slips an arm under Mac. She sniffles. to Mac’s bed. Mississippi. Her eyes are still moist. Wearing only a hotel bathrobe. LAURA Hold me. Wraps her other arm over him and pulls him into a long squeeze.MORNING Twelve thousand feet. . Whispers. LAURA I’m sorry. Looks over.72. Mac holds his finger to her lips. Stares blankly ahead. Mac copilots. Montana saw one of his cows float upward into the belly of a UFO. She climbs in. INT. LAURA And? MAC The same day. Mac puts his arms around her. LAURA I’m still scared. Mac turns over to face her. LAURA’S PLANE . Over the engine noise.

by midfield.LATER Laura’s plane approaches overhead. MAC A week later on a ranch in Arizona. I believe anything is possible. Flaps up. LANDING FIELD .CONTINUOUS Checking the file. Are you religious? MAC The closer I get to this evil. INT.73. LAURA How do they know? MAC According to the sheriff. permeates everything. LAURA From Billings and Biloxi. Do you believe there’s a harvest colony of cross-breeds? LAURA After seeing Lucy’s abduction. MAC There’s a darkness to it. MAC Where’s our sheriff? It stops . the cow’s head had an ID tag on his ear and the body of the other had a brand on it’s flank. EXT. The plane rocks and glides. MAC That’s what they’re saying. nose slightly up. It LAURA I noticed you wear an old cross around your neck. they find the head of the cow from Billings attached to the body of the cow from Biloxi. The wheels touch down lightly. LAURA’S PLANE . the more I believe there’s a good side. Cuts the throttle. kick up some dust.

HUFFMAN And the brand’s from Mississippi. grabbing the tag. precise scar encircles the cow’s neckline at the union. the two-tone brown and white body of a Jersey.DEAD COW’S BODY . Simply surreal. SHERIFF HUFFMAN kneels down by its head. A squad car rolls along a dirt road. facing away. Pointing. see where the eye should be? MAC Yeah. About two o’clock. See the incision? No jagged edges. HUFFMAN Here’s the tag. HUFFMAN No sign of blood anywhere. You can see his cherries. HILLSIDE RAVINE . A neat.LATER The cow lies on its side. Numbers check out all right. Huffman squats down at the cow’s tail. chases it. LAURA Mac. LAURA Over there. HUFFMAN Sex organs have been cored out. Motions to the rear flank. It’s been perfectly joined together.74. . The black head of a Holstein. mini-dv camera rolling. and no blood. LAURA Laser like. Pointing out the front right. A big cloud of dust EXT. Blood vessels have been cauterized. No torn flesh. Laura walks around slowly.

Mac turns around. He recoils to strike. LAURA You’re sure about the blood? Taking his knife and cutting into the cow’s groin. HUFFMAN Not a drop. The foreman. ROBERTO DIABLO! HUFFMAN Says it’s the Devil. Mac’s backward momentum is carrying him right into it. Smoke floats out of Alfredo’s rifle. A supposed animal that sucks the blood out of chickens. Julio Mac looks up. A RATTLING SOUND. A huge male. just above his shoe. JULIO. MAC You sure it’s not a hoax? HUFFMAN We’re doing more tests. goats. crosses himself again. A RATTLESNAKE. Coiled to strike. but from what I can tell. Hears something. STRIKE! The giant rattler sinks his fangs into Mac’s ankle. Goat sucker. . the ranch owners. POW! Gunfire. crosses himself. stand twenty feet back on the road next to two Jeeps. Mac steps back to take a photo. ALFREDO CHAPACABRA! MAC What did he say? HUFFMAN Chapacabra.75. LAURA MAC!!!!! The snake’s fangs are open. ALFREDO and ROBERTO PARRAS. the cow was alive before it was mutilated. cows. The snake gets blown off his heel.

I’m fine. The men all grab a Coke. LAURA Thanks. Some black and white.LATER A double-wide serves as the station. Laura puts some anti-biotic ointment on the bite. Some color. and Julio circle around Mac’s exposed ankle and bare foot. Huffman’s private office is spacious.76. ROBERTO Si. Julio notices the ancient Jerusalem crucifix around Mac’s neck. SHERIFF’S STATION . Roberto. MAC I’m telling you. MAC I’m telling you. Alfredo. I feel fine. Pointing from the Jeeps. Sheriff. The sheriff enters with small bottles of ice-cold Coca-colas. The floor is partitioned. and the viper. Walls are covered with UFO photos. His skin clearly broken. JULIO Christo is with you. HUFFMAN Here ya go. A bookcase eats up the other wall. INT. ROBERTO DIABLO. Old. Like Pablo . There are two large bite marks from the snake.HUFFMAN’S OFFICE . muerta. ALFREDO You should be dead. Shaking his head. HUFFMAN I can still call Med-Vac as a precaution. New. He pulls it out of his shirt to look at it.

1976. amigos. Mac bobbles it. Authentic looking photos. HUFFMAN You see as many mutilations as I have. Comes to a . Julio lets go of it. HUFFMAN De nada.S. the viper leaped from the fire onto his hand.CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES. Gracias. MAC The viper? JULIO Si. Looks closer. Hasta luego. SEMJAZA. Mac thumbs through it. Mac stands. HUFFMAN (O. The three amigos depart. HUFFMAN Switzerland. Edward “Billy” Mier had a major encounter with some aliens from the Pleiades star cluster. Mac pulls one down.) Claims the Pleiades starship commander calls himself Semjaza. God was with him. Sheriff. MAC Can’t say that I have. Walks over to the bookcase. gentleman. The very word Mac is reading as the sheriff says it. Did the cross save him? Takes another gulp of his Coke. but could not kill him. Handshakes all around. HUFFMAN Ever seen that one? Mac reads the cover. double-page spread of interest.77. you start to poke around. The book slams shut and falls to the ground. UFO . Mac shoots Laura a look. ALFREDO Vamanos. MAC So you’re quite a UFO fanatic.

The car’s tinted window opens. MAC Semjaza.. HUFFMAN Watch that bite.AFTERNOON Mac and Laura climb in the plane. Mac stares at the cover one more time. MAC Thank you for your time. pretty compelling stuff. UFO . Waves to Huffman through the glass. THE PLEIADES. His body spasms violently. A DARK CAR speeds toward the landing field. A gun barrel sticks out. HUFFMAN Anyway. It roars to life. .78. LAURA’S PLANE . LAURA Sound familiar? Sitting on his desk. LANDING FIELD .. The dark car stops on the road a short distance from the sheriff’s car. You ought to check it out. Laura squats down to get it. INT. Gives a wave. A gray puff of smoke.CONTACT FROM Puts the book back on the shelf. Sheriff. She glances over. EXT. Huffman stands by his car. Mac nudges Laura as she checks the gauges and fuel levels. Huffman looks down the road.Semjaza. Shakes his head. LAURA ‘Bye! Laura turns the engine over. HUFFMAN Hope you got what you needed. Huffman goes down. We will. Mac closes his door.CONTINUOUS Watching from the plane coasting down the runway.

Glass showers inside. Mac looks back. Away from harm. He fires. Hits ground. The plane lurches forward. exploding it inward. The dark car fishtails onto the makeshift runway. She slams the controls forward. A man crawls out of it and takes aim at the plane over the roof. straight for them. MAC THEY’RE GETTING OUT OF THE CAR! THEY’RE GOING TO SHOOT! POW! GUNFIRE. One of its wheels bounces off the car’s windshield. hits the rudder pedals to spin the plane around. And stays there. Full throttle again for takeoff. . HE’LL She feathers the throttle. The car fast approaches. MAC WE’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT! Pounding the dash. Heads A bullet tears into the cockpit close to Mac’s head. Laura pulls back the stick. It’s Pinkie Rings. The plane dives. She banks it to the left. The tinted window lowers all the way. MAC THEY SHOT HIM! Laura slams the throttle. MAC WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE HIM! LAURA IT’S A TASER.79. The plane springs into the air. LAURA COME ON! Dark car. The plane skims off. The plane lifts up. LAURA NOT ENOUGH SPEED! MAC HE’S GOING TO RAM US! At the last second she pulls back the controls. A STUN GUN. BE ALL RIGHT.

These guys are definitely not bluffing. LAURA You’re still in love with her. MAC You just needed a hug. LAURA You’re a good man. I hope you I MAC How do you prove to someone you’ve changed? . Starts stuffing. How could he possibly know I was out here? LAURA They could have checked our flight log at the airport. I was an idiot. STUFF ‘EM IN THE HOLE. The cabin quiets down. MAC We better get to Paso Robles. to check on Maggie and the kids. Mac finds ‘em.AIRBORNE . get what you want. Awkward.MOMENTS LATER Wind pours through the bullet hole. Finally addressing it. MAC That guy who shot at us was the guy from LAX. LAURA Sorry about last night.80. blew it. LAURA Paso Robles? MAC Yeah. LAURA THERE’S SOME RAGS UNDER THE SEAT. aren’t you? MAC Like crazy. LAURA’S PLANE . INT. Mac.

They descend onto a narrow dirt service road below. She pushes the controls forward.81. MAC Can I get bars up here? LAURA I’ll take her down. CREEK WALK VINEYARD .CONTINUOUS Through the windshield. LAURA By doing the right thing for a long enough time. LAURA’S PLANE . EXT. INT.PASO ROBLES . INT. LAURA Maybe they moved to a hotel. LAURA’S PLANE . He pulls out his cell. there a place to land? Is EXT. CREEK WALK VINEYARD .CONTINUOUS The front door is ajar. MAC What if the corn’s too high? . No ring.CONTINUOUS MAC Straight to voice-mail. The left side is a cornfield with healthy headhigh stalks.DUSK Laura’s plane circles one last approach. MAC Are you nuts? LAURA It might work. MAC How long before we can get there? LAURA If we’re lucky. A deep drainage ditch runs alongside it on the right. No visible sign of life. before sunset. No answer.MAIN HOUSE .

SERVICE ROAD . LAURA THANKS FOR MENTIONING IT. The plane’s wheels touch down. LAURA I THINK WE’RE GOING TO MAKE IT! MAC THERE’S ONE THING I FORGOT TO TELL YOU. THUMP! HISSSSSSS! INT. Over the loud hissing. SERVICE ROAD .CONTINUOUS The left wing skims along the top of the tassels. . THEY LIKE THE GRAPES. Mac braces himself while Laura takes it in. EXT. LAURA’S PLANE .CONTINUOUS The eight foot chain-link fence stands dead ahead. SERVICE ROAD .CONTINUOUS MAC WHAT’S THAT? LAURA SO FAR SO GOOD! EXT. LAURA I guess we’ll find out. LAURA’S PLANE .CONTINUOUS Bucking the steering.82. The right tire bounces along the edge of the deep ditch. EXT. LAURA WHAT’S THAT? MAC THERE’S AN EIGHT-FOOT FENCE AT THE END OF THIS ROAD TO KEEP THE DEER OUT. INT.CONTINUOUS Tassels crown the tops of the corn stalks.

Flashlight on the light switch. INT. MAC We don’t know that. plane pivots forward. JEREMY? Flashlight. corn. EXT. LAURA’S PLANE . Looking around. Mac nods his head to investigate. Laura close. CREEK WALK VINEYARD . The plane speeds toward it.FRONT DOOR . . MAGGIE? Mac sticks his head in. Riding the ditch. Mac and Laura run up the gravel driveway to the front of the house. Takes the flashlight. Returns to Laura.83. then bounces back down.CONTINUOUS They rock back into their seats. FRONT HALL . LAURA I don’t see any cars. Lights it. Laura follows. Mac walks to the mantelpiece. Flips it again and again. INT. MAC SARAH? He slowly enters. The house is pitch dark. They see the front door slightly ajar. Grabs a candle. Trimming The WHAM! Full contact! Like a butterfly against a net. Nothing. They arrive at the steps. Bumping all the way. Barely. MAC You okay? LAURA I’ve had worse. Catching her breath.CONTINUOUS Front door threshold. MAC Maybe they were already here. not stirred. Mac flips it on. Shaken. Nothing. LAURA Power outage like at Camarillo.EARLY EVENING A flashlight.

. MUFFLED VOICE Dad? Jeremy? MAC Is that you? Finds the Mac rushes from the living room into the hallway... closet door open. Jeremy sits on the love seat next to Laura. INT.bright lights. MAC MAGGIE!? A MUFFLED VOICE comes from the hallway. Doris clutches Jeremy.then we heard strange noises. SARAH Daddy! MAC Pumpkin! Relieved hugs all around..LIVING ROOM . in her arms. Mac opens his arms. Timidly. Stoops down inside. Sarah. MAC What happened? MAGGIE I don’t know. Buries his . and Doris sit on the couch. More candles all around. I’m scared. Kneeling in front of Maggie..we saw something in the sky. MAC MAGGIE!? The closet door beneath the stairs creeps open. Jeremy jumps off the love seat and rushes to him.MOMENTS LATER Maggie holds Sarah Maggie..then the power went off.84. MAIN HOUSE . JEREMY Dad.. head in Mac’s shoulder.. The candle reveals a sea of scared faces.

LAURA He’s right.. He’s told me a lot about you.. It’s been out all day. A mixture of awe. Laura looks to Mac. Something weird. Sees it full on. Guarded. The other side of the room. A TALL. Interrupting. Maggie’s face. Something’s wrong with the phone. I’m Laura Nathan. Maggie looks at Laura. Something’s out there. Stammering. shoulder-length blond hair. SARAH Daddy. it was bright and made the whole room light up! To Maggie. The room suddenly fills with a brilliant light. helping Mac. . Maggie fabricates a smile. I’m LAURA I’m a. A long tilt up. MAC Did anyone call you? MAGGIE No.something’s coming in here. MAGGIE I don’t believe we’ve met. MAC It’s not what you think. wonder and fear. JEREMY D-Dad. I’m.85. Then to Maggie. Fiery eyes. MAGNIFICENT-LOOKING ANGELIC BEING. JEREMY Mom’s right. Mac spins around. Long.

SCREAMS from Maggie and Sarah. Weakly. The creature roars. tunic-like garment. MAC GET AWAY FROM HER! It commences to breed. LAURA Mac. Sheds its benevolent angel-like appearance into its own TALL GRAY BODY with spindly arms. His hair blows. Faints. Mac grabs a lamp next to the couch. WIND fills the room. A voice explodes from the creature. His eyes turn to hate. It vomits something vile at her. do something. Staggering against the force. Hurls it full strength. Her head bangs against the wall like a rag doll from the gyrations. . CREATURE I AM THE ONE NAMED SEMJAZA! ARE YOU TO ADDRESS ME! WHO It extends one of its arms and points a clawlike finger at Laura. Light emanates from his very being. More howling WIND. A long. It moves towards her. pinning her to the wall. The being changes shape. She lands in a heap. The creature picks Laura up off the floor. Doris suffers a seizure. LEAVE US! MAC NOW! Black slanted oval eyes His head turns large and elongated. LAURA Mac. glare rage. She covers her head. Scaly skin like a lizard. It hurls her against the wall behind her.86. Straining to breath. The children burrow into Maggie. It’s clawlike fingers tear her clothes. presses itself against her.

Glares at Mac. hello. Catapults him with such force his head smashes a hole in the wall. Uri holds the damp towel on his He opens his eyes again. It spins around. INT. Toward Maggie and the hear me? Mac slowly opens his eyes.HOURS LATER . MAC Where’s Maggie? It’s Doris’ living room. But different. MAIN HOUSE . Weakly. One small gray grabs Sarah from Maggie’s arms. MAC Uri? He collapses back into a chair.87. MAGGIE NO!!!! Maggie wrestles with the small gray. Mac’s forehead. More come to her. He crumples to the floor. Debris and paper circle in the wind. Coming forward.. MAC NO!! Before he can hurl it the breeding Semjaza turns and points his finger at Mac. Another commotion.. Wildly throwing punches. Walkie-talkies.4 AM Voices in the distance. head. Out cold. It slams into its back. Coming toward Mac. . At the entrance of the room TEN SMALL GRAY ALIEN BEINGS swarm in. LAURA Mac! Mac picks up a coffee table. Others latch onto Jeremy. Fights for consciousness.LIVING ROOM . Maggie? He looks around. A damp towel on FOGGY VOICE MacKenzie. Both children now float unconscious above the floor.

They have a medical unit here. MAC Taken where? URI They were abducted. Weapons. URI They were taken. Still groggy. They found you next to the wall. AUSTIN I’m Colonel Austin. Intruding.88. CAMOUFLAGE FACE PAINT. Internet. MAC Where’s Maggie? URI With her mother. MacKenzie? Mac looks up at a new face. VOICE (O. MAC What’s all this? URI A military swat team Roswell’s connected to. It’s a make-shift military post.S. Walkies. Bluntly. COLONEL AUSTIN. . You’ve suffered a major concussion. Uri firmly pushes him back down.) Mr. Eyes searching for truth. MAC Where are my kids? He urgently grabs the arms of the chair and lifts himself up. MAC And Laura? URI Recovering upstairs. Maps. Computers. The place is teeming with COMMANDOS IN BLACK JUMPSUITS. Radios.

Broken. Tear-stained cheeks. Maggie enters the room. He hurries. They’re doing everything possible. . Uri and Austin leave discreetly. MAC WHERE ARE MY KIDS? Austin glances at Uri. No letting go. MAC Maggie. Lost. We’ve been monitoring it constantly. caressing her hair. Mac takes a couple of steps towards her. MAGGIE Oh Mac. AUSTIN Mr. Losing it. They’re all they’ve got. Mac struggles to his feet. She opens her arms. MacKenzie. Drained. Then back at Mac. Maggie faces Mac. what are we gonna do? She sobs in Mac’s embrace. Holding her tightly. AUSTIN We’re doing everything in our power to get your children out of there as soon as possible. Dried blood on her chin. MAC They’ve taken the children. Maggie. She starts to tremble. She’s bitten through her lip. Cutting him off. we believe your children have been taken to an underground base in the Nevada desert. I’m so sorry. Huge embrace. AUSTIN The same base where General Nathan is being held.89. Bloodshot eyes. Mac looks at Uri. Woozy.

URI I will check on Cranston in the kitchen. I’m sorry. Colonel Austin approaches FOUR BLACK BLACK HAWK HELICOPTERS on the front lawn. URI (O. this is Uri From Israel. He’s told me a lot about you. Outside.S. URI She is sleeping? MAGGIE Yes. . is she all right? MAGGIE They think she suffered a mild stroke. Nice to meet you. MAGGIE On who’s side? And who are you? Jumping in.) Mac. Maggie. they gave her something. A cluster of men gather around one of the choppers with Austin. Uri nods to the window. URI He is a good soldier. he is on our side. URI No. URI Your mother. Special We are lucky MAGGIE So you got us into all this. Diverting the conflict. Forces. MAC Maggie. The entire area is lit up by worklights powered by generators. Nods a bow. I am now an archeologist. BenHassen. Frustrated. Mac and Maggie look over. Disarming.90.

ELISHA Shalom. Like crazy. MAC Cranston’s here? MAGGIE It’s not what you think. . too. He takes off. Mac stops the kiss. Laura’s on the stairs. MAGGIE I’ve missed you. Believe Mac leans in closer. Another BLACK JUMPSUIT. He punches in a password. Watches the kiss. She cuddles back into him. Smiles. MAC I gotta go. BLACK JUMPSUIT Mr. She finishes the kiss. He follows the commando back to a work station. A small smile. MacKenzie. MAGGIE Thank you. MAC This is important. They kiss. Looks into her dreamy eyes. me. She blinks back tears of relief. A tap on Mac’s shoulder. MAGGIE So is this. MAC Me. Wipes her face. MacKenzie? There’s an Elisha BenHassen on the webcam asking for you. A sigh. Like for the very first time.91. Their eyes meet. Mac turns Maggie back into his arms. She raises her lips. Elisha comes up on screen via webcam. She watches him go.

ELISHA By faith in He who is greater than you. and the whole room full of commandos are watching. Colonel Austin.. MAC Wait.92. Finds it. Tried to breed with her. Then a pack of small grays came in and took the kids. A weary smile.. What do you mean Elisha pounds his desktop. Laura. MAC I’m trying. . ELISHA Did you command it with the cross? Feeling for his necklace. wait. MAC I forgot I had it. “the next time”? SLAM. This is not good. Maggie. Back to the screen. ELISHA The next time you encounter him. Listening to Elisha. Sternly. Uri. MAC It hurled Laura against the wall. ELISHA There will be a next time. MAC Shalom. Elisha. ELISHA Uri tells me you encountered Semjaza. And when that times comes you must take authority over it! Mac turns around. Only He can defeat Semjaza. wait. MAC How? Adamant. I had no time.

A COMMANDO interrupts from a work station. Passionate.S. That’s why Sarah and Jeremy were taken. You must drive them out! MAC How? ELISHA Yeshua A Meshiac is with you now. He will fight for you! VOICE (O. Mac and Maggie exchange a quick look. They are evil.93. MAC Why didn’t they take me? CRANSTON You were wearing that cross. room. ELISHA You’re not getting it. Use the cross. unclean creatures. It’s Cranston from the other side of the MAC How do you know? CRANSTON My position on the hospital board made me privy to many things. CRANSTON The leader of the base is in need of a new host.) He’s right. Mac turns around. MAC You knew about the sixth floor? CRANSTON And much more. A new body. I want to help you. MAGGIE Oh my God. I’m afraid I’ve gotten in deeper than I bargained for. MacKenzie! These aliens are demons disguised to deceive us. .

94. COMMANDO Colonel, the doors at the end of the tunnel are opening! Colonel Austin crosses quickly to the soldier’s station. flat screen shows a remote feed of the huge doors slowly opening. AUSTIN THIS IS IT! “OPERATION TAKE-DOWN” IS A GO! LET’S MOVE! MOVE OUT! Instant mayhem. Walkies blaring. Choppers wind up. jumpsuits everywhere. Packing. Moving. Mac back to the web feed. ELISHA SHOW THE CROSS. YESHUA IS WITH YOU. BE STRONG IN THE LORD! SHALOM! Elisha’s gone. Mac is pulled away. Black The

Uri grabs THE BLUEPRINTS off a workstation. EXT. FRONT LAWN - DAWN - MOMENTS LATER The choppers churn up wind and leaves. A HIGH-RANKING COMMANDO, WALKER, intercepts Mac, Maggie, Uri and Laura. Over the chopper whine. With force.


95. Jabbing a finger in his chest. Taking charge.

MAC LOOK, PAL, THIS IS MY WIFE AND WE’RE GETTING OUR KIDS. SO STAND DOWN AND BACK OFF. They run around him to the chopper. joins them. He shrugs, turns and

EXT. CREEK WALK VINEYARD - ACCESS ROAD - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS Cranston speeds down the long dirt driveway in his BMW. clubs rattle in the back seat. Golf

A spotlight circles his car. He crouches to look out the windshield. The four Black Hawks swoop low over his car and out over the vineyard like a shot. He lets out a sigh. Then another spotlight engulfs the Beamer. But it’s ten times brighter. Cranston tries to look up at it. The golf clubs suddenly slam against the roof of the car. And keep slamming with an loud clanging. A whirlwind kicks up dust from the road. Tumbleweeds and debris swirl around his BMW in the white light. Cranston punches it. Pedal to the metal. The Beamer accelerates. The speedometer reads 100 m.p.h. It lifts off the ground. Cranston looks down at the road as it shrinks beneath him. Bathed in white light. EXT. CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER - EARLY DAWN Four Black Hawks fly in tight formation low over the desert. INT. CHOPPER #1 - CONTINUOUS Colonel Austin rides shotgun with Uri, Laura, Maggie, and Mac and more troops in the back. Maggie sits between Mac’s legs, facing forward, engulfed in his arms. Uri examines an HK-MP5K rifle issued by Austin. He checks the magazine, unloads the clip of ammo, inspects it, pushes it back into place. Lock and load. Lays it across his lap. He notices Mac watching him. He grins and shoots Mac a thumbs up. Delta Force is back. Mac smiles thinly. Returns with a tired thumbs up.

96. Uri opens the blueprints. EXT. CHOPPER #1 - AIRBORNE - SUNRISE - LATER The Black Hawk flies low to the ground. Others follow.

INT. CHOPPER #1 - AIRBORNE - SUNRISE - CONTINUOUS The door slides open. Cold morning air bursts in with the first signs of dawn streaking across the desert sky. Golden light and wind wash over Maggie’s face. in wonder. With trepidation. The chopper sets down. walkies and headsets. All look out

Austin’s voice explodes over the

AUSTIN THIS IS IT! LET’S MOVE OUT! EXT. DESIGNATED LANDING AREA - CONTINUOUS The other choppers touch down. Soldiers spill out like ants, fanning out, crouching defensively. Awaiting orders. Uri and Laura pile out of Chopper #1. Mac and Maggie follow. Colonel Austin pops open the cockpit door. Makes a run for it. Gets to the front line. right. Low and fast. Commando sign language. To the

Forty men and two women run toward a gaping hole in the side of the mountain. Over two hundred feet high in diameter. A monster tunnel. They gather at the mouth of it. WALKIES BLARING MAYDAY! THE DOORS ARE CLOSING! The huge doors rumble together. AUSTIN USE THE THERMITE GRENADES! NOW! White

A half dozen troops run inside the closing doors. smoke pours out. MAC Thermite? AUSTIN They melt metal together. MOVE PEOPLE! LET’S

The gigantic doors screech to a stop. AUSTIN These shoots should take us to Level 11. Feet first. TOP OF THE SHOOTS . Four commandos run ahead fifty feet and dive to the ground near the cavern entrance providing coverage. We’re going in. SIR. INT. . ALIEN BASE . No noise. We have a He stops. Colonel.MOMENTS LATER Colonel Austin divides the men into two groups. One of them signals.CONTINUOUS Walker and his men wait at the top of the shoots. INT. parallel TEFLON COATED SLIDES that go down forever. Uri.CONTINUOUS Soldiers follow Walker up ahead. Trotting to keep up. Okay men.NEAR CAVERN ENTRANCE . secure the area. Walker signals sign language. He pulls out the blueprint map. Let’s go. visual. Into his walkie. The ants go running MAGGIE Where are we? MAC The back entrance. Secure the area. WALKER THE SHOOTS ARE UP HERE. The commandos line up and jump down both shoots single file down the shaft. GIGANTIC TUNNEL . AUSTIN Roger that. Looking back. And vanish. Austin and the rest catch up. INT. Awestruck by the enormity of it all. Laura. arms crossed. WALKER It’s up ahead. Maggie and Mac join the group on the right hand side. Up ahead. The rest of the troops move in. in.97.

Flag on it’s side.S. equally aghast. AUSTIN Maj 12 can be reached through the air filtration system or the emergency exit shaft. Finger extended. Mac and Maggie come up Maggie gets her first eyeful of the hovering spacecraft. We’ll enter it here. GRID COMMANDO NOTHING UP HERE. A commando in the grid above. Looking around at his men. . GIANT SAUCER CAVERN . Laura takes Maggie by the arm. Austin unfolds A DUPLICATE SET OF BLUEPRINTS from his jacket. Covering her mouth. Lays it down.98. The core is here. Uri and Laura arrive near the saucer. INT. SIR. We believe the General and kids are here. standing in awe. A tool cart a few yards away. MAC But why? A yell from above. Walker and the pointmen circle in. He points to MAJ 12. Eyes watery.CONTINUOUS The troops form a semi-circle around the hovering disk. next to them. Sees the U. He stabs the map. MAGGIE Oh my gosh. THE PLACE IS SECURE. The map illustrates the tiered levels. URI There is no resistance. AUSTIN We’re here.

CONTINUOUS Pitch dark. stealth.MOMENTS LATER The entourage files onto the station platform.CONTINUOUS The giant leaps randomly from side to side squashing soldiers at will. Scanning everywhere. smother the flames. Don’t use force unless absolutely necessary. TRAIN TUNNEL . It’s mayhem. Walker jumps onto the tracks. A LARGE SILHOUETTE drops from a hole in the tunnel ceiling. Commandos with daggers drawn watch helplessly. Mac and company near The next station is illuminated five hundred feet ahead. NIGHT VISION . Everyone else jumps down. Puts it on. wails echo down the tunnel. Uri peels off a commando’s night vision. But ignites another commando. It’s THE GIANT. tunnel walls. With precision. Pointy eyeteeth. AUSTIN Remember you’re briefing.MIDWAY . WALKER Don’t fire unless fired upon. AUSTIN LET’S MOVE OUT! INT. Oval eyes. Quickly. Misses. Walker points his flashlight. He screams in pain.TUNNEL . His gunfire ricochets off the roof and the Walker’s The giant leaps on him. The group jogs silently. WALKER WE’RE CLEAR. Walker motions the team with his flashlight along the tunnel walls. A slow jog into the dark tunnel. Goes A flamethrower guy tries his luck. Three more close behind. Dismembering. Walker fires. Men dive on him. TRAIN STATION PLATFORM .99. INT. . Literally pulls him apart. the rear.

Yelling above the rattle. He carries a bazooka. A large burning hole smolders through his head. He lands in a heap on the ground. Uri walks up. Lit by thirty flashlight beams. MAGGIE What can we do? Reaching into his shirt neck. MAC You’re a good shot. from Raphaim. KA-BOOM! The giant is hit from behind. More outbursts of gunfire. MAC Nephilim. He’s enormous. Looks to Mac. He lands twenty feet in front of Mac and company. MAC It’s time to be strong in the Lord. Flashlights on him. . MAC WE ARE STRONG IN THE LORD! The giant springs from the ground high in the air right at Mac. is carried over Mac and Maggie. Tears rolling down. They fixate on Mac. Holding Elisha’s ancient cross out in front. Sparks and bullets ricochet all over. The giant quickly leapfrogs his way down the tunnel toward Mac. Some scream in agony from the strays. Crouches down. Gunshots from behind him skim over Mac and Maggie’s heads. Mustering faith. what is it? MAC Nephilim. eyes look side to side. Still smoking. URI You are strong in the Lord. URI Seeing is believing. BRIGHT AURORA LIGHT PARTICLES suspend him there. His oval Goes to the slain giant.100. MAGGIE Mac.

Each time readying for combat. Commandos encircle the fallen Goliath. Move down the tunnel. sliding panel. SIR! Two commandos pull out black Makita’s from their packs and unscrew the emergency elevator shaft panel. . URI Bizarre. MAC They knew we were coming. INT. prepare for descent to Level 12. It opens. Anywhere. He applies his hand. A hissing sound. URI No one is defending. Still no MPs. Fix their weapons on another AN ADVANCE MAN finds a hand-scanner panel to open the station door. Mole. then heads above the platform. SERIES OF CORRIDORS . POINTMAN #1 CLEAR! They hop onto the platform.MOMENTS LATER POINTMEN stick their guns. AUSTIN LET’S MOVE IT. No MPs. lower the ropes. MEN! They slowly break up. INT. AUSTIN Get it open. Scan the station. INT.CONTINUOUS The troops fly through small room after small room. No resistance. The commandos take aim. Each time passing through an air-lock passage chamber.101. NEXT TRAIN STATION PLATFORM . Whispering to Mac.CONTINUOUS POINTMAN #2 OVER HERE. EMERGENCY EXIT SHAFT .

) STAND DOWN! STAND DOWN! ELEVATOR COMING UP! Mole unsnaps. Silence but for the elevator whine as it ascends.102. AUSTIN HOLD YOUR FIRE UNTIL I GIVE THE ORDER! Uri gives Mac a look. a compact Latino wearing a mountainclimbing harness. Eyes through cross-hairs. Everyone adjusts their aim.S. He positions himself. Laura runs to him. Ten men kneel with their weapons aimed at the elevator. It’s General Nathan (Roswell). LAURA Daddy! Hugs him tightly. AUSTIN Down the hole! POINTMAN (O. HOLD YOUR FIRE. Motions to Laura to fall back. AUSTIN (O. Maggie moves closer to Mac for protection. Ten more HK-MP5Ks lock and load facing the elevator doors. climbs into the shaft.) HOLD YOUR FIRE. The outer doors open with a loud hiss. . Fingers flex over their triggers. Uri locks and loads. He slips the rope through a caribeaner with a brake bar attached to his harness. MEN. The inner doors slowly open. MOLE READY FOR DESCENT.C. ONE MINI-COMMANDO. A lone figure steps out. MOLE. Hops out of the shaft.

But the truth of the matter is this. Once you’re there. The deal is this. are then to proceed to MAJ 12 alone. Colonel. ROSWELL MacKenzie. I saw your children a short while ago. The kids were not a compatible host. but they knew that. ROSWELL It’s an exchange. Uri shoots a Mac a look. All of us are to go with him. AUSTIN We got here as soon as we ROSWELL Good job. could. Maggie squeezes Mac. snaps to attention with a salute. Holds it up. He looks around at the commandos. General. He kisses her on the head. ROSWELL Colonel Austin is to move his men from this level and go topside. Mac and Maggie listen intently. ROSWELL But I’ve been sent here to make an offer. Austin arrives. ROSWELL You. ROSWELL Hello. They’re well and no harm has come to them. your children will be released. He pulls a circuitlike key card with coding on it out of his pocket. MacKenzie. You for them. Finds Mac. sweetheart. .103.

and commence the core contamination to blow up the base. To MacKenzie. ROSWELL Is the core accessible? AUSTIN We think so. . MAC I’m the one to host? LAURA You’re the one. ROSWELL Their abduction was a trap to get you here. If you do host him. I’ll go. Abaris wants you. AUSTIN Sir. ROSWELL Uri. It’s your DNA and blood type that’s a genetic match. we send him down. Lucy. Looks to Uri. sir. did you get the blueprints? Uri holds them up. MAGGIE That’s insane. you need to be destroyed with the base. MAGGIE What are you saying? ROSWELL It’s time to exterminate this evil.104. yessir. If Mac agrees. If you refuse to share your body with Abaris. ROSWELL Then this is how it lays out. So does Austin. get the kids in exchange. he’ll kill you. ROSWELL The window to destroy the base is now. URI Send me.

MAC Elisha said we are strong in the Lord. ROSWELL This card will let you access Level 12. ELEVATOR . MAC I love you. EXT. puts it away. Uri and Laura behind him. Laura’s. Time to believe it. MAC God has the final word. One last hug. Maggie.MOMENTS LATER Daylight reflects off the smooth hangar floor. Majestic. The doors . She looks up. Roswell comes over. Handing Mac the elevator key. The rest of Austin’s commandos watch as everyone files out of the elevator. MAGGIE I’ll never see you again. Mac remains by the elevator door. slowly close. Mac’s eyes meet Uri’s. Inserts the card. Looks up to his face.105. Watery eyes. Losing it. Mac inspects the card. Maggie buries her face into his side. They kiss for the last time.TOPSIDE . MAC I’ll do it. He backs into the elevator. He gently takes massages Maggie’s shoulders. I’ll go. All eyes on MacKenzie. ROSWELL Only Mac is a compatible host. Maggie at his side.

Jeremy close behind. MAC “Harvesting”. SARAH Where’s mommy? MAC She’s waiting for you upstairs. INT.106. MAC How are my dear ones? JEREMY I’m scared. Dad. Mac steps off the It’s the same Sarah and Jeremy stand next to an ASIAN MAN. SARAH DADDY!!!!! MAC PUMPKIN! Sarah runs with glee. MAC How do I know they’ll reach the hangar? ASIAN MAN You watch there. Approaching. ASIAN MAN I go with the children. ASIAN MAN Abaris wants to assure you they remember nothing of their harvesting. Asian man scurries into the open doors. MAJ 12 . elevator. Back to the kids.CONTINUOUS The doors hiss open like a snake.LOBBY . . Mac stoops down and gives them hugs and kisses. Looks up with contempt. janitor from the LAX men’s room entrance.

and this nice man will take you up. . INT. Reality setting in. MAC Hold hands. Knowing this is it. Still kid level. Wipes his mouth. MONITOR SCREEN . Mac heads to the bank of monitors. Touches its surface. He jerks it back. Choked up. arms. very much. No harm. He reaches his hand up. Looks over at the large black panel. No visible means of entrance. INT.107. The doors slowly closing.CONTINUOUS Mac approaches. A dual bear hug. Looks back. He points to a bank of recessed monitors across the lobby.ELEVATOR LOBBY . very. Mac looks. He takes a deep breath. All are safe. you guys. His hand goes through it. Inspects the damage. Mac gets a visual of the door. Austin’s men milling about. Now is the appointed time.CONTINUOUS Mac watches the screen. He kisses them both on the lips. The kids run into Maggie’s Watch and wait. MAC I love you very. Assuring. Asian man points to a BLACK DOOR behind him. The kids fire it back. ASIAN MAN You go there.CONTINUOUS Commotion on the hangar floor. INT. MAJ 12 . LARGE BLACK PANEL DOOR . Then steps out of the elevator. very. Mac gives the thumbs up sign. They’re gone. Maggie at the bottom of the screen. A video feed of the hangar. A lone tear. Tousles their hair for the last time.

Takes a breath. And disappears.S. and the rest of the commandos. ROSWELL (O.) To destroy the base we need to contaminate the power core. Commando Mole has stepped forward. The sun is hyper-intensified by a magnifying glass lens and will burn through anything it touches. ROSWELL You’re odds of escape are one in a million.) I’ll go. Roswell lifts up a piece of bronze sheet metal. Mac walks squarely into the large black face plate. Uri. He reaches in farther this time. Blueprints of the base lie on the hangar floor. Are you sure? . I’ve got a kamikaze mission and I need a volunteer. He fits the job. Laura comforts Maggie and the kids far behind them. INT.108.S. ROSWELL Colonel Austin? AUSTIN It’s his call. ROSWELL The only way we can get into the power core is down the solar shaft. ROSWELL Let me tell it to you straight. son. Uri looks down the line.CONTINUOUS Roswell stands before Uri. GIANT HANGAR . I need someone half your size. He pulls it back out. Austin. His arm disappears up to his shoulder. URI I can go. A line of commando faces listen as Roswell continues. ROSWELL You’re too big. VOICE (O.

all those bothersome MPs. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK We know everything. MacKenzie. have a look. oh yes. do we? MAC All of this was staged for my benefit? Laughing out loud. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK MacKenzie. Here. The light filtering through the floor. the ceiling. and Pthe left and right walls.S. Whispering through his lips. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK Don’t be shy. Arthur. We don’t want anyone hurt now. It’s MacKenzie. CIRCULAR ROOM . sir.CONTINUOUS Mac stands in front of another black door. and walls somehow fails to illuminate the man.CONTINUOUS RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK (O. . ceiling. It suddenly splits into four quadrants receding into the floor.MAJ 12 . MacKenzie. Mac proceeds with caution. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK Sit here. Art MacKenzie. MOLE I like my chances. Mac squints to get a better look. Mac slowly sits down.) Well. Seamless. everything. Mac enters into a circular room. All the personnel. That’s why I cleared everyone out. INT. INT. I knew you would come. I want to see you. well. CORRIDOR .109. Pointing to a chair next to him. Mac sees the silhouette of a man sitting at a circular table.

Pearl harbor being bombed by Japanese Zeroes. Saddam Hussein. RFK shot at the Ambassador Hotel. table. it isn’t a pretty picture is it? There is quiet. The oil fields ablaze in Kuwait. Baghdad under siege. . The second jet plowing into the World Trade Center. Hundreds of dead bodies in a river in Somalia. Mac jumps up from his chair. Human skeletons stacked in a concentration camp. The images stop. Raspy inhale. Chinese student protestors march arm in arm against militia wearing riot gear. Mussellini. Kadafi.110. JFK’s head exploding in Dallas. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK You see. A control panel in the shape of a hand. I want you to understand what we humans are. Vivid moving images. He stares at the pictures. Hiroshima. Suicide bombings in Jerusalem. The Ayatollah. Atomic bombs in Nagasaki. through windows. like looking Hitler gesticulates wildly delivering an impassioned speech. MacKenzie. Molded into the The room explodes with a series of DIFFERENT HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Yes. Napalm in Vietnam. Castro. The man places his hand in it. The killing fields of Cambodia. The Wailing Wall. Osama Bin Laden.

111. Mac is silent. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK All the butchery, the pain, the misery. Mac shifts uncomfortably. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK All of what you saw will be a thing of the past. There will be peace, security, and a world governed fairly. The aliens will change things. And quite for the better. MAC Why are you telling me this? The man rests his hand again in the indentation on the table. A light begins to illuminate the man’s face, lifting it from the shadows. Humming, not singing. RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK Oh give me a home...where the buffalo roam... Thrown off. MAC I used to sing that song with my... RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK ...your father? His face now illuminates under the light. It is Mac’s father, his dead father, sitting before him. Mac recoils. Leaning in. Too creepy.

RASPY VOICE IN THE DARK I am your father. I am now the one named Abaris. INT. DIMLY LIT CORRIDOR - MOMENTS LATER Mac walks slowly next to Abaris. ABARIS Abaris, after a Greek sage who had the power to heal.

112. You see, it was I who saved the alien who survived the Roswell crash. Mac has trouble looking ahead. ABARIS When his body began to die I allowed him to enter mine. MAC Is he with you now? ABARIS You have been talking to both of us, for now we are one. It has been the most valuable experience of my life. Feeling somehow ripped off. MAC You fake your death so that some alien could share your body over raising your own family? ABARIS Oh you mustn’t be cross. It has been for the good. Yes, and much more. But now my body is beginning to die. That is why I brought you here. Mac strains to process it all. ABARIS You, my son, are the person to carry on. To end the misery on this planet. If you will only allow us to enter. Abaris stops in front of a large panel. into four sections. He gestures for Mac to enter. INT. THEATRE CHAMBER - CONTINUOUS ABARIS The time of the mass revealing is almost at hand. A world of peace, harmony, love, and understanding. The true brotherhood of man realized to its fullest potential. The door splits open

113. The room is suddenly bathed in brilliant white light. A huge heavenly being floats from an entrance off to the side. He is magnificent, powerful, and splendid to behold. HEAVENLY BEING I am the archangel Gabriel. me. The angel hovers above Mac and Abaris. changes his appearance. Trust And gracefully

Ghandi, serene and holy with a white dhoti wrapped around his tiny brown-skinned body. Into Buddha, silent and detached, with a beam of light streaking from the center of his forehead. Into Jesus, hanging on a cross, wrists impaled by bony nails, a crown of thorns jutting into his bloody head. Mac watches breathlessly. The image changes again. A small point of light. Swirling. Into a primordial cloud of spinning galaxies. Into the universe itself. His voice echoes. THE UNIVERSE I AM THE ONE NAMED SEMJAZA! Suddenly it is gone. It has vanished. Complete overload.

Mac stands in total shock. MacKenzie.

ABARIS (O.S.) Mac looks around. His father calls him from an adjacent room. Mac reluctantly follows. INT. SOLAR SHAFT - INTERCUT AN EIGHT FOOT DIAMETER mirrored-paneled SOLAR SHAFT magnifies a concentrated six foot diameter beam of hot desert sun down into the base. A heavily perspiring Mole carefully repels down the shaft, flat against the side to avoid the intense beam. INT. MAJ 12 - THE TIERED ROOM - INTERCUT A large space with a strange reddish glow. of towers with thousands of shelves. Hundreds of rows

MAC The cow’s blood. A glowing hybrid heart beats in a glasslike container. ABARIS The aliens are here to enlighten us.SPEED MONTAGE OF IMAGES Lucy’s gaunt face in the psych ward. They are the ones who stimulated the creation of the world’s major religions. All genetically engineered. The small gray with the doctor inspecting the giant’s foot. Mac keels over with dizziness. Moses. The rattlesnake on his heel. ABARIS Krishna. The alien in the saucer staring in hate. And the kingdom of heaven will be on earth. To replenish their dying race and evolve ours. Divina with her throat slit. On the shelves are countless glasslike containers. INT. Hybrid . An entire row of glowing hearts beat as one. Semjaza manifesting in the living room. ABARIS This is the future. MAC Embryonic Nephilim. Their seed and ours joined together to create a superrace. Jesus. The mutilated cow carcass. MAC’S MIND . And soon their time of dwelling with us will be revealed. The six-fingered skeleton in the ancient sarcophagus. Putting it all together. Muhammad. From the topmost tier. embryos incubate within a thick red liquid.114.

this all might seem strange to you now. Mac fights a gag-reflux.115. Mac jerks away. Mac snaps. But he’s transfixed. ABARIS It’s time to embrace him. NEPHILIM! BREEDS. Hundreds of embryos spill across the shiny black floor. OH YES. INT. Sarah and Jeremy floating in midair. Its twisted face a look of hate. my son. Puts his shoulder into it. It startles Mac. EMBRACE HIM. It scratches the side of the container. TIERED ROOM WITH GLASSLIKE CONTAINERS . The tiny creature twists and presses its hideous face against the glass. FOR HE IS YOUR BROTHER. The jars smash open. Seemingly in unison. Pushes the entire tower over on its side. The embryo reaches out a clawlike finger. Laura slammed like a rag doll against the wall. but I assure you it is the future of mankind. MY SON. They writhe and gasp.CONTINUOUS Mac looks at a glowing hybrid embryo. The red thick liquid squirms. MAC IT’S A LIE! YOU’RE A LIE! NOT MY FATHER! YOU’RE . ABARIS YES. Exploding. MAC THEY’RE ALL CROSS- ABARIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Pointing at Abaris. ABARIS You see. The embryo turns in the jar so that its slanted eyes look out at Mac.

Breaking glass everywhere. Looking up. He outstretches his razor-taloned fingers towards Mac. A warrior with a flaming sword. ABARIS YOU MUST STOP NOW! Brilliant white light floods the room. Gasping for air. The angelic being fills the space. MAC I need you. He goes down to the floor. Mac grabs for his throat. More embryos spastically twitch in the shallow thick cow’s blood. Clawlike hands. Semjaza comes closer. Booming voice. MAC WE ARE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN HIS MIGHTY POWER! Projectile vomit at Mac. It’s time to believe. He’s drenched in foul fluid. . Gray scaly skin. Slanted oval eyes. He’s gagging. MAC IN THE NAME OF YESHUA THE MESSIAH I COMMAND YOU TO RETURN TO THE PIT OF HELL! Semjaza takes a deep breath and blows out a black cloud that envelopes Mac. Elongated head. He pushes over another tower. SEMJAZA I AM SEMJAZA. They domino. Outraged. wings spread wide. Choking. HOW DARE YOU INTERFERE WITH OUR COLONY? YOU CANNOT DESTROY THE FUTURE OF MANKIND! Mac back-pedals on the smooth shiny floor. Holding up the ancient Jerusalem cross hanging around his neck.116. Then his appearance changes. BRIGHT AURORA LIGHT PARTICLES manifest into a TWENTY-FOOT ANGEL. A desperate prayer.

Semjaza takes another deep breath. The angel aims his sword at the floor. They disintegrate as they fall to the ground. He hooks his clawlike finger on its edge. choking him. No Abaris. His face a twisted mask of rage and fear as it tries frantically to move away from the abyss. three large male rattlesnakes wrap themselves around Mac’s throat. The warrior angel vanishes. At last all is calm. The angel’s flaming sword pierces the darkness. A larger tentacle comes up and wraps itself around Semjaza. his disjointed arm following him. the loud rumble of an earthquake. He desperately claws at a load-bearing beam. Mac’s hair blows wildly. then his body is torn from the clinging arm. In the cloud. He lashes his sword at Mac’s neck. Mac lies prostrate. It’s The floor rumbles as the abyss slowly closes. Before he can exhale. Mac scrambles away from the pit.117. The wind sucks down as the pit seals itself off. It holds against the supernatural force. lash out from the abyss and encircle all of the writhing embryos and glass containers on the shelves. The noise is deafening. A lightning bolt hurls at Semjaza’s feet. His clothes flap violently. He scans the room. A crackling thunder fills the room. severing the snakes into pieces. Semjaza is now above him. Heads for the black door. revealing the suffocating Mac. to feet. The angel swirls his sword in the air. Semjaza shrieks as he is hurled into the pit. A gaping hole rips across the center of the floor between Mac and Semjaza. A large ominous black pit descends as far as he can see. Suddenly tentacles of wind. the angel swings his sword and cleanly cuts off his arm. The entire colony is spun into a frenzied helix and drawn into the depths. Abaris steps back in bewilderment. He gets . Semjaza lets out a tortured scream. Another sound joins the cacophony of the whirling wind. The deafening noise subsides. A whirling hurricane engulfs the room. like small tornados.

The guards spin around. And slowly lowers himself again upside down. A HOVERING SAUCER pulses a deep orange glow. corrupting the energy field. He folds into an airplane.INTERCUT TWO NEPHILIM WITH MASSIVE SIX FOOT SWORDS stand guard near a thick stainless steel door. And again. As they run toward the shaft. The plane circles silently over the energy field. INT. . He turns back to the pulsating plasma. INT. Alarms drone and red lights flash. MOLE C’mon baby. swords drawn. It rotates revealing a row of oval shaped windows. see Mole and brandish their swords. Three small grays yank him away. Get there. A muted yell for help.INTERCUT Mac runs into a huge cavern. Checks the guards again. He sees the guards. POWER CORE ROOM . Then dives in.CONTINUOUS Mole pulls himself back up. Mole drops to the ground and heads to the edge of the plasma lake. And finally lands back underneath Mole. Mole’s face peeks out upside down out of the shaft. Unzips a pocket and pulls out the piece of bronze sheet metal. Abaris looks down from one of the portals. INT. Sparks erupt as the power core commences a nuclear meltdown. on top of the large prism of refracted sunlight. AN ALARM BLARES. HUGE CAVERN . MOLE Crap. Finds the pulsating lake twenty feet away.CONTINUOUS Mole hangs out from the shaft. Under his breath. INT. POWER CORE ROOM . He carefully launches the plane towards the lake of pumping plasma. He turns to watch the Nephilim giants charging hard. In the portal next to him Cranston bangs on the glass. Light pours down the solar shaft behind them and is reflected through a giant prism onto a lake of yellow inorganic pulsating plasma some twenty feet away. SOLAR SHAFT .118.

CONTINUOUS Roswell. The giant hangar doors in the background are closing as the fireball pours past them into the daylight. Laura. Mac notices an emergency exit shaft against the wall.CONTINUOUS The elevator roars upward. EXT.CONTINUOUS The elevator doors open and Mac runs out into an empty hangar. INT. A fireball blows the elevator doors out into the hangar floor. KA-BOOM. INT. ELEVATOR . formation. Uri. Blackness. GIANT HANGAR .CONTINUOUS The four Black Hawks wind up their sagging blades. ROSWELL Take her up. Maggie. the kids. ALIEN BASE TARMAC . ALIEN BASE TARMAC . Daylight pours through a tunnel at the far end. EXT. sir. The others follow in . and some commandos commence to buckle up. And is gone. Sees a small card slot in the panel. INT. AUSTIN The base is going. CHOPPER # 1 . He inserts the circuitlike key card. He runs to it. Austin. Into his headset. Austin gets a visual of the fireball.CONTINUOUS Chopper One lifts off the tarmac. The doors open. Alarms continue to echo. Reserve power. The saucer whisks towards the tunnel. The saucer lifts higher and banks toward an opening at the end of the cavern.119. Mac is thrown to the ground. Mac looks up as the lights flash and go out. A red panel lights up.

EXT. LOADED COMMANDO HE’S CONTAMINATED. Finds Mac Chopper One Through the binoculars: a close up of Mac’s cross bouncing around his neck as he runs.CONTINUOUS A COMMANDO jumps into the open chopper door. ALIEN BASE TARMAC . URI IT’S MAC. CHOPPER # 1 .CONTINUOUS A charred MacKenzie runs after the choppers. Sees a lone figure run out a narrow gap in the giant doors. Cheers all around. HE’S HOSTING. TAKE HER DOWN! EXT. running toward them. INT. Uri extends his hand and grasps Mac below the wrist.CONTINUOUS Another explosion shoots a giant plume of fire through the hangar ceiling. A sprinting Mac reaches up as Chopper One swings over him.CONTINUOUS Maggie stares out the open chopper door back at the hangar. and Uri pulls him off the ground into the already ascending Black Hawk. Lurching at him. CHOPPER ONE . INT. URI HOLD YOUR FIRE! Uri grabs the binoculars off the loaded commando. ALIEN BASE TARMAC .CONTINUOUS Commandos pull Uri and Mac back into the chopper.120. SIR. aiming his assault weapon. They all . MAGGIE IT’S MAC! EXT. HE’S CLEAN. They lock. CHOPPER # 1 . land in a heap. circles back toward Mac.

Dives into the ocean. MAC I promise. Hovers over the water.121. SARAH DADDY! Winded. MAC Hello pumpkin! Maggie picks him up into a bear hug. FADE TO BLACK. Cranston is gagged with duct tape. me you won’t. (TO BE CONTINUED...) . MAGGIE Don’t ever leave me. And is gone. The saucer angles steeply. EXT. PACIFIC OCEAN . Abaris looks out the oval window. face. Mac. deep orange glow. His bloodshot eyes wide with fear. In the oval window next to him. FADE OUT.SUNSET TITLE: OFF THE COAST OF PERU It pulsates with a Tears of joy stream her Promise A flying saucer arrives from hyper-space.