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Historical Society Incorporated

July — August 2018
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 93

members will be able to contribute articles to the
Guest Speaker— August 2018 AWHS Newsletter and Journal.
7. MR(P)HG will have the option of continuing mem-
A member of the Auckland Fire Brigade Historical bership of the NZ Federation of History as the Federa-
Society will come talk to us in August at the Annual tion accepts members who are not incorporated socie-
General Meeting. ties.
We therefore extend a warm welcome to members of
Merger talks with our sister organisation, the Mt Roskill Heritage Group.
Mt Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical We will be working with them on opportunities to raise
Society awareness of their district’s heritage and, hopefully,
rekindle the incorporated society there in the future.
This took place at Alison’s home on 22 May, and were
very successful. At the 2 June AWHS meeting follow-
ing, those present agreed to the following: April Movie at
Ryders on Riversdale Road
1. The MR(P)Heritage Group will retain their separate
bank account. Garth Houltham and Lisa Truttman to be
co-signatories. Congratulations to our Alison Turner for another great
film outing at Ryders this year. The film that was
2. Should MR(P)Heritage Group have a project in mind provided, Mystics from 2003 (“A dark comedy about
which requires funding, the funding application may two old-time con-men who pretend to be able to com-
require the applicant to be an Incorporated Society. In municate with the dead”) did need subtitles for some of
this case, AWHS will consider applications from the broader Irish accents, but those there on the day
MR(P)Heritage Group, to act as an umbrella group for enjoyed themselves, and tucked into the usual delicious
funding applications on a case by case basis. roast meat lunch afterward.

3. The MR(P)HS members/contacts to be contacted by Around 32 attended from Avondale-Waterview and
Margaret Ting and given the option (a) to transfer to the Point Chevalier Societies, as well as a group from
AWHS Contact list. Existing MR(P)HS members who South Auckland.
say ‘yes’ to their contact details being transferred will
directly receive the Avondale Historical Journal and the Farewell to the old Avondale RSA, and
AWHS Newsletter by either email or post, whether they
subscribe to AWHS or not. hello to the new
Or (b) to remain on a MR(P)HG Contact list. Demolition of the Avondale RSA rooms on Layard
(Privacy Law requires that we have permission to trans- Street began in late May this year. AWHS member Ne-
ville Exler rang to alert me on 30 May that the named
fer contact details to another group).
bricks from the front wall that faced Layard Street had
4. MR(P)Heritage Group will no longer charge mem- been piled up after being taken down from the wall.
bership subscriptions. The Avondale Waterview Histor- Sadly, not all survived. Some were so firmly fixed, that
ical Society welcomes any new Members ($15 per an- they simply crumbled when efforts were made to re-
move them in one piece.
5. MR(P)HG will keep its own website and the AWHS The current Treasurer for the RSA, Duncan Macdonald
will have a link from their website to that of MR(P)HG. (who is also a member of AWHS, as well as Chairman
Roskill’s People website will continue. of the Avondale Business Association and Whau Local
Board member) told me that what remained of the
6. Mount Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical Society named bricks have been gathered up and put into safe
Newsletter will cease publication, and MR(P)HG
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Bus Trip to the Packard Motor Museum
State Highway 14, Maungatapere
Wednesday 17 October 2018
The talk and slideshow given to us at our June meeting by Geraldine Craw of the Packard Museum
was so entertaining, that we agreed that a bus trip to the Museum was in order.

Bill Mutch of New Lynn Probus has arranged a bus to take his group up to the museum in October,
and has very kindly set aside a limited number of seats for us.

The cost is $55 per person for the bus (includes light refreshment going up, and a filled roll and
muffin at our destination), plus $20 per person museum admission. Ther e is a café on the pr em-
ises for coffees and teas.

The bus would leave New World at Clark Street, New Lynn at 9.45am, and returns around 5.20 pm.

Only 12 seats have been set aside for us, so — be quick to book before 31 August! Please pay in
advance to secure your seat to:

Alison Turner
119C Hitchinson Ave

Or pay into our bank account. Let either Alison (825-0300) or Lisa (828-8494, 0274040804) know
you’ve paid!

Kiwibank 389000 0177261 00

About the museum:
This collection began back in the early 1950s on a farm at Anawhata, Piha. Collector extraordinaire,
farmer and roading contractor, Graeme Craw, had a strong interest in the Industrial Revolution and
it’s effects on both industry and every-day life. He aimed to preserve the history and machines of the
revolution which took place during the 18th and 19th centuries. He had a deep appreciation of the
ruggedness of early colonial New Zealand and the machines that literally shaped our country. His
farm at Anawhata, Piha, included an early bush railway which ferried huge Kauri logs to the
Graeme, being a rugged individual, recognized the same characteristic in Packard automobiles as
they were one of the few cars of the time that were able to withstand the conditions of early New
Zealand roads. Testament to that was his first Packard, Graeme gave the car a quick check over and
was able to make the journey all the way to Anawhata with 13 sheep in the back! It was the begin-
ning of a love-affair with Packards, laying the foundation for a collection of over 50 Packards, cover-
ing most models from 1919 to 1958 when Packard finally ceased production.
The collection moved to the old Montana Winery in the Waitakere Hills. Then on to it’s current loca-
tion in the old Maungatapere Dairy factory, a move that took over 3 years. At this time the collection
was only open by appointment.
Sadly in 2007, Graeme passed away after a long illness . After his passing, the family decide to open
the collection to the public as a Museum as this had been one of Graemes intentions. The museum
now is open to the public.

Avondale RSA As Duncan said in his email, “My concept is that
Continued from page 1 we bring the RSA out to the public and provide an ex-
panded facility that not only incorporates the RSA but
storage for the moment. Fortunately, I did get to caters for mum and the kids for coffee and cake and a
photograph them on the wall back in 2015. natter with friends.”
The new RSA for Avondale is in the old Steeles He has described that there will be an art gallery,
factory just off upper Rosebank Road. There was a lounge bar, TAB facilities, separate coffee bar with
preview open day of the new RSA building held on
cabinet food, and a “stage and dance room that incor-
Anzac Day. Duncan advised in an email that the RSA
porates indoor bowls, one wall is fully mirrored for
is aiming for a formal opening on 7 or 8 July, complete
dance classes.”
with powhiri, before closing it again to have the floors
in the building sanded. After that, it will be fully open
It’s good to know Avondale won’t lose out on having a
to the public.
facility for get-togethers.

June 2018

Images from Layard Street: The
way the RSA was in 2015, and the
demp;ition site from early June
2018. Photos: L Truttman.

Site of Lowe Nam’s market garden, Tiverton Road

Whau Bridge, Great North Road

Former Warburton Store, corner Margan Ave and
Hutchinson, New Lynn.

This was a project initiated and funded by the Whau
Local Board, with assistance from AWHS, the
Blockhouse Bay Historical Society, New Lynn
Whau Area Plaques Installed Protection Society, West Auckland Historical Society,
and Auckland Libraries.
The first twelve of (hopefully) a continuing series have
been installed. These are:

Former site of the Delta Theatre, New Lynn

Congregational Church building, Great North Road,
New Lynn

Former New Lynn Post Office

“Potters Post”, Totara Ave, New Lynn

Site of Archibald brickyard, Kelston

Crum Brick and Pottery site, corner Portage Road and
Great North Road, New Lynn
More on this in next newsletter.
Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church
Next meeting is
Avondale Baptist Church Saturday 4 August 2018, at 2 pm,
Former site of St Bride’s Convent, Great North Road, St Ninians Hall, St Georges Road,
Avondale Avondale. This will be our AGM.

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