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PEAK™ Transformers SERIES

Stretch your distribution system

investment with PEAK™ transformers
Eaton’s Cooper Power series For applications where a
A new era in PEAK™ transformers are

smaller footprint and a lighter
transformer design uniquely designed to provide transformer–capable of the
additional capability for same ratings as a physically
that optimizes managing increased loads larger 65 °C AWR rated
overload capacity and temporary overloads
without accelerating loss of
unit–are desired, a 75 °C
AWR PEAK transformer
and reliability. insulation system life when is recommended
Eaton introduces compared to mineral
oil-filled transformer
Increased overload capacity
the Cooper Power™ alternatives. Two options are • Customers are now able to
currently available for PEAK operate PEAK single-phase
series PEAK™ transformers, both utilizing an transformers 9% beyond full • PEAK transformers can
transformer advanced high-temperature rated base load, and three- perform at higher kVA ratings
insulation system–comprised phase transformers 12%
technology for of thermally upgraded beyond full rated base load
than traditional mineral oil-
filled units
reliable electric power kraft paper, biodegradable
Envirotemp™ FR3™ dielectric
with a 65/75 °C
AWR slash-rating. Customers • PEAK transformers can
voltage transformation fluid, and an optimized core are able to operate PEAK support more houses per
transformer, versus traditional
with capacity up and coil design. three-phase transformers 22%
beyond full-rated base load mineral oil-filled alternatives,
to 122% • For applications where with a 55/75 ºC AWR slash potentially eliminating the
additional overload capacity rating. These options allow need to increase to the next
is most important–to manage customers to more precisely larger transformer size.
increased loads or peak size transformers based on
demand–a 65/75 °C (Average
• Aging equipment can be
periods of peak demand– replaced to add increased
Winding Rise) AWR or without accelerated reduction
55/75 ºC AWR PEAK trans- reliability to an existing
of insulation life. system for long-term
former is recommended
distribution planning
Increased load capacity Typical summer peak-load profile
PEAK 65/75 °C AWR 125%   PEAK 55/75 °C Three-Phase Continuous Loading
transformers are designed 120%  
Typical Summer Peak
to accommodate heavier base 115%   PEAK 65/75 °C Three-Phase Continuous Loading
loading for extended periods 110%  
PEAK 65/75 °C Single-Phase Continuous Loading
of time without accelerating

Transformer Loading
loss of insulation system life. 95%   Mineral Oil 65 °C All Transformers Continuous
In fact, you can load PEAK 90%  

single-phase transformers 85%  

continuously 9% beyond full 75%  
rated base load, and three-phase 70%  
transformers 12% beyond full 65%  

rated base load while 60%  

maintaining IEEE Std C57.91™- 50%  
2011 standard per unit life 45%  
requirement. PEAK three-phase 40%  

transformers can operate at 22% 35%  

beyond full-rated base load with M    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    AM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    PM    AM  
0  A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
a 55/75 ºC AWR slash rating. 1:0 2:0 3:0 4:0 5:0 6:0 7:0 8:0 9:0 10:0 11:0 12:0 1:0 2:0 3:0 4:0 5:0 6:0 7:0 8:0 9:0 10:0 11:0 12:0

Increased reliability Hour of Day Across 365 Days

Moisture and thermal stress
are the enemy of transformer
insulation system life. PEAK
transformer’s superior moisture
and thermal stress managing
capabilities allow for extended Full-load current in amperes
Mineral oil-filled transformer PEAK transformer at 75 ˚C AWR at rated line voltage
insulation system life, which
full-load current in amperes equivalent full-load current in
contributes to better overall The tables to the left show
at rated line voltage amperes at rated line voltage
system reliability by reducing the capability to load a
the frequency of outages due 65/75 °C PEAK transformer
Single-phase line currents Single-phase line currents
to transformer failures. above the limit of traditional
• 75 °C AWR designs offer Rated line voltage Rated line voltage mineral oil-filled transformers.
transformer insulation system For example, a standard
kVA rating 120 240 kVA rating 120 240 single-phase transformer
life extension of up to 4 times
that of the IEEE® 20.55 year 5 41.67 20.83 5.5 45.2 22.71 with a 100 kVA rating can be
life requirement operated at 109 kVA in a PEAK
10 83.33 41.67 10.9 90.83 45.42
transformer design and deliver
• 65/75 °C AWR designs offer 15 125.00 62.50 16.4 136.25 68.13 an additional 75 A of load
transformer insulation system 25 208.33 104.17 27.3 227.08 113.54 for a 120 V secondary, relative
life extension of up to 8 times to traditional mineral oil-filled
37.5 312.50 156.25 40.9 340.63 170.31
that of the IEEE® 20.55 year transformers.
life requirement, when oper- 50 416.67 208.33 54.5 454.17 227.08
ated at the base kVA rating 75 625.00 312.50 81.8 681.25 340.63
• Soybean oil-based fluid creates 100 833.33 416.67 109 908.33 454.47
barrier against water at the
surface of the insulation,
helping to protect the kraft Three-phase
paper in the windings from
thermal degradation, resulting Mineral oil-filled transformer PEAK transformer at 75 ˚C AWR
in insulation extended life full-load current in amperes equivalent full-load current in
at rated line voltage amperes at rated line voltage
• Filled with a soybean oil-based
dielectric fluid–recognized
Three-phase line currents Three-phase line currents
by UL® and FM Global®
as a less flammable Rated line voltage Rated line voltage
fluid–providing significantly
enhanced fire safety kVA rating 120 208 240 kVA rating 120 208 240
• More than 15 years of field 30 144.34 83.27 72.17 33.6 161.66 93.26 80.83
experience with no reported 45 216.51 124.91 108.25 50.4 242.49 139.90 121.24
fires in Envirotemp™ FR3™
75 360.84 208.18 180.42 84 404.15 233.16 202.07
fluid-filled transformers
112.5 541.27 312.27 270.63 126 606.22 349.74 303.11
150 721.69 416.36 360.63 168 808.29 466.32 404.15
225 1082.53 624.54 541.27 252 1212.44 699.48 606.22
300 1443.38 832.72 721.69 336 1616.58 932.64 808.29
500 2405.63 1387.86 1202.81 560 2694.30 1554.40 1347.15
750 3608.44 2081.79 1804.22 840 2331.61 2331.61 2020.73

2 EATON CORPORATION Stretch your Distribution System Investment with PEAK Transformers
Smaller, lighter transformers
The new PEAK™
When compared to traditional better value, as well as lower • Eliminates need to upgrade
transformer is 65 °C AWR transformers of handling and operating costs. utility poles
available in both the same kVA rating, 75 °C AWR • Easier to handle and install • Accommodates doorway
PEAK transformers have the
pole- and pad- and elevator constraints
ability to be smaller and lighter. • Lower crane/hoisting costs
mounted and These units will typically use • Eliminates need for larger
less material and fewer gallons
• Simplifies retrofitting efforts
concrete pad
substation designs. of dielectric fluid resulting in

Smaller and lighter than traditional transformers

The example below illustrates the potential footprint change in single-phase pole-mounted transformers.

Mineral Oil-Filled PEAK™ Transformer PEAK™ Transformer

Transformer 65/75 ºC Rise 75 ºC Rise

34.8" 32.8"

13.75" 13.75" 12.5"

The example below illustrates the potential footprint change in three-phase pad-mounted transformers.

Mineral Oil-Filled PEAK Transformer PEAK Transformer

Transformer 55/75 ºC or 65/75 ºC 75 ºC Rise

64.0" 64.0" 64.0"

" " "

.0 .0 .0
59 59 58
82.0" 82.0" 70.0"

EATON CORPORATION Stretch your Distribution System Investment with PEAK Transformers 3
A long history of innovation The acceptance of this
new standard allows Transformer standard
New technology has historically
customers to deploy 75 °C
driven changes in transformer The IEEE Std C57.154™-2012
AWR PEAK transformers
design standards. With each standard, covering the design,
with confidence.
revolution, the new transformer testing, and applications of
technology pushes the limits Product scope transformers operating at
of previous design standards. elevated temperatures, such
• 75 °C AWR (Average
as the PEAK transformer, was
In 1956, Eaton’s Cooper Power Winding Rise)
published October 30, 2012.
Systems Division was the first • 65/75 °C AWR
to design and sell the 65 °C Test data
AWR transformer. It wasn’t until • 55/75 ºC AWR,
1964 that 65 °C AWR became available 3-phase only • PEAK transformers have
the NEMA® standard. Eaton been tested to ensure
is once again driving industry
• 5-167 kVA single-phase quality of the transformer
change with PEAK transformers. pole-mount transformers and components
The newly published IEEE
• 5-167 kVA single-phase • Components have completed
Std C57.154™-2012 standard, pad-mount transformers full testing at elevated
titled “Standard for the • 45-12,000 kVA three-phase temperatures:
Design, Testing and Application pad-mount transformers • Overcurrent protective
of Liquid-Immersed Distribution,
• 500-6,667 kVA single-phase devices
Power and Regulating
Transformers Using High- substation transformers • Switches
Temperature Insulation • 300-12,000 kVA three-phase
Systems and Operating • Bushings
substation transformers
at Elevated Temperatures,” • Additional components
reflects new technology,
allowing higher performance. • Lockie accelerated aging

PEAK transformer comparison

Mineral oil PEAK 75 ˚C PEAK 65/75 ˚C PEAK 55/75 ºC

Single-phase load capacity IEEE Std C57.91™-2011 standard IEEE Std C57.91™-2011 standard +9% Continuous (above base kVA rating) –

Three-phase load capacity IEEE Std C57.91™-2011 standard IEEE Std C57.91™-2011 standard +12% Continuous (above base kVA rating) +22% Continuous (above base kVA rating)

Life extension 1x 3-4x 8x (when operating at base kVA rating) 8x (when operating at base kVA rating)

Enhanced fire safety –   

Environmentally preferred –   
First price lowest lower low low

Lifetime cost of ownership low lower lowest lower

Bioremediation cost high moderate moderate moderate

*All values are design dependent

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