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THESIS: Same-sex couples should have the legal right to adopt throughout the United States. I. INTRO A. The best means for placing a child in a home is on a case by case basis 1. Bans on gay adoption can condemn a child to life without a family when they could just as easily be placed with two loving gay parents 2. If an orphaned child is close to a lesbian aunt should they be forced to live with strangers rather than her? B. Placement should be based on a child s individual needs 1. A child who may need constant medical care could benefit from being adopted by a nurse 2. An adoptive parent should be chosen by how well he or she can care for a child not by race, age, culture, income, marital status, religion, appearance, differing life style, or sexual orientation. II. BACKGROUND A. 4th article of the constitution 1. Via Full Faith and Credit Clause states are given the right to restrict adoption a. Utah 1. Bans adoption by persons engaged in any kind of non-marital relationship b. Florida 1. Specifically prohibit homosexual people from adopting 2. Law challenged by Lederman in In Re: Gill case 3. Still being debated c. Arkansas 1. Single gay people may legally adopt but not couples d. Also illegal in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Mississippi 2. Adar v. Smith III. ARGUMENT

Same-sex couples can provide a caring and loving environment for children B. biological parents 3. Research in this area is just beginning 2. What makes a Family? 1. The influence of both parents makes for boys with less women de-valuing attitudes V. Children do best when raised by both biological parents 2. Children in mother-only homes fair worse a. No one-size fits all 3. Not significant population of these families to even be researched B.A. Female headed households report more chronic health issues 5. Gay community is becoming more prominent in society C. Mantra a child needs a mother and a father 2. May not be the conventional life but better than having no parents C. Personal testimonials from gay and Lesbian couples 2. Expansion of the gay community 1. Opposition A. At least quarter million children living with gay parents 2. CONCLUSION A. What research DOES show us 1. Drugs b. A family is made by love not the law . Blanket rule B. Success stories IV. Suspensions from school 4. Children do best when raised by their two. Child placement decisions should be based on a child s specific needs and prospective parents ability to meet those needs 1. No reliable body of research that compares children being raised in the same-sex vs. Little evidence that children raised by gay couples fare worse than other children 1. Some argue that gay men are more prone to pedophilia but psychologists have proven that pedophilia is an orientation of its own D. Child welfare experts agree 2. mother/father homes 1. married.

Gay Adoption legal Step-child adoption Gay Adoption illegal Unknown/Ambiguous .

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