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Kongsberg Maritime’s office building in Kongsberg

Kongsberg Maritime AS and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

are the two business areas in Kongsberg Gruppen.

1st August 2003 Kongsberg Maritime merged with Kongsberg Simrad in Kongsberg and
Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems in Horten. The merged company is called Kongsberg
Maritime AS.

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Kongsberg Maritime AS Introduction Basic Operator Course
Training Manual

Kongsberg Maritime AS
The company has earlier had the names Kongsberg Albatross AS, Simrad Albatross AS,
Simrad Norge AS, and Kongsberg Simrad AS. Kongsberg Maritime AS offers engineering
competence and equipment to solve a variety of offshore tasks;

Manoeuvring, positioning and

control systems for all types of
offshore vessels

Process control & safety systems for

oil and gas production vessels and

Process control systems for various

land-based industry:
• pulp and paper
• chemistry
• metallurgy
Industrial process simulators:
• training and engineering

Underwater systems for:

• seabed mapping
• underwater positioning and
• underwater inspection
• route and site surveying
• port and harbour surveying
• subsea engineering
• underwater telemetry

Kongsberg Maritime AS is the leading supplier of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and integrated
vessel control and process control systems for offshore vessels. The company has service
bases in Houston, Singapore, Halifax, Aberdeen and Rio de Janeiro.

Training of DP operators is considered just as important as installing a reliable system, and

Kongsberg Maritime AS has been running a training centre for many years. In addition to the
main training centre at Kongsberg, there are now training centres in Houston - Texas, Brazil,
Singapore, Aberdeen - UK, Horten and Trondheim – both in Norway.

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