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Unit Operation Laboratory

No. Equipment Service unit/ computer

1 Tray Dryer None
2 Centrifugal Filtration None
3 Coil heat exchanger None
4 Conductive Heat Transfer in Steady State None
5 Bench Top Cooling Tower None
6 Fluid Mechanics of Packed Beds None
7 Liquid Diffusion None
8 Rotary drum filtration None
9 Sedimentation None
10 Sieve Analysis None
11 Absorption column None
12 Design of Batch distillation Column (SIEVE) None
13 Graphite heat exchanger None
14 Shell and tubes heat exchanger Computer
15 Liquid – Solid Fluidization None
16 Extended Surface Heat Transfer None
17 Film and drop wise condensation unit None
18 Fixed bed Adsorption/Desorption unit Computer
19 Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat transfer None
20 Study of the plates filter at a constant pressure None
21 Crasher None
22 Miller None
23 Jacket vessel heat exchanger None
24 Coil Vessel Heat Exchanger None
25 Extended Reconfigurable plates Heat Exchanger None
26 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger None
27 Extended tubular Heat Exchanger None
28 Evaporator None
29 Industry distillation None
30 Liquid- Liquid Extraction None
31 Refractometer None
32 Boiler None
33 Design of Batch distillation Column (Bubble Cup) None
34 Design of Batch distillation Column (Packed) None
35 Gas Diffusion None
36 Spray Drier None
37 Distillation Apparatus None
38 Sensitive Balance None
39 Burning Oven None
40 Drying Oven None