Journey 12 - THE SECRET OF STAR TRAVEL It is not as if some government agency or scientific discipline knows the secret to interstellar

travel and simply refuses to make it public. No, so far as I can tell, those knuckleheads at NASA haven’t a clue how to go to the stars in any reasonable amount of time. Nor does any such knowledge exist in any of the sciences, academic or forbidden. Yet the answer seems obvious, but perhaps only to those who know both physics and psychical research. Physics offers no path to the stars. It only provides proof that none of the ideas of science fiction writers will work. As for Ufologists, being ignorant of physics and technology, they make the common assumption of ordinary mankind that our humanoid visitors merely have a more advanced technology than we do. A study of crashed UFOs shows that assumption to be false (See Corso). We are rapidly reaching the same level of technology as the UFO craft. Such craft contain no flight mechanism, nor any power source. Anything that exists must be possible. The UFOs are here, so interstellar travel must be possible. But how is it possible? UFO enthusiasts universally believe in the unlimited possibilities of technology. Not so with physicists. Technology does have limits, and we have just about reached them. Certainly, technology cannot violate the laws of physics. If UFOs don't travel by technology, how do they travel? The only alternative is that they travel by the powers of the mind, so vastly exceeding the powers of technology. We know from Psi research that levitation and teleportation are natural capabilities of the mind. UFOs levitate silently over our countryside, low and slow. They appear and disappear, just like objects apported by Uri Geller. Those few humans who can do levitation do it effortlessly. Sometimes UFOs abruptly disappear, or just as suddenly appear, often floating down in a falling leaf motion often seen with apports. Humans can apport things into or out of closed containers. So an apport must take a shortcut through the higher dimensionality provided by String Theory. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the first real evidence for String Theory came from psychical research? So the only real question is how do we develop these rare spontaneous phenomena into something capable of levitating huge spaceships or apporting hundreds of light years in an instant? That, I think, is the real question, and I have devoted most of this book to providing the answer. It is Fermi's paradox that leads to the conclusion that only spiritually evolved humanoids are capable of interstellar travel. In 1950, when there was talk of ET, Fermi asked, "if ET is at all common, where are they?" To spell that out a bit, Earth has had oxygen, water and dry land for 1.5 billion years. If there were space-traveling ETs, surely they would have discovered Earth in all that vast span of time. Why didn’t they colonize it? Of course, Enrico Fermi was assuming that ET would act like us, a rather arrogant assumption. We are a young species, no more than 40,000 years old. Fermi’s paradox is well-known in the scientific community, though unknown to the general public. It is so surprising that there has been no intervention in Terrestrial evolution by ETs that it needs a


special explanation, and I put forward the following hypothesis as the explanation. It is impossible for primitive species to travel to the stars. By “primitive,” I mean “spiritually unevolved.” Even now, the best of us have outgrown primitive traits of greed and violence over many lifetimes. The daily headlines make it only too clear that we are still a brutal, violent and primitive species, still practicing war, murder, theft and the rape and pillage of planet Earth. We will not be ready to learn how to jump light-years until murder, war, rape, and theft have all ceased, along with the witless destruction of ecological systems, and the out-of-control overpopulation of the Earth with our own kind. Empathy for our fellow creatures, human and non-human, must become our true nature. Attempts to extend the basic lifespan of the species are also a mistake. We have the longevity best conducive to the survival of the species. Civilization may fall, and ice ages may come, but the species will survive, so long as we do not fiddle with the human genome. The solution to Fermi’s Paradox is that only spiritually evolved species can go to the stars and such species would not wish to interfere in the evolution of life on another planet. They would have no need to, having self-control of reproduction and consumption of non-replaceable resources. It has nothing at all to do with physics or technology. The landed occupant studies of UFOs prove the existence of UFOs. Moreover, I have proven that they cannot travel by physics or technology, and must therefore travel by the immense hidden powers of the Mind. Professor Stevenson has scientifically proven the reality of reincarnation, thus showing that Mind is not body. Spiritual evolution is not the same as technological evolution. Technology can be used by any brutish half-animal masquerading as a human, for instance, those who hold up convenience stores and kill the clerks, even when the clerks have followed their orders to the letter. Ban such animals to the depths of hell and never let them be human again. As Alfred Wallace, co-inventor of Darwinian evolution said, "If you leave out the spiritual nature of man, you are not studying man at all." (Playfair, 1985, p. 258). In 1972, Colin Wilson had this to say: "In order to realize his possibilities, man must believe in an open future; he must have a vision of something worth doing. And this will not be possible until all the determinism and pessimism that we have inherited from the nineteenth century - and which has infected every department of our culture, from poetry to atomic physics - has been dismissed as fallacious and illogical. Twentiethcentury science, philosophy, politics, literature - even music - has been constructed upon a Weltanschauung that leaves half of human nature out of account." (Playfair, 1985, p. 258) The open future is star travel. Western civilization has always needed a frontier, and interstellar travel is truly the final and inexhaustible frontier. We shall never do it unless we break the existing Weltanschauung (Worldview) of materialistic reduction. If going to the stars were merely a matter of technology, then one could easily separate star travel from philosophical issues. Only spiritually evolved humanoid species can jump light years and engage in interstellar travel. That is the secret of interstellar travel, and it may be a hard one to swallow, since we are in the midst of a highly materialistic and technological phase of our civilization. Only spiritually evolved species would have the self-discipline to leave a planet alone, and let it evolve intelligence in its


own way. Wisdom, restraint and self-control are all advanced traits. There may be cosmic cops who prevent any other kind of species from leaving their home planetary system, even with primitive solar-sailed Arks. However, I think it is more likely to be a universal law of nature. Only the spiritually evolved CAN develop mental powers to such a high degree that they can make starjumps and effortlessly levitate huge space ships. This is not an original idea with me. Yogis have taught the same thing for centuries. While some individuals will always be more evolved than others will, it is the whole species that must evolve if we are to go to the stars. We must change our civilization as well as our chakras! Incidentally, the main problem with Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism is that they only want to escape the wheel of reincarnation and make no attempt to raise the level of their civilization. That is why the Yogis never went to the stars. In India, they know about reincarnation, but only use that knowledge to justify the Caste system.