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Here are some of the important tables in SAP AFS solution. This document can be used as a quick reference guide.

J_3APGEN Material Grid

J_3APGDI AFS Product grid entries

Table Name Description


KALM Costing Run: Costing Objects

KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects

Master Data : Categories

J_4KCSCF Category Structure Data-Container-Fields

J_4KCSDC_L Category Structure - Data Containers - Short texts

J_4KCSDC_T Category Structure - Data Containers

J_4KCSFK Category Structure - Foreign keys for reference fiel

J_4KCSGR_L Category Structures - Short texts

J_4KCSGR_T Category Structures

J_4KBWEFT_L Texts Characteristic Values Elementary Fields

J_4KBWEF_T Elementary Fields

J_4KCATALOG Field catalog for dynamic fill

J_4KCATDYN Category field dynamic source

J_4KCATR Category Relevance Flags

J_4KCATS Category-Structure Table

J_4KCFUN_L Short text for category-functionalities

J_4KCFUN_T AFS Functionalities (for categories and grid values)

J_4KCMRP MRP: Req.-Stock-Category-Allocation

J_4KCOVS_L Short text for Coverage strategy (J_4KCOVS_T)

J_4KCOVS_T Coverage strategies

J_4KREORG Control table for Reorganization of Categories

J_4KUDCFLH Categories - User defined category fields (Language;

J_3AGDC Grid-Dimension Conversion

J_3AGDCONV Grid-Dimension Conversion

J_3AGDCTP1 Size conversion

J_3AGDCTP2 Size conversion

Master Data : Material Master

J_3AGDC Grid-Dimension Conversion

J_3AGDCONV Grid-Dimension Conversion

J_3AGDCTP1 Size conversion

J_3AGDCTP2 Size conversion

MARM Unit of measure conversion


MARC Material at Plant level

J_3APGHD Grid header

MBEW Valuation

MAKT Description

MVKE Sales Level

MARD Storage location Level

J_3APGEN Grid Sizes


J_3ASORT Grid Sort Seq

J_3AMAD Size/Cat Level

J_3AMADKA Size/Cat Level Valuation

J_3AGDCTP2 Size conversion determine types

J_3AGDCIDS Product grid customer & material Ids


MARM UoM Conversion

MARC Plant Level

J_3APGHD Grid Header

MBEW Valuation

J_3APGEN Grid Sizes

MARD Storage Loc. Level


J_3ASORT Grid Sort Seq


MVKE Sales Level

MAKT Description

Master Data : info Records/Vendor

EINA Purch Info Rec. Header

EINE PIR Purch-Org

A017 PIR Purch-Org

KONH Cond. Rec. Header

KONP Cond. Rec. Item

LFA1 Vendor Master

LFB1 Vendor Master

LFM1 Vendor Master

Material Requirement Planning

J_3ABDBSD Table (assignments MRP) status D, F

J_3ABDBS AFS Req./Stock assignment

J_3ABSL AFS stock types/anticipated availability

J_3APBBD AFS Allocat. Planned Req.

MDKP Header Data for MRP Document

J_3AMRPR Status of MRP-Run

J_3ABDBSD AFS BDBS table status D, F

J_3ABDSIP SO: GI qty (PIR consumption /reduction)


J_3ADCTR AFS MRP General Control

T438M Control parameter for MRP - material

T399D Control parameters MRP

J_3ABDSISU AFS ATP Total Records

J_3AMPROT Log table AFS MRP (technical log)

J_3AMPROTA Customizing table technical log AFS MRP

J_3AMRPDOT Default order types for MRP

J_3AT462 Configure MRP List / Stock/Requirements List

J_3AVERC SA control table for error message display

/AFS/FILTVARIANT Table for AFS MRP filter variant

/AFS/MRP_BROWSER Tree View Node Structure in the MRP Browser

/AFS/MRP_BR_MW Material and Plant Pre selection

/AFS/MRP_COCKPIT Tree View Node Structure in the MRP Browser

/AFS/MRP_OR_FLD Contains displayable attributes of the order

/AFS/MRP_OR_TXT Texts for the displayed attributes

/AFS/MRP_S430_O Object Table for Quantity Distribution Tool

/AFS/MRP_S430_OT Text Table

/AFS/MRP_S430_Q Source Materials of the Quantity Distribution

/AFS/MRP_S430_Z Target Materials of the Quantity Distribution

/AFS/MRP_SOBSL Time-Dependent Special Procurement Key at Ma

/AFS/MRP_TREE Node Structure of the Tree View in the MRP

J_4KCSRC MRP Secondary Requirements Creation: St.- into Req.-

J_4KMMOD_T MRP-Modules (also value-table for domain J_4KMMOD)

J_4KPMOD_T Modules (also value-table for domain J_4KPMOD)

J_3A458 AFS Exception messages MRP

J_3AMELD AFS MRP messages

T160M Error Messages

T100S Configurable Mesages

Material Management : Purchasing

EBAN Requisition

RESB Reser./Dep. Requirements

EBKN Acct Assignment

EBUB Stock Transport Req.

MASSEKKO Purchase order Header


CDHDR Change Header

CDPOS Change Document Items

RSEG Document Item: Incoming Invoice

RBKP Doc. Header: Invoice Receipt

BKPF Acct Doc Header

BSEG Accounting Doc. Segment

EKKO PO Header


EKBZ Delivery Cost

STXH Text Item Header

EKKN Acct Assignment

STXL Text Item Line

EKBE PO History

EKET PO Sched Line

LIKP Confirmations

LIPS Confirmations

J_3ABSSI Open Confirm

EKES Confirmations
J_3asucal Capacity situation per vendor/purchasing organization/period at all other levels

Consumed capacity per purchase requisition and purchase order per conversion
J_3apocap factor (delta records).

Material Management : Inventory Management

MKPF Document #(MBNLR), User Name(MJAHR)

MSEG Inventory Movements

J_3ABSL AFS stock types/ anticipitated availability

MCHA Inventory

MCHB Inventory

MARD Storage location Data

MSLB Special stocks with Vendor Data

MKOL Special stocks from Vendor

MSKA Sales order stock

MSPR Project stock

MSLB Subcontracting Inventory

Sales and Distribution

J_3ABDSICU Timing Parameters for ATP Totals Records

J_3ABDSIER Error Log: Totals Records

VBAK SO Header

VBUK Header Status

VBKD Header Bus. Data

VBFA Document Flow

VBPA Partners

VBEP Order Sched. Line

J_3ABDSI Open Orders

VBUP Item Status


VBAP_VAPMA to index search on material

Master Data: Bills of Material & Routing

/AFS/PGQRS AFS Quantity Distribution Profile Split Factors

/AFS/PGQRT AFS Texts Quantity Distribution Profile for BOM Grid

/AFS/PGQRU AFS Quantity Distribution Profile for BOM Grid

J_4KBOMC Categories for BOM items

MAST Material to BOM Link

SNUM BOM Explosion number


STPF Structure tree of exploded BOM

J_3ABOMC Categories for Items


STZU Perm. BOM Data

J_3ABOMD Size grid Data for Items

STAS BOM Item Selection


STPN Follow-up Control

J_4KBOMC Categories for Items

KEKO Product Costing: Header Data

MAPL Routing with Material

PLPO Routing Header

PLKO Routing operations

J_4KPLKOC Categories routing header

Production Planning


J_3AREQM PIR requirements

J_4KCPRC Planned Requirement Consumption

KPKO Header Rec. for Capacity req.

KPED/BEDID Capacity req's record

KBED Add. Data for table KBED

KPEZ Add. Data for table KBED

J_3AGRPR AFS Grid Profiles

J_3APSIS Parameters for SIS Interface

J_3ACAPR AFS Category profiles

J_3APLPR AFS Plant profiles

J_3ADCTR AFS MRP General Control

J_J_3APEPR AFS Period profiles

J_3AGDSET Global grid settings

PLAF Planned Orders

Shop Floor Controlling : Production Orders

/AFS/AFRV PP: Pool of confirmations - AFS data

/AFS/RUECK AFS confirmation data from IDoc's

/AFS/ATP_LOCK AFS: dummy tab for locking quantities


/AFS/FILTVALUES To store the selected AFS filter values

AUFM Goods Movement for Order

AUFK Order Master Date

AFRU Order completion confirmations

AFPO Order Item

AFKO Order Header data PP orders

AFRV Pool of confirmations

AFFL Work Order Sequence

AFVC Operation within Order

JSTO Status Object Information

JEST Object Status

RESB Reservation for Orders

JCDS Change Doc for System/User Status