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In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful

Al-Qayyum School,
Course Outline Islamic Studies - 5th Grade (age 11-)

Course objectives:
This course aims at teaching students about Allah, His Messenger, the main acts of worship, the
importance of Muslim community and the basic Muslim manners. It also aims at training
children to observe the main pillars of Islam, e.g. performing prayer, ablution etc. as well as
memorizing some du`a (invocations) related to these pillars.
Course requirements:

 Attendance and participation 30% (throughout the year)

 Midterm exam, oral and written exam 35%
 Final exam, oral and written exam 35%
Course texts for purchase:
I love Islam textbook and workbook Level Four. In addition, the school recommends parents to
buy the teacher book.
Date Unit/ Topic Summary of Learning Homework with Homework
Chapter Content Parents in class/
Unit A: Family of Faith
Week 1 Chapter 1 Prophet Describe important Teach child the Workbook
&2 Ibraheem’s events in Prophet importance of pp. 2-7
Children: The Isma’eel’s life having faith to
Story of Prophet Allah at all time
Isma’eel and Describe Prophet
Prophet Ishaaq Ishaaq’s birth and life Teach child on
how to treat
guest and be
thankful to Allah.

Week 2 Chapter 3 Prophet Lut and Describe the society Teach child to Workbook
People of that Prophet Lut lived believe and obey pp. 8-9
Sodom in Allah.

Week 3 Chapter 4 Prophet Describe family of Remind child to Workbook

Ya’qoub and his Prophet Ya’qoub turn to Allah in pp. 10-15
beloved son difficult situation
Chapter 5 Prophet Yousuf: Describe the life of
A leader in Prophet Yousuf

Unit B: Prophet Muhammad in Madina

Week 4 Chapter 1 The Quraysh Try Describe the Quraysh Teach child Allah Workbook
to Hurt the behavior towards the is al-Muhaymin pp. 20-21
Prophet Prophet
Week 5 Chapter 2 Al-Hijrah from Define Hijrah and Memorize dua’a Workbook
Makkah to describe events that of riding pp. 21-23
Madina happen on the Hijrah transportation
Week 6 Chapter 3 Building the Learn about first Teach child to Workbook
Mosque masjid, first qiblah and work together as pp. 24-26
second qiblah. a team.
Week 7 Chapter 4 Courage and Describe the location Teach child about Workbook
Faith: The Battle and events of the Battle the importance of pp. 27-29
of Badr of Badr having courage
and faith to Allah.
Week 8 Chapter 5 Disobedience is Describe the location Teach child to Workbook
Harmful: The and events of the Battle appreciate pp. 30-31
Battle of Uhud of Uhud sacrifices of the
Prophet and
Unit C: Praying the Prophet’s Way
Week 9 Chapter 1 I Don’t Miss My Recognize the Remind child to Workbook
Prayers importance and pray five daily pp. 35-37
benefits of the five prayer
daily prayer
Week Chapter 2 Beware of Describe things that are Remind child to Workbook
10 Najasah considered Najasah and clean up pp. 39
how to be clean of it. properly.
Week Chapter 3 I Do My Sunnah List and describe Inspire child to do Workbook
11 Prayers Sunnah prayers Sunnah prayers pp. 40

Chapter 4 Salat-ul- Learn about Salat-ul- Bring child to Workbook

Jumu’ah: The Jumu’ah and the Friday Prayers pp. 41-42
Friday Prayers benefits of the Salat
Week Chapter 5 Mubtilat-us- Describe action that Ask child the Workbook
12 salah: Things will break wudoo’ and things that break pp. 43-44
that Break the prayer wudoo’ and
Prayer prayer
Unit D: Fasting Ramadan
Week Chapter 1 The Islamic Year Describe Islamic Help child recite Workbook
13 calendar and state the the Islamic pp. 48-53
months months
Chapter 2 Ramadan: The Understand Ramadan Encourage child
Month of as the month of fasting to fast
Fasting and worship
Week 14 Revision and Midterm Exam based on the content of units A, B and C
Week Chapter 3 Fasting, the Describe things that the Teach and ask Workbook
15 Prophet’s Way Prophet did during child to memorize pp. 54-58
Ramadan dua’a for
breaking the fast.
Week Chapter 4 Mubtilat As- Describe actions that Ask child to list Workbook
16 Siyam: Things will break the fast and things that break pp. 59-60
that Break the people who is excused the fast
Fast from fasting during
Week Chapter 5 Salat Al- Describe Salat Al- Bring child to Workbook
17 Taraweeh Taraweeh Salat Al- pp. 61-62
Week Chapter 6 The Month of Describe how we can Ask child to read Workbook
18 Seeking gain knowledge during the Qur’an pp. 63
Knowledge Ramadan everyday
Week Chapter 7 Eid Al-Fitr Learn about Eid Al-Fitr Workbook
19 pp. 64-65
Unit E: My Islamic Lifestyle
Week Chapter 1 Sleeping Well: Describe the correct Ask child to Workbook
20 Adab Al-Nawm manners of sleeping practice dua’a of pp. 69-71
and waking up sleeping and
waking up

Encourage child
to practice adab
Week Chapter Sunan Al-Fitra: Describe ways to keep Teach child on
21 Islamic Personal ourselves clean and how to be clean
Grooming benefits of cleanliness
Week Chapter 4 Eating Right: Describe the correct Ask child to Workbook
22 Adab Al-Ta’am manners of eating practice manners pp. 75-77
of eating
Unit F: Islam in Africa
Week Chapter 1 Islam in Africa Describe how Islam Teach child to Workbook
23 came to Africa and how appreciate the pp. 79
Islam in Africa now work of the
Prophet and
sahabah to
spread Islam
Week Chapter 2 Beautiful Appreciate the Islamic Ask child to Workbook
24 Mosques in heritage and history in collect picture of pp. 80-81
Africa Africa
mosques in Africa
Week Chapter 3 Egypt: The First Learn about Egypt as a Ask child to write Workbook
25 Muslim Country Muslim country a short profile pp. 82-83
in Africa about Salah-ud-
Deen Al-Ayyoubi
Week Chapter 4 Islam in North Describe how Islam Ask child to Workbook
26 Africa spread to the North search and write pp. 84-86
Africa a brief profile on
a North African

Chapter 5 Nigeria: The Learn about Nigeria and Ask child to find a Workbook
Largest Muslim describe Muslims in map of Nigeria pp. 87-88
Country in Nigeria and mark the
Africa major cities

Chapter 6 Muslims in Describe Muslims in Ask child to Workbook

South Africa South Africa locate Soth Africa pp. 89-90
in a map
Unit G: My Islamic Character
Week Chapter 1 Brotherhood in Describe and Teach child to be Workbook
27 Islam understand good to other pp. 92-93
brotherhood in Islam Muslims

Chapter 2 Muslims Love Describe way to love Teach child to Workbook

Each Other other Muslims for the love and respect pp.94-95
sake of Allah other Muslims
Week Chapter 3 The Six Rights of Describe the rights of Ask child to Workbook
28 Muslims on Muslims on each other practice the six pp. 96-97
Each Other and way to treat other rights of Muslims
Muslims in daily life
Chapter 4 Helping Others, Understand how to Encourage child Workbook
Helping Yourself help yourself by helping to do charity or pp. 98-99
others give a helping
Week Chapter 5 I Do Not Hurt Understand how we Teach child to Workbook
29 Others can hurt others and the think before pp. 100-101
importance to not hurt speak and speak
others of only good
Week 30 Revision and Final exam based on the content of units D, E, F and G