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Unit Reading Vocabulary

Vo Grammar
Introduction The Alphabet, Numbers, a/an
Hello! Days, Months, Dates, Plurals
Seasons, Colours, The Body, This/These – That/Those
p 4-9 Time, Classroom language

1 Family & Friends The Cortuga Mystery family members Be

Emperor Penguins adjectives for people Possessive Adjectives
p 10-17 My Best Friend! Possessive – ’s

2 My Favourite Things The Cortuga Mystery toys Have got

The NG Kids’ Shop possessions There is, There are
p 18-25 What’s your favourite thing? home entertainment Prepositions of place

Review 1 p 26-27 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song

3 School Life The Cortuga Mystery school subjects Present Simple (aff, spelling)
Schools in Japan school equipment Present Simple (neg, question)
Anna’s school Adverbs of Frequency
p 28-35
4 Hobbies The Cortuga Mystery equipment for hobbies Question words
Luna Park kinds of entertainment Can (ability, permission)
p 36-43 What do you do on Saturdays?

Review 2 p 44-45 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song

5 Celebrate! The Cortuga Mystery parties Imperatives, Object pronouns, Let’s
Carnival Crazy! fancy-dress costumes Countable and uncountable nouns
p 46-53 Special Days around the World Some/any

6 Food! The Cortuga Mystery food, drink and restaurant- Much/Many, How much .../many ...
Food fortunes related words A lot of/Lots of/A little/A few
Food around the World
p 54-61
Review 3 p 62-63 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song
7 Sport The Cortuga Mystery sports Present Continuous (aff, spelling)
Thai Boxing verbs of motion Present Continuous (neg, question)
p 64-71 Ice Dancers Present Continuous (for the future)

8 People & Places The Cortuga Mystery homes Present Simple and Continuous
Modern Cowboys buildings must
p 72-79 Welcome to Scotland! jobs

Review 4 p 80-81 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song

9 Holidays & Travel The Cortuga Mystery means of transport Past Simple of be
Up, up and away! holiday equipment Past Simple regular (aff, spelling)
p 82-89 Cool Holidays! Past Simple irregular (aff)

10 Fame! The Cortuga Mystery jobs in entertainment Past Simple irregular (neg, question)
Who was Walt Disney? music Wh ... questions in the Past Simple
p 90-97 Lessons in Fame films

Review 5 p 98-99 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song

11 Animals The Cortuga Mystery wild and domestic animals Comparative
Presidents’ Pets adjectives to describe Superlative
p 100-107 My clever pet! animals Comparative
ative and Superlative

12 Weather & Nature The Cortuga Mystery weather Be going to

Nature in danger landscapes Future Simple
p 108-115 Looking for Tornados!

Review 6 p 116-117 Vocabulary & Grammar tasks / Song

National Geographic DVD Worksheets p 118-123

Play p 124-125
Irregular verbs p 126
Listening Speaking Pro
Pronunciation Functional Writing
Introduction of Cortuga Mystery Dialogue introducing yourself Introducing yourself Personal fact file

Label pictures Talk about yourself silent letters Making friends Punctuation
True or False Email
Multiple choice Talk about favourite things the Playing games Connectors and & but
True or False Find differences between pictures Advert
Number correct order

Blank filling Talk about everyday life oo sounds Talking about everyday Word order
Tick the correct school subjects life Description
Complete the table
Match Talk about your hobby w sounds Talking about hobbies Verb forms
Two-option lozenge Describe pictures Letter
Complete cinema information

Tick the correct box Talk about special days s and sh sounds Making suggestions Reference words
Match Description

Tick the correct picture Talk about your favourite restaurant ch and sh sounds Talking about food Time words: order of
Tick or Cross things on a list or café events
Song Dialogue Recipe
Number pictures (recipe)

Number the sports Describe the picture ea, ee and i sounds Talking about sport Time expressions: word
Write Yes or No Talk about sports order
Song Email
Complete the table Talk about your home Complete a poem Talking about places Connectors: because
Number jobs Find the differences between two (rhyming words) & so
Multiple Choice pictures Description

Tick the correct picture Talk about your last holiday -ed in Past Simple Talking about travel Adjectives
Number the places Postcard
Multiple Choice Play ‘Guess the star’ c, g, s, y sounds Talking about favourite Paragraphs
Tick the correct film Practise a dialogue stars Review
C the table

C the table Compare these animals a and u sounds Talking about animals Spelling
T or False Advert
N the pictures Talk about your plans for the weekend a sounds Talking about the Checking for mistakes
C the table Make predictions weather Letter
N the pictures