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Starter Unit p4 Family p5 be

brother, father, husband, etc. Possessive adjectives
Key phrases: Asking about families Question words


1 p8 Where we spend time

at school, at the shops, awake, etc.
p10 Screen time
Vocabulary plus: allow, ban,
p11 Present simple:
affirmative and negative
p12 Free time activities
watch TV, listen to music, meet
My time Key phrases: How you spend time let, etc. Pronunciation: Third friends, etc.
Study strategy: Skimming person -s
for gist
Review Unit 1 p16  Puzzles and games p17

2 p18 Communication
email, letter, card, etc.
p20 Emojis
Vocabulary plus: colourful,
p21 Present continuous:
affirmative and negative
p22 On the phone
be engaged, call back, hang up,
Communication Key phrases: Comparing answers funny, international, etc. Study strategy: Finding etc.
spelling rules

Review Unit 2 p26  Puzzles and games p27

3 p28 Adjectives to describe people

and places
p30 Museum exhibits
Vocabulary plus: museum,
p31 was, were
there was, there were
p32 Common verbs
stay, help, visit, see, etc.
The past poor, popular, brilliant, brave, etc. building, exhibition, etc. Pronunciation: Regular past
Key phrases: Likes and dislikes simple verbs

Review Unit 3 p36  Puzzles and games p37

4 p38 Actions and movement

hold, stand in, jump up, sit on, etc.
p40 A moment in time
Vocabulary plus: yell, team,
p41 Past continuous:
affirmative and negative
p42 Adjectives and adverbs
slow / slowly, brave / bravely,
In the picture Key phrases: Describing a photo close, etc. good / well, etc.
Study strategy: Predicting
Review Unit 4 p46  Puzzles and games p47

5 p48 Units of measurement

billion, century, decade, etc.
p50 The brain
Vocabulary plus: blood vessels,
p51 Comparative and
superlative adjectives
p52 Jobs and skills
programmer, professor,
Achieve Key phrases: Guessing and cells, score, etc. inventor, etc.
estimating Pronunciation: /ə/ in jobs

Review Unit 5 p56  Puzzles and games p57

6 p58 Survival verbs

build, find, follow, climb, etc.
p60 Jungle challenge
Vocabulary plus: competitive,
p61 will and won’t in the
first conditional
p62 Survival equipment
compass, first-aid kit, map, etc.
Survival Key phrases: Ability fit, bossy, etc. Study strategy: Speaking

Review Unit 6 p66  Puzzles and games p67

7 p68 Music and instruments

rap, samba, lyrics, etc.
p70 A song
Vocabulary plus: reality, hit,
p71 be going to
will and be going to
p72 Star qualities: adjectives
and nouns
Music Key phrases: Talking about music star, etc. Study strategy: ambition / ambitious, charm /
Remembering grammar charming, energy / energetic,
Pronunciation: Syllables
Review Unit 7 p76  Puzzles and games p77

8 p78 Feelings
enthusiastic about, bad at, fond of,
p80 Scream machines
Vocabulary plus: ridiculous,
p81 Present perfect:
affirmative and negative
p82 Injury collocations
cut / cut / a cut, burn / burned /
Scary etc. fatal, excited, etc. Pronunciation: a burn, etc.
Key phrases: Talking about how Recognising contractions Study strategy: Learning
things make you feel words in groups
Review Unit 8 p86  Puzzles and games p87
English Plus Options: Extra listening and speaking p88;  Curriculum Extra p96;  Culture p104;  Project p112;  Song p116

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p6 School p7 have got
book, class, exercise, etc. there’s, there are


p13 Present simple: questions p14 Thinking of things to do p15 A profile for a web page p88 Extra listening and speaking: Directions
Key phrases: Making and Key phrases: Expressing likes and p96 Curriculum Extra: Maths: Data and charts
responding to suggestions (1) preferences p104 Culture: The typical British teenager
Language point: Linkers p116 Song: A good idea

p23 Present continuous: p24 Making plans over the p25 A report on a survey p89  Extra listening and speaking: Can I take a
questions phone Language point: but and however message?
Present simple and present Key phrases: Making plans Key phrases: Numbers of people p97  Curriculum Extra: Languages: Sign language
continuous (everybody, more than half, etc.) p105 Culture: TV in the USA
Pronunciation: Word stress in p112 Project: A class blog
questions and answers

p33 Past simple affirmative, p34 Your weekend p35 A special event p90 Extra listening and speaking: A wedding
negative and questions, Key phrases: Asking for and Key phrases: Describing an event p98  Curriculum Extra: Language and literature:
Regular and irregular verbs giving opinions Language point: Sequencing Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son
Study strategy: Learning p106 Culture: Thanksgiving
irregular verbs p117 Song: Before I met you

p43 Past continuous: questions p44 Expressing interest p45 The story of a rescue p91 Extra listening and speaking: Finding things
Past simple and past Key phrases: Expressing Key phrases: Describing events in p99  Curriculum Extra: Art: The history of
continuous interest a photo animation
Pronunciation: Word stress in Language point: Linking words p107 Culture: Selfie culture
questions p113 Project: A photo album

p53 Ability: can and could p54 Making and responding to p55 A biographical webpage p92  Extra listening and speaking: Making a
Questions with How … ? suggestions Study strategy: Selecting complaint
Key phrases: Making and information p100 Curriculum Extra: Science: Average speed
responding to suggestions (2) Key phrases: Staging information p108 Culture: Amazing athletes
Language point: Must and p118 Song: How long?

p63 must and should p64 Giving instructions p65 A blog p93  Extra listening and speaking: Expressing
Pronunciation: /ʌ/ in must and Key phrases: Giving Key phrases: Giving advice opinions
silent /t/ in mustn’t instructions and safety Language point: Imperatives p101 Curriculum Extra: Technology: GPS and
information survival
p109 Culture: Famous explorers
p114 Project: An outdoor activity map

p73 Ability: be going to: p74 Organizing an event p75 Song reviews p94 Extra listening and speaking: Buying tickets
questions Key phrases: Offering to help Key phrases: Reviewing songs p102 Curriculum Extra: Music: Sounds, pitch and
Present continuous for future Language point: Pronouns rhythm
arrangements p110 Culture: A young entrepreneur
p119 Song: When will you be famous?

p83 Present perfect: questions p84 Responding to a problem p85 Emails p95  Extra listening and speaking: Phoning
and short answers Key phrases: Responding to an Key phrases: Informal expressions a medical helpline
ever and never accident Language point: Reason and result p103 Curriculum Extra: Biology: Fight or flight
p111 Culture: Extreme sports
p115 Project: A poster

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