Shiksha Sanskar Swavalamban

Shiksha Sopan
An I nit iat ive of I I T Communit y f or social uplif t ment
Reg Office: 391, Nankari, IIT, Kanpur 208016
Newslet t er August 2010
The mont h of July marks st art of a new sessi on for many children as school s
reopen aft er summer vacat i on. Our school and cent ers t oo are being reorgani sed
wit h new programmes. Several of Sopan children have opt ed for hi gher st udi es,
beyond st d 12 and t hey are being admi t t ed in t he respect i ve courses. Science
t eam is act ively involved in creat i ng i nt erest i ng Act i vit y programmes.
Classes at Sopan Vidyalaya
Wi t h t he reput at i on of Sopan Vi dyalaya,
many parent s showed keen int erest t o
admi t t hei r children in our school . I n many
cases t he children st udyi ng i n ot her
school s were brought t o our school as t he
parent s felt i n in t his school t hey wiill get
much bet t er academi c learni ng. All t he
chil dren were admit t ed accordi ng t hei r
performance i n oral/ writ t en t est s gi ven by
t he Princi pal Ms Seema Verma. I n one case
a child wi t h cl ass 4 marks sheet from t he
previ ous school was admit t ed t o cl ass 3 and
parent s agreed t o i t . I n all about 20 new
chil dren were admit t ed.
New Bat ch at Sopan Vidyalaya
I n t he new sessi on, Comput er educat i on has been st art ed for cl ass 5- 8 children.
Simil arly more focus is being gi ven t o Mat hemat ics and English.
GAK i s a formal eveni ng act ivi t y of Shi ksha Sopan t o gi ve st ruct ured cl asses
from cl ass 9 onwards. Thi s year, we have regi st ered class 9t h, 10t h and 11t h
st udent s for academi c sessi on 2010- 2011. The cent er began it s regul ar cl asses
from 1st Jul y 2010. The st udent s from Sopan Eveni ng Cent ers get s pri ori t y t o
t ake admi ssion in GAK. As we got many appli cat i ons from out si de st udent s, we
deci ded t o conduct an ent rance exami nat i on for t hem.
The exam was conduct ed on 28t h July, and t ot al 19 st udent s appeared for i t .
I nt erviews were al so conduct ed t o check t hei r communi cat i on skills, and
creat ive capabilit ies.
The exami nat ion was conduct ed by Sangeet a Verma, GAK coordi nat or , and
GAK i nst ruct ors in consult at i ons wi t h Ami t Baj pai .
New bat ch at Gahan Adhyayan Kendra
Deepak Mi shra from Sopan Sci ence Team assi st ed Prof H C Verma i n Physi cs
Teachers Workshop at Hem Shiel a Model school , Durgapur, West Bengal . About
40 t eachers learned Teaching skills t hrough 16 experiment s demonst rat ed by
Prof Verma and Deepak. I nt erest i ngly, Deepak himself had select ed t he
experi ment s, assembl ed t hem and packed t hem.
Sci ence t eam is working on devel opi ng 25 Sci ence experiment s wit h a gl ass
t umbler. They have al ready worked out t he experiment s and now writ e ups are
bei ng wri t t en.
I n coll aborat i on wi t h Anveshi ka Kanpur, Shi ksha Sopan i s devel oping 4- hour
act ivi t y packages, named “ Fun And Thrill Packed Act ivi t ies in Science and Mat hs” .
School s will be cont act ed t o send children at Anveshika for t his act i vit y. Anot her
proj ect t hi s t eam has undert aken is devel opment of a Science l aborat ory for
Sopan Vi dyal aya.
Science Cell Act ivit ies
Higher educat ion Cell
Wi t h const ant counselling and t eachi ng at Sopan Eveni ng Cent ers, some of t he
chil dren have grown up wi t h a t hirst t o go for educat i on beyond cl ass 12. The
hi gher educat i on cell helps such children t o fulfill t hei r dreams by gi ving financi al
assi st ance as well as in t erms of informat i on. The chil dren support ed by us are
Shubhangi ( Bsc from Dayal bagh I nst it ut e) , Ragi ( MCA,Gorakhpur Universi t y) ,
Ni vedi t a ( MCA, Jagaran Management inst i t ut e, Kanpur) , Aman Baj pai ( Aeronaut i c
Mai nt ainence course, Lucknow) , Ranj it kumar ( BCA, CSJM Universi t y, Kanpur) ,
and Deepak Mi shra ( BSc DAV College, Kanpur) . All of t hem come from
economi cally weaker sect ion living in nearby vill ages or our servant quart ers.
Thi s sessi on st art i ng July- August 2010, our Sopan chil dren Neha, Durga, Smrit i ,
Babi t a and Rohi t , have passed cl ass 12 and all of t hem have gone for furt her
educat i on. Besi des, Rashmi Kushwaha from our Servant Quart ers ( det ailed profile
given bel ow) is going for B Tech Progr amme. Hi gher educat i on cell wi shes t hem
all t he best and will hel p t hem i n t hei r financi al and academic needs.
We appeal you t o hel p us i n finding donat i ons for Hi gher educat i on Cell from
whi ch we cam support t hese children.
Rashmi Kushwaha: t he first Sopan child going for B Tech
Rashmi st art ed her associ at ion wit h Shi ksha
Sopan i n Jul y 203 when she came t o SAC cent er
as a st udent of cl ass 7. Her fat her Shri Nand
Ki shore is a daily wage worker and i t was di ffi cult
for him t o mai nt ain t he family of 6 in his i ncome.
Shiksha Sopan cent er was a bi g help t o t hem
where she got free assist ance in her st udies and
al so her personali t y and confi dence was
devel oped t hrough vari ous programmes at t he
cent er and excursi on t ours.
• We have deci ded t o reorgani zed Evening Cent er Programmes t o make it more
effect ive. Of t he t wo hour sessi on, hal f an hour will be for games, hal f an hour
for i ndivi dual di fficult y addressi ng, 50 mi nut es for speci alized t rai ning on
Mat hs/ Engli sh and 10 minut es for prayer/ st ory t elling et c. We will prepare
modul es for Mat hs/ Engli sh focussing on devel oping underst andi ng and skills t o
do oral mat hemat ics and conversat i onal English. The new scheme i s pl anned t o
be i mplement ed si nce Sept ember.
• The newl y opened Li brary in Nankari i s organi zing some compet it i ons for
chil dren of Nankari i n order t o make a mass cont act wi t h t he l ocal popul at i on.
The prelim event s will be pon 1
August and fi nal programmes on 8
t h
august .
Fort hcoming programmes
She was int elligent and si ncere t owards st udi es and wit h t he hel p got t en at our
cent er, soon became favouri t e of all vol unt eers. She passed cl ass 10 boar d
examinat i on wit h fi rst divi si on in 2007. During her class 12, Gahan adhyayan
Kendra was est ablished and Rashmi st art ed goi ng t here. Wit h her hard work, she
passed cl ass 12 Board examinat i on also wit h 1
divi sion in 29.
Rashmi was advised t o t ake a break of one year and prepare for Engg Ent rance
exams. Duri ng t his peri od, t hree I I TK st udent s and Sopan volunt eers, Smrit i ,
Ashu and Nami t a hel ped her in Mat hs, Chemi st ry and Physics respect ively. She
was al so gi ven Mat hs t eaching responsibilit y at SAC cent er, in PPY Summer camp
and at Gahan adhyayan Kendra whi ch furt her st rengt hened her concept s. We al so
regi st ered her for Mock Test Seri es for AI EEE and UPSEE exami nat ions. She
qualified UPSEE exam wit h reasonabl y good grade and got admi ssion
in Elect ronics and I nst rument at ion Engineering i n "I nst it ut e of
Engineering and Technology ( I ET) " of MJP Rohilkhand Universit y Bareilly.
The expenses are est imat ed t o be around Rs 40,000 for t he fi rst year. Her fat her
has somehow arranged Rs 15,000 and Shi ksha Sopan has promi ssed t o arrange
for t he rest .
Duri ng all t his peri od, Rashmi act ively t ook part i n all t he event s and programmes
conduct ed by Shi ksha Sopan. She got pri zes i n 14
t h
Nov 2005 Pai nt ing event , 14
t h
Nov 2006 in GK compet i t ion, January 2007 i n sci ence model making, January
2008 i n GK compet it i on and so on. She at t ended Sanskri t speaking course i n
summer 2004, Beaut ici an' s course in summer 2008 and several short t erm
workshops li ke making paper fl owers, making t oys from t rash and so on. She
part i ci pat ed in Dance programmes for several years on 15
t h
August programmes
conduct ed by Shi ksha Sopan. She demonst rat ed Sci ence experi ment s i n Techrit i ,
I I TK Gol den Jubililee Open house programme and so on. I n her own words,
िशHा सोपान ने मु झे िशHा के साथ साथ सं 1कार| व 1वावलं बी बनाने क| üेरणा द| है . िशHा सोपान के
माºयम से बहत

से गर|ब ब¯च| को िशHा के ñारा आगे बढ़ने म बहत

मदद िमली है . म ने इन सात
साल| म िशHा सोपान को बहत

आगे बढ़ते हए

दे खा है . नयी नयी योजनाओं के तहत ब¯च| को लाभ
िमल रहा है . इस सं 1था के िलए मु झसे जो हो सके गा, म हमेशा करने के िलए तैयार रहँगी

Ot her I nfor mat ions
Web sit e : For more det ail s pl ease vi sit
How t o donat e : The cheques/ draft for donat i ons should be made i n t he name of
“ Shiksha Sopan” paybl e at Kanpur. Doners may kindl y give t hei r personal det ails
such as name, post al address, email address, so t hat t he recei pt , updat es et c. may
be sent . One can al so make online t ransfer t o Shiksha Sopan account in St at e
Bank of I ndi a, I I TK branch i n t he Account 10426002488 i n t he name “ Shi ksha
Sopan” . The swi ft code of t he bank is SBI NI NBB499.
Email Cont act s : hcverma@iit , samkhan@iit , kunal@iit
Post al Cont act : Dr Sameer Khandekar, Dept of Mech.Engg., I I T Kanpur 208016
Dr H C Verma, Dept of Physi cs, I I T Kanpur, Kanpur 208016
Phone cont act s : Mr Amit 9506611484, Mr Ranj an 9236086966
Sad Demise of Prof Vishwash N Kulkarni
Prof Vi shwash N Kulkarni , Professor of Physi cs, was a source of i nspi rat i on for
t he Core Sopan Team from t he very begi nni ng. He had a keen int erest in
Sopan act i vit i es and al ways used t o enqui re about t he progresses made
t hrough i t s di fferent programmes. Hi s focus was on skill devel opment i n t he
chil dren t oget her wi t h incul cat ing human and soci al val ues. He al ways
suggest ed us t o quant ify t he achievement s and t hen eval uat e t he success.
The Execut i ve Commit t ee of Shi ksha Sopan met on 28
t h
July t o pay respect s t o
t he depart ed soul. Members expressed t hei r feelings on t he amazi ng social
commit ment of Prof Kulkarni t oget her wit h t he equally st rong dedi cat i on t o hi s
professi on of research in Sci ence. I t was deci ded t o inst it ut e a schol arshi p in hi s
name for t he t alent ed chil dren of vill ages cl ose t o I I TK Campus. A corpus fund is
creat ed for t he purpose and peopl e can make cont ri but i on for t he same.
Prof V N Kulkarni at Shiksha Sopan Cent er, Barasirohi
Prof Kulkarni was sufferi ng from cancer i n liver whi ch could be det ect ed very
l at e. Aft er a great st ruggl e he breat hed l ast on 24
t h
Jul y 2010 at t he age of 56
years. Hi s short but great life i s a legendary di spl ay of Karmayoga.