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106 Slow Folk Style upon T walk — we got Woodstock Words and Music by JONI MITCHELL ad a child — be-side to Wood of God; He was walk-ing a = long. yout—— I have come here to” lose: ‘Stock — We were half a mil FF This he some thing ele asked him, "Where are feel! to be evs Try = where soo @ 104 rguova Fomgsine core xo- ing on down to Yas. -—gur's Farm,— Gonna join ina rock and roll be we iS just the time. of year,” Or may- be. it'sthe time af man, 1 dreamed t sat the bomb = ers" Rid = ing. shot = gun i the Bh Pm goo = na campout———__ on the Land and tty txt don't know who Tam But _ lite 1S for Tura ing w= to ts ter = flies a = bove our To Cuda @ chiorus We are star - ust, we are gold : — 9. bil-lion year old ar bon ar en, 2 "Then 3. By the — Caught in the dev = I's bar = gain And we ot to get our - selves, back to we