The Manager of “Trevaskis Engineering Pty Ltd” pondered the problem that his most recent customer had given him. “I need a 50% perforated rectangular sheet (900 x 600) of metal with 10mm holes”. He thought: “What spacing should I have between the circles so that there is exactly 50% metal and 50% holes? Should the centre of the holes be in a square or triangular grid?”

Answer the questions below to help the Manager solve this problem: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is the area of the whole sheet? What is the area of one hole? How many holes are on a complete sheet? How far apart do the holes need to be for a square grid? How far apart do the holes need to be for a triangular grid?

“I’ve changed my mind” the customer said. “I want a perforated sheet with 16mm holes”. What hole centres are needed now for a 50% open perforated sheet?

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