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File: File: e595de52cb23520⋯.jpg (35.27 KB, 574x410, File: 1dbb7355f69655f⋯.jpg (118.85

e9425e030baea70⋯.jpg 7:5, IMG_20180617_220219.jpg) KB, 750x1013, 750:1013,
(107.34 KB, 664x1144, 83:143, IMG_20180617_220230.jpg)

Faggot Mediocre Artist Kills Himself Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:12:26 ID: 14ebcf No.11736072

>Wow! And the sky is blue!

This wasn't just any faggot. Twitter has been shilling for MUH SODOMITE rights to normalfags with this guy's comic by making it viral for pride month
with the typical kosher muh fee fees twist.


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:14:41 ID: 4111ed No.11736082

shoeonhead needs to get her head stomped on.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:15:04 ID: cabe48 No.11736085
File: 0c26eb58b528937⋯.png (339.37 KB, 1131x807, 377:269, 16d4e93ca189bb0d8d7cf7ee4c….png)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:16:18 ID: 47bbcd No.11736093

>halfchan links
>upset over a stranger's suicide
What happened to the chan culture that made a kid kill himself over an ipod i mean come on have people really gotten that soft

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:18:24 ID: 4a1073 No.11736099


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:18:40 ID: 973149 No.11736101

File: 529809c64b469e5⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Autistic Commie Screechin….webm)

>have people really gotten that soft
have you not been paying attention the last few decades?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:22:44 ID: 47bbcd No.11736113

I was more specifically referring to imageboards, but in I guess /leftypol/ is really the only board getting upset over this so I shouldn't be too

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:25:23 ID: 4a1073 No.11736125

Oh wait, looks like he's still alive and having surgery or something. Pray to Jesus that he doesn't make it, due to substandard shitskin
medical practices.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:28:18 ID: 5ecb3e No.11736131

File: 6bbbfff514b4bf6⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 600x867, 200:289, 6bbbfff514b4bf61ff8eb95e8b….jpg)

I'll pray to Allah he doesn't make it

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:29:50 ID: cabe48 No.11736136

It wasn't an exaggeration when that commie board is filled with reddit faggots since they begged them to come here.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:32:12 ID: 302105 No.11736142

>enabling chinky paki hellholes

Nice one retards.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:34:39 ID: 6f7941 No.11736151

File: 32b7268f44304c5⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 700x405, 140:81, gay-marriage-Islamic-State.jpg)

Finally, another dead faggot.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:34:49 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736152

And nothing of value was lost

/co/alburners whining?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:35:28 ID: 4a1073 No.11736155

They pretty much have always been reddit faggots. I remember getting banned there all the way back during the Ferguson riot for telling
them it was just a lumpenproletariat chimpout, not some rising class consciousness and beginning of le gommie revolution (which some
there unironically thought it was).

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:38:31 ID: feccd9 No.11736163

File: 49cb221ac217423⋯.jpg (242.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1219902533426.jpg)

>Sand niggers kill him
<blames /pol/ and not their fucked up religion and barbarism

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:38:50 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736165

Reminder to report the faggot again to make sure mudshits finish the job

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 05:43:17 ID: 000000 No.11736177

beautiful comic
shame this nigger anhero
shame about the hormone deficiency that made gay
could have made /natsoc/ art

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:14:42 ID: 4a1073 No.11736269

Anyone have the dox?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:17:34 ID: 4111ed No.11736272

I dont know why girls want to befriend faggots. They fucking hate them more than they hate donald trump.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:20:58 ID: 811db3 No.11736277

I get sad when the cute clean types who practice safe sex die like this. alot of people want to just genocide all gays and that's the common
thing but I actually feel bad when the good quality ones die off, because there is one less person to set a good example for the other gays
to lead a clean hiv-free life of non-whore non-slut. I don't care what they do in their own bedroom and I totally dislike anyone male or
female who just whores around with no protection. pick a fucking partner and stick to the love of your life. whores are disgusting. If gay
artist anon killed himself looks anything like their drawings then I think we lost a clean one folks. No doubt I'll get all sorts of comments for
this and that's fine. heil the first bro.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:31:39 ID: 6f7941 No.11736291
File: 8ca3ae92555f887⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 329x399, 47:57, gays.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:38:12 ID: fbb123 No.11736300

File: b3ba5a20afebb8c⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 370x410, 37:41, Hogg-2-1024x576~01.jpg)


Implying its not another Bana Al-Abed AKA Aleppo girl.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:39:45 ID: 0675ae No.11736303
File: 23241bd87fd2d6f⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 625x417, 625:417, Cuntface_Fag_Makeup.jpg)

>I actually feel bad when the good quality ones die off

Stopped reading there, newfag. Lurk two years, and there's a chance you'll figure out where you are.

Faggots are corrosive elements in society. The fantasy homos you learned about on TalmudVision barely exist in principle, and not at all in
practice. There's no such thing as just privately being homosexual among them. There is no respectability at all beyond a false front they
put up for the cameras and neighbors.

Back when I still believed in individualism, I said the same dumb shit everybody does: <"Blah, blah, blah. . . whatever two consenting
adults do in the privacy of their blah, blah, blah."
Except there is no "consenting adult," and nothing ever stays in the privacy of anywhere.

Normal people get turned into faggots when an older faggot molests them. There almost certainly is a hereditary component to it, but the
same is true of alcoholism. Something triggers it in the developing young man, and I've never known a homo who wasn't taking in the ass
from a 20-year-old by the time he was 14. Then they look back on this as romantic and cute, and the cycle repeats.

Given that rotten beginning, it's no surprise how miserable the fuckers are. It's why they can't hold still. Every fag in creation is an
evangelical sinner who needs you to agree with his upside-down world in order not to feel like a dirty pervert. Like all demons, they cannot
just be themselves, but must spread their filth to all corners until every knee bows and not one voice speaks the truth about their sin. Only
then will they know peace, and to get it they'll throw open the doors to every Jew, feminist, psychopath, tranny degenerate, university-
trained loudmouth, and false-flag clergykike in the world.

In a way it's fitting that AIDS turned out to kill the way it does. First comes the sin, then comes the latent period, when you're already dying
but don't know it yet. The disease attacks the immune system, as fags attack society's standards. Only when the symptoms have gotten so
alarming they can't be ignored anymore does he learn the truth: his love of prostate massage will now kill him slowly, with a great deal of
pain and suffering, as he did his part to kill us. True, with heroic medical interventions it's possible to maintain the life – if you call it that – of
the AIDS patient. This is called progress, but the grim joke is that the only reason a faggot has for living another 10 years is to have
another 500 orgasms with random strangers. In other words, his life is for nothing and will mean nothing the day after he is buried, when
his last lover gets to the club and hits the amyl nitrate to forget.

Gay cancer, indeed.

Seriously, lurk.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:40:40 ID: a332d1 No.11736305

4chan didn't kill that guy, they jumped on the memorial page after he was dead. Learn your chan history.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:40:42 ID: 1995b8 No.11736306

>commie with poor genetics and vision
>talking about genocide
It's time to genocide commies.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:43:00 ID: 1fb17a No.11736310

File: e49be6f9a0e08f9⋯.png (408.24 KB, 425x462, 425:462, ajdisappoint.PNG)

You belong in the bog with the rest of these sodomite pieces of shit. Die slow you fucking fag enabler.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:44:17 ID: a332d1 No.11736315

The idea of gays in a traditional-style relationship with a white picket fence is a myth spread by pro gay marriage campaigners. The vast
majority of gays have a ridiculously high partner count and engage in unsafe practices.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:44:37 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736316

File: 35759953268d4ab⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 326x324, 163:162, There is no bait.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:44:55 ID: 0675ae No.11736318

That's a new one for me. Is it a (((Freudian))) reference to our unresolved id, or is it that we use IDs here to keep track of their lame raids?

Or should I just not give a shit? I can go with that. Don't bother with the answer if you happen to know it. I realized I don't actually care after

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:45:53 ID: 2bd4b4 No.11736322

File: aa2a0bcae5ffbad⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 720x334, 360:167, lol.jpg)

anyone have more of the fags comics? might be a good time for edits and to start a (((sarah anderson))) style revival.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:51:22 ID: 399058 No.11736332



Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:51:48 ID: 4111ed No.11736333

>using feminine words like "whore" and "slut" to attribute satanic gloryhole urinal cake faggotry
I don't know what you think you're doing here, but you can stop any time.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 06:58:26 ID: 9d119f No.11736349

File: 22bd9068e18cde0⋯.png (461.3 KB, 1224x1224, 1:1, 09df5d18428816d0e2866d9885….png)

No gays.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:01:04 ID: 99bdc9 No.11736353
File: 1e81275b61bad05⋯.png (145.95 KB, 645x365, 129:73, white sharia.png)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:01:57 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736361

>Kidneys fucked
>Liver fucked
>Intestines fucked

Even if the faggot came through he'd have to be permanently attached to a colostomy bag.
Good as dead. Stupid faggot permafucked hesheits own organs.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:02:49 ID: 1995b8 No.11736363

File: File: eb42d7ff886e327⋯.jpg (175.98 KB, 584x561,
92fbaccde64dac0⋯.jpg 584:561, eb42d7ff886e327ff9fc45a1e7….jpg)
(213.95 KB, 433x957, 433:957,

>>11736322 (checked)
Can't fail.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:05:15 ID: 14ebcf No.11736372

File: 623243ec1959eed⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 264x310, 132:155, 1529240131599.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:08:24 ID: 0675ae No.11736386

> he'd have to be permanently attached to a colostomy bag.
The good news is that it's difficult to get AIDS when your partner in scat play is in the next room, fucking a Ziploc.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:09:50 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736394

Is it just me or does this fag look like the /leftypol/ BO?

These twinks look alike.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:13:29 ID: 4a1073 No.11736408

>Even if the faggot came through he'd have to be permanently attached to a colostomy bag.
Knowing fags, he would probably enjoy that.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:15:06 ID: ed87b4 No.11736416

How dare you!
That coalburner is so essential to the alt-right!
We need acceptance and tolerance!

…yet OP links to her

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:15:09 ID: 7ac4c8 No.11736418

What if i pushed you into traffic and you got hit by a vehicle and died? Who would be responsible? Me or the driver?

You are fucking retarded

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:15:58 ID: fb1f75 No.11736421

My "too good to be true" sense is tingling. Is this queer secretly /ourguy/ and trolling?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:16:32 ID: e20f3a No.11736425

S to shit on grave

C to curse all faggots in the name of the Lord. Do not I hate them O Lord that hate thee? I hate them with a perfect hatred.

H to go to heaven by believing on Christ for eternal life:

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:17:23 ID: 4a1073 No.11736431

Bad analogy. The correct analogy would be "if I pushed you into a group of Muslims and they murdered you, who would be responsible?
Me or the Muslims?"

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:19:38 ID: 1970e8 No.11736443

File: 4b9793ffe8a6100⋯.png (332.38 File: 33f6c19dc061b52⋯.jpg (6.84 KB,
KB, 599x880, 599:880, 185x185, 1:1, 1430283535260.jpg)

We should at least take some notes from Muslims when it comes to LGBT acceptance

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:20:39 ID: feccd9 No.11736447

File: fd0dc0bd4ab4aaa⋯.png (222.02 KB, 500x445, 100:89, 1336898017848.png)

See >>11736431 faggot lover. Maybe if I were driving and you cut my breaks you could not blame the car, but you for cutting them without
my knowledge. But a group of fucking Muslims still have free will and they use that to murder faggots. They get away with it because you
leftyniggers defend them due to intersectionality.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:22:13 ID: 3b0cdf No.11736453
File: d0afcabd3955e19⋯.png (259.48 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Aids for fags.png)

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:22:30 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736454

It's a dream come true

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:22:34 ID: fb1f75 No.11736456

File: c60e12f0023570e⋯.jpg (136.76 KB, 776x602, 388:301, get a load of this guy.jpg )

>Muslims still have free will

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:23:09 ID: 39b1ad No.11736457

Remember to stop

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:24:02 ID: 1995b8 No.11736460

Degenerate faggots should never have been tolerated. Don't need guidance from camelfuckers to figure that one out.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:27:21 ID: 62c1fb No.11736469

they probably have the same birth defect.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:29:19 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736475

Low testosterone and pig genetics?
Shitskins truly live in pigpen shitholes.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:35:21 ID: 845322 No.11736487
File: cc8275e9f7cc7a3⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 640x640, 1:1, File: 8105b42834983a4⋯.png (181.44 KB, 1226x860,
gays_and_pedos2.jpg) 613:430, gays_and_children.png)

File: 8e884da21db79b5⋯.png (1.28 MB,

906x1024, 453:512, facts about the gay commun….png )

>muh sodomy pride
whoever reported him to his local authorities did the right thing

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:45:01 ID: 4a66f8 No.11736515

Could use another report.
Not only they are keeping alive a faggot, but a parasite to boot. His family makes it a trifecta of purgation.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 07:46:37 ID: 1086fe No.11736521

I think that we could get somewhere if we stopped referring to them in any discernable way. Lump all of the faggots, trannies, etc. in to a
simple classification of "abnormal"/"broken"/"deviant". Let them lose whatever ground they have received by having terms that allow them
to label their form of degeneracy and instead label them all as the defective groups they are.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:01:06 ID: 3ecc17 No.11736549

>Live in country where being a faggot is going to get you thrown into prison and whipped
>be degenerate enough to still fuck other men
>while being stupid enough to broadcast this fact on the Internet
Artfag was asking for it.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:15:04 ID: fd0665 No.11736583

File: aa869b28d74d8c9⋯.png (26.23 KB, 479x359, 479:359, Yidder.png)

Should be using the yidder.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:16:49 ID: fd0665 No.11736589
File: 80a1778e6df274c⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 531x471, 177:157, Mxwj5uT[1].jpg)

>Drink bleach
<I did

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:17:14 ID: 4111ed No.11736590

I just think that actually placing a shoe on her head and applying a great amount of pressure in a swift motion might do her some good, or
rid the world of her. Either would be a decent outcome.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:17:38 ID: 85f3c6 No.11736592


It means "identity politics" the leftists believe in a workers revolution regardless of race, age, sex, etc, aka identity. They claim to be against
idpol and that idpol is used by the bougies to cause divisions between the classes. It's cute because modern leftists are obsessed with
racial hiararchy, but you'll never hear one of those leftypol commy fags identify themselves as one of their useful idiot liberals and their

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:21:06 ID: 4a1073 No.11736607

It's also funny because literally every successful or semi-successful commie in history made use of identity politics, from Lenin to Mao to
Emma Goldman.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:23:25 ID: fd0665 No.11736610

Well at least the fags would have another hole to fuck.
Anyone got the vid? kek

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 08:38:12 ID: 8336cb No.11736631

File: 01e0922d77365b6⋯.jpg (19.87 KB, 400x350, 8:7, 01e0922d77365b66fa1fbf70c6….jpg)

>Rizzy an hero'd
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to post publicly post on Shitter about being a fag in a nation where that can get you killed.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 09:07:38 ID: a2b10e No.11736660

>>1173652 This right here to be honest, I've been seeing plenty of people that are just sick and tired of the LGBT (now with a P) rhetoric
both on and off-line and the facts that demonstrate as to why you should be are endless, I think it is time to start calling them a catch-all
negative term to quickly dismantle their political influence but it has to be extremely eye-catching yet revealing, anything that immediately
indicates their sexual deviancy or signals about their disease-ridden bodies, and assume a "The" will be added to it. The deviants, The
broken, The diseased, etc.

Heres 10 I could come up with:

Sexual parasites
Sickness spreaders
Child exploiters
Economic burdens (for a different crowd than the average normie)
Peter pans (perhaps normies wouldn't understand this, at least in regards to the fact that gays were usually sexually abused as children
themselves, which locked them in mentally at that age with that sexuality at that point in time, but that doesn't mean they can't be made
aware of this when said)
Disease incubators
Bug catchers (Don't forget to let normies know about bug-chasing, super easy redpill)
Democratic deviant

And an extra one for your consideration

Faggots (Continue pushing the pendulum anon, plus this word already has a bunch of emotional weight in people's minds anyhow)

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 09:09:55 ID: a2b10e No.11736663


Meant for >>11736521

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 09:12:46 ID: 5f42fb No.11736667

File: 68a7dde421287a6⋯.mp4 (5.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, punishment for being a fag….mp4 )

Great news!

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 09:28:44 ID: 4111ed No.11736683

These are better without the music.
There's something satisfying about the unfiltered smack of a degenerate on the ground.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 10:06:22 ID: 1086fe No.11736724

Those are actually great ideas. Lump all of these sick fucks in to one term and watch them squirm as they lose their ever growing alphabet
soup of fucking degeneracy. No more "homosexuals, or bi-sexuals, lesbians, gays, trannies" on and on, just "sexual parasites".
Anyone that isn't straight, or normal as we will call it. Because it is just that.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 10:08:46 ID: cb14a5 No.11736730

He went the path of all faggots, trannies, smug anime girl posters that are unironic hikkies once they turn arbout 40-50 as well as
communists in general.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 10:29:24 ID: 314ff0 No.11736750

>Shoe thinks /cow/ is spelled /pol/
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 10:38:29 ID: 36e248 No.11736757
File: 232448e8c1f0014⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 600x1112, 75:139, chimp.jpg)

Absolutely this.

It's not our fault that the filthy slime couldn't be bothered to practice good OPSEC and PERSEC

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 10:51:30 ID: 97b0f1 No.11736785

Its ridiculous how shitty normalfags are in their secs. I've seen so much terrible infosec myself.

Anyway, I sincerely hope AIDS mutates and becomes the deadly scourge upon degenerates it's supposed to be.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 11:21:13 ID: 1b6b78 No.11736866

Why would they accuse the inferior beings? Only white men can amount to anything.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 11:44:07 ID: ce8c6a No.11736891

I hate gays, but it's important to recognize it as a mostly uncontrollable mental illness. Yukio Mishima is an example of what happens when
a good man struggles with bisexuality.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 11:49:06 ID: 1d57ec No.11736897

sure thats why faggottry has exploded the last 10 years because jew media promoting it

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:20:29 ID: 4c06ca No.11736946

File: 9295e96272c1f80⋯.png (359.1 KB, 764x660, 191:165, 12066021_444610752395859_3….png)

I actually let out a huge guffaw when reading "I know you aren't the praying type, but keep him in your thoughts"
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:23:51 ID: 4c06ca No.11736951
File: 9e391efc00b2842⋯.png (208.93 KB, 600x372, File: 83816a816ab541d⋯.png (865.19 KB, 892x874,
50:31, CYgA22_WAAAt5uT.png) 446:437, Shoe0nhead_confirmed.png)

File: c92ec05c6dcf564⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 674x411,

674:411, Shoeonheadanimeavatarhater.jpg)

I have hated this girl since day 1. Very few people remember that she only got popular because when Boxxy's video blew up, this girl
would post her own version of it.

dont like yt links dont click it

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:25:56 ID: b3c14c No.11736955


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:33:17 ID: 426943 No.11736967

>that islam is retarded
i swear some of these faggots are sooooo close to waking up, but then again: they are faggots.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:47:52 ID: 4c06ca No.11736995

File: 78368b4382d584f⋯.jpg (165.89 KB, 584x519, File: 2cdc245683b295a⋯.jpg (145.73 KB, 589x637,
584:519, 123132132312.jpg) 589:637, 123231132.jpg)

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:50:37 ID: 5f42fb No.11737007
File: c125564306d4d01⋯.jpg (587.02 KB, 727x2288, 727:2288, gays bug chasing pozzed.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 12:54:43 ID: 1de47a No.11737017

File: 4bc13a99bb56a34⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 500x322, 250:161, ufkinwot.jpg)

>literally everyone is a tranny
You're just as bad as a kike, and arguably more annoying. Nigger just because some elites have engaged in gender reversal rituals
throughout history doesn't mean that every fucking public figure ever is a tranny. Do some exist? Sure they do and they belong in the bog
without a doubt. But this idea you try and peddle that every celebrity woman ever was actually born a man and vice versa is straight up
nigger tier retarded. You need to seek some professional help because you have a real problem. Or kill yourself, I really don't care. Either
way you need to stop posting because it's getting real old.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:03:51 ID: f153a2 No.11737037

>"We won't go after your kids, we promise."
These sickos should be exposed and then killed on sight.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:05:23 ID: d813e8 No.11737039

>muh determinism makes me correct!
End your life.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:08:00 ID: aa470d No.11737046

A lot of gays would agree with you on the subject of pozzers anon. Hell they would even provide names.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:09:12 ID: 61b7e7 No.11737050

File: a3dbaf673f02606⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 748x498, 374:249, ramzan kadyrov.jpg)

>retarded faggot in Islamic country virtue signals about his cocksucking prowess
>dumb fuck can't into InfoSec so he gets reported to Muslims
>Muslims pulverize his organs as all righteous people would
>Reddit migrants blames le /pol/ boogeyman
Today is a good day.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:12:09 ID: e53fb4 No.11737062

"defectives" has a nice ring to it
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:13:36 ID: 25b2b4 No.11737065

It needs to be covert. They need to be ghosted, each and every one, as quickly as possible so that they can't warn others that they're being
exterminated. These people are good at hiding. They must not be allowed the chance to go underground.

And their corpses must be incinerated to eradicate the virus.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:15:02 ID: a0b858 No.11737070

We already call them degenerates which has the right amount of harsh shit that ends up sounding good

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:17:03 ID: 7f51ae No.11737078

File: 1459fad4b26e1fe⋯.png (933.92 KB, 1944x858, 324:143, pol islam.png)

/pol/ supports its islamic overlords as usual

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:25:07 ID: ebdda8 No.11737119

Did /leftypol/ gave me another disinfo?

I was sure there were people who just made an online fundraising for the purpose of emigrating that faggot Canada plus healthcare bills
just few hours ago. Why would they bother to do that for a guy who is confirmed to die very soon?
Is this another of (((their))) quick money-grabbing schemes?

This. Sadly it demands for very little error margin; for a country as big as the US, this plan require like almost a million of SF-tier operators
completing their objectives simultaneously within minutes.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:25:22 ID: 13d718 No.11737123

File: 8f45483ffb76024⋯.jpg (45.9 KB, 535x500, 107:100, faggotry.jpg)

But that's the entire point of faggotry; it's a form of terminal narcissism. Why do you think the faggot freaks have their insanely provocative
"pride" parades that feature abused children, or run as "the first black president?"
Asking a faggot not to broadcast his faggotry is like asking a pajeet to stop shitting in streets.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:25:40 ID: 57b15b No.11737126

Typical leftypol retard.
"You are a vegetarian, you love animals and live in Germany. You must be Hitler."

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:27:55 ID: 2bd64d No.11737148


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:29:05 ID: da56b5 No.11737157

Supporting one thing doesn't mean you support everything someone does or says. What kind of childish mindset do you have to even
think that?
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:30:17 ID: ebdda8 No.11737168
File: 6002fe276baf062⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 460x355, 92:71, 6002fe276baf062b28b46c003f….jpg)

*into Canada

>Equating /pol/ with (((Alt-Kike)))
Begone, Reddit!

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:31:17 ID: 61b7e7 No.11737176

>being this upset about a friendly fag bashing
Indonesian law is pretty clear; fags get caned and jailed. These community watchdogs did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:31:39 ID: 86c8b6 No.11737180

Good lord, you people are genuinely pathetic.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:32:26 ID: 7f51ae No.11737185

File: 8a9ea098932d115⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 500x409, 500:409, 8a9ea098932d11544b9a3fffa7….jpg)

>proving me right once more

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:32:44 ID: da56b5 No.11737187

Go back to twitter and whine so more.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:33:46 ID: d813e8 No.11737193

Who is more pathetic? Us, sitting in our board talking how we wish about this topic, or you, who diverts his attention and time to come to
this board and complain about people that have literally no affect on your life?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:34:02 ID: 61b7e7 No.11737195

File: a39465596100c03⋯.png (83.24 KB, 194x299, 194:299, tucker doubt.png)

>abiding the law is unique to Islam
Please, stop being so upset.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:34:20 ID: 483294 No.11737198

didn't the fag kill himself because his fellow LGBT folks reported him for insulting muslims?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:34:42 ID: 97b0f1 No.11737200

have a (you), fresh from the oven.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:35:15 ID: da56b5 No.11737203

>agrees with something
>oy vey you must be an x or a y now oy vey so stop bashing those gays goyim

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:35:26 ID: 7f51ae No.11737205

lolno, because /pol/tards reported him

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:37:23 ID: ea282a No.11737213

This is an asspained lefty/pol/ack. Go read their version of this thread, notice the bans and mod logs, people banned for flase flagging and
nazbol posting etc.

Lefty/pol/ is objectively superior to /pol/ now that chodenigger fucked us.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:37:45 ID: da56b5 No.11737215

And where is the evidence of that? Because even on leftypol you're repeating that shit mindlessly. The only claim there is is the faggot
being reported, but no one knows by who.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:38:15 ID: 25b2b4 No.11737216

Perhaps some kind of international 'AIDS pride' day could be organised. Encourage them all to hold parades on the same day, all over the
world so that they can all be wiped out in one fell swoop with white phosphorus.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:39:06 ID: a94958 No.11737221

File: 59666e6126f7a31⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 534x679, 534:679, qRrtFgS6pEXBE_8XEqC6Z_TLSF….jpg)

Idk, there seem to be many of us who harbour pro-Islam tendencies. Just look at this fag, for example. It's like some of you can't fathom
that we ironically support Islam so you go full retard and convert

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:39:27 ID: ea282a No.11737222

Lefty/pol/ is actually taking action and making a response to do damage control and spread their narrative, something /pol/ did before when
helpful news stories came out. They have picked up that people are saying its the fault of communists and so they are countering the

Whats /pol/ doing? Jacking off communist trolls.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:40:08 ID: a94958 No.11737223


And then you help the Islamic police of Indonesia. No fucking integrity any more

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:40:12 ID: ea282a No.11737224

Oh and Jews will defend this, because muh kampfy.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:40:49 ID: 61b7e7 No.11737225

>Atom Waffen
This isn't Iron March.
But where's the proof?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:40:49 ID: 97b0f1 No.11737226

Can you IP-hop some more?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:41:06 ID: d4846e No.11737228


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:41:09 ID: 000000 No.11737230

>Sexual bolsheviks

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:41:23 ID: da56b5 No.11737232

>tell them i dont suspect some /pol/lack did this
>get banned
Yeah, surely they are better. Can't have that wrongthink can we.

>Lefty/pol/ is actually taking action and making a response to do damage control and spread their narrative,
I'm reading that as "leftypol is spreading a lie that has no basis and that will fall flat on his ass within the same day". Yeah, surely the
leftypol overlords are smart.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:41:27 ID: 25b2b4 No.11737233

The only acceptable islamic nation is Palestine, and even that is conditional on it ceasing to exist after Israel is destroyed.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:41:32 ID: a94958 No.11737235


Not IP-hopping, was meant as an extension to my post

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:42:17 ID: ea282a No.11737239

Anti/pol/ get out. You love Jews and yea, thats unacceptable.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:42:21 ID: da56b5 No.11737240

on its*

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:44:16 ID: da56b5 No.11737247

>shotgunning for something else while completely ignoring my reactions towards you
>you love the jews now goy
>youre anti /pol/ somehow
>wrongthink is a bad word goy
>spreading lies is good goy, just like spreading aids is good
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:45:21 ID: 8bba11 No.11737249
File: 5984c7585f3d7a9⋯.gif (691.36 KB, 260x183, 260:183, 5984c7585f3d7a96787a28e4c7….gif)


It's more that homosexuals are ill.

Typically when a cooperative social organism has something wrong with it, it seeks to make others of its kind aware of this.
Either so that individual can be removed or aided.

In our case we could probably fix the problem or at least prevent it. But we're not allowed to properly study the illness because of politics or

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:48:27 ID: 04f107 No.11737271

File: 5e9ab40d00efca8⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 577x599, 577:599, 1340811515489.jpg)

>please give me pity points for sucking dick in a country where i'll be killed for doing so
>oh shit that's too much attention stop
>fuck now i've got to kill myself
Bonus points that this happened in Indonesia. I've had many a conversation/argument about islam being a fucking dogshit religion, and for
whatever reason Indonesia is always brought up as a 'well, why don't you look at this exception and see how it defeats your generalization'
type argument that sharia law doesn't always result in middle eastern shitholes. Warms my heart, really

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:48:39 ID: a8dc2c No.11737273

File: a1123978840bbcb⋯.png (197.16 KB, 2500x1645, 500:329, DaBaitci.png)

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:51:17 ID: 1de47a No.11737296
File: 8f10a97b44f9848⋯.png (407.02 KB, 496x928, 31:58, tscaj.png)

lel stay mad leftynigger

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:52:58 ID: 02059e No.11737305

File: 3c0269303eb7bd2⋯.jpg (187.58 KB, 650x650, 1:1, you.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:54:08 ID: 1f0a93 No.11737311

Underrated post.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:55:31 ID: 5dff98 No.11737319
File: 33152e650b6c5d7⋯.jpg (299.27 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_2495.JPG)

The reason why /pol/, and a large portion of the 'Nationalist Intelligentsia' exists today is solely BECAUSE of chan culture. In a world of
decadence and hedonism, we initially took the path of apathy. Way back in the day that was what /b/ was. There was no purpose to
anything: the atheists had taken away spirituality, the globalists had taken away nationalism, the historians had taken away pride and the
government had taken away family. The only forms of 'tribalism' left to us were based upon which sports team you supported or which
genre of music you liked; and we all rejected that stuff as pathetic and lame. So we became apathetic to everything, while the rest of
society tried desperately to find an identity and purpose in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (which by the way is why they have 'gay pride',
traps, weaboos, "nerds", and all this other shit), we simply laughed at the retardedness of it all, and sought the most insane shit out of this
world of idiocy to amuse ourselves with. Sure some of us apathetic types may have been degenerates who enjoyed some of those things;
but it never formed our identity because that would be stupid. So we became apathetic, uncaring and directionless; the only thing we
desired in life was to be amused. It was all about 'the lulz'.

It made us strong. Everyone else was so busy trying to fit in to one group or another, so busy virtue signalling about their morality despite
having it based upon NOTHING, so busy pretending to give a shit lest others look down on them for not belonging (and NO ONE belonged
anywhere because all forms of genuine identity had been destroyed); that they made themselves into paranoid, anxious, weak little
faggots. 4chan became 'right wing' because of our apathy, because we exposed ourself to the most horrific and evil shit out there and we
never batted an eye-lid; the only thing that gave us a slight portion of happiness was humour; and mainstream humour had already
become the same identity-based virtue-signalling bullshit - so our humour became of the dark variety. Thus we laughed at suicide, gore,
killing sprees, rape, genocide, sexism, racism; EVERY conceivable taboo.
And finally we stumbled upon the taboo of Nazism. And being the apathetic arseholes we were, we decided to delve into it solely because
we knew it pissed off all the virtue-signalling, identity-lacking faggots. And then … we realised that had an identity, that we had always had
an identity. We realised who took it away from us. We quickly realised our apathy was a curse placed upon by the great enemy, the
parasite, the serpent, that old dragon and his children. The Jews.

And so now we have purpose. Now we have an identity. Now we know the horrors of the world. The Jews never stood a chance; their
purposeless world was always going to create an apathetic strain of humanity; and we were always going to indulge the darkest and most
taboo things until we finally discovered their vile scheme and realised why the world as it was, why others were so weak, and why we had
become so hollow. Upon that realisation; we were always going to immerse ourselves in our history, our philosophy, our people; we were
always going to reject everything they had given us, we were always going to oppose everything they tried to do from then on, and once
this great realisation had been made. Once we knew that we were literally fighting a force of pure evil. That we were all that stood in their
way. We were always going to fight back. We had no other choice. So we fought back in any and every way we could. And now, with each
passing year our victories grow. A decade ago you were not allowed to criticise immigration lest you be called a racist; now every nation
has at least one mainstream party that is outspokenly against immigration – in the UK every mainstream party supports stopping or at least
stemming immigration, in the US the president was elected because he was going to build a wall to keep foreigners out, in Hungary and
Poland we see huge crowds, tens of thousands strong marching through the street singing the glories of Nationalism; Italy has closed its
ports and is setting up concentration camps that will house the foreigners until they can be deported. With every passing moment our
victory becomes more certain.

They were doomed from the start; their attempts to deny us our identity would always lead to us apathetic arseholes delving into every
conceivable taboo until we finally discovered who were again. Upon that realisation we were always going to do everything we could to
fight back. Now we stand tall as strong men, mountains amongst great masses of pathetic weeds; and our power rises by the day. We are
coming. We will not be stopped. Sieg heil.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:57:10 ID: 1f0a93 No.11737327

>Faggot Mediocre Artist
>Mediocre Artist
You are way too lenient.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:58:56 ID: 1f0a93 No.11737335

Stare at the Abyss.

Make it blink.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 13:59:44 ID: 000000 No.11737339

Good. Allah Akbar. All faggots should be executed.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:00:39 ID: 4111ed No.11737343

but dont.
otherwise something would be getting done.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:07:42 ID: a2039f No.11737374
File: cb448427caa1102⋯.jpg (77.77 KB, 1147x311, 1147:311, saracen.jpg)


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:08:00 ID: 6e3dcf No.11737376

Looks like /leftypol/ will be advertising for a new janitor.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:09:58 ID: 11cf05 No.11737383

He is no longer worth my hate.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:11:29 ID: 2bd4b4 No.11737391

File: 90003e6ebcd34d4⋯.jpg (172.46 KB, 725x984, 725:984, ChuckNorristhumbsup Emil P.jpg)

this x1000 (thanks for the reminder)

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:14:11 ID: 4c06ca No.11737402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I personally knew this kid. He was always flip flopping his ideology. He actually seemed pretty normal otherwise. He was sometimes funny,
just seemed regular. For example when I first met him, he was one of those like ultra no exceptions types. Then desperate for pussy he
started dating some spic, and then all of a sudden he was all about how spics are just brown whites. I know why they label him neo-nazi,
but he wasn't that for a long time. The last time I even talked to him which was like a year or 2 before he shot those people, he was literally
anti-nazi like pro "in group" shit. He was always spouting about how only "in groups" matter. The person who converted him to islam was
another "X-nazi" named Nagant or Nagant-kun. He was a really big fan of sporterized nagant rifles. I realize the kid was living with some
"neo nazis" so maybe he flip flopped back but who knows. Kid was just a confused idiot. He went by wolfdevon88

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:14:36 ID: 6af3a2 No.11737404

Do these sicken me because I'm white? I hate faggots, but the thought of hurting anyone like this still makes me uncomfortable. The fact
that they could survive the fall, at least, and be in pain.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:14:51 ID: 000000 No.11737407

Throw acid on her face. This should be legalized.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:17:39 ID: 8bba11 No.11737426
File: 7825f04b277693e⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, purge.mp4)


Personally I think in many ways we've wound up here because we rejected identity.
Because of that apathy we displayed in regards to purchased identity we came here and did what was the most taboo thing in our society.
We rejected identity in its entirety becoming anons.

In a society obsessed with reputation and prestige we discarded the things most fundamentally required to acrue these desired things.
The ultimate heresy in modern western society.
Even now we resist identity. We still insist on being anons, it's the closest thing to an identity we allow ourselves.
We mock the e-celebs, the kike-right, etc who all try to hijack what we've done. In our eyes they're committing the sin of identity, seeking
reputation and prestige.

For the jews how do you grapple with a foe who has no identity? Whose sense of self is amorphous?
The shills come here and constantly try to find some way to split anons up. To try and force identity on us. The christianity vs pagan
shitposting, the X is not white arguments, all the Trump chess shitposts. All of it is attempts to force identity to try and split anons along
different lines by making us adopt an identity seperate to that of an anon.
Lets face it they've had successes. Lefty/pol/ and Brit/pol/ buggering off to their own boards. But those successes have been minor and
Our heresy continues.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:18:33 ID: 000000 No.11737431

I would convert only to be part of the Islamic police and be able to execute fags and thots.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:21:20 ID: ea27eb No.11737450

the "everyone is a tranny" troll, or "trannytroll" for short, isn't retarded.
the "trannytroll" is a straight up (((kike))) agent, whose goal is to make newfags coming to board think that the /pol/acks are retarded
because some of them believe that so many females are trannies in disguise.
"trannytrolls" and "flat earthers" are basically the same people executing different algorithms with the same goal.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:27:04 ID: dc3dbf No.11737481

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:27:53 ID: 6a26f7 No.11737485

File: a0d22b556c6ebfe⋯.jpg (401.45 KB, 1322x688, 661:344, Never go full retard.jpg )

>Reddit spacing
>Upset over a sandnigger that was lynched by other muslim sandniggers
>boohoo /pol/ did this
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:29:44 ID: 41df2a No.11737492
File: 4bcd55f84d75156⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 500x623, 500:623, Burning_of_Sodomites.jpg)

>Do these sicken me because I'm white?
Nah, it's because you're gay. White people used to do much worse to fags.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:33:32 ID: 4111ed No.11737510

Nah, just a swift kick in the head.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:33:41 ID: 5dff98 No.11737511

File: f5d2da644f79268⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 463x420, 463:420, 1384732862862.jpg)

I'd say that is why we ended up on /b/. We ended up on /pol/, or at least 8/pol/ because we found out who we really were. We're not just a
bunch of bored faggots seeking lulz anymore; we are nationalists hell-bent on purging degeneracy from our people, as well as
exterminating the parasite and putting an end to its vile machinations.

The Anon thing is a huge part of it but I think you're a little off the mark by thinking that we do not have an identity. Being Anonymous is a
strength because it allows us to practice a dialectic form of debate in a world that has become obsessed with rhetoric. The same Anon can
say something absolutely fucking stupid one day, and the next day he can have the greatest idea in the world; and each statement will be
judged upon its merits or lack of. If we were plebbit he would be judged upon his posting history. If it was in real life he would be judged
upon his looks and speaking ability, as well as general charisma. Being Anonymous allows us to be critical in a way that humanity has
never been able to before; for the first time the awkward and ugly can contribute to the discussion and have their valuable ideas shape the
public conscious. That is the strength of Anonymous.

But we do have an identity. We are Nationalists. We are those who seek the truth. We are they who desire justice. We are those who will
establish order. We are the stewards of creation; the antidote to hebrew-kind; the saviours of the universe. And we will never give up.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:34:49 ID: 7dab31 No.11737516

muslims confirmed for not being able to stop killing fags

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:45:54 ID: 000000 No.11737570

And then some acid..

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:50:36 ID: f44050 No.11737604

Do we support fucking goats?
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:51:44 ID: 1de47a No.11737611
File: 2cebdba496f12b1⋯.png (445.79 KB, 508x524, 127:131, remove.png)

Shut the fuck up already, insufferable tornigger. Your astroturfing Islamist bullshit isn't fooling anyone. Go suck rotten mudslime cock

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:53:49 ID: 8bba11 No.11737623

File: 86f679f4a1c03a0⋯.png (364.43 KB, 550x2500, 11:50, 1518587766-3.png)


I would say anons were always about truth. A lot of our trolling wasn't about lying but about rubbing that truth in peoples faces. Introducing
them to the things they tried to ignore.
We mocked the lolcow for its behaviour and failures.
We goreposted in the safe spaces as they emerged.
We made swastikas in childrens online cybersex games while closing pools because of AIDs.
We called out furries for their bullshit.
Every time people tried to hide from the truth we just threw it at them and laughed. If we had our way they couldn't escape reality they
couldn't pretend everything was ok.

You're right about the dialectic approach we adopted and the benefit of no reputation to bias our arguments and comments.
That coupled with /new/ really made anons more political. We learned more about WHY the world was the way it was.
We learned of the greatest of hypocrisies the one thing that anons have always hated with a wild passion that borders on the absurd is
So upon learning of and properly understanding the jews it was only natural we'd hate them far more than anything else.

What does an anon do when presented with a hypocrite?

He trolls him.
Jews are to anons no more than a lolcow on an epic scale. We laugh at their misery as we bring their lies crashing down around them. We
drag them from their comfortable safe space into the harsh light of day then laugh at their hideous flabby bodies.
That is what makes us the antithesis of the hebrews. They are a people obsessed with identity and lies while we reject both.

I suspect even in a fascist utopia we would still exist and we'd be equally antagonistic to that society.
Because there will always be hypocrisy and lies and general bullshit.
Hitler envisioned the SS as a new nobility to keep the fledgling German fascist state true to its ideals, to remove leaders who grew
degenerate and serve as an ideal for all Germans to strive for. I would argue that anons have put themselves into a similar role, any
society we create will still have us pratting about and shitposting, we'll still be the outsiders calling everyone out on their behaviour and lies.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:54:08 ID: 000000 No.11737626

Not only that you faggot will be thrown off a building, your whole family will be raped and murdered too for creating a degenerate like you.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 14:56:03 ID: 4a66f8 No.11737636
File: 34649af64abf928⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 625x626, File: File: 35759953268d4ab⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 326x324,
625:626, BU Bait.jpg) cafbd551d674da2⋯.png
163:162, There is no bait.jpg)
(95 B,

>Implying two posts represent entire board
>implying /pol/ is alt-right
>Ignores that aut-kike is pro israel

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 15:07:06 ID: 1de47a No.11737696

File: f53a080e0d14e83⋯.gif (128 KB, 300x300, 1:1, goat fucking arab.gif)

In your dreams Achmed. On the DOTR I'll be with my brothers in arms taking care of the degenerates, niggers, kikes, faggots, and
mudslime scum like you. Now go fuck a goat or something you pisslamic trash.

ALL Semites must be destroyed. Kikes and Slimes are just two sides of the same rotten coin. I wipe my ass with the Koran and shit on the
Talmud. It's all the same anti-White desert nigger bullshit to me.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 15:24:57 ID: 4a66f8 No.11737782

Sit through all of these or fuck off

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 15:31:43 ID: 22f6f8 No.11737812

Glad to know my white penis has the power to telepathically murder people.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 15:31:58 ID: 49f9b1 No.11737815

>Faggot mediocre artist

come on now, we all know that anyone who tries to make anime isn't an artist, better yet


glad this weebfaggot killed himself, /a/ who infiltrated this board should follow suit to this faglord's example.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 15:33:04 ID: fa0a39 No.11737821


they didn't make the kid kill himself you fucking newfag, the kid killed himself and an hero was born from a myspace comment. The ipod
was an unsubstantiated rumor that just made the thing all the funnier.
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:00:41 ID: b26790 No.11737935


>someone saved my edit


Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:23:13 ID: 49f9b1 No.11738006

File: c61c6e7584d1bff⋯.png (4.05 MB, 1446x2316, 241:386, ClipboardImage.png)


>telling anyone to go away while at the sametime, posting anime

when will you easternkikes learn?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:28:37 ID: 07fde5 No.11738017

>eliminating gays
you are not fooling anyone Chaim.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:32:15 ID: 6ae01d No.11738036

>entire point of faggotry; it's a form of terminal narcissism

This. Pride is also a reference to lions, a symbol of freemasonry (the original gay club).

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:51:19 ID: 100428 No.11738106

File: ca511e3c2835dfd⋯.jpg (598.03 KB, 1932x1144, 483:286, sodomite artist denb - hap….jpg )

If it he just has hurt himself with Febreeze in a first world country, it would have been even funnier

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:55:15 ID: 100428 No.11738123

File: 6e9cd19b5afe4a1⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 626x585, 626:585, eb1981441d31ff45aa5ab326ec….jpg)

When will you get the hell out of here?
Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 16:58:01 ID: 62f6e6 No.11738136
File: c95edb96d2d7567⋯.jpg (102.37 KB, 1200x592, 75:37, Df6zcjyUwAA0IpT.jpg)

>meanwhile on imgur they say this cunt from Kiwi Farms (old CWC forums) is the doxxer.
it would be hilarious to see it snowball into more faggots killing themselves.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:00:25 ID: 49f9b1 No.11738145

when will you stop weebsplaining?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:02:23 ID: 000000 No.11738156

that guy is a hero
we should dox and report all fags from islamic countries. THE LAW IS THE LAW BITCHES

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:02:44 ID: 14ebcf No.11738157

File: 42a2c6c91d6327e⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 642x480, File: d048a34156c9592⋯.png (66.44 KB, 400x379,
107:80, 1401460959571.jpg) 400:379, 1528927323580.png)

This isn't Reddit or 4cuck so nobody is going to comfort you or your gay friends or ban the meanies like in your shithole sites.
I suggest you go back.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:04:30 ID: fa91cc No.11738164

>a homophobic country
So where was he from?

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:10:24 ID: 62f6e6 No.11738186

File: c1a4a946c53fa0e⋯.png (281.61 KB, 796x534, 398:267, c1a4a946c53fa0e2e5c4a6bc12….png)

Indonesia, and the retarded faggots in imgur and twitter want to make it sound like there's Ba'athist Wing Death Squads out there 24/7
oppressing the sodomites.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:17:54 ID: 7e5486 No.11738211

I can't believe this poor guy killed himself over his Islamophobia. Doesn't he know that Muslims are good people who love Western values?
I have a few Muslims in my college courses and they would never cause an LGBTQ+ member to kill himself.

I think we need to worry about the real victims here, the moderate Muslims who will be viewed as homophobic for this situation. This
ignorance by this artist is truly astounding and I can't believe he could be so bigoted in 2018! We should really work to end Islamophobia in
the LGBTQ+ community!

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:20:30 ID: 37265b No.11738220
File: 315ca2269f818b6⋯.png File: 531ae94a00b6c55⋯.png File: fdf0a27ffd59b1f⋯.png File: 8c85845087987ad⋯.png
(61.81 KB, 480x854, 240:427, (60.94 KB, 480x854, 240:427, (62.01 KB, 480x854, 240:427, (64.69 KB, 480x854, 240:427,
2018_03_22_06.49.48.png) 2018_03_22_06.49.36.png) 2018_03_22_06.49.27.png) 2018_03_22_06.49.18.png)

File: fd575b657e02e39⋯.png
(57.47 KB, 480x854, 240:427,

That molestation isnt the only reason. Circumcision and the inability of the blunt cock to satisfy the brain's quota of sex is a major reason
fags go bareback. With a condom on a cutdick an erection lasts literally seconds and goes flat causing inabilty to penetrate. Most fags
have never had a real rockhard erection, they just fuck with half-chubs. And theres not enough info for the brain to realize it just had sex
because 80%of the sensors are dead and so it demands you must do it again. Fag couples will spend all weekend sucking each others
dongs in every part of that apartment and still feel as if they did nothing, even in the shower!
Another thing you gotta know is fags will go to their deaths for sex.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:21:41 ID: ea282a No.11738224

Reminder this TRS astroturfing trash is now gaslighting the idea that this board was never natsoc and never banned cancerposting.
Reminder TRS before Jews.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:28:10 ID: 3f9628 No.11738254

Reminder that faggots aren't capable of "love" in the Christian sense that they use to try and justify themselves to Christians.
Infidelity rates among male homosexuals in a relationship are 70-90%. That's not love.
Rates in lesbians are lower, but most lesbians are frigid creatures not interested in sex at all.
"Love" among homosexuals only means erotic love, lust. Other homo relationships are just literally economic partnerships, or bros with
The new generation of faggots have fallen prey to the "homo love" propaganda, and when they discover the reality that all their
relationships are in fact loveless, they think that if they pretend to be women and chase straight men then they'll be able to get the real love
they expected.
And I haven't even gotten started on the fact that the vast majority of homos fall on the psychopathy scale and are totally incapable of love
or most emotion really.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:29:25 ID: 3f9628 No.11738260

Those are ADMITTED infidelity rates by the way.
If you're in a gay relationship, it is practically guaranteed that one of you will cheat on the other.

Anonymous 06/18/18 (Mon) 17:30:57 ID: aadd4e No.11738266

>i swear some of these faggots are sooooo close to waking up
Not really. They hate Islam for the good things that it does not the bad.

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