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a. Is all-powerful b. knows everything c. is everywhere d.

WITSCO MOCK EXAMINATION is all forgiving e. is very gracious

9. God blessed and made the Sabbath holy because it was the
R.M.E day
a. The Israelites fought their wars b. for settling all disputes
c. set aside for the Passover feast d. that God rested
from creation e. Moses received the Ten
1. The first Ark to save God’s people from the flood was built by
10. Salat is to prayer as charity is to
a. David b. Abraham c. Noah d. Solomon e. Moses
a. Zakat b. shahadah c. sawn d. hajj e. Sunnah
2. Jesus Christ began his ministry at the age of
11. Akwesidae according to the Akan calendar is
a. 12 b. 25 c. 30 d. 33 e. 45
a. A day that marks the beginning of the month b. the first
3. A Muslim is a person who
Sunday that marks the beginning of the month c. the
a. Is at peace with God and his neighbour b. can recite the
Sunday that marks the 42nd day of the month d. a day on
whole Quran c. fasts during the Ramadan d. visits
which the Golden stool descended e. a day when rituals
Mecca every year e. comes from Arabia
are not performed
4. From the age of eight, Muhammad was brought up by
12. The first Jewish temple was built by
a. Halimah b. Abdul Mutalib c. Khadijah d. Abu Talib
a. David b. Saul c. Solomon d. Samuel e. Elijah
e. Abdullah Amina
13. Jesus Christ was born in
5. The Muslim festival of sacrifice is
a. Jerusalem b. Bethlehem c. Bethsaida d. galilee e.
a. Eid-ul-firt b. Bilabi nabi c. Ramadan d. Eid-Ul-
Khalimat e. Eid-Ul-Adhar
14. Which of the following succeeded Muhammed?
6. One of the characteristics of the African traditional Religion is
a. Abdullah b. Musa Muhammed c. Abu Bakr d. Issa
that it
Ibrahim e. Ali Muhammed
a. Originated from the far East
15. The main role of angels in Islam is to
b. regards God and Jesus as the center of worship c. was
a. Reveal Allah’ orders and messages to his prophets b.
established by a powerful African
help Allah’s prophets to understand the Quran c. explain
d. has common beliefs and practices
dreams to the people d. give spiritual power to those
e. has no written document
who perform sacrifice to Allah
7. Traditional religion is practiced in order to
16. How many times do Muslims go round the Ka’ba during Hajj?
a. Instill discipline b. worship idols c. preserve African
a. 1 b. 3 c. 5 d. 7 e. 10
culture d. disregard other religions e. seek help from
17. The Dentsi Asafo Company is associated with the festival of
a. Homowo b. Aboakyir c. odwira d. akwanbo e.
8. God is omnipresent. This means that God
18. Which of the following festivals helps to develop the strength Commission for Civic Education e. United Nations
and vitality of the Youth? Commission on Human Rights
a. Hogbetsotso b. odwira c. fetu d. Damba e. 27. To die intestate means
Aboakyir a. Dying with a will made b. dying with so much property
19. One of the roles of the ancestors is to and wealth c. having no one inheriting you after death
a. Ensure harmony in the family b. give authority to the d. being inherited by your own children e. dying without
people c. settle our debts d. raise more ancestors from making a will
the family e. avenge his death 28. Which of the following pairs of games can best make the child
20. Dipo is a traditional wise and strong?
a. Festival b. naming ceremony c. puberty rite d. death a. Riddles and oware b. ampe and quizzes c. tug-of-war
rite e. worship and wrestling d. oware and quizzes e. ampe and
21. One can promote relationship and peaceful living by being wrestling
a. Violent and respectful b. respectful and obedient c. 29. When you apologize for committing an offence you are said
helpful to relatives d. tactful and aggressive e. kind to be
and vocal a. Comporting b. courteous c. obedient d.
22. Which of the following does not promote progress in a society knowledgeable e. law abiding
a. Conflicts b. reconciliation c. communal labour d. 30. Leisure time is described as a time for
confession e. festivals a. Scrubbing the toilet and kitchen b. going to church to
23. Kofi’s father is a Ewe and the mother is Fante. Which of the worship God c. attending the funeral of a relative d.
following statements about Kofi is true? attending school and doing homework e. playing indoor
a. He belongs to the father’s clan only b. he belongs to the and outdoor games
mother’s clan only c. he belongs to both the father’s and
the mother’s clan d. he cannot become a chief in the
mother’s town e. he cannot inherit his father or mother
24. The main cause of disease in our communities is
a. Filth in our surroundings b. lack of refuse trucks c. lack
of drugs d. malaria parasites e. poor eating habits
25. Conflicts develop among us through
a. Good neighbourlines b. reconciliation c. ambitions
d. laziness e. misunderstanding
26. Which organization in Ghana deals with human right issues?
a. National Commission of Children b. National Council for
Women and development c. Commission on Human
Rights and Administrative Justice d. National
1. Honour your father and mother that your days may be long in
the land. Explain five ways of fulfilling this commandment.
b. What is Salat? Mention the five compulsory daily prayers
and the period each is offered.

2. Describe how Salat is performed.

b. State three moral values of Salat
3. What is puberty?
b.What is the importance of this rite to the people in your


4. Describe any four ways of showing courtesy in your
5. Explain the moral importance of traditional songs.
6. Explain the importance of work.
Explain any four positive attitude that one should develop towards

7. List any five common diseases that can cause death in your
b. What steps can be taken to prevent such diseases.

8. Describe the extended family system.

c. Mention any three advantages and three disadvantages of
the extended family system.