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Tiffany Crisp

5616 Infinity Lane, Apt. 435, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

(763) 257-2034

Eager and enthusiastic graduate seeking a position as an elementary teacher to mold and shape learners into being their
most successful self.

Master of Education- Regent University May 2018- Present
 Degree: Curriculum and Instruction- Lead Teacher
Bachelor of Science- Regent University May 2018
 Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
 Concentration: Elementary Education (PreK-6th Grade)
 GPA: 3.82
Licensed by the state of Virginia in PreK-6th Grade May 2018

Long-Term Substitute- Brookwood Elementary, Virginia Beach Public Schools—2nd Grade May 2018-June 2018
 Assumed the role of a full-time teacher.
 Responsibilities included unit planning, lesson design, classroom management, whole/small-group instruction,

Holland Elementary, Virginia Beach City Public Schools—Kindergarten March 2018-May 2018
 Generated kinesthetic and interactive lessons to engage students in the curricular material.
 Assumed the primary role of the teacher by teaching short whole-group lessons, teaching small-group lessons in
centers, remediating students who have fallen behind, and working one-on-one with students struggling in a
specific area.
 Employed the use of technology in the classroom including chrome books, a promethean board, iPads, etc.
Brookwood Elementary, Virginia Beach City Public Schools—2nd Grade February 2018-March 2018
 Designed age-appropriate interactive lessons that aligned with the state standards and learning objectives of
 Assumed the role of the primary teacher in the following areas: using pre-assessment data to plan lessons and
units, utilizing both whole-group and small-group instruction, and remediating students on content confusion.
Brookwood Elementary, Virginia Beach City Public Schools—5th Grade January 2018-February 2018
 Created and implemented student-centered, engaging lessons aligned with the VDOE SOLs and learning
objectives for Virginia Beach.
 Assumed all teacher responsibilities including lesson and unit planning, grading, instructing whole-group and
small-group, remediating one-on-one and in groups, assessing students, and collaborating with teachers,
specialists and administration.

Brookwood Elementary, Virginia Beach City Schools—1st Grade October 2017-December 2018
 Over 45 hours of observing and teaching small-group and whole-group lessons.
Newtown Elementary, Virginia Beach City Public Schools—2nd Grade February 2017-April 2017
 Over 45 hours of observing and teaching small group lessons.

Preschool Coordinator—New Life Church, Virginia Beach April 2017-December 2017
 Create lesson plans and teach classes for the infants through kindergarten classrooms.
1st Grade Mentor—Thurgood Marshall Elementary November 2016-May 2017
 Provided encouragement and emotional and academic support for the student.
Summer Camp Counselor—Camp Shamineau, Motley, MN July 2016-August 2016
 The role of care taker, devotional teacher and mentor for the children in my cabin.
Youth Leader—Emmanuel Christian Center, Blaine, MN November 2014-August 2015
 Assumed the role of mentor, group leader, and teacher.
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