Types of Cranes Generally Found in the Workplace

Operators' station (Rotating)

Wheel-mounted Crane: Telescoping Boom (Single Control Station)

Operators' station (Fixed)

Wheel-mounted Crane Telescoping Hydraulic Boom (Multiple Control Station)

Wheel-mounted Crane Latticework Boom (Multiple Control Station) Commercial Truck-mounted Crane with Hydraulic Boom .

Control location Commercial Truck-mounted Crane with Articulated Boom Commercial Truck-mounted Crane with Trolley Boom .

Crawler-mounted Latticework Boom Crane .

Overhead Track-mounted Cranes Gantry Overhead Traveling Semi-Gantry Wall Cantilever Gantry .

Monorails and Underhung Cranes Typical Monorail Carrier Trolley Load bar Hoist Power Operated Hoist Electric Hoist with Plain Trolley on Standard I Beam .

Straddle Cranes .

Hammerhead Tower Cranes Jib tie Cat head Cab Slewing ring Trolley Hook Counterweight jib Counterweight Load jib Fixed tower Rail Sleepers Ballast Bogies .

Stiff-leg Derrick .

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