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LO3 & LO4 Feedback.

Current Grade for LO3: Merit

Current Grade for LO4: Merit

The current grade is calculated on the work that is present on your blog. You may have missing
items, or vastly incomplete sections of work. Please improve this. If you require help with any of
this work, or need to show me work before re-submitting to check the quality, please do so.

Remember, the highest grade you can achieve on learning outcome 3 is a Distinction Grade
and Learning outcome 4 is a Merit Grade, even if you have achieved this, if there are any minor
corrections or additions, can you please ensure these are made.

Please ensure all of the work is uploaded on the blog.

Remember – Don’t overwrite the blog posts, make new blog posts that are clearly labelled with
the words “Re-Submission”.

Overall: You have constructed a detailed proposal however your articles can be improved by
taking on board feedback written below. You also delivered a competent presentation that
included detailed and relevant information relating to your original media-product ideas.

LO3: You have created a brilliant proposal for a Dance School Newsletter, taking into
consideration various target audiences and how to create content which appeals to them. Your
budget and production schedule are feasible and detailed and you have drafted an excellent
article which compliments the purpose and genre of your media product. However you need to try
and produce/draft articles of a high technical standard which can be achieved by including
conventions associated with media products.

LO4: You were able to deliver an effective pitch that contained all relevant information
regarding your proposals for a new media product. You were able to speak about your
target audiences articulately and explain your draft articles.

The resubmission deadline is: 15th June 2018.