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DS 500 mobile – energy analysis according to DIN EN.
16001. If we talk about operational costs of compressed
air plants we are actually talking about the energy costs
as they make up about 70 to 80 % of the total costs of a
compressed air plant. Depending on the size of the plant
this means considerable operating costs. Even in smaller
plants this may quickly add up to 10 000 to 20 000 € per
year. This is an amount which can be considerably re-
duced - even in case of well operated and maintained
plants. For sure this also applies to your compressed air
plant! Which actual costs per generated m³ air do you ac-
tually have? Which energy is gained due to the waste heat
recovery? What is the total performance balance of your

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How high are the differential pressu-

res of single filters? How high is the
humidity (pressure dew point)? How
much compressed air is used?

Although compressed air is one of

the most expensive energy resour-
ces companies often experience (Source: Druckluft-Ef¿zient, kW x 0.06 ¼ x geted action and a saving of energy.
enormous energy losses in this sec- 8000 working hours per year)
tor. For compressed air systems this
Energy resources like electricity, means in the first step to detect
They are mainly caused by the water and gas are usually moni- leakages and to remove them.
tored and therefore the costs are
following factors:
transparent. Water consumption, Especially for the complete moni-
‡ Disuse of the waste heat for example, is measured with con- toring and consumption analysis
sumption meters and a water leak of compressor stations and com-
‡ Leakages of up to 50% is usually found quickly due to the pressed air lines CS Instruments
‡ Missing compressor control sys- visibility of the leak. Compressed air has developed a portable measuring
tems leaks on the other hand are often not system, the DS 500 mobile.
noticed and can „silently“ cause a lot
‡ Pressure losses of unnecessary costs, even during DS 500 mobile meets with all
production downtime or over the requirements for analysing a com-
Lots of plants are not adapted to the
weekend. pressed air system.
actual demand or they are in need of
repair. Leak curring programs could In addition to the evaluation of stan-
save up to about 1.7 million tons of It is not unusual to have the com-
pressors running continuously in dard sensors like for example flow,
emmissions of carbon dioxide per pressure dew point, pressure, diffe-
year. (Source: Fraunhofer Institut, order to establish a constant pres-
sure within the system. In case of rential pressure, absolute pressure
Karlsruhe). So there is a considerab- and temperature sensors, also the
le amount of possible energy savings compressed air systems which have
grown during the years the leakage connection of all kinds of third-party
slumbering in the compressed air sensors like e. g. PT100, PT1000,
lines of lots of enterprises. In order rate can be between 25 and 35 %.
They are the busiest consumers of 0/4..20 mA, 0-1/10 V, pulse, RS 485
to open this up the waste heat which Modbus etc. is possible.
occurs during compressed air gene- compressed air, working all around,
ration should be used for heating 365 days a year.
One of the main advantages of DS
rooms or for hot water generation. Not included are the hidden costs 500 mobile is the possibility to con-
Furthermore, it is important to opti- of producing clean and dry air. nect not only clamp-on ammeters
mize the control of compressed air Refrigeration and desiccant driers but also external current meters,
stations because this will lead to are producing dry air with high run-
considerable energy savings in any water meters or heat meters. So the
ning costs involved. Air that is then current costs can be included very
case. Also the restoration of an ailing later lost through leaks within the
or no longer suitable compressed accurately in the analysis.
air supply will pay off already after
a short period of time. Losses due At constantly rising energy costs Determination of typical key figu-
to leakages within the pipework can these potential energy savings have res of a compressed air station
cause extreme costs. to be implemented in order to stay
competitive within the market. Only
This table shows the annual energy if the consumption of single machi-
costs caused by leakages: nes and plants becomes known and
transparent for all it is possible to
make use of possible savings. When
introducing an energy management
system according to DIN EN 16001
in the first step all consumers have
to be recorded. So the user obtains
a survey on the single consumptions.
Only this transparency enables a tar- 37
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DS 500 mobile enables an intelli- Step 1: Measurement supplied quantity of air. During the
gent energy analysis in a quick and down time the compressor delivers
easy way. The data will be indicated It is a special advantage that up to compressed air in order to keep a
immediately in the display. 12 compressors can be measured constant pressure.
with one DS 500 mobile at the same
For this purpose just the costs in € According to statistics even if pro-
per kWh (please consider day and duction is carried out day and night
night tariff) have to be entered. there is at least one short period of
time during which all load is switched
‡ By means of a mathematical off. By means of this data the softwa-
function typical calculations can re defines a leakage rate and calcu-
be carried out like for example lates the incurred leakage costs in €.
‡ Costs in ¼ per generated m³
Step 3: Evaluation at the PC with
of compressed air
graphics and statistics
‡ Speci¿c output in kWh/m³
3.1) Entry of necessary parame-
‡ Consumption of single com- ters
pressed air lines including
Step 2: Analysis
summation Specific data have to be entered
2.1) Compressor analysis (cur- before the analysis is carried out:
‡ Indication of Min-Max values,
average value rent-/power measurement)
‡ Selection of compressor type
If the minimum values rise continous- The energy consumption of every (load/idle resp. variable speed
ly over the years this is a clear signal single compressor is measured by drive controlled)
that the leakage rate increases. This means of a clamp-on ammeter. The ‡ as well as entry of the perfor-
can easily be determined by carrying produced compressed air quantity is mance data according to data
out the measurements in regular calculated by the software on a basis sheet
intervals. of the performance data of the com-
pressor which have to be entered. ‡ Period of measurement
Consumption analysis including
The following parameters are calcu- ‡ Costs in ¼ for 1 kWh
statistics at the touch of a button
lated additionally: Energy consump-
Besides the compressed air also tion in (kWh), load-, unload-, stop
all other energy costs like current, time, compressor load in %, number
water, vapour etc. can be recorded of load/unload cycles, specific ener-
gy in kWh/m³, costs for 1 m³ in €.
in this evaluation. This creates trans-
parency. 2.2) System analysis (current
measurement and real flow
So all energy and flow meters for measurement)
compressed air, gas, water, vapour
and so on can be recorded and eva- The system analysis has the same
luated. The customer gets the costs function like the compressor analy-
sis, however, it additionally offers the
in €uro. On the big 7“ colour display
possibility to measure the actually
with touch panel all information are produced resp. used quantity of
visible at a glance. By means of the compressed air by means of the flow
evaluation software CS Soft Basic sensor VA 500.
all data can be evaluated online at
With the additional „real flow measu-
the PC via a USB stick or Ethernet.
rement“ the leakages and therefore
Additionally to the consumption
the cost share of the leakages in
analysis as daily/weekly or month- comparison to the total costs in €
ly report an alarm can be sent by can be determined.
e-mail or SMS in case of an excee-
ding of the threshold values. The 2.3) Leakage calculation
measured data can be retrieved all The leakage calculation is done
over the world via the Webserver, during the production free time
GSM module. How is this done in (shutdown, weekend, holidays). The
practice? flow sensor VA 500 measures the

Chart recorder

3.2) Graphic evaluation with day 4) Measures

view and week view
Based on these analysis some
Everything at a glance: The user measures should be carried out in
gets a day and week view of all order to optimize the compressed air
stored measured data with his com- system. These measures may differ
pany logo (can be easily integrated) from system to system, however,
at the touch of a button. By means of normally there are the following pos-
the zoom and the crosslines function sibilities:
pleak values can be determined.
‡ Please check whether there are
leakages in the compressed air
system and localize them. Usually
they occur at weld seams and
junctions. (50 holes with a diame-
ter smaller than 1 mm may cause
costs of 11 000 Euro per year).

‡ By means of the load/unload ana-

compressor regulation and adjust-
ment should be optimized. Modern
compressor operation systems
3.3) Compressed air costs in ¼ help to minimize the unload times.
(During unload times the compres-
At the touch of a button the user gets sor takes up about 30 % of the full
all important data like e. g.: load energy, however, it does not
release any air)
‡ Energy costs
‡ Please reduce - if possible - the
‡ Compressed air costs pressure (a pressure reduction of
about 100 kPa saves 8 % of the
‡ Leakage costs in ¼
‡ Compressor data with load/
‡ Reduce the input temperature (a
unload time
temperature reduction by about 10
‡ Speci¿c energy in kWh/m³ °C can save 3 % of the energy).

‡ Costs per m³ in ¼ ‡ Optimize the pipe system by avoi-

ding unnecessary pressure drops. 39