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HB114 B.Short Raising Car Insurance Policy Minimums Passed H 35-5 and S 20-0. Signed. Support
SB10 Marshall $10.25 Minimum Wage Defeated 10-9-1. Support
SB170 Marshall Let’s try this again - $10.25 Minimum Wage SRL 6.6.18 Support
HB3 Heffernan Paid Family Leave for State Employees Passed H 27-13. Senate Elections & Support
Govt Affairs Comm. 6.13.18
HB54 Keeley Regulating Payday Loans House Economic Com. 1.26.17 Support
HB96 Mulrooney Collective Bargaining for State Employees House Appropriations Com. 5.11.17 Support
HB126 Lynn Childcare Assistance Passed H 41-0 and S 21-0. Not yet Support
signed by Governor Carney
HB186 Hensley Delaware Nutritional Improvement Act House Health Committee 5.17.17 Neutral
HB221 D.Short Repealing Prevailing Wage - County and Local House Admin Committee 6.13.17 Oppose
HB262 Paradee Prohibiting Insurance Co. from Revoking an Offer of Settlement House Economic Committee 6.27.17 Support
HB263 Paradee Unfair Insurance Practices – forcing low value settlements House Economic Committee 6.27.17 Support
HB264 Paradee Requiring Insurance Co. to pay their offer no matter rejection House Economic Committee 6.27.17 Support
HB312 Mitchell EMT Pensions Passed H 38-0 and S 19-0. Sent to Support
SB9 Marshall Work a Day Earn a Pay Jobs Program S Passed 11-7. House Labor Com. Support
SB22 Ennis Pension Increases for Correction and Peace Officers Senate Finance Com. 3.16.17 Support
SB57 Lavelle Clean the Snow off your car S Passed 21-0. On HRL 6.14.17 Support
SB116 Simpson Repealing Prevailing Wage - School Construction Senate Labor Committee 6.13.17 Oppose
SB141 Townsend Hazardous Duty Pay for DelDOT Employees Senate Finance Committee 3.15.18 Support
HB11 Bentz Expanding Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Passed H 37-1 and S 18-0. Signed Support
HB14 Lynn Requiring Motorcyclists to wear helmets Tabled in Committee 3.25.17 Support
SB165 Walsh Allowing Private Union Security Agreements Passed S 12-8. HRL 6.6.18 Support