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Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School

Database Systems and Data Warehouse

Company Name:

Tolong Sugar Planters’ Association, Inc. is a non-stock corporation. It provides services

to all planter members. All sugarcane planters who have sugar productions with URC
Tolong Sugar Division, Sicopong, Caranoche, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental are qualified
Company to become members of the Association whether such planters are the farm owners
Background: themselves or more leaseholders of the farm and All bonafide planter-member who are
registered in the master list automatically assign or consign one (1%) percent of their
individual total annual sugar production produced from their individual farm or farms,
including those which may not be adhered to the Central, as the case may be.

Manual System

- To promote the welfare of all planter-members regarding sugar production; to

harmonize differences between planter-members; to make necessary
representations with the URC Tolong Sugar Division District on matters
concerning the milling of Sugar Canes of the planters, to facilitate immediate
solution or solutions to the various problem which confront the planters; to
implement collective bargaining agreement with the URC Tolong Sugar Division
District and to acts which are necessary for the common good of all the planter-

- To engage in general research and study as to improve the technological know-

how in sugar cane culture and sugar production; to secure farm equipment and or
implements for the planter-members from all sources available to secure for the
planter-members farm supplies, such as fertilizers and chemicals; to engage the
services of technical men to serve the planters’ needs; to acquire real and personal
properties, dispose of the same to the extent that the needs require, road-right-of
Scope of Work: ways and water rights; and to engage other allied and /or auxiliary business as
shall benefit and serve the welfare of all the planter-members hereof.