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Home Page > Writing > Self Publishing > competency Mapping in the latest scenario
competency Mapping in the latest scenario
Posted: Aug 06, 2009 | Comments: 0 | Views: 1,503 |
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A lot is going on in recent times on the issue of competency mapping. A lot of resource is spent and
consultants are invited to do competency mapping. Competency mapping is gaining much more
importance and organizations are aware of having good human resources or putting the right people
on right job.
Competency mapping is important and is an essential exercise. Every well managed firm should
have well defined roles and list of competencies required to perform each role effectively. Such list
should be used for recruitment, performance management, promotions, placements and training
needs identification.
In performing or carrying out work, it is essential that the required job skills first be articulated.
This information not only helps to identify individuals who have the matching skills for doing the
work but also the skills that will enhance the successful performance of the work. Yet often to
perform well, it is not enough just to have these skills. It is also critical to complement the skills
with the necessary knowledge and attitudes. For e.g. the necessary knowledge will enable an
individual to apply the right skills for any work situation that will arise while having the right
attitude will motivate him to give his best efforts. These skills, knowledge and attitudes required for
the work are usually collectively referred as competencies.
What is Competency?
Competency is an underlying characteristic required to perform a given task, activity, or role can be
considered as competency. Competency has the following forms:
These three factors are important for identifying competency in a person. Different individual
requires different competency for e.g. a person working in a manufacturing unit may require
different competency than a person working in an IT sector. Competency difference from industry to
industry. According to Harvard Business Review Daniel Katz grouped competency into three areas
which later expanded in to the following four:
In competency mapping all details of the behaviors (observable, specific, measurable etc) to be
shown by the person occupying that role are specified.
Who Identifies Competencies?
Competencies can be identified by one of the following category of people:
HR Specialists
Job analysts
Industrial Engineers
What Methodology is used?
The following methods are used in combination for competency mapping:
Group work
Task Forces
Task Analysis workshops
Use of Job descriptions
Performance Appraisal Formats etc.
How to Identify Competency?
The process of identification is not very complex. Some of the methods are given below:
Simply ask each person who is currently performing the role to list the tasks to be performed by
him one by one, and identify the knowledge, attitudes and skills required to perform each of these
jobs. Consolidate the list and present it to a role set group or a special task force constituted for
that role.
Appoint a task force for each role.
Who can do competency mapping?
Competency mapping is a task which can be done by many people. Now days all Management
schools and those specializing in HR train the students in competency mapping. Any Masters in
Management or Social Sciences or an Employee with Equivalent Experience and training can develop
these competencies.
Some Tips on How to do Competency Mapping?
Pick up a job or role that is relatively well understood by all individuals in the company. For e.g.
Sales Executive, Assistant HR Manager, Receptionist, PR Manager etc. are known to all and easy to
profile. Work out competencies for this role if necessary with the help of job analysis specialist or an
internal member who has knowledge of competency mapping.
ADC & AC are used to identify Competencies?
Assessment Centers are centers set up by an organization for periodic or continuous assessment of
competencies required to perform current, future likely or higher level jobs/roles/tasks. They are
increasingly used to identify high fliers and develop leaders/ competencies for the future.
They are also being used for recruitment purposes to assess the suitability of the candidate for
entry level as well as for senior levels positions.
Assessment Centers use multiple methods like in-basket presentations, role plays, simulation
exercise, leadership group discussions, case studies etc.
They are also called as development centers or ADCs in the recent.
Role of Competency in Recruitment & Retention
Competency mapping can play a significant role in recruitment and retaining people as it gives a
more accurate analysis of the job requirements, the candidate’s capability, of the difference
between the two, and the development and training needs to bridge the gaps.
As far as individual’s career aspirations are concerned, once the organization gives an employee the
perspective of what is required from him to reach a particular position. It drives him to develop the
competencies for the same. “Competencies enable individual to identify and articulate what they
offer-regardless of the job they happen to have at the time so that their organization can see, value
and utilize what capability is actually available.
Competency Mapping at Zensar & L&T Infotech
Zensar has a behavioral competency model which is based on various job roles in the organization.
The following is the process of implementation of competency mapping.
Having defined the various job roles, a focused study was initiated where job role holders were
interviewed on the critical incident method and the data of success-critical factors collated.
The job roles and deliverables were finalized on the basis of the competencies derived from the
data. This data was further analyzed, and on the basis of this competencies that had an impact on
the job roles and deliverables were finalized.
After identifying the competencies, a job analysis exercise was carried out where the importance
level of every competency was ascertained before freezing the competency model.
L&T Infotech a PCMM Level 5 company has a successful competency based HR system. Recruitment,
training, job rotation, succession planning and promotions all are defined by competency mapping.
Nearly all our HR interventions are linked to competency. Competencies are enhanced through
training and job rotation. He adds that all people who have gone through job rotation undergo a
transformation and get a broader perspective of the company. For instance a person lacking in
negotiation skills might be put in the sales or purchase department for a year to hone his skills in
the area.
Competency-based HR is considered the best HR. In India however competency development and
mapping still remains an unexplored process in most IT organisations despite the growing level of
awareness. The underlying principle of competency mapping is not just about finding the right
people for the right job. The issue is much more complex than it appears, and most HR departments
have been struggling to formulate the right framework for their organisation.
Unless managements and HR heads have holistic expectations from their HR departments, the
competency movement is unlikely to succeed as it requires lot of time, dedication and money.
Before an organisation embarks on this journey it has to be very clear about the business goals,
capability-building imperatives and core competencies of the organisation. The competency
mapping process needs to be strongly integrated with these aspects.
Experts agree that the competency mapping process does not fit the one-size-fits all formula. It has
to be specific to the user organisation. "My suggestion is to develop models that draw from but are
not defined by existing research, using behavioural interview methods so that the organisation
creates a model that reflects its own strategy, its own market, its own customers, and the
competencies that bring success in that specific context (including national culture). Start with
small, discrete groups or teams, ideally in two directions-a 'horizontal slice' across the business that
takes in a multi-functional or multi-site group, more or less at the same organisational level, and a
'vertical slice' taking in one whole department or team from top to bottom. From that, the
organisation can learn about the process of competency modelling, and how potential alternative
formats for the models may or may not fit the needs of the business
It is important to focus on one or two key areas of implementation rather than the whole HRD
agenda in one scoop. Competency mapping can be rather good at providing organisational pain
relief when applied effectively-and so making the case for extending it. Further, it is advisable to
begin with a 'horizontal' slice of the management or senior-most team as the benefits will percolate
down to the whole organisation.
Competency is a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform a job effectively and
efficiently. A Competency is something that describes how a job might be done, excellently; a
Competence only describes what has to be done, not how. So the Competences might describe the
duties of a Sales Manager for example, such as manage the sales office and its staff, prepare
quotations and sales order processing, manage Key Accounts and supervise and motivate the field
sales force. The Competencies which might determine excellence in this role could include Problem
Solving and Judgment; Drive and Determination; Commercial Awareness; Inter-personal skills etc,
all of which might be described further by Behavioral Indicators relating specifically to that post in
that organization.
Article -“The Art and Science of Competency Mapping”- by T.V. Rao,
Sudipta, “Competency based HR”, Express Computer, 10 Jan 2005
“Competency Mapping: A pre- requisite for HR Excellence” by Dr. Lovy Sarikal
Web Sources:
(ArticlesBase SC #1102107)

Mehnaaz Siddiqui - About the Author:

R E S U M E Mehnaz A. Siddiqui Contact Information Career Objective
Associate with a growth-oriented Institution and Contribute productively towards its development.
Concentration – attention to accuracy, efficiency and profitability. Work Experience (+7 Years – all
Class –A institutions in India) Position Term Institution Asst. Professor 2 Yrs. 3 months till date
Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade Faculty 1 Year ICFAI & IIPM University Faculty 1 Year Holy Faith
Post-Graduate University Faculty 4 Years Global Education Center
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competency Mapping in the latest scenario
A lot is going on in recent times on the issue of competency mapping. A lot of resource is spent and
consultants are invited to do competency mapping. Competency mapping is gaining much more
importance and organizations are aware of having good human resources or putting the right people
on right job.
By: Mehnaaz Siddiquil Writing> Self Publishingl Aug 06, 2009 lViews: 1,503
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