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I am Shwe Hla May,

from Aung Mingala Village, Maungdaw

Township, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Interviewed in refugee camp in Buthidaung,
October 1, 2017

Question: Tell me why did you flee your village?

and, tell me your experience.

Answer: So-called Rohingya came with bombs,

mines, and swords. We had nothing to protect
ourselves, that is why we fled our village.

The only reason we survived was that security

forces arrived just in time. If not, the Bengali
Muslims would have killed us all that night. They want to eliminate our Rakhine Buddhist
ethnic people.

They wore black suits and masks. The reason for wearing masks is that they themselves
are from nearby villages and they did not want us to recognize them by seeing their
faces. They had long swords, good guns, but we had nothing. We did not even have a
good stick or sword.

How can we protect ourselves? We are troubled so much.

Question: Were you starving at that time, while fleeing?

Answer: at least we had water to drink, and we shared the little bit of food that we had.
My baby, she already has had to flee three times from violence. The first time fleeing
violence, she was less than one month old.

How can we Rakhine people manage our future to be better if we have to flee again and
again like this? How can we do business for our livelihood? How can we raise our
education level? We can do nothing now.

If possible, it would be better to send the Bengalis to where they belong. It is a great
loss for our Rakhine people. We are the minority here. Only a small number of Rakhine
are left now.
Bengalis can do whatever they want.They are too foxy.

The Bengalis are not killed by Rakhine people. But, the Bengals have killed many of us.

Interviewed by Rick Heizman 5

I am Su Chay,
from Taung Bazar Village, Buthidaung Township,
Rakhine State, Myanmar
Interviewed in refugee camp in Buthidaung,
October 1, 2017

We had to flee because Bengalis attacked us. We had

nothing to eat on the way. We survived because we met
up with security.

It has been many years that we have suffered like this.

Our children have hardships with education. They want
to go to school, but they can't. We are the minority here. We are in danger.

I are on how can we live in remote areas with this kind menace? Actually, we had to run
without sandals and extra clothes. We got donated clothes after arriving here in the

Question: Did Bengalis destroy or burn things in your village?

Answer: At first they did not burn the village. But they destroyed everything after we
fled our village. We have nothing left. We have to start our lives from zero again.

Question: How about livestock or businesses?

Answer: We have lost our business. I am a shopkeeper. Nothing is left in my shop or
house. We will see that there is nothing when we go back to our village.

Question: How many people had to leave the village?

Answer: All the villagers had to flee. Bengalis chased all of us trying to kill us with
swords. We only survived because security forces arrived and shot guns in the air to
frighten the Bengali mob.

But, the Bengalis dared to even come near the police outpost. If we did not have
security forces we would all be dead and even out bodies might not be found.

We did not know which way to run. We had never dreamed this would happen to us. We
had never seen or experienced this kind of thing. We were close and friendly with the
Bengalis, we never thought that they would kill us like this.

Question: Didn't you get any warning about the coming attack?
Answer: No, they did not tell us anything about this.

Even the Bengali boy who used to come to our house tried to kill us. We saw him with
our own eyes.

Interviewed by Rick Heizman 6

My name is Ma Ei Ei,
from Koe Tan Kauk Village, Maungdaw
Township, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Interviewed in Koe Than Kauk,
September 29, 2017

We have experienced this kind of violence three

times already. The Bengalis attacked us in the early
morning at 4:30, on Aug 25, 2017. One of our
policemen was quickly killed. They had already
surrounded the police outpost call, and also
surrounded our village. We did not even know where
to run. I feel so brokenhearted to even recount this.

They were shouting many different things, like ‘Alahu Akbar!’ and other frightening
things. People outside of Maungdaw would not know how we felt. We are the people who
are suffering this tragedy.

We were surrounded by more than 300 or more Bengalis. The police station was
surrounded and under attack by over 2000 Bengalis. We feared that after killing all the
policemen, the two groups would join and kill us all.

We had nowhere to run. We had nothing to fight back with. We had no preparation at all.
Around 6:30 am, some soldiers arrived at our monastery and that is why we survived.
We want the authorities to know that this place needs better security and more soldiers.
Bengalis always have violent plans to kill us.

So, we cannot live in this village without security. All the villagers say they won’t live
there without more security. This is because Bengalis are too foxy and so evil. Our
Rakhine people have lost hundreds of lives, it is so tragic. Now we are safe with Army
troops around us. They protect us and support us. That is why we can live here, with
their protection.

If the Army troops leave today, we will also have to leave our village today. The
authorities don't really know our fears and our concerns.

We have had to flee three times from this kind of violence. We have had too much
suffering. Enough is enough. Our authorities cannot even imagine our suffering. Bengalis
have a massive population. That is why they take advantage of us and threaten us.

Bengalis want to occupy Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung. We knew the attack
would happen someday again, we just did not know when they would start. We only
have some security troops to protect us. Without them, we will not be safe and we will
not live here. I am glad to have a chance to tell people about our suffering. Thank you
for hearing about these horrible experiences.

Interviewed by Rick Heizman 7

My name is Moe Sein Oo,
from Nant Thar Daung Village,
Maungdaw Township,
Rakhine State, Myanmar
Interviewed at refugee camp in
Maungdaw, September 30, 2017

The Bengali Muslims attacked our village on

August 25, around 3:00 am. While policemen
were guarding the village the Bengali
terrorists threw two bombs. Luckily, the two
bombs did not explode. The policeman shot
back, but, some police guns became
jammed. Then many Bengalis came and were
shooting constantly. All the villagers gathered in a building that we thought was safe.
But, they were shooting for hours.

In the morning, 5 policemen from Tay Chaung joined with 10 of our Nant Thar Daung
Village police. The Bengalis started to retreat when the reinforcements started shooting.

We decided to flee for Taung Pyo town. The police commander of Taung Pyo told us that
we would not be safe in our village with just 15 policemen and we should wait for Army
troops. Then, when we had about 20 army troops and 15 policemen, all the villagers and
students, totaling 300 people, went to the safety of Taung Pyo town by foot.

We stayed in the Taung Pyo school building for 3 or 4 days. Then later, the situation got
worse and we moved and stayed inside a Border Guard Police outpost for 5 days. Then
we came to Maungdaw under the security of Army troops.

We fled our village on August 25. The Bengali terrorists burned our village on August 28.
So, we can only live in our village with better security, and healthcare too.

Our village is very close to Bangladesh. This is very worrying. We have lost rice and
paddy. We have lost everything. When we had to flee, we only had the clothes that we
were wearing.

Interviewed by Rick Heizman 8