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Contribute to the development of

construction culture by creating
new values with trust and innovation

Incheon International Airport Phase I, II, III

Company History 41 Years

Established Established Re-Organize the

SAMOO License for Seoyeoung SAMOOCM 40th
Architectural Overseas Engineering Entered the into a Professional Present
Research Business (Subsidiary) CM Business PM/CM Company

1976 1980 1991 1999 2014 2016 2017


Top CM/PM Firm in Korea
Ensuring Credibility

Financial Stability SAMOOCM has an overall good

credit score evaluated by Korea’s
credit rating agency, SCI
Credit Level A-/Stable
Evaluation Issuer Rating
Credit Level is valid until
Evaluation type Standard evaluation June 07 2018
Net Revenue 6.54 billion(KRW)
Total asset 3.21 billion(KRW)

Total 680 Professionals in Various Fields
Business Strategy Division
Development & Planning Division
Marketing Division
Project Division
Technology Research Institute
Administration Service Division
Domestic and foreign on-site staffs

Capability 1165
Registered Architects
Professional Engineers
CM experts
VE experts
Project Development experts
Engineers 725

Organization Chart

CM for Fee Ranking (2017)

1 SAMOOCM Architects & Engineers

Agency CM FEES
(\ MIL)

2 Kunwon Engineering 33,606
3 TOPEC 26,078
4 POSCO A&C 25,047
5 Mooyoung CM 24,835
6 Sunjin Engineering & Architecture 23,201
7 Heerim Architects & Planners 22,697

BIM Ranking (2017)

#1 20





4 Mooyoung CM 6,079,105,800 Mooyoung CM

3 PB 4,000,000 PB

2 Kunwon Engineering

Cumulative Total Number of Projects Cumulative Total Contract Amount -5-

Global Rank
14 Global CM & PM FOR FEES

Non-US Firms
In Global CM/ PM for Fees

Water/Wastewater Port & Harbor

Hanoi To Lich River Masterplan Senegal Maritime Infrastructure Project

Railway High-tech Plant

Incheon International Airport Phase I, II, III Byulnae Double Track Line Lot 3 CM SAMSUNG Semiconductor Plant

Tower Palace Residential Complex in Seoul

280 Track Records in PM & CM

for Large Scale Projects

Cultural Office
Aqua Planet Jeju SAMSUNG HEAD OFFICE in Seoul -7-
High Tech Sustainability Global Business BIM

Our Services

Stage of Project Planning > Concept > Design > Construction > Commissioning

CM/PM Service

DP Service
(Development Planning Service)
General CM Service

Expansion of Service Area due to Client’s Requirement &

Infrastructure Project CharacteristicsConstruction Management / Supervision
RED-PM -8-

SAMOOCM Architects & Engineers applies latest

technology in surveying such as GIS, drone, and LIDAR,
etc. to successfully create 3D geographical data
modeling for surveying work in various civil and
architectural projects. SAMOOCM has accumulated an
outstanding level of knowledge and skills through our
various project experiences.

State of the art

3D surveying technology
Seocho Samsung Town

(Construction Management)

Starting off from the successful construction management

(CM) of Suwon Worldcup Stadium in 1995, SAMOOCM
has provided CM services that meets clients’ needs which
was delivered by implementing the successful projects
including medical facility projects as Samsung Compre
hensive Cancer Center, the largest cancer treatment
center in Asia, high-rise development projects as
Federation of Korean Industries Head Office Building, the
headquarters of financial circle in Korea, and the third
development phase of Incheon International Airport which
is now used by millions per year.

Incheon International

Federation of Korean
Industries Building Samsung Cancer Center

-2- - 10 -
Incheon Nonhyeon Station Development

(Real Estate Development Project Management)

The development solution service of our company provides

project conception, facility planning, organizational formation,
operational conception, and financing measures in
cooperation with the internal expert system and professional
partners. Also, SAMOOCM provides the optimal development
solution through ‘matching consulting’ for land owners,
investors, and operators based on domestic and foreign
development project network.

Development Solution Service

- 11 -
Civil Engineering
SAMOOCM is expanding its business lines to civil
engineering field, which strategically targets energy
sector (power plant, renewable energy) and
infrastructure sector (railway, water, road, surveying and
Additionally, SAMOOCM provides professional and more
reliable service by integrating infrastructure design and
construction management service.
SAMOOCM has already successfully designed and
managed various projects both domestics and overseas.
Based on these experiences, SAMOOCM will continue to
meet the satisfaction of the client's needs.

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Deoksong~Naegak

O&M highway

Asan Eumbong Hanoi To Lich River

Biomass Plant Water Quality
Anin Thermal Power Plant in Improvement
Gangneung city, Kangwon Masterplan

Province, Korea - 12 -
(Building Information Modeling)

Since 2006, SAMOOCM has organized a digital design

specialized group to further implement BIM on national
and international projects along with the study of BIM
research. Especially, starting with the first BIM
competition in Korea, Paju Wunjeong A4BL, several BIM
awards were given from Building SMART Korea, which
includes the Grand Prize of BIM Design Awards 2009 for
Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park, BIM Green Awards
2011 for National Library of Sejong, and BIM Design
Awards 2012 for The Presidential Archives of Sejong. In
preceding year, SAMOOCM received the Grand Prize
BIM Design Awards 2013 for The Seoul Eastern District
Courthouse and the Best BIM Project Winner Awards
from KIBIM for National Library of Sejong, which
successfully executed BIM procedure from design to

Ranked NO. 1
2016 CM/ PM Company

Presidential National Seoul Eastern Dongdaemun
Archives of Library of District Design Plaza
Sejong Sejong Courthouse

- 13 -
Domestic Projects

- 14 -
Domestic Projects

Incheon International Airport Transportation Facilities

Incheon, Korea / 2007~2008 / B1, 4 Floors / CS - 15 -
Domestic Projects

Byulnae double track line Lot 3 CM project Railway Engineering

Guri Korea / 2016~2022 / L=2,375m / CM - 16 -
Domestic Projects

2018 Winter Olympics Speed Skating Stadium Sport Facilities

Gangneung, Korea / Gross Floor Area 32,607㎡ / CS - 17 -
Domestic Projects

Fisheries Wholesale Market Sales Facilities

Seoul, Korea / 2008~2016 / Gross Floor Area 113,315㎡ / B2, 6 Floors / CM - 18 -
Domestic Projects

Samsung SDS Centre Business Facilities

Seoul, Korea / 2012~2015 / Gross Floor Area 79,339㎡ / B5, 12 Floors / CM - 19 -
Domestic Projects

Ulsan Knowledge Industrial Center Industrial Center

Ulsan, Korea / Gross Floor Area 33,003㎡ / 2007~2019 / B1, 12 Floors / CM - 20 -
Domestic Projects

R&D Centre Research Facilities

Seoul, Korea / 2012~2015 / Gross Floor Area 338,183㎡ / B4, 10 Floors /CM - 21 -
Domestic Projects

Global Engineering Center Educational Research Facilities

Seoul, Korea /2009~2012 /Gross Floor Area 181,819㎡/B4, 15 Floors/Design,CS - 22 -
Domestic Projects

Industrial Technology and Culture Complex Business Facilities

Incheon, Korea /2006~2009/Gross Floor Area 65,795㎡/B2, 21 Floors /CM - 23 -
Domestic Projects

Sungkyunkwan University Educational Research Facilities

Suwon, Korea/2007~2008/Gross Floor Area 23,742㎡/B2, 7 Floors/Design, CM - 24 -
Domestic Projects

Samsung Cancer Centre Healthcare Facilities

Seoul, Korea /2004~2008/Gross Floor Area 108,866㎡/B8, 11 Floors/Design, CM - 25 -
Overseas Projects
Cultural Facility, Public Business Facility, Educational
Research Facility, Residential Complex, Railway, Port

- 26 -
Overseas Projects

Senegal Maritime Infrastructure Project Port Engineering

Dakar, Senegal/2017~ongoing/Oil Tank Installation Work / CM - 27 -
Overseas Projects

Support for the Development of Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Railway Engineering
of Urban Railway in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 28 -
Overseas Projects

Improvement of Railway System in Yangon, Myanmar Railway Engineering

Yangon, Myanmar / 2016~2017 / Total Length 18 km / Feasibility Study - 29 -
Overseas Projects

Pre-F/S Windhoek Railway Station Area Development Project Railway Engineering

Windhoek, Namibia / 2016~ongoing / total length 50 km / Feasibility Study - 30 -
Overseas Projects

To Lich River Water Quality Improvement Master Plan Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hanoi, Vietnam / Collaboration Saman Corporation - 31 -
Overseas Projects

Tokyo Korea Center Cultural Facilities

Tokyo, Japan / Gross Floor Area 8,348㎡ / Collaboration Nihon Sekkei - 32
Overseas Projects

Samsung M Project Industrial Center

China / Gross Floor Area 385,000㎡ / 2012~2014 / CM - 33 -
Overseas Projects

Capacity Building of Fishery Studies in Solomon Islands National University Educational Facility
Solomon Islands / Gross Floor Area 1,660㎡ - 34 -
Overseas Projects

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in UAE Public Business Facilities

Abu Dhabi, UAE/2012~2014/Gross Floor Area 45,476㎡/3 Floors/Design, CS - 35 -
Overseas Projects

North An Khanh Residential Complex Phase-2, Vietnam Residential Complex

Hanoi, Vietnam/2011~2012/Gross Floor Area 1,722,976㎡/B2,30 Floors/Design, CM - 36 -
Overseas Projects

Urban Wastes Disposal Facilities Waste Facility

Mongolia / Gross Floor Area 1,379㎡ - 37 -
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