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"Solar Energy" Meaning :-

Solar energy is the energy received by the earth from the sun. This energy is in
the form of solar radiation, which makes the production of solar electricity possible.

How to Use :-
Solar electricity relies upon man-made devices such as solar panels or solar cells in order
to provide a source of clean, and low cost renewable energy.

How it is connected with Wind :-

Solar energy is also partly responsible for wind energy, as wind patterns are
greatly influenced by the sun. Also, the sun is responsible for heating the ground beneath
our feet to a significant degree to support the use of geothermal, ground source heat

Where do we use it :-
For many years, Solar Energy has been the power supply of choice for
Industrial applications, where power is required at remote locations. This means in
these applications that solar power is economic, without subsidy. Most systems in
individual uses require a few kilowatts of power.

The examples are powering repeater stations for microwave, TV and radio, telemetry
and radio telephones.

Commercialization of Solar Energy :-

On an office building, atria can be covered with glass/glass PV modules, which

can be semi-transparent to provide shaded light. On a factory, large roof areas have
been the best location for solar modules. If they are flat, then arrays can be
mounted using techniques that do not breach the weatherproof roof membrane.
Also, skylights can be covered partially with PV.
Solar Power is frequently used in consumer product applications which require small
amounts of energy (like calculators).

Techniques developed to use solar energy:-

Photovoltaic Systems

Producing electricity directly from sunlight.

Solar Hot Water

Heating water with solar energy.

Solar Electricity

Using the sun's heat to produce electricity.

Passive Solar Heating and Daylighting

Using solar energy to heat and light buildings.

Solar Process Space Heating and Cooling

Industrial and commercial uses of the sun's heat.

An endeavor by Kotak Urja :-

- KOTAK URJA™ Private Limited, Bangalore, is a concern dedicated to the
promotion of Eco-friendly and Environmentally Safe Renewable Energy propagation and
implementation globally. It is a KOTAK family enterprise
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Water Heating Systems and Solar Photovoltaic Modules and Systems

- KOTAK URJA™ is a company with expertise of Design, Engineering, Manufacture,

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Photovoltaic and Thermal heating systems, globally, directly and through its associates.

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saving over 48 MW plus Thermal & PV energy every year. Over 1.2 million tons of Co²
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