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Rahimafrooz operates in three broad segments – automotive after market, power and energy, and retail. While our Group activities are coordinated from the Rahimafrooz Corporate Office (RACO), we have eight Strategic Business Units (SBUs), three other business ventures, and a not-for-profit social enterprise.

We have strengthened our market leadership at home while reaching out to international markets. Ranging from automotive after market products, energy and power solutions, to a world class retail chain – the team at Rahimafrooz is committed to ensuring best in class quality standards and living the Group’s four core values – Integrity, Excellence, Customer Delight and Innovation. Our business initiatives are organised through our Strategic Business Units (SBUs): Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd. (Group Parent Company) Rahimafrooz (Batteries) Ltd. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. Rahimafrooz Energy Services Ltd. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. Rahimafrooz CNG Ltd. Rahimafrooz Accumulator Ltd. Rahimafrooz Globatt Ltd. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. Excel Resources Ltd. Other initiatives: Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. (fibre optical network) Greyfab and Asiatex Rural Services Foundation (social development enterprise) Rahimafrooz has been a partner in the development journey of this nation for more than fifty years now. We set ourselves the highest standards in responsible corporate

behaviour and our passion for success is aligned with the development journey of Bangladesh. We, at Rahimafrooz as an organisation, are committed to playing a leading role in driving growth, prosperity, ethical values and social responsibility. Rahimafrooz Group will continue to serve its customers through unparallel quality excellence and service superiority. Our business success will be complemented by our commitment to the environment, society and community.

Our History:
The Rahimafrooz journey dates back to the early fifties when Late Mr. A C Abdur Rahim founded a small trading company and paved the way for making of one of today’s leading Bangladeshi business conglomerates. Over the decades, Rahimafrooz has grown in size, scale, and diversity. The Group today has seven Operating Companies (SBUs), three other business ventures, and a non-profit social enterprise. As of 2007, the Group currently employs more than two thousand people directly and a further twenty thousand indirectly as suppliers contractors, dealers and retailers.

The major milestones in Rahimafrooz history can be summarised as below: Incorporated in 1954 by Mr. A.C. Abdur Rahim Distributorship of Lucas Battery in 1959 Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre in 1978 Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK in 1980 First producer of industrial battery in 1985 Pioneering Solar Power in collaboration with BP in 1985 First ever battery export – to Singapore – in 1992 Launched Rahimafrooz Instant Power System in 1993 Acquisition of Yuasa Batteries (Bangladesh) Ltd. – in 1994 Attained ISO 9002 certification for RBL operations in 1997 First India office opened in Ahmedabad – in 2000 Awarded “Bangladesh Enterprise of the Year” in 2001 Attained ISO 14001:1996 for RBL operations Launched “Agora” – the first ever retail chain in 2001 Launched Rahimafrooz Energy Service in 2002 – promoting distributed power.

hardworking diligence. he grew up as a man with strong determination. Rahim a strong individual. Born on the 20th of January 1915. Whoever. Established Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited and Rahimafrooz Accumulator limited in 2009. enhanced commitment to being successful while upholding its core values. and his dedication to please his customers – are still prevalent in today’s Rahimafrooz culture . came in touch with Mr. in his lifetime. but with a whole world of courage and faith. and for all the people who worked with him at Rahimafrooz. Mr. fondly remembers him as a man of tremendous humility. . Rahim. He was a caring father and an affectionate person throughout his life – to his family. This proprietary business was formally incorporated on April 15. Till date. The childhood hardship and the struggle in his young years only made Mr. in 2003 Awarded “National Export Trophy” in 2003 Metronet Bangladesh. Rahim started small scale commercial trading on his own. Mr. He moved to Chittagong in 1947 and stared afresh with very little capital in hand. and a leader full of compassion and humanity. and a dreamer who thought nothing is impossible – Late A C Abdur Rahim overcame numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of this country. yet a believer in progressive dynamism. a fibre optic based digital solution provider for data communication. A C Mohammad in the latter’s trading business in Kolkata. 1954 as Rahimafrooz & Co. His passion for continuously improving himself and his business. and trustworthiness. he established the small trading concern dealing in various items. Our Funder Late A C Abdur Rahim (1915 – 1982) A man of strict religious values. dignity. A C Abdur Rahim’s first initiation with business was with his uncle Mr. his strict religious and ethical righteousness. and humane compassion. a faithful human being. launched in joint venture with Flora Telecom – in 2004 Received McGraw-Hill Platt Global Energy Award for Renewable Energy in 2004 Received the “Ashden Award” for Sustainable Energy in 2006 The Group celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 15.Established Rahimafrooz CNG ltd. Rahimafrooz Group commemorates this as its “Foundation Day”. Deprived of formal schooling and a typically comfortable childhood. 2004 with a renewed. In 1950.shaping the Group’s present and its future. By the early 1940s. friends. he lost both his parents by the time he was a mere seven-year old.

org/). He breathed his last on March 14. disadvantaged communities. Rahimafrooz Group is contributing in the following areas: Education . The Foundation operates mostly in rural. and environment through intelligent efforts and focused initiatives. We strive to add value to the society. we want to be the most admired and trusted organisation. following ethical business practices. Rahimafrooz Group. with a proud history of more than 50 years. its economy. 1982 in London. Our CSR vision reads “We are passionate and driven to make a difference in our Community and Environment.Today’s Rahimafrooz is a dream that Mr. And we want to achieve all of these while being firmly committed to our social responsibilities. supporting the rural people to come out of poverty by helping them in generating income for themselves. Our CSR As our aspiration statement reads. strongly believes in the principle of contributing back to the community where we operate. May Allah brace him with eternal peace. the social commitment. by excelling in everything we do. and the great diversity in today’s Rahimafrooz are the outcome of one lifetime of hard work and compassion from Mr. But his work and his virtue have kept him alive forever. The business growth. and adding value to stakeholders. Rahim. A C Abdur Rahim turned into reality.” Much of the Rahimafrooz CSR efforts are carried out through its Social Development (RSF-web address http://rsf-bd. Initiative Rural Service Foundation- Currently.

Our Beliefs: Ranging from automotive after market products.Poverty Alleviation Environment Transport Besides. Our Aspiration We want to be the most admired and trusted organisation through excelling in everything we do. We firmly believe in religious. Our Values Integrity in all our dealings The Rahimafrooz team never compromises on ethical business practices. Excellence. to a world class retail chain – the committed team at Rahimafrooz is committed to ensuring best in class quality standards and living the Group’s four core values – Integrity. Our commitment to integrity shall never be compromised for the sake of business goals or anything. Our Quality Policy We are totally committed to customer delight through operational excellence. Our pioneer role in supporting people distressed by natural calamities and donation to helpless people on health and education ground– all these are examples of the socially responsive manner of our business. We are also a firm believer in meaningfully contributing to the community and “giving back” to the society. Excellence in everything we do . following ethical business practices. we have always supported many noble initiatives undertaken by different other individuals and organisations. We set high standards of ethics and moral virtue for ourselves. Rahimafrooz is also a signatory to UN Global Compact. and adding value to our stakeholders. labour rights. Customer Delight and Innovation. energy and power solutions. social and legal righteousness and we strictly adhere to those. We support the ten principles of the Global Compact in respect to human rights. innovation and continual improvement of quality. the protection of the environment and anti-corruption. ethical.

to win a loyal customer. decision making and competition. But it takes only a few seconds to lose one. Most importantly. Our product development. processes. in some cases decades. people processes. Our Batteries: Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. products and brands. Thinking ahead and taking new initiatives We have always tried to stay ahead in terms of thinking.Our pursuit for business success has thrived on a very simple yet powerful philosophy – quality comes first! We have maintained highest quality standards in our operations. we strive for quality excellence and continuous improvement. every single behaviour we demonstrate. stand testimony to this fact. Total commitment to customer satisfaction It takes months. business investment. technology utilisation etc. must be meant for the satisfaction of our customers. In all our operating segments and in all our work areas. and intelligent risk takers. We believe in being creative. Rahimafrooz thrives on winning loyal customers through best quality products and service. Every single decision we make. amazing service performance and superior customer relations. Challenging the conventional is encouraged in our organisation as long as it is meant to add value to the business and meant to bring positive results for the organisation. it believes in keeping its customers loyal though sustained quality. (RBL) is the largest lead-acid battery manufacturer in . always keeping in mind that we can’t afford to be anything less than the best. years. innovative.

and appliance batteries. motorcycle. and rectifiers.Bangladesh. IPS and UPS batteries. VRLA. with its market leadership at home and export endeavours to more than 30 countries. deep cycle. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local automotive battery market while Volta. Industrial (stationary. is among the leading regional players. RBL manufactures around 300 different types of automotive. The Company’s operations are certified for ISO 9001. and customised industrial batteries. The Company. The Company’s manufacturing plants produce a range of products – automotive. We are equipped . Plant Capacity: Rahimafrooz has state of the art manufacturing plants. traction. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. VRLA) batteries. Optus and Delta are gaining equity as International brands.

Eltek – Norway. RBL produces different types of batteries to meet the local and international market. UK. and are ensured by international certifications too. UK. 275 Retailers and 101 . Hawker Batteries. Invensys. AEES – France to ensure the quality of battery. All the products are manufactured following strict quality and environmental standards.000 (N50) units per annum and Industrial Battery is 41 million AH/annum. Distributors: Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. By the end of 2010. U.000 (N50) and 120 Million AH respectively.with all latest technologies with complete air treatment and lead-recycling management. UK. Our main product range includes: Automotive battery Motorcycle battery Appliance battery Deep cycle – Flat plate battery Industrial tubular battery VRLA battery IPS and UPS batteries Battery for solar systems Rahimafrooz has different technical collaboration agreements with the Lucas Battery Company. these will increase to 8000. With a country-wide distribution network of 173 Dealers. Hawker Batteries. Its capacity in Automotive Battery is 660.K. Technical support Group (TSG).

the Company enjoys clear leadership of the emergency power products market. Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited (RDL) is the foremost consumer facing SBU of the Group that carries more than ten national and international brands. RDL is the clear leader in its automotive after market and emergency power product categories.Lubricant Dealers. . Kenda while it also carries our very own brand RZ Tyre. UPS and Voltage Stabiliser. RDL is the exclusive franchisee of the full range of world’s leading lubricant brand Castrol. RDL’s portfolio includes international tyre brands Dunlop. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. it also runs two Automobile service centres in Dhaka and one in Chittagong. Besides. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. Through Rahimafrooz IPS. Our battery brands for the local market are Lucas and Spark.

grocery.it also carries a vast array of other household. dairy. supermarkets. telecoms. right assortment. Having started its journey in 2001. It is a leading name in the diesel generator industry having a customer base of nearly 700. (RSL) made a breakthrough in the urban lifestyles by launching the first retail chain in the country – Agora. and frequented retail chain.Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. vegetables. captive and distributed power solution provider. With outlets in important locations in Dhaka. bakery. meat. personal care. Its clientele comprise of industrial plants. and many more coming at key locations in Dhaka and other major cities. Rahimafrooz Energy Services Limited was established in the year 2000 as a standby. educational institutions. . loved. fruits. Agora is endeavouring to fulfil the everyday needs of the urbanites through fair price.ranging from a wide variety of fish. Rahimafrooz Energy Services Ltd. Agora is committed to sustaining and growing as the most trusted. hospitals. real estates. and best quality. While Agora mainly focuses on food items . and various other products. and grocery .

The company is marketing both diesel and gas generators from Pramac Power Engineering.corporate houses and government establishments including the Armed Forces. Dhaka Rahimafrooz Energy is equipped with the necessary service facilities and ready availability of stocks for all kinds of organizations and individuals requiring energy related solutions. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited. Japan. Located at the heart of Tejgaon Industrial Area. Rahimafrooz Energy is the Authorized Distributor of GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting. Moreover. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contract to both diesel and gas generator users seeking instant service support. with its fleet of service personnel nationwide the company is ready to cater service to its customers round the clock. Rahimafrooz Energy is also providing Rental Power with both diesel and gas generators. Italy and Spain. USA and Exclusive Distributor of Wiring Accessories and Low Voltage Protection Devices from Hager. Our Brands . France in Bangladesh.

Therefore. it is not liquefied. It also assists. The Company runs state-of-the-art CNG conversion centres offering 1st to 5th generation conversion. Natural gas is . Rahimafrooz CNG Ltd. About CNG: Natural Gas is compressed into cylinder for it to be used as energy in automobiles and other applications. No chemical changes take place while compressing natural gas into CNG. RACNG is the exclusive representative of conversion kits by Logas Italy and CNG refuelling equipments by Sicom Italy. it is called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Its product range also includes Cylinders from Inflex Argentina. in setting up CNG conversion centres and refuelling stations. CNG is high-pressed methane (CH4). conversion.Rahimafrooz CNG Ltd. and is setting up a wide country-wide network of refuelling stations. and maintenance. reliable sources. Besides. (RACNG) offers comprehensive solutions for CNG refuelling. Matt Brazil and other reputed. Chemically speaking. through equipments. technological know-how. conversion centres. training and marketing.

Transforming the lives of people and lighting up different corners of the country. Recently. . rural streets and marketplaces. To date. (RRE) has been providing Rahimafrooz Solar solutions for households. CNG has been used in the automobiles since 1940 and over the years. Why Convert Your Car into CNG? Save fuel cost by more than 75% Keep Environment free of CO. healthcare. agriculture. education. technology has improved and evolved. use of CNG has increased due to its low cost and environment friendliness. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. RRE has lightened up more than 70.000 rural homes in Bangladesh and the Company is endeavouring to do much more in the future.compressed in order to preserve and carry large quantity of gas in cylinders. CO2 or unburned HC Avoid Sulphur and Lead residual Keep your car safe Improve vehicles life and performance Reduce the need of vehicle maintenance Keep the vehicle car Petrol/ Octane enabled Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd.

NGOs. ERL also manufactures and markets emery cloths and abrasive papers. Australia and launched Bangladesh Carbon – a CDM based Carbon Trading service for the public and private sectors of Bangladesh. Excel Resources Ltd. and international agencies. have made it right alternative for conventional energy sources. street lighting. Excel Resources Ltd. So far only a small portion of solar energy is being harnessed for use in solar water heating. Bangladesh Carbon would facilitate their clean. this process allows similar mileage like new tyres. green and renewable initiatives. (ERL) is a leading name for tyre retread. a tyre can be retread up to 3 or 4 times. which are getting fast exhausted. In 2009. RRE offers a full rage of solar solutions including home lighting. if done properly. heating systems. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy joined hands with Carbon Planet. donor and partner organisations. Based on the casing. support for computer and other electronic systems.The abundance. Photo Voltaic (PV) centralised systems. The retread process is eco-friendly and does not result in . Working closely with Bangladesh Government’s agencies. water pumps. The process extends longer casing life. telecommunications. About Retread Retread of tyre is a process whereby new tread rubber is applied on a used tyre casing. medical refrigeration and solar water pumping. vaccine refrigeration. as long as the casing supports. solar lighting. inexhaustibility and non polluting nature of solar energy. drip irrigation systems. and a number of other solutions. projects and programs that are eligible for globally acceptable Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) credits.

It takes almost 100 liter of oil to manufacture one new truck tyre. in a joint enterprise. This is truly a win-win situation. Retread is safe: Retread tyre can be driven at the same speeds. Other Initiatives Rahimafrooz Group. As the casing of the tyre is reused in the retread process. financial institutions. Retread saves energy: Tyres are basically petrochemical products. has ventured into the first ever fibre optical commercial networking backbone in Bangladesh Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. Every time you buy and use a retread tyre. including highway and Interstate speeds.environmental pollution. with no loss in safety or comfort. MBL provides robust data communication services to private sector offices. (MBL). and many other institutions. . Retread is cost effective: The cost of a retread tyre will usually be 30 to 50% less than the cost of a new tyre. it takes only 30 liters of oil to produce a retread. A retread tyre can save up to 50% of new tyre’s cost. ATMs. one can save money while helping the environment. GreyFab and AsiaTex are two other businesses that manufacture and export textile and terry towels. you help to conserve our valuable natural resources and since retread tyres are less expensive than comparable new tyres. as new tyres.

and sustainable. durable. education. Solar Energy Products: Rahimafrooz Solar deals with the following solar products: 01. The poverty alleviation model of RSF is based on three basic principles – affordable. Solar Portable Lighting Kit available in several models. Solar Emergency Lanterns are rugged. It can heat water upto 850C and able to provide hot water even during cloudy days. Offices. replicable. through programs involving solar home systems. offices and banks. Emergency Lanterns are suitable for both domestic and commercial establishments like shops. Shops and construction sites. and portable and can emit omni-directional light for at least 3 hours on a single day’s charge. and care. 05. 02. They are provided with non-corrosive components. contract farming. Automotive Batteries for Large. is portable with battery back up and requires no operational costs. small hotels. Power is available at the flick of a switch. It is a tool enabling the study of the operation of the solar photovoltaic system and electrical characteristics of a solar module with the following features. irrigation. 04. RSF also runs “Dhaka Project” which is a home to some 600 urban street children. RSF has been helping the rural poor. Solar Education Kit: The Educational Kit plays an important role in helping young minds in schools to understand solar energy. providing them with shelter.00. battery powered instant power systems etc. clothing. bakeries. RSF has a country-wide network with nearly fifty field offices. clinics.Rural Service Foundation (RSF) is a not-for-profit social enterprise endeavouring to alleviate poverty and supporting the rural poor. Solar Water Heaters are available in a range from 100 to 1. Solar Portable Lighting is very useful for Homes. Yard Lighting are used for pathways in gardens. Commercial Vehicles and marine vessels:ne vessels:ne vessels:ne vessels:ne vessels: . Besides.000 liters to suit the need of both domestic and commercial users. 03. Supported by Rahimafrooz and a number of generous donors from home and abroad. hotels and tourist spots and automatically switched on at dusk and can emit 4 to 6 hrs of bright light. bio gas. food. Banks. requires least maintenance and is environmentally friendly.

Automotive Batteries for small and light vehicles: Lucas Hybrid CNG Automotive Batteries for Taxis and Cabs: Lucas Hybrid Spark taxi Automotive Batteries for international market: Spark taxi CNG Industrial Batteries: .

All Rights Reserved Rahimafrooz IPS is the ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during the failure of main power grid line. PABX. In addition to the stylish new looks and distinct product features. audio visual equipment. and can be plugged in directly with the main supply. Unique Features: .00 KVA models. etc. Rahimafrooz IPS are designed to meet power requirements for home and office appliances like light. fax.Copyright © RAHIMAFROOZ. Rahimafrooz IPS is available from 250 VA to 10. Rahimafrooz IPS incorporates the state of the art inverter technology and the built-in Centre Processing Unit that continuously monitors and controls the automatic functions of the IPS. fan.

600 VA Radiant 350 Jambo 10.0 KVA DB Sine wave 800 VLX.• Two hours of continuous power back-ups on selected models • Built-in over load and under voltage protection • Fully Automatic • Requires no Fuel • No Noise ION 2.5KVA Volta 250 VA Jumbo 6.0 KVA Volta 400 VA Lubricants .

RX Diesel. Magna. Active 4T. Perfecto.K and for more than 105 years Castrol is a world leading lubricant serving in more than 155 countries with its consistent product quality and superior performance. CRB. . has entrusted Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited to market and promote the entire range of Castrol automotive and industrial grade products in Bangladesh Castrol began its journey in 1899 in U. Motor Oil. Aircol PD in industrial product category. GTX GTX CNG. Grease and Gear Oils in Automotive category and Alpha SP.Castrol. Diesel Oil. Hyspin VG. Long life Coolant. the world’s leading lubricants. Duratec L. The Castrol’s world known products are Magnatec.

Rahimafrooz has strengthened its market leadership position.With the inclusion of Castrol. The company operates through the most well connected nation wide network with seven own sales and service centers and more than 300 dealers and retailers across the country Castrol Motor-oil Castrol Rx-diesel .

Castrol Magnatec Castrol Hipress-EP-140 Castrol Hipoy-EP-90 Castrol GTX-CNG Castrol GTX-20W-50 Castrol Diesel-oil-40 Castrol CRB-25w-50 .

Castrol Coolant Castrol Break-Fluid .

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