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Goal 1: Learn and implement behavior management strategies.

 Observe the teacher’s behavior management.
o Waterfall strategy, clear instructions, wait for children to pay attention. Table points, feedback about children showing positive
behavior, stickers (20/4/2018)
 Read about different strategies.
Bond, N. (2008). Questioning strategies that minimise behavior problems. The Education Digest, 73(6), 41-45.
McDonald, T. (2010). Classroom management: Engaging students in learning. Melbourne: Oxford. (23/5/2018)
 Devise some effective strategies
o Moving children, seating the learning support children in front at group time (18/04/2018)
o Writing names of children demonstrating positive behavior.
o Clapping hands in a pattern (8/04/2018)
o Ask 2 people before the teacher. (8/04/2018)
o Hand signals.

Goal 2: Integrate technology in classroom

 Observe the teacher
o Stepping stones, soundwaves, sparkle box, flare clocks. (8/4/2018)
 Research about different apps and games that can be used in the classroom
o Created powerpoint for science, maths and history lesson which were quite engaging. (18/04/2018)
o Children did research about rocks on google (7/6/2018)
o We use digital scale to measure the rocks. (7/6/2018)

Goal 3: Plan and implement hands on activities for children.

 Look on Pinterest and google for hands on activities.
o Making clocks with paper plates, half past times activity was effective in helping children learn about half past times
 Discuss with teacher and peers.
o Used MAB blocks to help students learn about place values. (7/6/2018)
o Brought kg and g scale to measure mass. (7/6/2018)

Goal 4: Effectively use the NSW curriculum.

 go through one outcome and content descriptor everyday.
o Looked for best suitable outcome for each lesson. (23/5/2018)

 Discuss with mentor teacher.

o Discussed with teacher about the outcomes for money and time (23/5/2018)

o Discussed with teacher about the outcomes for each unit. (23/5/2018)

Goal 5: Devise strategies to incorporate 8 ways of knowing

 Read books to children-
o history lesson “Lizzie nonsense.” (20/4/2018)
o Science powerpoint
o Clock powerpoint
o Participated in the reconciliation walk, students walked around the streets with a banner and participated in an expo
o Helped children make hands with paper and plant them at the expo.
Hands on experiences
 Science lesson- referring to children’s personal experiences (20/4/2018)
 Right/left lesson included mapping and referring to land (20/4/2018)

Goal 6: Be organized for the lesson (14/06/2018)

 Plan for two days ahead
 Reach school early
 Communicate with teacher.
 Discussed with the teacher about the next week’s plan
Future Goals
To continue to evaluate students interests, abilities and strengths
Look at assessments to evaluate future teaching practices.