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June 2018 — Volume 12 , Issue 6—Celebrating Poinciana June!!
20 Village Road Open Mon, Tues, Wed 10am – 4pm
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PROMOTING THE VISION: “By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian Art,
Culture and Heritage than by merely sun, sand and sea.”


This is the second year that The Place
For Art has held their Annual Student
Exhibition at Doongalik and it is very en-
couraging to see the high level of work
that is being produced by the students—
the future for Art in The Bahamas looks
Please join us for the Opening this IN THIS ISSUE
Thursday, and bring your friends and Student Exhibition & ‘Sankofa’ photos 1
family by to view the Exhibition next Doongalik News 2
week! SeaWords Bahamas ALIV Literary
Festival launched 3
We are so very pleased to see the amount of new Ba- from 2—10pm in the
hamian books that are gracing our Doongalik shelves Marina Village at
these days (including the four featured below), espe- Atlantis, Paradise
Island to experience
cially in light of the exciting news that we have on the the work of talented
following page concerning our first ever SeaWords Ba- artists, artisans,
hamas ALIV Literary Festival taking place in Novem- farmers and musi-
ber! Read all about it on page 3 and stay tuned! cians! Please note
that in the event of
SEAN McWEENEY—We were happy to inclement weather
interview the author (pictured below) of Art Walk will be set
this fascinating history of “The Bahamian up along the walk-
Free Coloured and the Struggle for Civil ways between the
Rights 1802-1834”! Coral and Beach

GRACE TURNER—This academic study
deals with research conducted by the
author in the St Matthew’s Anglican
Church Parish cemetery and is based on
burials during the 18th Century - also a NOTICE: The Doongalik Farmer’s
fascinating read! Market IS CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER...
...but Seasonal Sunshine will still be on the
porch on Saturdays from 9am—1pm

GLEN C. NAIRN - Moving over to
another genre of Drama and Thea-
tre Arts is the text for this Play in
five acts !

animal lover and ac-
tivist has put into print
NATURE’S WAY—The month of June ushers
this heartwarming in the hurricane season in this part of the
story of the life of a world, and as we approach the official first
Bahamian pony as a day of summer on Thursday, we welcome the
fundraiser for the season as always with this showcase of stun-
Bahamas Humane ning flamboyance of Royal Poinciana trees in
full bloom!
New Literary Festival Debuting in November: SeaWords Bahamas ALIV
Creative Nassau (CN) is extremely proud to announce its newest project which highlights one
of CN’s strategies to drive the creative industries in The Bahamas: SeaWords Bahamas
ALIV (SeaWords) will hold its inaugural three-day event November 9-11, 2018 at the Conven-
tion Centre, Atlantis, Paradise Island. The literary festival will welcome Bahamians and inter-
national participants to technique-building workshops, and feature performances by none
other than Britain’s Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, a world-renowned poet and author, along
with a superbly talented group of Bahamian writers.
The SeaWords core agenda will comprise workshops on writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
Also highlighted will be writing for the media, poetry and playwriting, film script development,
the book’s journey from concept to publication, and intellectual property law, which is essen-
tial to creative processes such as writing.
The festival website will provide links for registering for
Festival packages and booking special accommodation packages at Atlantis, which go active
on July 1. Also available will be information about purchasing tickets for the performance
events that are open to the general public.
CN President ,Pam Burnside voiced her confidence in the success of their newest venture.
“So far, Creative Nassau has attracted quality sponsors, and we have put together a dynamic
organizing committee. All of the members are recognized creatives who are willing to go full tilt in making SeaWords Bahamas ALIV an
entertaining and rewarding experience for all participants and for our country as a whole.”
Speaking on behalf of title sponsor ALIV, Gravette Brown noted: “We believe the Festival is an innovative and progressive move in the
direction of educating, nurturing and bringing awareness to all aspects of the literary world right here in The Bahamas. At Aliv we believe
there is a natural interplay between technology and arts. We have a long history of successful collaboration with other artistic communi-
ties and now we are happy to move into this partnership with the literary arts.”
SeaWords Chair, Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, revealed the Festival’s novel mission and the notable group of already confirmed partici-
pants: “Creative Nassau has set some ambitious and very necessary goals for our SeaWords Literary Festival. We are launching a festi-
val dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing as an art form and profession and equally as a multi-billion-dollar creative industry with
the power to bring valuable diversification to the Bahamian economy. We are pleased and deeply grateful to have attracted the sponsor-
ship of ALIV as title sponsor, Atlantis our Platinum sponsor, and the Sunshine Group of Companies as a Diamond sponsor. We are grate-
ful also for the support of the Jackson Burnside Library Fund and Guanima Press Ltd., and we look forward to the public’s participation.“

SeaWords Bahamas ALIV Committee members
and major sponsors at the recent launch event.
Left to right: Paul McWeeney, President, Sun-
shine Insurance Agents & Brokers; Neko
Meicholas, artist & publisher, Guanima Press Ltd;
Pam Burnside, president, Creative Nassau &
proprietor, Doongalik Studios Art Gallery; Patricia
Glinton-Meicholas, author, poet & culture critic,
vice president, Creative Nassau and SeaWords
chair; Gravette Brown, ALIV Chief Commercial
Officer; Rosemary Hanna, author, photographer
& retired banker, and Richard Coulson, author,
retired lawyer & financier.

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