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ESL / EFL RESOURCES Conditional Cards

Activity Type Introduction

Writing or speaking In this enjoyable card game, students race to complete mixed
activity, group work conditional sentences.

Language Focus
Split the class into groups of three. Groups of four are also possible
Mixed conditional forms
by removing one card from the game.

Tell the students that they are going to play a card game to
practice mixed conditional forms.
To complete mixed
conditional sentences. Give each group a set of cards.

Ask the students to shuffle the cards and place them face down in
Preparation a pile on the table.
Make one copy of the
One student begins by turning over the top card and reading the
cards for each group
beginning of a conditional sentence aloud.
of three and cut as
The other students in the group then race to complete the ending
of the conditional sentence.
This could be done in written form with each student racing to
Pre-intermediate write down an answer on a piece of paper, or you could have the
students shout out an ending to the sentence.

Time The first student to produce a grammatically correct and

30 minutes appropriate conditional sentence keeps the card.

The next student then picks up a card and so on.

The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the
winner. © 2017 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.


ESL / EFL RESOURCES Conditional Cards

If it rains this If I could change one

If I saw a UFO,...
weekend,... thing about myself,...

If I hadn’t come to If I had been born with If my home was

class today,... super powers,... near a beach,...

If you send me Life would be

If I'm bored,...
flowers,... a lot easier...

If this country
If this was Saturday
were as cold If I get lost,...
as the North Pole,...

My home would If I found a wallet in the If it were my

be much better... street,... birthday today,...

If you want to
If I were a teacher,... If I wake up late,...
speak English well,...

If I could meet any If I were on a desert

If I can't sleep,...
person in the world,... island,... © 2017 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.