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Percentages Fractions qualifiers proportions/number/majority/

90% Nine-tenths Nine in (every) ten
88% just under 90% A very large majority
75% Three in (every) four
70% Seven-tenths Seven in (every) ten just over two-thirds A significant proportion
65% almost /close to two-thirds
53% about one in two
50% half One in (every) two
32% approximately/nearly a third
20% A fifth One in (every) five
10% A tenth One in (every) ten A minority
6% A small number

Approximating Useful verbs and expressions

More than (well, just) over To increase by 100% To double To increase twofold
(a little) over To increase by 200% To triple To increase threefold
In excess of To increase by 300% To quadruple To increase fourfold
To increase by 400% To increase fivefold etc
More or less than approximately To decrease by 50% To halve
(round) about To decrease by 33% To fall by a third
roughly To decrease by 66% To fall by two-thirds

Less than nearly

close to
(well, just) under
(a little) under
(just) short of

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