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ized and put away n thelr proper bins and places 7 alltoys have been sn blocks that have been used and put away Use damp micro fiber cloth and wins properly on the block shelves, Tables have been wiped down / Counters ave been wiped down 4 Laundry i put nthe appropriate bin in the laundry room 4 Microfiber rags have been rinsed or emptied of debris Sensory table has been cleaned out and wined down 2 atunder the table needs shaken outside or wiped down and put in laundry Name tag and locker tags have ben Femoved and placed in storage containers Inthe capboard on your lab shelf Children’s personal tems have been removed from lockers place ‘Shelves and dramatic play furniture has been put back Is i (check inside ridge and a °Y Aildramatic play items, clothing, food, ee. has been removes ‘oven cleaned and putin their proper places Allof the carpet has been vacuumed, including the rues It playdough or other items are stuck in the carpet, scrape and vacuum again ‘Tile loor has been swept and spils or paint have been wiped up with a wet cloth ¥ ‘Bathcoom sinks and counters have been wiped down E Paper towel has been checked and replaced, if necessary throm floor has been swept and cleaned up of any messes, paper, etc. macl «| qa ‘Art isnot left drying on top of the counters or lockers aselhas been cleaned up, items removed from rays and replaced to their bins “Trays wiped out and returned tothe easel {lltape and tape residue removed (use vinegar if needed) Cupboard shelves areleftclean and orderly Keep items contained to assigned shelves MO aw al 4 art drying rackis updated front office to put in the display case Supervisor Signature: “Turn this form into Sister Cranmer once all tems have been completed each day.