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Math - Problem Solving: Least Common Multiple

Teacher Name: Mr. Cisneros

Student Name:

Category Excellent Very Good Good Poor

Student was an engaged in Student was an engaged in Student cooperated with Student did not work
group, listened to suggestions group but had trouble group, but needed prompting effectively with group and
Group Work of partners and worked listening to others and/or to stay on-task. did not contribute to
together throughout lesson. working together. group conversation.

Listened attentively to Listened to instructions, did Listened to instruction but was Did not listen to
instructions, asked questions not ask questions, could side-tracked, did not ask instruction, did not ask
Active if any, was able to understand understand and questions, had issues questions, was not
Listening and demonstrate on demonstrate some on demonstrating on worksheet. interested in the
worksheet. worksheet. worksheet.

The work has been checked by The work has been checked Work has been checked by Work was not checked by
two classmates and all by one classmate and all one classmate but some classmate OR no
Checking corrections were made. corrections made. corrections were not made. corrections were made.

The work is presented in a The work is presented in a The work is presented is The work appears sloppy
Neatness and neat, clear, organized and is neat and organized that is slightly organized but may be and unorganized. It is hard
Organization easy to read. usually easy to read. hard to read. to know where
information goes.

All problems are complete. All but one of the problems All but 2 or more of the Several of the problems
Completion are complete. problems are complete. are not complete.