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- Answers the question “What is it for?

- Plays a larger part in some than in others
Functional Art Function
Architecture Buildings are built for some special
Applied arts Each is made for a definite and
specific use
Ex. Rugs, blanket, clothes, jewelry,
cups, and saucers, plates
Religion For worship or instruction
Uncle Toms’s Cabin Written to fight slavery and arouse
anti- slavery during the Civil war
Oliver Wendell Holmes’ short poem: Written in protest against a naval
Old Ironsides order that the frigate Constitution be
Expository and argumentative As to their design to accomplish some
writings definite end
Newspapers, stories and They want to make clear the news.
Advertisements They are designed to influence people
to buy the products advertised.
Cellini made his bowl as a container
for salt, and from its function it is
called a saltcellar.

Salt Cellar of Francis I

Shows the aftermath of an
insurrection, though it is liked as a
drawing, not as a record of fact or a
protest against abuses of the times.

Rue Transnonain
A. Function in Music d. fox trots
- Earlier Functions of Music: Dance and e. polonaises
Religion f. mazurkas
- Religion – Earliest peoples invoked g. rumbas
their gods by beating the drum and - Music outgrew its narrow dependence
singing. From that time to the present on these two main functions with the
music has been of primary importance development of musical instruments.
in worship. - Music that has no connection with
- Dance includes the ballet as well as either dance or religion are:
tunes for social and folk dances such a. Symphonies
as: b. Sonatas
a. jigs c. Operas
b. waltzes d. Lullabies
c. minuets e. Serenades
Functional Art Functions
Rhythm Sets the mood of the dance as warlike,
gay. Elegiac, or religious
March Same purpose of as a dance in that it
marks the time for people walking in a
procession. Whether it be military
occasion, wedding, or a funeral.
Work songs Mark the Rhythm of work.
e.g.: 1. Chanteys that are sung by sailors
when lifting anchor or loading cargo.
2. The Volga Boatman helped the sailor
in their struggles against the current of
the river.
Game songs Halfway between the dance and work
e.g.: London bridge is falling down is
sung as the game played and the song is
an essential part of the game.

Certain Compositions Certain/Specific Occasions

One March for the president of the USA
Handel’s “Dead March” from Saul Used for the funerals of the royal family
in England
The Wagner and the Mendelssohn Used for weddings in America

B. Functions in Sculptures - Sculptures are used to commemorate

- One of the greatest singles uses of individuals.
sculpture is in Religion. - It also functions as the decoration of
- In the medieval church, sculpture was - Fountains are frequently used as a
frequently used for instructional medium for telling a mythological or
purposes. allegorical story in sculptures that are
not connected with Architecture.

Functional Art Function

The sculpture was erected for religious

the Entombment
This was built to commemorate US
former president Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C

One example of a sculpture that is used
for instructional purposes. This art is
said to be a record scenes from the Old

“Gates of Paradise”
Coins Used as money in everyday transactions,
circulating alongside banknotes.