CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter June 2010, Volume 3 Issue 6

Alternative Role-Playing Games By Jeremy Miller Editor’s Note: Jeremy is a published author with several pieces to his credit in the Hollow Earth RPG system. He runs a Mutant’s and Master Minds RPG campaign every Saturday at Arsenal Games and Hobbies. His group always seems to have a great time and they keep coming back for more. If you have some time, I am sure he would be glad to for you to take a look this game with him. MCB Looking for a different kind of game other than your regular Saturday Dungeons and Dragons game? Maybe you feel like traveling to a distant planet to engage in planetary exploration or political intrigue. How about stepping back in time to the 1930’s, before the outbreak of World War 2, where a Tyrannosaurus Rex rampages through a Nazi castle? Or taking up the role of a masked super hero as you fight crime and save the planet from super villains? There is nothing more exciting than getting a new role playing game and giving it a try with several of your closest friends. Take the step into the unknown. Leave your comfort zone, and try one of these great systems. If you love science fiction then give Traveller a try. Traveller is a game first published in the 1970s by Games Designers Workshop. It is based off of several science fiction books such as the Dumarest Saga, and Space Viking. Characters travel between different star systems to engage in exploration, combat, and political intrigue. Traveller is less geared towards increasing abilities and skills, and more towards achievements, discoveries, wealth and power. What makes this system unique is the setting itself. Even though it is set in the distant future and interstellar travel is possible with the advent of the Jump Drive, the various systems are ruled not by a galactic empire, but by local feudal lords. This is due to the time it takes for information to travel between different systems. So, an entire war or rebellion could be fought and won by the time the information reached another system. All the conflicts that appear in today’s humanity appear in the Traveller Universe making this a more human-centric driven campaign. Character creation uses a unique system where players do not start as rookies but instead start as veterans; either mid career or harden veterans. Traveller can also fit into several other

existing rule sets such as GURPS, Space Hero, or Traveller d20. Hollow Earth Expedition is a 1930s Pulp adventure, based off literary works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is published by Exile Game Studio, and uses a unique system called the Ubiquity Role Playing System. This system is made for action packed story telling. In Hollow Earth you have the opportunity to travel to the center of the Earth where it is not solid rock and molten lava, but a land that time has forgotten. Dinosaurs roam the Hollow Earth next to long forgotten human and notso-human civilizations. Battle Nazis as they try and take over the surface world and unlock the mysteries of the Hollow Earth. Battle a Tyrannosaurus Rex in ancient ruins or deep inside Nazi occupied Germany. Sail the seas of the Hollow Earth aboard a pirate ship, or fly aboard a one-of-a kind airship as you explore the Hollow Earth where getting in is not always the problem. It’s how to get out that provides opportunity for adventure after adventure. What makes this game so varied is the ability to adapt the rules to not only fit into traveling to the Hollow Earth, but playing a character native to the Hollow Earth, or playing a supernatural hunter stalking its pray across Europe with the source book Secrets of the Surface World. If traveling to a distant planet, exploring ancient ruins, or fighting off dinosaurs is not your thing, then maybe wearing a costume and taking on the role of a super hero is! If so, Mutants and Masterminds could very well be the game system you’ve been looking for. Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition is a D20 system published by Green Ronin. This system has it all. Any super hero power you can dream up you can play with these rules. Create your own comics or worlds, and then let your players fight off the villains, or be the villains. Like any D20 game, the system is rules heavy, and character creation can be difficult. Unlike other D20 systems however, the only die you will be rolling is a D20. Be sure to bring a calculator for quick addition and subtraction. Once you get past this it’s a comic lover’s dream come true. These games and many others can be found at your local game store or online. Exploring a new role playing system is a great way to expand the hobby and get new players interested in the hobby as well. Whether it’s a brand new system or your revisiting a classic, there is nothing like sharing a weekend with close friends, some dice, and your

imagination. Just don’t forget to bring enough snacks and soda to share or you could end up dinosaur chow. Upcoming CSRA Events June June 5 - Saturday Warhammer 40K APOC Game Arsenal Games and Hobbies 198 S. S. Belair Rd Martinez, GA 706-364-2772 This event will feature pretty much every race in the Warhammer 40K universe and is being game mastered by Lloyd Nietto so it is sure to be a blast! Come and bring some troops to through into the fray or use the ones that are already being rostered. Play will start at 11AM. June 5 – Saturday Lord of the Rings Battle Companies Hosts Mike Baker and Pat Sprauge Time 3PM-7PM Arsenal Games and Hobbies Battle Companies are a great way to learn LOTR as they involve less than a dozen pieces per player. Bring your LOTR Battle Company or use one of ours! June 5 - Saturday Memoir ‘44 D-Day Event Time 11AM-2PM Arsenal Games and Hobbies Host Mike Baker Mike will be hosting a running of the D-Day events of June 56 using the Memoir ’44 game system. Play will start at 11AM and run until we make it through the D-Day scenarios in the basic rules. If anyone wants to run an Overlord version, that would be great! June 11 and 12 – Friday and Saturday Flames of War Arsenal Games and Hobbies Friday 6PM-10PM Saturday 2PM-7PM D-Day Paratrooper Event Hosted by Norman Schwartz The beach invasion gets most of the press, but the parachute actions were critical to the battle for the beach exits. Come on out and take part in some excellent paratrooper action! June 12 WAS Booster Draft Event Arsenal Games and Hobbies Time: 11AM to 2PM Hosted by Norman Schwartz 125 Point Build Fleets must include at least one ship from the booster Price: WAS Booster.

June 12 Painting Clinic Arsenal Games and Hobbies June 19 – Saturday CSRA Gamers Association Meeting Augusta Book Exchange 1650 Gordon Highway Augusta, GA Theme: Science Fiction Games Planned games include Warhammer 40K, Future War Commander, Starfire, Battletech, and Grav Armor. June 27 - Sunday Warhammer Invasion Constructed Tournament - ABX Bobby Jones, 592 Bobby Jones Expressway, Augusta, GA Sign Up 1PM, Play starts 2PM, Cost $5 June 26 Saturday Arsenal Games and Hobbies 198 S. Belair Rd. Martinez, GA 11AM-5PM DBA Demo Hosts Bryant McLaughlin, Jason Mirosavich and Scott Gray a 'DBA Day' on June 26th, at Arsenal Games in Martinez, GA, from 11:00 am to at least 5:00 pm. There will be multiple games setup featuring historical opponents from the biblical, classical, dark ages and medieval periods. New and experienced players are invited to come and play some games. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Regional Events June 4-6 Rapier Jacksonville Clarion Hotel http://www.rapiercon.com/ Jacksonville, FL June 10 Axis and Allies War at Sea Operation Zebra Release Date! July 10 Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook Release Date. See any of your friendly neighborhood game stores to preorder a copy! January 21-23 2011 Siege of Augusta XX - January 21-23, 2011 - Doubletree Hotel, 2651 Perimeter Pkwy, Augusta, GA We have inked the contract and updated the web site with the latest forms so you can start making plans to attend! As in prior years, the Double Tree hotel is making a special room rate available. Start planning now to attend one of the South East’s best gaming conventions! See our website here…


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