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By :
Jovi Irwanto Pasaribu
Class G




Exercise I

1. About 30.000 students may be helped by the planned “free lunch” program.
2. With the evolution of flash memory cards, the commerce for portable music players
increase intensely.
3. Although the coach’s tactical was a bit unsafe, the team was successful.
4. As a result, the impact was an increase in student evaluation score.
5. Furthermore, a strong tornado is expected to knock over the coast over the next few days.
6. The spending needed to resist climate change will require changes to the federal
government’s financial plan.
7. The engineer must inspect how much dynamite to use based on the amount of material to
be removed from the tunnel.
8. Two of the students were discharged for disobey the school’s “no fighting” rules.

Exercise II

1. Elephants have a great appetite, because of that they can be able to take of a forest bare in
no time.
2. Lions have becoming a symbol of strength and splendor in art.
3. Lions similar with human social system, they have a kingdom with male lions are the leader
of a group.
4. George Washington Carver was devoted teacher, and buffehe is also a serviceable for his
5. Because he is notable for his poetry, Archibald Mcleish was becoming head of the library
of congress assigned by President Roosevelt in 1939.

Exercise III

1. Water becomes an important component in life.

2. Oil exploration needs to be sustainable to replace the depletion of reserves.
3. The social movements of humanity from Quakers groups.
Exercise IV

1. During the twenties, lawlessness and social nonconformity prevailed. In cities, organized
crime flourished without police interference, and, in spite of nationwide prohibition of
liquor sales, anyone who wished to buy a drink knew where to get one. Musicians like
Louis Armstrong become favorites, particularly among young people, as many turned away
from highly respectable classical music to jazz. One of the best examples of the anti-
traditional trend was the proliferation of young "flappers," women who rebelled against
custom by cutting off their hair and shortening their skirts (Yancey 25).
2. According to the Kispert, 2004 language is becoming important communication. Different
countries have different languages, which becomes an obstacle to communicating. As the
times progress people have dreamed setting up an international language which make all
people with different countries can communicate easier, and would be also become
benificial, and advantage economically, cultural, and social.