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Legal and Ethical

Offensive material
When publishing a magazine or newsletter there is a level of respect and understanding the
writers and publishers have to undertake to not publish material that could be offensive to
any of the readers.

Firstly there is ​bad language​. In the stories there shouldn’t be any use of bad language, even
if it is in a certain context because the secondary target audience are young children. Bad
language may be disapproved by people leading to unsatisfied readers and trouble within
the dance school.

Another issue is ​discrimination​. The school newsletter is not allowed in any way to
discriminate against anyone whether it is a parent, student or member of the public based on
their race, religion, disability etc. The school is good for trying to accomodate for those in
need with disabilities and the rest of the school is to respect that so the newsletter should not
reference any form of these aspects in a negative way.

Copyright is a huge part of legal issues. Stories and written articles have to be written
uniquely and not copied from other news sources such as the local telegraph. Also photos
that go in the newsletter are to be given permission for use. This also links to legal
protection. For example, some children are legally not allowed to have their photos
published in public due to being in foster care etc. It is part of the protection of the child.

Defamation is when an individual can sue a newspaper for damage to their reputation
caused by the material published in the article. If found guilty, it can cause financial
consequences. If someone complains and the case gets investigated, the paper have to
have good reasoning for what they said and published. Issues with this are not really
applicable to the majority of the newsletters content as the stories will be positive and
celebrating the success of the school and students.
Links to defamation and can ruin someone’s reputation through a false spoken statement.
This could be personal about the individual or of their actions. To avoid this, the stories and
facts will be clear and nothing will be spoken about unless it is confirmed by a reliable
source. The information will be proved and no assumptions will be made.

There is a level of protection that needs to be taken into consideration when working and
reporting on current and ex pupils. Therefore disclaimers will be signed by all participants
before any photography is complete to state they are happy for the photos to be used. If
under the age of 18, they will also be signed by a parent / guardian. This is the same of the
individuals that are being written about. They will give permission for us to publish the

Regulation of a school newsletter is a similar process to a magazine:

IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) are the UK’s magazine regulators. Their
aim is to protect people’s rights, uphold high standards of journalism and help to maintain
freedom of expression. People are able to make a complaint to them if something in a
magazine goes against the rules or if anything is found to be offensive. The regulators then
investigate this and ensure the publishers take suitable action. Before a magazine is
published it will go through many checks to ensure the content is suitable for the target
audience and that there are no copyright issues. Then it is given permission to be published.

My dance school newsletter will go through a similar process to this, however with it being
only for a small school, the principal and assistants will act as the regulators as it cannot be
read by the official IPSO. If we get complaints regarding information which may be
inaccurate and not factual, there will be a meeting set up with the people who complained
and the principal and writer. Here, the situation will be discussed and a relevant solution will
be decided.
Newsletter Budget

For one year issue of 500 readers

Item Website Price

A4 Paper Viking Direct £34.44

Ink Cartridges 999Inks £240

Printer Viking Direct £47.99

Stapler and Staples Ebay £52.20

Journalist / £2400 (Due to it being the

students writing and

Total ​-

£2 per issue - 500 readers monthly - £1000 monthly - 12 months - £12,000 yearly

Advertising price -
£3 for small section,
16 per month
£48 monthly from advertising
£576 yearly from advertising

Earn yearly

Profit - £9801.37

This profit will then go towards funding the facilities.

I decided on publishing monthly over weekly because as a school, there isn’t constant news
updates due to there only being 2 festivals a year and exams every few months. Therefore
not everyone would buy a newsletter every week, meaning the profit would be lower due to
less newsletters being sold and more being printed.
Production Schedule
Lesson Schedule and Newsletter Production Schedule

Lesson Schedule
Week Lesson Activity Resource Deadline On On Blog?
Commenc Number s Track?
ing Required

2nd 2 Start PC, Yes Yes

January ‘Researchi Google
ng a Drive

4th 3 ‘Researchi PC, Yes Yes

January ng a Google
media Drive

8th 1 ‘Researchi PC, Yes Yes

January ng a Google
media Drive

9th 2 ‘Researchi PC, Yes Yes

January ng a Google
media Drive

11th 3 Start PC, Yes Yes

January ‘Magazine Google
Ideas’ Drive

15th 1 Absent PC, Yes Yes

January from Google
Lesson Drive

16th 2 Absent PC, 01//18 Yes Yes

January from Google
Lesson Drive

18th 3 Absent PC, - Yes -

January from Google
Lesson Drive

22nd 1 Last edit PC, Yes Yes

January of Google
Research Drive
of a media

23rd 2 Last Edit PC, Yes Yes

January of Google
‘Magazine Drive

25th 3 Proposal PC, Yes Yes

January Google

29th 1 Proposal PC, Yes Yes

January Google

30th 2 Create PC, Yes Yes

January Target Google
Audience Drive
and get
people to
fill out

1st 3 Target PC, Yes Yes

February Audience Google
Powerpoin Drive

5th 1 Target PC, Yes Yes

February Audience Google
Powerpoin Drive

6th 2 L.O.3 PC, Yes Yes

February Powerpoin Google
t Start: Drive
Fonts and

8th 3 Front PC, Yes Yes

February Cover Google

19th 1 Cats Story PC, Yes Yes

February Google

20th 2 Exam PC, Yes Yes

February Informatio Google
n Drive

22nd 3 Start Pitch PC, Yes Yes

February Google

26th 1 Pitch PC, Yes Yes

February Google

27th 2 Add PC, Yes Yes

February Cover, Google
story and Drive
exam info
to pitch

5th March Mock Legal and PC, Yes Yes

Week ethical Google

12th 1 Added PC, Yes Yes

March legal and Google
ethical to Drive

13th 2 Started PC, Yes Yes

March budget Google

15th 3 Finished PC, Yes Yes

March budget Google

19th 1 Added PC, Yes Yes

March budget to Google
pitch Drive

20th 2 Updated PC, Yes NO

March and Google
Cleaned Drive

22nd 3 Pitch PC, Yes Yes

March Google

26th 1 Pitch PC, Yes Yes

March Google

27th 2 Pitch PC, Yes Yes

March Google

29th 3 Pitch PC, Yes Yes

March Google

16th April
Newsletter Production Schedule

Week Commencing Activity Resources

08/01/18 Come up with ​ideas​ for a Paper, Pen and Mac to write
written form of media. down ideas and do research
of possible ideas.

15/01/18 Research​ into the ​target Mac to research and

audience​ for this specific construct resources for
media product. finding the target audience.

Survey Monkey to create a

survey based on possible
target audience to send to

22/01/18 Collect​ ​data​ from the Survey Monkey to collect

surveys to see what the the data from the responses.
target​ ​audience​ would like
to see in the newsletter. Mac to record the results
from the surveys and put
into a document to see
percentages etc.

29/01/18 Research ​fonts​ and c

​ olour Mac to do the research of
themes for the newsletters the fonts and colours.
SDC Website to see the
general theme of the school
to ensure the newsletter is
of similar format.

05/02/18 Start ​Front Cover ​Template Mac to digitally design the

front cover.

InDesign Programme to edit

together the front cover.

19/02/18 Continue ​Front Cover Mac to digitally design the

Template front cover.

InDesign Programme to edit

together the front cover.

26/02/18 Research​ stories for the Facebook to search the

articles​. dance school information
page to see the latest news
regarding pupils and the
school as a whole. This
gives ideas and stories for
the newsletter.

05/02/18 Meetings ​with principal and Meeting Room to hold the

writers to discuss the meeting
chosen stories and ideas.
Pen and Paper for the
involved people to take

Mac and Projector to

present the ideas to the

12/02/18 Writing and Photoshoots Paper and Pen / Laptop to

take place for the articles. write the articles and
The Cleethorpes Dance interview responses on.
Festival falls in this week so
the photography can take Camera Equipment / Studio
place there as well as for the photoshoots.
shoots setup for different

26/02/18 Editing ​of the photos and Mac, Lightroom and

articles. InDesign to edit the articles
and photos.
12/03/18 Checks to make sure all Legal and Ethical Guidelines
spelling​ and ​language​ is
correct in the articles. Mac and suitable
programme to check
Also checks to make sure spelling and language.
there are no originally
unseen ​legal​ or e
​ thical
issues within the articles,
ensuring all people involved
have signed the relevant
paperwork and disclaimers.

18/03/18 Marketing​ and ​Advertising Mac and Facebook to

of the newsletter. The advertise the newsletter on
advertising will take place 2 the schools facebook page.
weeks before the launch of
the newsletter. This gives Printer/paper to print posters
the pupils and parents to put up around the dance
enough time to be aware of school. Also forms for the
the launch. readers to sign to order a
copy of the newsletter and
I intend on promoting the payment.
newsletter through a post on
the dance schools facebook
page for all the pupils and
parents to see. Also posters
will be put up around the
dance school. There will be
one on the notice board in
the entrance as this is where
a lot of important information
for the parents goes so will
be seen by a lot of the
parents. Also in the
changing rooms for the
students (especially older
students) to see. By putting
the posters up in these
places and posting on
facebook, it is advertising
the newsletter to the target

The newsletter will only be

advertised to members of
the dance school due to
some of the information
being specific and personal
to the school.
01/04/18 Collection ​of orders for the Mac and Google Sheets to
monthly newsletter. document who has ordered
the newsletter, ready for the

08/04/18 Printing ​of the newsletters Printer, paper, ink etc. to

based on the numbers print the newsletters.

15/04/18 LAUNCH​ and Distribution /

of the newsletters to the

Every 3 months there will be

a short survey in the back of
a magazine that asks about
whether the readers are
enjoying the content. There
will be a small reward for
filling out the survey (eg.
10% off a troupe class.) This
way we can keep track of
the progress of the
newsletter and ask the
target audience directly what
else they would like to see.