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Marian Center School

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Issue VIII ~ June 2018
This newsletter is prepared by persons Starfish photo by:
with diverse abilities guided by Sister Fausta
Ms. Maite Roca, Marian Center art teacher.

From the Desk of Sister Lidia From the Desk of
Barbara Psinakis
Dear Friends, with the end of the school year we have
countless reasons to thank our Lord for all His blessings. The “school year” has
Many thanks to our students who have improved greatly come to an end. It was a good year with
and accomplished some or almost all their goals; to our lots of hard work, new clients and learning
adults, who are always willing to cooperate, participate new things. Summer has arrived and we are
and have fun; to the faculty and staff , who daily assure ready for many fun and exciting things. We
their input in educating, training and serving; to our PTA Director and mem- have so many choices of things to do it will
bers for all they have done to assure that our parties, celebrations, and be hard to make decisions! We will be doing
gatherings always had something extra; to the benefactor who paid for our lots of exercise, swimming, art, going into
monthly ice-cream all year long; to the Board of Directors who met in order the community and having fun while we
to help the administration of the center; to the Auxiliary members who continue to work on all our goals. Some of
work hard to raise funds to assure our services; to the Sisters who aside from us have gone on much deserved vacations,
doing their services, support, encourage and love me, Sister Lidia. These so those of us still here will have a little less
are only some of our blessings! I will let you continue the list and include all structure and much more fun while we are
the benefactors and friends who continue to support the Marian Center. here. Wishing all of you a very happy
Have a splendid and joyful summer. summer!!

P. S. If you’d like to write to Sr. Carla Valentini her new address is:
Casa di Riposo Cottolengo Via Balbo 16, Chieri, 10023Torino Italy. CONGRATULATIONS
Thank you.
Chelsea, Tiziana and Sulfredo!
We all have a part to play MODELS
It takes time to grow to a maturity of the
heart... Little by little, as we live and work Bernie
with others, especially if we are Guilarte
well-guided, we learn to break out of the
shell of selfishness and self-centeredness
where we seek to be brilliant and to prove
our goodness, wisdom and power. We Veronica
receive and give the knocks of life. We all Curbelo
have to discover that there are others like Steve
us who have gifts and needs; no one of us Willams
is the centre of the world. We are a small
but important part in our universe. We all
have a part to play. We need one another.
Jean Vanier, Becoming Human ADT Class
What I love
Karl went on an exciting family trip to Hawaii. He shared with us that he
enjoyed the airplane ride most of all. Airplanes are pretty special to Karl. about
His favorite part of the trip was his visit to Punalu’u Beach, Big Island Hawaii
- a black sand beach where Karl saw green turtles for the first time. Karl
even brought back some of the black sand from the beach to share with Veronica ~ I love barbeques and picnics
friends. During computer class Karl and his classmates explored the island with family.
on the internet and saw beautiful photos of the beach and turtles.
Steve ~ I love that it’s
mango season!

Bernie ~ I love swimming and
fun games at Marian Center.

Patty ~ I like going to the beach with
the cottage girls.

Shanece ~ I love bike riding.

Anthony ~ I love to celebrate the
4th of July!

Beatriz ~ I love that there’s more

From the desk of Sister Filomena