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Mitchell E.

Kalamazoo MI | (616) 283-7237 |

Personal Objective
From an early age, I was taught the fundamentals of all levels of business as part of my training to be part of a
succession plan for a medium-sized family business. As a result, I don’t look at my college education as just a series of
tests I need to pass. I don’t aim to snag a degree so that I can grab myself a job. Instead, I strive to acquire real-world
skills that will help me in future pursuits. My passion is quite frankly working through problems. Where most see
obstacles and dread having to deal with them, I get excited at the opportunity of resolving and improving virtually any
situation. When there seems to be nothing wrong, I enjoy stress testing systems already in place and working toward
optimizing procedures already in existence.

Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI
Haworth College of Business Present
 Pursuing Major(s) in business management
 Pursuing Minor(s) in manufacturing and general business
 Accelerated course of study takes a year and a half off expected graduation date.
 Externship Program gave me real-world insight on ERP system implementation strategies

DK Security Grand Rapids, MI
Uniformed Security Officer June 2017 – Present
 Worked independently to secure contractor’s assets
 Trusted with guarding key infrastructure projects for Consumers Energy
 Acted as a customer service representative when communicating with concerned site managers

Primera Plastics Inc. Zeeland, MI

High-School Program Team Leader March 2015 – May 2017
 As a high-schooler, I worked as an intermediary between company management and the other high-
school team members
 Performed light scheduling for both the programs production output and work schedules of team
 Reported team’s status, strengths, and weaknesses to decision makers