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mein June 20, 2018 ‘This week has been heartbreaking. 1 expect to have nightmares after listening tothe reconding of small children along the Mexico border wailing for their parents while being held in American cages. Photos of children, ripped from their mothers, laying. in shelters ‘and covered with flimsy blankets are already seered into my memory, ‘As Childish Gambino sang recently: this is America ‘But t shouldnt be. Our government should never separate children from parents who simply seek a better life, Our country is better than that. Its founding tenet of| American society that we embrace huddled masses, yearning to be fee. And as heartless asi sto separate families a the border, it is as much so to separate families already here by ending Temporary Protected Status. TPS recipients are pat of the fabric of North Miami. They live and work here. Their kids go to our schools. By tending TPS and sending over 127,000 people home, our American goverment will aguin rip apart families, earring children and needlessly punishing adults who love America 2s uch as the rest of us, som vf a fovulnd ‘Céuneilman ‘North Miami City Hall ‘TIONE 125 Street North Miami, FL 33161