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Lesson  3

Adventure Tales Word Bank

1. barbed-wire fence 3. town
1. Locate the following places in these pictures. 2. trail 4. waterfall

a b c d

2. Read the text and identify the meaning of the words in red.
A group of school students took a tour of search along with the Reading
a natural park for their summer vacation. The local police for these Strategy
tour guide knew the trails of the region very two students. In the
well. In the afternoon, he invited the school evening, the authorities Use words with
kids to join him in an adventurous hike to a were looking for the similar meanings
waterfall. The kids’ screams of excitement two students while to demonstrate
did not let the guide finish his instructions on the group was walking comprehension.
how to begin the trail and continue the climb back to the hotel. Three
to the waterfall. Some kids walked really hours later, while the
fast when they reached a barbed-wire fence. group was watching a video of the waterfall,
One girl had a cut on her arm, so a teacher the phone rang. They had found the missing
had to go back to the town with this girl to students. The police officers were searching
see a doctor. Then two other students took for the kids while they were trying to set up a
a shortcut and ended up lost, so the guide tent in the forest; it was midnight. They were
cancelled the trip to the waterfall to start the fine, yet both were tired and scared.
a. Region means: c. Shortcut means: e. Search means:
Reading  1. area  1. road  1. exploration
Strategy  2. city  2. trail  2. lose
Recombine your  3. park  3. shorter route  3. call
knowledge of b. Adventurous means: d. Lost means: f. Scared means:
vocabulary and  1. audacious  1. found the way  1. happy
grammar to identify  2. timid  2. missed the way  2. sad
details in the text.  3. generous  3. on the way  3. frightened
3. Answer the following questions about the sequence of events in the story.
a. What happened when some kids walked very fast?
They reached a barbed-wire fence.
b. What happened when two students took a shortcut?

c. What were the authorities doing while the group was walking back to the hotel?

d. What was the group doing when the phone rang?

e. What were the missing students doing while the police were searching for them?


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